20 September 2018

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Monday, March 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The embassy of Japan inked agreement with 15 non-government organizations (NGOs) yesterday under which the former provide 3.4 million US dollars as grant to finance 28 projects.
After inking the agreements, Mayo Maida the charged-affairs of Japan embassy said that the projects including building, 13 schools, six health clinics and two supplying water projects.
The water supplying projects will be implemented in Bamyan, while construction of six clinics would benefit 6000 people.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013
Kabul (BNA)  The documents of four projects with the total value of USD117 million was signed by Dr. Zalmai Rassoul Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Japanese embassy in Kabul.
On the basis of this agreement standing ground for planes will be expanded and the power system in Kabul airport will be further expanded.  Also, attention will be made on improving the roads, water supply of New Kabul City to be constructed and USD 34,6 million will be provided to finance ministry for purchase of petroleum products.
Talking at the signing ceremony Dr. Zalmai Rassoul said that Japan after the US is the biggest donor to Afghanistan in the past one decade and most of this country’s aid has been focusing on strengthening of government foundations, reconstruction and peace building.
He added that the Japanese aid will be expended in four areas and it is considered of valuable importance.
The Japanese ambassador said that the aid provided is in addition to the USD3 billion committed by Japan for Afghanistan at the Tokyo conference, the document for which was signed today.
He added that last week Japan has signed another agreement with the value of USD 200 million.  He   assured that the Japanese people and its government remains on the side of the people of Afghanistan.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013
Taliqan (BNA) 40 agricultural and constructional projects were established in Takhar province. 
As a result of these projects, employment opportunities will be provided for a great number of residents of that province. 
Engineer Mohammad Salim Akbar the head of water resources of Taliqan said BNA, the projects including of 16 retaining wall of Amu River , reconstruction of 21 water canals and a water dam livestock holders and 2 water dams.
According to him, the projects have been established in Taliqan and seven districts of Takhar province. It has been planned the work of the project to be completed within nine month. The project’s cost 8 million dollars paid by energy and water ministry and German development Bank.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013
Kabul (BNA)  At the council of ministers meeting of Monday 7 of Hoot confirmed the agreed views of the assigned commission with respect to replacement of addition of 0.25% tax in the customs tariff instead of municipality taxes from the trade goods.
The decision pointed that the municipality in the center, provinces, districts in accordance with the law, can obtain their taxes from the trade goods on condition that they unload their good in those places.
The vehicles carrying trade good on transit basic moving from Kabul or passes from the limitation of the cities, excepting the area they unload their goods, are not liable of paying taxes to the municipality of that particular area where they unload their goods.  The Kabul municipality therefore can obtain its taxes in the four entrance points of Kabul city and other municipalities of the provinces and districts can also obtain their taxes at the entrance points of those cities by their assigned employees.
The municipalities throughout the country should avoid concluding any contract with other individuals for getting their taxes at the entrance points of their specific areas.