21 July 2019

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Wednesday October 30, 2013

Kabul (BNA) The second financial and banking exhibition under the theme of access to financing was organized by the union of private banks and the USAID in Kabul.
The gathering was addressed by Minister of Communications and information Technology Eng. Amirzai Sangeen who said that the banks should grow and supported and the people are encouraged to deposit their money in the banks.
He added that the ministry has facilitated transfer of money through the mobile and internet and this has introduced more facility in banking sphere, adding that so far two million Afghans are using internet in the country and the process will further develop.
Khalil Seddiq head of the union of private banks said that the private financial sphere in Afghanistan is making its strides and hoped that expansion of banking will prove positive for accelerated growth of small and middle level entrepreneurs.
He added that banks, micro finance institutions and other financial sources are represented at this exhibition displaying their products and services in around 50 outlets.
US ambassador to Kabul also spoke and said that the USAID has considerably invested in the electronic banking in Afghanistan and this area is making its growth.
He added that in two years the number of accounts increased from one of to three million.
He stressed that the US is pleased that the banks and micro finance providers and the mobile networks have come together to prove that the trade ground is available in Afghanistan.
He noted that the future of Afghanistan depends on the ability of the Afghans as how they can devise their long-term economic program and upgrade the capacity of their economic priorities.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The status of agricultural growth in Afghanistan was the topic of a research seminar organized by the academy of science of Afghanistan.
Attended by Soraya Popal chairman of the academy of science of Afghanistan and some scholars and researchers, the seminar was opened by President Karzai’s message that read in part.
One of the basic priorities of our country is development of agriculture, improving of agriculture, training cadres in agricultural science for if we don’t not have talented cadres we cannot take any bold steps towards development of this sector.
The message also mentions establishment of the agriculture facilities at the higher education institutions in the country to pave ground for regulating agricultural activities in the country.
The message calls holding of this seminar for seeking ways for development of agriculture as very useful and wished success for the participants of the seminar.
Soraya Popal head of the academy of Science of Afghanistan said that the aim of this seminar is to seek ways for development of agriculture in the country, adding that Afghanistan is an agricultural country and its agricultural products possess world reputation and agriculture products makes a bold item of our exports and based on surveys around 80% of our people are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry activities.
She added that agriculture plays important role in economy of the country however; no considerable investment has taken place in this sector.
She stressed that though job creation in agriculture has reduced but still two thirds of our people are engaged in this sector.
Despite the facts that agriculture has no proper role in investment in non-net products but its products have earned considerable currency for the country.
According to her around 40 million jirib of land is cultivable in the country of which 14 million jirib is irrigated and 25 million jirib of the land is not cultivated due to shortage of water.
She noted that saffron is a valuable crop and there is need that investments should be made for growth of this corp.
At the end researchers read out their scientific articles with respect to ways to develop agriculture and discussion took place among the participants.

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Kabul (BNA) To promote the awareness of employees of custom house of the country, the ministry of finance established the academy of houses the other day.
According to BNA, this academy is built with the cost of about four million dollars from gratuitous aid of the US and European Union that is equipped with modern technology.
Finance Minister Dr. Omar Zakhelwal in inauguration ceremony said that establishment of this academy enables the employees of the ministry and custom houses across the country to build up their capabilities and professionally perform their duties.
Dr. Zakhelwal emphasized that hereafter, those employees who appointed in custom houses should benefit from professional education.
Now, 150 employees of custom houses of the country are under education at this academy.
Finance minister added that we will build custom houses in all frontier provinces with the financial and technical aids of the US, European Union, World Bank and Japan.
With utilizing these facilities, all custom houses of the country linked to each other and collecting of incomes would be improved by passing each day.

Tuesday October 22, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry says Afghanistan exports have increased by 40% during the first quarter of current year.
“Afghanistan exports have risen to $ 100 million in the first three months of this year, showing 40% increase comparing to last year,” ACCI chairman Qurban Mohammad Haqjo said. Reduction of natural disasters and solution of problems in borders have caused such increase in country’s exports.
According to Sayed Mustafa Hashimi, head of Afghanistan exports development, exporting of fresh fruits of the country has increased to 6000 tons this year, while the export of fresh fruits last year was only 4000 tons. Hashimi says there are still some obstacles towards the increase of Afghanistan exports as high customs, lack of transportation facilities and shortages of standardized spring houses in the country. Head of exports development for ACCI Najla Habibyar says we are at a time when foreign forces withdrawal from Afghanistan is accompanied by rumors that could put negative impacts on investment in the country, but fortunately the rumors couldn’t stop investment process in Afghanistan.
Habibyar further said domestic products as fresh and dried fruits, handicrafts as carpets and agricultural products were on the top of exported goods. She asked Afghan producers and merchants to put Afghan brand on their products.