23 August 2019

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Saturday January 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Mohammad Asif Raheemi in a news conference held on Thursday said lack of electricity and agricultural products were the main problems towards development of agricultural industry in the country.
“Despite problems in the past few years, role of private sector has been important for improvement of agricultural products in the country, saying currently there are possibilities for irrigation of almost 2 million hectare fields in the country, but it is determined the amount will increased to 3.5 million hectare fields in coming years,” Raheemi added in the conference.
According to MAIL and UN, currently Afghanistan has nearly 20,000 hectare areas for gardening and agricultural products have increased by three fold comparing to ten years ago. In the news conference, Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industries said, “We have 30% income from agricultural products, while 90% income of agricultural products is attained through small and middle sectors.”
According to officials for MoCI, although Afghanistan has good agricultural possibilities in agriculture sector, but the country is still importing its agricultural products from the neighboring countries.

Saturday January 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai urged the government and industrial foundations of carpet trade in the country prepare appropriate and positive program for further development of carpet industry and its trade for the country.
In his 15-day radio address President Karzai noted that last week an international carpet exhibition was held in Germany in which the Afghan carpet from amongst carpet producers of 60 countries win the international award due to its beauty and high quality.
President Karzai congratulated all the carpet weavers of the country, the industrialists and traders of carpet on this success, adding that carpet weaving in our country is an ancient and historical tradition of our people that has gained much fame for the country and it is an economic income for the  country.
Today carpet weaving has spread from the north and northwest to the central regions of Afghanistan, Kabul and some other provinces and presently considerable number of people (men and women) throughout the country is engaged in this industry.
He stressed that with the expansion of this national industry, its products is also increased and there immense demands for Afghan carpets inside and outside the country and its export too is getting good momentum as its export is increased considerably compared to the past years.
He noted that many families are engaged in carpet weaving in the country and including girls’, women and the youth are taking a share in improving the economy of their families and this industry has provided employment or many people. Considering the importance of this industry the government, the foundations working for development of carpet industry and the national traders should work together to facilitate a better ground for further development of this industry including provision of raw materials for the carpet weavers.
He asked the carpet industrialists that by preserving the original ancient designs of carpets, they should prepare new designs so that our carpets can better compete with carpets produced by other countries.
He emphasized that development of carpet industry in the country is the national mission of our government and the people and our people by buying domestic carpets instead of foreign furnishing can strengthen national economy and the carpet weavers as our carpet is much better than foreign designs.

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Faizabad (BNA) property of three shops was destroyed in a fire in Badakhshan province the other day.
The fire inflected damaged more than 27,000 dollars to owners of two shops.
Colonel Jahanger Keramat police chief of Badakhshan said BNA; the two shops were fired in Shar-e-Kohana, of Faizabad as a result of which the properties of the shops were completely destroyed.
The source said, the fire fighters prevented from further fire to other shops and residential houses in the province. 

Wednesday January 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) In Demotic exhibition held in Germany, Afghan hand weaved carpet achieved the first position from amongst sixty contenders from all over the world.
Tanvir Company represented Afghanistan in the exhibition and won the Oscar award. Elaborating on the topic, Qurban Haqjo, Chairman of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said, “Afghani carpets always have won first position and carpet have been the number one export items of the country, carpet industry has provided one million employment opportunities to the people, over the past nine months, nearly 2,000 meters carpets were weaved which cost around $19 million financial resources and this figure is now up by $64 million.”
“Although, the amount shows little decline as compare to 2007, but with consideration of political and security circumstances, our achievements have been satisfactory, in 2007, we gained nearly $262 million from carpet sector, this the second time that Afghani carpets have won international Oscar award and it’s a great national pride and would lay constructive impacts on further growth and enhancement of carpet weaving industry,” Mr. Haqjo added.
Responding to a question regarding impacts of the award on development of carpet industry, Dawood Jabbar Khail executive director of Tanvir Company said, “The exhibition was attended by various countries including Iran, US, Belgium, China, Turkey and India, fortunately Afghanistan won the prize, Afghani carpet is weaved according to the climate, mood and culture of particular areas and this support it to win the award.” “Despite the challenges, our weavers got the national pride, we hope that the concerned institutions focus on the problems of the carpet weavers of the country so that they further intensify their works and always brighten name of the country in international level,” Jabbar Khail added.
Meanwhile, carpet dealers have said that the achievement is a great national pride to Afghanistan and expressed hope that Afghan carpet industry will always keep its reputation in international markets. “Carpet and carpet weaving has long history in Afghanistan and Afghani carpet has remained unique among other products in the world,” carpet trader Taj Mohammad said, “In recent year, Afghan local markets have been flooded with imported products, this has attracted people to purchase machine weaved carpets because of its low prices.” A carpet weaver Ali highlighted the problems faced by the weavers in the country and said, “Afghani carpets are produced after many hardships, because we process the raw materials and it takes time to prepare the materials for weaving a carpet, the government should focus on expansion and issues of weavers.” This come at a time that Afghani carpets also gained Oscar award in 1387 exhibition in Germany during the special exhibition.