22 February 2019

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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Kabul (BNA) An agreement worth USD 1.2 million was signed by Farouq Wardak Minister of Education and the Italian ambassador and UNESCO representative Loshiono Pazoli.
On the basis of this agreement Italy will provide USD 1.2 million to the ministry of education for expansion of educational TV publications of the ministry.
The Minister of Education while signing this agreement said that with signing of this agreement the ground will be paved for training of the Afghan children from distance area and this will be provided by the educational TV of the ministry.
The Italian ambassador said at the signing ceremony that by using the contemporary technology the educational TV of the ministry of education we can reach education to the homes of the people of Afghanistan.
The UNESCO representative said that this aid is allocated for 240 parts of the educational TV publication of the ministry of education.
Farouq Wardak addressing the press conference said that during the new academic year 1.640 million new students have registered to attend school in the country.
Presently 9.6 million students are attending school throughout the country.


Written by Manager

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghan National Security Council’s emphasize on urgency of removing insecurity factors from the construction site of Salma dam, not only indicates the eagerness of Afghan authorities for rapid implementation of this national project, but also, ensures the internal and external investors that implementation of economic projects are of great importance for Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
BNA economical analyst writes:
The National Security Council in its recent session discussed the process of building Salma dam which is built in Herat with the aid of India. This huge economic project came under the discussion of National Security Council while the construction works on the project have been suspended mostly due to security reasons. A number of local authorities in Herat and security agencies at the capital believe that invisible hands linked to the intelligences of foreign countries try to face this big economic project to failure which is an example of friendship between the peoples of India and Afghanistan. But the enemies of India and Afghanistan should know that these two friendly counties whose friendship has been tested by the history are resolved for implementing that great national project. The project’s related affairs to Indian side have been implemented. The Indian council of ministers, a few months ago in one of its sessions, allocated 110 million dollars for the completion of Salma dam constructional works. Earlier to this the Indian cabinet had allocated specified fund for the purpose.
At the meantime, the Indian workers and engineers were working on the construction of the dam. So it indicates that the Indian side has met their commitments regarding to the project, but now it is for Afghan side to ensure the security of the site and provide the ground for constructional activities there.
The Indian diplomats had said that insufficient budget, insecurity and technical and logistical problems were the main barriers on the way of the project and insisted to overcome the obstacles; the two sides should work together.
Now insecurity has emerged as a grave challenge over the continuation of construction works on Salm dam. The Afghan state should settle the problem. A number of Heart’s representatives in lower house of parliament and security sources of the country blame foreign interferences for the low speed of construction works on Salma dam.
The Salma dam project has been considered as a national and international prestige and honor of Afghanistan; so it should be done everything for the success of the project The National Security Council in its session calling the foreign efforts for sabotaging the construction work of the project as a challenge and threat to the sovereignty of the country instructed the security forces of the country launching wide range cleansing operation remove any security obstacles on the way of implementing the project. Removing the insecurity barriers from the way of implementing this public utility project could be a promising word for Afghan people and their Indian friends and at the meantime proves that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to defend its big economic projects and never surrenders to any foreign pressures.
The construction of Salma dam started during the reign of martyred president Daud but due to the incidences after 1357, suspended.
But with the establishment of interim government in Afghanistan, the Indians restarted the construction works of this great economic project which is located in 162Km east of Harat city. The dam has the capacity of containing 514 million cubic meters water and provides the ground for the irrigation of 7000 acres of land and will generate 40 megawatts electricity. The completion of this project will boost both agriculture and urban life.      
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The Bershna Company and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) inked an agreement here yesterday under which the latter provides a grant of 200 million US dollars for the development of power network in the country.
General Manager of Breshna Company, Abdul Razaq Samadi and president of ADB, Juji Tokshima signed the agreement.
Speaking on the occasion, Samadi said that ADB has so far provided 800 million US dollars for developing power network in Afghanistan and in future agreement for providing 600 million US dollars will be inked with the bank.
Samadi also added that the fourth phase of ADB assistance will include extension power transition line with the capacity of 500KW from Turkmenistan border to Ankhoi and Shubirghan and extension line of 220 KW from Shubirghan on ward to Mazar-e-Sharif city.
The ADB chief in his speech assured that the bank would continue to support Afghanistan.
Work for the project will begin from the month of Saur 1392.

Monday, March 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The joint commission monitoring war on corruption has lashed at the verdict of Kabul Bank’s special Court as unfair.
The joint commission which composed of national and international experts said the verdict issued is unjust.
Addressing a press conference here yesterday, the head of the commission, Drago Kas emphasized that the verdict of the court with regard to those involved in taking money out of the bank is unjust and cannot help government to regain the money lost in the bank.
Speaking at the conference, Seema Ghani the head of secretariat of the joint commission monitoring war on corruption, said that some 900 million US dollars had been looted from Kabul bank, while only 130 million US dollars in cash and property worth 190 million US dollars have been recovered.
Meantime, the Attorney General Office has also expressed dissatisfaction over the court’s ruling, saying it would appeal against the verdict.

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