20 February 2019

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Sunday, -March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The realities and expenses of developed industrial countries show that healthy and organized economy is the indicator of a developed country.
Because of growth of economic resources such as mines extraction, growing and expansion of agriculture and development of industrial resources through functioning productive factories that can respond to sufficiency of people from industrial production point of view causes healthy economy.
But what is effective in this respect is regular playing and organized economic strategy that controls all aspects of economy.
But in the first step if the evaluation of priorities that covers the possibilities of growth of infrastructures and economic resources, agricultural and animal husbandry is from among them that the ground is papered more in our country for its development. This should be the headline of economic development. In second step, the expansion of industrial infrastructures and productive factories that fortunately as a result of domestic and foreign investments have developed more comparing previous years, can be a main mechanism for creation of employment and promotion of level production specially the primary requirements of people.
Fortunately with the establishment of factories and industrial townships, the way is paved for new profession of thousands of our unemployed youths. With the expansion of industrial centers and the growth of handicraft in villages and increment of agriculture products from among them the useful herbs such as saffron, fresh fruits that are include of grapes, apple, and pomegranate, our products find its way towards foreign international markets.
This is in a time that most investment should take place in the filed of mines extraction, expansion of industrial townships with complete support of government and observation of order in custom tariffs as well as arrangement of tax collection and custom products of consignments.
It is mentionable that one of the issue that cause prevention of investment and non-growth of industrial factories for national traders and industrials is imbalance of custom tariffs, increment of raw material tax of factory holders and nonexistence of secure transit route for merchants during recent years.
As in last year, with the stoppage of containers of merchants in Karachi port of Pakistan that were loaded with food items caused much losses for merchants that this problem is not solved so far.
If suitable transit condition be prepared for merchandized through government and concerned authorities in collaboration with chamber of commerce and industrial of Afghanistan as well as suitable condition prepared for merchants and investors such as electricity and plot for establishment of productive plants and possibilities be prepared through industrial townships, it is believed that from one side employment would be provided for unemployed youth and on the other, through increment of domestic products, our people's requirements are maintained through it.
One of the issues that caused the economic council be established in provision of condition for national traders and attraction of investment for establishment of factories industrial townships in the capital and provinces of the country and establishment of coordination between chamber of commerce and responsible institution in the field of commerce and economy of government with private sector. If the said mechanisms be placed in the headline of economic policy of government and foreign and domestic investors feel more security and the ground is prepared for commercial activities and establishment of factories in townships, we have complete believe that the foreign and domestic investment be increased in the country and Afghanistan would move toward welfare and development and is the same time as a result of healthy competitions, the economy of market would move in its legal framework and our agriculture products would find its way towards world with markets though national trades and our peasants would purchase their products in a suitable price:
In such condition we would have access to a healthy economy and commerce and would earn national and international guarantees for peasants and national traders based on the export of agriculture products. It's mentionable that the president of the country also mentioned in this connection at the first meeting of economic council. Based on the same policy, he demanded for foreign merchants and investors to invest in Afghanistan.

Tuesday March 27, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The farmers in Afghanistan have always complained about the lack of fresh fruit stocks in the country and encountered major challenges on their way to ensure exports of their domestic agricultural and fruit products into foreign markets in proper timing.
Although, Afghanistan is known as an agricultural country, but still this sector remained in its traditional shape and there is a dire need that agricultural sector should be modernized in the country and farmers should be provided adequate fertilizers and purified seeds to harvest better crops and contribute in self-reliance and economic development of the nation as per requirements. However, previously an agricultural bank was facilitating the farmers by providing them track-tors and long term financial loans, but simultaneously with the start of war among the rival and warring factions, the bank was destroyed alongside rest of the infrastructural projects of the country and activities of the agricultural bank was totally terminated. It`s a good news that government of Afghanistan has realized importance of agricultural sector in the country and in his recent remarks minister of agricultural bank intends to reinitiate its activities and at least eight fruit stocks facilities will be established across the country to support the farmers sell their products in the markets on time and the process will also help us to mechanize agriculture sector in Afghanistan in the future. It’s said that from overall 7.0 million hectors land in the country only 1.8 million hectors are used for agriculture purposes and Afghanistan extremely requires establishing water dams that could ensure irrigation of these lands and it will lead the country towards self-sufficiency in the near future. It was better that ministry of agriculture had adopted such move following the collapse of the Taliban regime in 2001, because if the Govt. had initiated activities of the agricultural bank ten years before, currently agriculture feature of the country was totally changed. Considering the upper requisite, government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan should adopt practical steps to boost this sector in the country and the farmers to transfer their agricultural product to the markets on time. 

Tuesday March 27-2013
Kabul (BNA) Establishment of railway link between the three neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan ratifies comprehensive efforts of government of Afghanistan and implementation of the project highly support trade and commerce relations between the regional countries including ultra-regional nations and for this propose, recently a memorandum of understanding was signed between leaders of the three states in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat.
For evaluation of the project and impacts on regional economic and trade ties, our correspondent has discussed the topic with Engineer Noor Gul Mangal, technical deputy of ministry of public works. Based on the MOU signed between leaders of the three countries the rail project will connect the three countries constituting Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The rail track will be started from Hatamarat region to wards Yamnaz and onward to Sher Khan Bandar and will connect to Tajikistan and nearly 450 km of the railway line will be established inside Afghan territory. It`s said that technical survey of the project is initiated within the couple of months and completion of the project will support the three neighbors to exchange merchandize easily and in large scale. However, president Karzai had signed an MOU with his Turkmen counterpart last year for establishment of such a project, but practical works weren’t started on the project and the recent agreement signed between heads of states from the three countries for implementation of the rail link help these countries to intensify their economic and trade relations in the future, said technical deputy of ministry of public works Noor Gul Mangal. Evaluating economic benefits of the project, economic analyst Syed Masood said that implementation of the project further enhances commerce relations between the three countries including attraction of international investments and political harmony between the regional nations adding that the project also facilitate our business community and companies to seek better sale markets for our domestic products and expand our export and import level. Because the railway link helps Afghanistan to get access to the central Asian markets and even to the European market. Economic analyst Syed Masood added that the project also support Afghanistan to introduce its transit location to the world and signing of the agreement could be entitled as one of the great achievements of the current year 1392 and implementation of the project will connects Afghanistan with rest of the economically important countries same as China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and onward to Asian region and eastern Europe.
Responding to a query regarding trade level between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, economic analyst Syed Masood said that our import graph is much higher than our export level to these countries and currently Afghanistan allocate huge financial expenditures annually for importing fuel material including electricity from the neighboring countries and current statistics show that Afghanistan annually imports electricity and oil with the cast of nearly $2billon while overall cast of our import reaches to $6 billon and on exchange Afghanistan`s export if only $ 300 million annually. The memorandum of understanding for establishment of railway line between Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan signed at a time after a railway link with the length of 77 kilometers which connects Hairatan port to Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Balkh province has already been established. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Kabul (BNA) India and Iran agreed to facilitate transit trade for Afghan traders via Chahbahar port in Iran. 
According to the agreement, India will invest over 100 million US dollars for the project, spokesman for commerce ministry, Wahidullah Ghazikhil said yesterday, adding transiting goods via Chahbahar port would have positive impact on Afghanistan trade.
He also noted that the new trading way will also enable India to get access to central Asian states through Afghanistan. 
Afghanistan and Pakistan inked transit trade agreement in 1965 enabling Afghan businessmen to import their goods via Karachi port and Guadar port in Pakistan, but the latter has created problem for Afghan traders over the past few years.