15 December 2018

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president chaired the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers during which the head of central statistics presented the main economic and social indicators of 1390.
This includes the population of the country, provision of medical services, crimes, under domes produce, inflation, land under cultivation, communication services, foreign trade and trade balance return of refugees, government employees, number of students and schools and teachers, general private education, number of government and private universities and the number of teachers and lecturers at the universities.
On the basis of these indicators in some instances economic and social sectors show its uplift trends while in other instances is facing problems that require government addressing.
The data has been confirmed by the participants of the meeting.
In another part of the meeting, the draft policy of sharing of infrastructures was presented by the ministry of communication and information technology. 
It says that in most instances sharing of infrastructure exists among some organs.
According to the minister of communication and information technology sharing of infrastructures has its benefits and effective usage of investments, creation of government income in using of possibilities, saving of budget expenses. 
The meeting confirmed the draft proposal and referred it to economy ministry for execution.
The proposal of the chambers of commerce and industries on the damages sustained by the fruit processing of Omeid Bahar Company at a recent suicide attack was discussed.
According to the ministry officials the company has lost the ability to produce juice and fruit processing in the Afghan market, and support to this company benefits domestic industries.
In order to strengthen the company and domestic industries, the proposal covering increase of 40% and waiving off of the company’s taxes for five years was adopted by the meeting.

Tuesday, 08 January 2013
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim acting president chaired yesterday the plenary session of the Council of Ministers at the Gulkhana Palace. 
To start with Marshal Fahim explained the visit of President Karzai to the US and considering the preparations of the country for the meeting between the two presidents called it as hopeful and stressed that during this visit issues pertaining to economic growth, transition of security responsibilities, security agreement between the two nations considering the national sovereignty of Afghanistan will be discussed. 
Sadeq Mudaber general director of administration affairs explained the working visit of the ministers as per the decree No. 45 of the president in the following manners. 
Minister of Defence, to Paktia province, Minister of Energy and Water to Kunduz, Minister of Rehabilitation and Rural Development, finance, agriculture and irrigation, counter narcotics to the Nangarhar, minister of public health to Parwan and minister of mines to Nangarhar and Kandahar provinces and minister of information and culture to Balkh and Kandahar provinces. 
He added that the list of the government land usurpers in 30 provinces of the country prepared by the land department of agriculture and irrigation will be included in the agenda of the CM. 
As per the proposal of the ministry of public health the CM adopted free delivery of 20 jirib of land property of Speenzar Company in Takhar for building of 200-bed hospital. 
The minister of commerce and industries presented the proposal of the assigned commission for provision of loans to the affected shopkeepers of Naseri market. 
He said that as per this proposal the retail shopkeepers will receive Afs. one million and the larger shopkeepers will receive Afs 1.5 million loan through the Banke Milli for 8 years and its repayment will start at the end of the fourth year. 
This proposal was adopted by the CM by some additions and deletions and it was advised that the loan should be provided as soon as possible. 
The CM viewed that commercial sites should be insured for compensation of such loses. 
The CM also debated Afghanistan’s Economic Policy presented by the Minister of Economy, saying that this policy has been prepared on the basis of decree No. 45 of the president. 
The CM after a series of discussions and advising a series of additional measures for sustainable development, employment, economic stability, reduction of poverty and social justice confirmed the policy. 
Minister of justice presented the decisions of the law committee of the CM and said that the former law of the provincial councils is not responsive of present conditions and the new prevised law in 7 chapters and 41 articles has been prepared.
The CM after thorough discussions of the new law confirmed in principle and assigned the justice ministry that the law should be rectified as per the views of the meeting and its procedure is accomplished.
The justice minister also presented the law on government issues that needed a series of corrections as well. 
This draft law is prepared in four chapters and 42 articles. 
The CM confirmed the draft law and assigned the ministry to rectify the law and accomplish its processing. 
At the end of the meeting exchanged of 510 jirib of land property of Haji Mohammad Nazir and Haji Mohammad Bashir in Balkh province that were turned into land plots by the municipality of Mazari-Sharif and the cost of its expropriation had been registered as additional land in the past regimes, and was not paid to them and now that the exchange of 1275 jirib of land in Hairatan road has been proposed.
The CM confirmed as justified the exchange of 510 jirib of land to 1275 jirib of land at the Hairatan Square and instructed the administration affairs and local organs departments to review this issue in accordance with the law of expropriation and land regulation as well as the value of the land in Hairatan Square.

Monday, January 07, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Khan Jan Alkozai the deputy to chamber of commerce and industries has said that 3,000 trucks loaded the goods of Afghan traders which had been stranded in Pakistan would begin moving towards Afghanistan from today Monday.
He also said that the decision was taken yesterday in a meeting of Afghan and Pakistan officials on Jadi 14 there in Islamabad.
Pakistani Primer has welcomed the decision as turning point in the trade and transport relations between the two nations.

Sunday January 6, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The minister of agriculture and livestock Mohammad Asif Rahimi has said that 80 percent of development plans of the ministry have been implemented in Kabul province.
Addressing at a conference here yesterday, the minister said that dozens of development projects has been completed so far this year in Kabul and 300 more projects will be implemented next year in Afghan calendar.
The projects implemented so far this year, he said, includes agriculture, animal husbandry, infrastructure and general services.
With implementation of more than 300 other projects enduring net solar year at districts and village level the agriculture field will be promoted in rural areas.
He also stated that distribution of improved seeds, planting saffron, vegetable, soybean, fighting diseases, providing loans to farmers, cleaning irrigation canals and reforestation are the projects and will be implemented at a cost of 15.4 million US dollars funded by the ministry of agriculture.