10 December 2018

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Monday, December 31, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  Wafiullah Iftikhar the head of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) said yesterdays that 30 percent increase on tariff of imported juices to be imposed.  Addressing a news conference here, he faded that the step has been taken to encourage local products.
The minister for finance Omar Zakhilwal in the meeting of High Commission for Investment which held last week had proposed to increase tariff on imported juices with the objective to support local products and the import tax on foreign made juice to increase up to 50 percent.  Head of AISA also stated that a joint venture of US and Afghan would construct a refinery at a cost of 700 million US dollars in northern region of Afghanistan.  The refinery with a capacity of 600 barrel per day would also create job opportunities to more than 1500 people, speaking at the conference, and head of industrialists association Shir Baz Kaminzada said that oil and gas stocks from Pul-e-Charkhi industrial Park and residential areas will be shifted to other places.

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan as one of world’s agriculture countries retains unique place in fruit production sector and today Kandahar pomegranates dominates on global fruit markets while officials in southern Kandahar province has reported that so far nearly $17.5 million have been achieved from the pomegranate export this year.
Commenting on the growth of pomegranate export, engineer Abdul Baqi deputy of Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industries said that fortunately pomegranate noticeably increased to at least 30 thousand tones this year in southern Kandahar province and most of this unique fruit exported to neighboring Pakistan and onward to the international markets adding that costing $5.2 million nearly 4696 tones pomegranates were exported to Dubai, Russia and India after standard packaging.
During the previous year, southern Kandahar province enjoyed better security situations and the success laid positive impacts on agriculture sector and peaceful environment facilitated local formers to harvest better crops and obtain satisfactory incomes from the exports, said deputy of Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industries engineer Abdul Baqi.
Farmers in southern Kandahar province are coping with series of technical problems and ministries of transport and agriculture failed to focus on their issues as local farm owners and fruit merchants lacking access to the existence of transportation system and packing process of their fruit products.
At the meantime, fresh fruit association export chairman Muhammad Akram announced air export quit expensive to the local Afghan farmers and expressed concern over land routs due to technical difficulties faced by them and added that these problems lay negative impacts on better quality of the fruit products as neighboring Pakistan has always created barriers on ways of Afghan traders in India-Pakistan Wagah border to ensure on time export of products in Indian markets.
Pakistan is the biggest market for Afghan fruits and the neighboring country maintains moral obligation to accomplish its bilateral trade commitments in letter in sprit to facilitate the traders transfer their merchandize easily without facing hurdles.
Local pomegranate dealer in southern Kandahar province Hajji Akhtar announce the production of fruit in the country remarkable this year and said that each seven kg pomegranate pack is sold from 200 to 400 Afghani adding that restoration of peace and security in the villages would have major impacts on economic growth of Afghanistan alongside focusing on transportation and packing system and it will help local farmers to export their agriculture products with higher price into world markets.
This came after pomegranates found in southern Kandahar province has dominated world fruit markets during the recent years after the crops attained growth in the country.

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The High Commission on Investment with Anwarul Haq Ahadi the minister of commerce and industries held session yesterday and discussed matters relating economy and investment in the country. 
In the meeting, according to Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) the issue of backing local products and 30 percent increase in custom duty of fruit juice import was approved as a step to support local products. 
The establishment of refinery in northern oil bastion at the cost of 700 million US dollars, distribution of plots in Hisar Shahi Industrial Park of Nangarhar and Goirimar of Mazar-e-Sharif was discussed and endorsed in the meeting.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) To start with Minister of Economy informed the meeting over activities of the assigned commission for solution of the problems of craftsmen and industrialists, and presented the draft of the regulation of specifying the rent and leasing of the Municipality properties.
According to the minister, the assigned commission has reflected its views in respect to the problems of craftsmen and industrialist, the problems of power for the industrial parks, distribution of land for industrialists, distribution of land and land documents, non-accessibility of the craftsmen to the infrastructure establishments and amendment of the law.
The committee while confirming the views of the commission emphasized on acceleration of the assessment process.
The fire in the Naseri market in Mandawai of Kabul, financial loss to the shopkeepers was another issue discussed at the meeting.
Mohammad Qurban Haqjo chairman of the chambers of commerce and industries informed the meeting on the dimension of loses and the request of shopkeepers.
The Kabul Mayor also spoke on the fire, prevention of damages to the neighboring markets, the problems of the police and the fire brigade.
The participants of the meeting expressed their views including precautionary and preventive measures in the commercial markets, observance of standards in construction of markets and high rise buildings and the trade centers, regulating power systems, creation of the culture of insurance for prevention of incidents and other such issues.
Khalili expressing sympathy with the affected shopkeepers, emphasized on full assessment of the incident in the market.
Meanwhile, the committee assigned the representatives of the ministries of finance, commerce economy, interior, central bank and Kabul Municipality, chambers of commerce and industries and the union of craftsmen to follow up the proposals in this respect.
Minister of finance informed the committee in respect to the proposal of the ministry for struggle against economic crimes and said that the government of Afghanistan can raise its capability in the future ten years in areas of detection, prevention, investigation and follow up of economic crimes.
The members of the committee expressed their views on this proposal and in order to further enrich it the membership of the related organs should be facilitated.
In another part of the meeting discussions took place on encouragement of the investors. The committee adopted this issue and assigned the members of the committee to prepare their written views on the issue and refer it to the finance ministry.
The committee also confirmed the proposal of the ministry of agriculture and animal husbandry in respect to the poultry farm of Bagrami of Kabul province to be leased to the private sector and the contractor did not realized its commitments, and the proposal of the Kabul Municipality on obtaining of one percent money from the total price of the of apartments of Microrayans during the completion of the documents.