24 May 2019

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Saturday, July 20, 2013
Kabul (BNA)  Alongside other crops, farmers in several provinces of country including Kunduz harvested better crops this year including melon, but, natural disease and mosquitoes massively affected melon in northern Jawozjan province. Farmers in Kunduz province say that their crops were massively damaged from natural disease last year, but, this year better crop was harvested. A local farmer from Chahar Darah district of Kunduz province said that last year he had cultivated melon over ten acres land and only ten melon were achieved from the land due to natural disease that had spread on the agricultural fields, adding that this year up to 600 melons were received from each acres land. This year melon receives extraordinary growth in Kunduz province and local farmers are fully satisfied from the crops they have harvested and each melon is sold to 70 Afghani, another farmer Rahimullah said. Local farmers in the province demanded the Ministry of Agriculture to provide them agricultural medicines before the disease spread on the fields. An official of provincial agricultural directorate Abdul Shokor Wahabzai said, “The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation had provided necessary spray and medicines used for prevention of natural disease to farmers across country to avoid any disease threatening the fields”. Meanwhile, local farmers in Aqcha district said that natural disease and attacks of mosquitoes once again destroyed their fields like the previous year and accused the Ministry of Agriculture of failing to diagnose these flies which had affected their fields. The farmers across the country have emphasized upon the government of Afghanistan particularly the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation to ensure timely distribution of medicines and sprays to farmers to prevent attacks of mosquitoes and natural disease on the fields. This came after natural disease in different provinces of the country attacked agriculture fields and brought major loses to the farmers.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Kabulk (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili second Vice-President chaired the meeting of Economic Committee of Council of Ministers as head of the committee.
The meeting initially discussed the contract for investment between the House Building Enterprise and a Russian Company for building of 100,000 apartment houses in Kabul.  The Minister of Urban Development provided information about the contract.
The committee considering the importance of the investment in house building discussed some problems of the contract and decided that a commission to be formed composed of representatives of the  ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Justice and Urban Development led by senior economic advisor of presidential office to review the contract and refer its views to the CM economic committee.
The meeting also discussed issuing license for tankers with number plates of Turkmenistan and transporting petroleum products to Afghanistan because the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation reported that for some time the owners of tankers in Herat are complaining that Turkmenistan vehicles are transporting petroleum to Herat with that country’s number plates and it causes problems for Afghan tankers.  The Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Chambers of Commerce and Industries also stated that the vehicles owned by the Afghan traders, due to high passage costs using the number plates of Turkmenistan.  The meeting decided that for two months the traders should be allowed to continue import of petroleum products from Turkmenistan and during this period the tankers should be organized in a union and they should carry on their obligations before the government of Afghanistan.  In another part of the meeting the proposal for creation of Development Company of Nangarhar Valley was presented by Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation.  He assured that this company can bring about immense economic benefits and considering its importance, the ministry proposed it as a limited government company.  The meeting appreciated the ministry’s efforts for development this perception and the members expressed their technical viewpoints and confirmed the proposal and expressed hope that the company can better serve economic progress in country.
The draft proposal for support to the leather industry was another topic of discussion at the meeting.  The draft proposal has been prepared by the ministry of Commerce and Industries arguing that Afghanistan has been an important producer of leather and Qaraqul skin and development of this industry can create jobs for the jobless and saving of foreign currency.
The meeting after precise discussion of the proposal confirmed it.  With respect to the municipality proposal for procurement of financial resources for buying of 30 garbage collecting vehicles, the committee meeting decided that the needed resources for this should be prepared during the coming year.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) With exploitation of Noqra Canal in Herat province, 2200 Jirib of lands will be irrigated.
The construction work of this canal started in January in Noqra region, Enjeel district of Herat province and completed in July by a project supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Noqra Canal has been constructed at the cost of more than 8 million Afghanis.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired the plenary meeting of the Council of Ministers at the presidential palace on Monday.
As per the agenda, Second Vice-President and Chairman of the Economic Committee of the CM Mohammad Karim Khalili presented brief information about the resolutions no: 26 and 27 adopted in 1391 by the committee. Afterword the minister of Mines and petroleum presented the Ministry’s proposal for the continuation of productive and commercial activities of North coal firm for 1392 and 1393 and added that the income of this enterprise has been increased in recent years and beside that created more jobs for our unemployed countrymen.
The CM after extensive discussions approved the proposal of the mines and petroleum ministry regarding to the continuation of activities of the enterprise for the years 1392 and 1393.
The Minister of Urban Development presented a proposal about the 26 Dalwa projects of the ministry, stressing that 55 million dollars have been allocated for the project. So for, 23 million dollars has been expended and around 40% construction work on the project including asphalting of roads, water supply network and canalization have been completed and in order to continue the project it has proposed selling of homes and participation of the private sector in the commercial areas.
The CM assigned the economic committee once again review this project deeply and submit the result to CM.
Minister of Justice presented the draft of the law on access to information and stressed that this law is prepared on the basis of provision of third phases of article 55 of the constitution of Afghanistan in 6 chapters and 35 articles for ensuring the right of the people to access to information from the government departments.
The CM after discussing it assigned the Ministers of Justice Foreign Affairs, Finance, Information and Culture, National Security Advisor and first Deputy Defense minister to review the draft and after confirmation by law committee present it to the CM.
Then the Ministers of Justice and Higher Education presented the amendment draft and some articles of higher education institutions’ regulations to the session and added that  in the amendments  criteria  for raising the academic capacity, creation and expansion of private higher education institutions have been anticipated and considered.
The CM after receiving the views of the participants for further enrichment of the draft law approved the regulation in principle and assigned the ministries of Justice and Higher Education so that the proposed amendments to the law should be rectified and the text to be finalized and with enforcement of this regulation the suspension of registration of private higher education removed.
At the end, Minister of Foreign Affairs presented the agreement of understanding between the Ministries of Interior, Finance and the UN educational, scientific and cultural organization for provision of technical aid for the literacy teachers of police which was confirmed.
The CM also assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare a protocol according which the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan delegations conduct talks on border waters between the two countries and present it to the CM.

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