23 May 2018

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Sunday, May 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A source of the Ministry of Mines has stated that documents of the TAPI project has been finalized and the documents pertaining to the projects will be signed on May 24 (4 Jauza of current year) by the ministers of petroleum and gas and mines of the member countries. 
The spokesperson of the ministry of mines said that it is expected that the ministers of petroleum and gas and mines of the Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and the representatives of the Asian development Bank following solution of the technical side of the project sign the documents on the May 24 of current year. 
It should be noted that Waheedullah Shahrani Minister of Mines had visited Ashqabad recently where he informed the Turkmenistan authorities about the expectations and proposals of Afghanistan and that the Turkmen side has accepted those proposals. 
Previously the Turkmenistan sources also stated that the contract for sell of gas of that country by a pipeline through Afghanistan, to Pakistan and India will be signed up to the end of May this year. 
The delay of the contract was due to differences in price of the cost for its transmission through Afghanistan. 
The project is the biggest economic project between four south Asian countries that has strong support of the USA and Afghanistan will annually get 700 million cubic meter of gas from this that will meet the need of the country and India is its greatest shareholder which will get 33 billion cubic meter of gas annually.
The project extends at a length of 1600 km from the Daulatabad of Turkmenistan. 
The project will bring in huge economic benefits for the member countries and Afghanistan in addition to the 700 million cubic meters of gas will benefits for the member countries and Afghanistan in addition to the 700 million cubic meter of gas will benefit of employment of 50,000 of its nationals in the project. 
Some of the analysts fear that the project might face security problems but Pakistan has assured that the project will not face any problems.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili chaired the CM economic committee meeting in which a short and long-term plan on the protection of environment, import of animals and meat and drain of currency was discussed. 
The plan incorporates deducting of meat consumption, import of illegal sick animals, control of animal disease, meeting the local needs, launching of awareness to the public, protection of environment, prevention of the spread of diseases from animal to the human and other issues. 
The committee praised the plan in relation to prevention of currency drain and confirmed it in principle and instructed the national environment protection department to apprise the committee on monthly basis on implementation of the plan.  Minister of agriculture and irrigation presented a report on leasing of the slopes around the Qaragha Dam the report on which has been prepared by the assigned commission. 
The committee decided that the Kabul Municipality, the Ministry of Urban Development to prepare the Master Plan of the area and till its preparation the security organs especially the Ministry of Interior should prevent irresponsible usurpation of land in that area and building of homes. 
Meanwhile, a proposal was presented by the Kabul Municipality in relation to the raising of money for supervision of government departments, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, commercial sites which was debated by the committee meeting.  The committee confirmed this proposal. 
The committee considering the importance of maintenance of the transport facilities instructed the Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs that in consultation with the administrative body of the House of People to prioritize approval of highway tax law.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) According to the released reports on the problems and miseries, there are 13 million youth among nearly 30 million population of the country facing severe poverty and unemployment in Afghanistan.
As human forces, Afghanistan, can provide the youth with job facilities and put a permanent end to the poverty. By building power and water dams on the great roaring rivers of the country to produce electricity, and irrigate the vast arid deserts with potential agricultural capacity, along with this, industrial parks should be built in the country in order to entice foreign and domestic investors to invest in the industrial production and factories and other long term projects, as well as to tackle insecurity, lack of electricity and provide convenience for the people.
Only then the insecure economic condition of Afghanistan will be rehabilitated with the help of which the poverty and employment of youth and other people will be addressed and way will be paved for the economic development of the country. By this way our war-torn and backward country will very soon stand by its own feet and will come to the competence of developed nations.
According to a reliable report the departments of investment of Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the last one year in the implementing of economic, industrial projects 14 percent increase has come in the foreigner’s investment.
According to domestic investors thousands of old operating productive industries and factories has stopped due to insecurity, lack of electricity and other problems which cause the unemployment and poverty of thousand youths and other people and consequently severely damage the economy of the country .
The main cause of standstill of these productive projects from one side is lack of electricity, land and security and from the other side lack of markets for the exhibition of their products and the import and use of foreign products in the country.
It is the national and responsibility of ministries of economy, finance, commerce and industry and other related organs and even of Afghan traders and people to pave the way for the sale of domestic products in domestic and foreign markets.
Through this process they should lure the owners of factories, industries and the owner of other economic projects and stand them economically by their own feet. The investors and traders of Afghanistan should also produce qualitative products in their factories and present them in affordable price to the customers and by this way trounced foreign products and create market for the own products.
Otherwise they will lose the markets of their products and will confront great economic problems.

Monday, April 30, 2012
Dushanbe (BNA) Tajikistan power department announced that heavy rains and flooding had disrupted the supply of power to Pul-e-Khumri in Baghlan province. 
The flood has damaged power transmission line in Sangtoda area, the officials said, adding after removing the problem the power supply would be resumed. 
Pul-e-Khumri receives 220 Kw hour electricity from Sangtoda power station in Tajikistan. In line with the agreement inked in 2008 Tajikistan exports power to Afghanistan.