12 December 2018

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Saturday, July 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The ambassador of Kazakhstan in Kabul stated of willingness of his country in investment in infrastructure areas in Afghanistan.
He emphasized that existence of numerous transit routes can ensure bringing the people of the two countries together and strengthen economic relations between the two nations.
The ambassador added that the needs Afghanistan towards the Central Asia and the Kazakhstan needs the South Asian countries have prepared the opportunity so that the two nations utilize the possibilities of each other.
He added that Kazakhstan wants to invest in infrastructural areas in Afghanistan and bring about transit facilities for the country and he also urged the trade circles in Asia and Central Asia to render assistance to the railway and construction of the road in Afghanistan that assist the country to reach to the Central Asia. Earlier, Azerbaijan expressed readiness for opening of a transit route with Afghanistan and has entered into talks with the authorities in this respect.
According to the economic analysts Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan having proper economic power, can ensure linking Afghanistan with other countries especially with the European countries, but argued that these perceptions should be implemented in practice.
The ministry of commerce and industries of Afghanistan welcomed the remarks of the Kazakhstan ambassador and assured on Afghanistan’s cooperation in this respect.
Kazakhstan is the main producer of wheat in the region

Sunday July 7, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Associate Professor Dr. Tooryalai Wesa the governor of Kandahar province took part in a ribbon cutting ceremony marking the beginning of construction for a new complex building for the department of Commerce and Industries in that province.
“The two-story building is funded by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries with total cost of fifteen Million Afghani,” said Wesa while talking to the media during the starting of the projects.
He added that the building containing fourteen office rooms will be built by a local construction company within nine months.
He also hoped the building to be built according to the best standards.
Wesa added that he ordered the relevant departments to monitor and evaluate the project in order to make sure the project ends successfully and help to solve the current problems.
The Governor of Kandahar assigned the Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the Urban Development Department to monitor and evaluate the process of the construction.

Sunday July 7, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice-President Mohammad Karim Khalili while emphasizing on creation of coordination among the related organs with respect to transport of Hajis noted that all related organs should adopt necessary measures for this very purpose.
While Representatives of Airlines Companies were also present at this meeting, the participants discussed the status of transport of Hajis and it was decided that the Safi Airlines should transfer 10.000 Hajis, and the Arianna and Kam Air each should transport 7,000 Hajis to the Saudi Arabia at the overall expenditure of one thousand thirty hundred twenty dollars per person.
The meeting also discussed creation of coordination among the organs for transporting of Hajis to the Saudi Arabia and some members presented a series of proposals and views.
The meeting also formed a domestic and foreign commission with membership of representatives of Ministries of Hajj and Pious Foundations, Transport and Civil Aviation and the Domestic Airlines Companies.
The Domestic Commission will be led by Deputy Minister of Finance and the Foreign Commission led by representative of Hajj and Pious Foundations Ministry.
The airlines companies were assigned to regulate their flights inside and outside the country. 

Sunday July 7, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Mines is determined to sign a number of agreements with some foreign countries for extraction of mines in Afghanistan.
According to Asif Ferozan, Advisor to MoM, a number of foreign investors from the United Arab Emirates, USA, Canada, Poland, Britain, India and Turkey have shown readiness to invest in extraction process of mines in Afghanistan and sign agreements in Haji Gag Iron Mine, Gold Mine of Badakhshan, Khamyab Copper Mine and in other extraction mines’ projects costing three billion US dollars.
Advisor to MoM said the country’s mine law has been approved and by endorsing the law by the president, more facility would be provided in investment of mining sector in the country.