14 November 2018

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Sunday, January 27, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Economic growth is observed while investors’ assets are protected and security is maintained for businessmen serving in Afghanistan.
Many investors aren’t interested to invest in the country and complain of hurdle and obstacles existed before their business and trade.
The Afghan government tirelessly endeavors to uphold a warm environment for investors and national traders for investment and assure them of firm security.
Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA) chairman recently announced that government intends to distribute land plots to national traders in Jalalabad, Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat province.
More than three thousand acres of land have been considered for industrial park in Kamari area of Kabul city and these plots will be presented to those factories’ owners currently operating in rental buildings and those who have hired areas around the capital.
The process for establishing of industrial units in industrial zone or province is a fine message to the investors and owners of the plants performing manufacturing activities in the country.
It is while security of the plants and their holders are improved by government than before so entrepreneurs without any fear and chaos precede their business.
Providing enhanced economic activities’ opportunities to the investors support and accelerates the momentum of economic growth in Afghanistan.
Increase in the domestic production reduces and prevents the imports of foreign law quality products to the country.
Offering good economic opportunities also enhance the domestic production graph.
Currently, factories by private sector are operating in industrial park that their production can compete with the neighboring countries’ ones and also materials quality has been certified as great.
This certifies that Afghan businessman and industrialists retain superior talent to produce good quality foodstuff and manufacturing material and supply it across the country for the countrymen.
Nowadays many industrial factories in various provinces of the country are on the verge of collapse.
So the Afghan government particularly the relevant ministries should adopt necessary measures and implement several projects across the country for industrialists, businessmen and finally the domestic and foreign investors to invest so to have a stable and self-reliant Afghanistan.

Monday, January 21, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The House of People approved the national budget of 1392 in an extraordinary meeting for this purpose.  The house of people had twice rejected the budget for different reasons.  At the extraordinary meeting of the House of People chaired its chairman Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, the national budget of 1392 after lengthy discussions was adopted with the majority vote of the deputies.
The national budget of 1392 contains Afs 196/327 billion development budget and the ordinary budget is Afs 157/750 billion.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Kabul (BNA) At the meeting initially construction of residential blocs of Yakatoot, Qala Wakil of Bibi Mehru up to the side of the Kabul Airport was taken up by the Urban Development Ministry.
On the basis of report of this ministry implementation of this project can change the complexion of the Kabul city and this is the first attempt of Afghanistan for reconstruction of a part of the Kabul City.
The members of the committee presented a series of their views in respect to the project from the engineering points of view with the respect to the Master plan of the city, green sites, roads, communication infrastructures and other facilities. 
While confirming the plan the CM committee instructed the Ministry of Urban Development to coordinate in with the Kabul Municipality on phases basis and inform the committee of progress of work. 
The Urban development also informed the meeting on the work of executive committee for the Kabul city wastes, and the committee while emphasizing on the basic role of water supply, canalization towards the protection of health of the people and protection of environment confirmed the work of the executive committee and assigned the finance ministry to contact Germany for assisting the project.
The proposal of ministry of commerce and industries in respect to permit for export of wooden products of Kunar to other provinces and abroad the committee advanced a series of proposals and views on the proposal and confirmed it for as three years period and stressed that this does not means to allow cutting of forests and export of raw wood to foreign countries.
The committee once again emphasized that the decision of the Council of Ministers in respect to provision of loans to the shopkeepers of Naseri Market and assigned the finance ministry to prepare a report on realization of the CM decision.
The committee also assigned the ministry of labor, social affairs and chambers of commerce to prepare a comprehensive report on the presence of foreign labor in the country, need and non-need of foreign specialists, work permit and their stay and present to the CM economic committee.
The meeting also authorized the high shura of Food Procurement Enterprise about the sale of 511 tons of washing powder stocked at its warehouses.

Monday, January 14, 2013
Herat (BNA) The minister of energy and water Mohammad Ismael Khan during visit to Herat has said that feasibility work to construct Pashtan dam in Karakh district of Herat began.
He also noted the work for the construction of project will begin soon, saying with building the dam the agriculture and economic condition of the people there will change.
Meantime, the director of Harirod project, Mohammad Fazli said that Pashtan Dam would have the capacity of 45 million meter cubic water after construction to pave the way for irrigation of thousands of hectares land besides generating 2 megawatt electricity.