18 August 2019

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Monday, November 25, 2013
Kabul (BNA) An international session under the title of Trade with Afghanistan recently held in New Delhi the capital of India in initiative of that country with participation of 19 countries.
The aim of the session was to assess the existing opportunities for investment in Afghanistan.
BNA analyst on financial issues regarding to this great event in the region writes, Afghanistan due to its huge natural resources, water resources, vast agricultural fields and its geo-political situation can play a great role in development of trade between the countries as a liking point.
However, due to a destructive and bloody war during the last decades severely harmed the opportunities for foreign investment in the country and heavily struck regional cooperation, which is vital for the economic progress of the region.
Therefore, Afghan government understanding the importance of the issue, in close cooperation with international community made its best efforts to provide the opportunity for investment in the country through, creation of facilities, laws on trade and investment amended and bureaucracy on investment and trade removed. These fruitful endeavors caused China this economic giant of the world to invest in greatest world copper mine this is Aynak Copper Mine.
The Americans have also invested in building a five star hotel in Kabul the construction of which is ending. India has already started preparatory work on investment on Hajigak iron mine and wants to invest in this world huge iron mine in the world. China has already invested in several sectors. Likewise many small and big companies from different countries have invested in construction, building roads, agriculture and other sectors. Based on figures release by AISA indicate that  until the end of 2003 , 3504 foreign companies have invested in Afghanistan with the capital of more than 5b dollars.
These endeavors made Afghanistan a successful country in attracting foreign investment in 2003 recent development along with foreign rumours about the consequences after withdrawal of NATO lead international troops from Afghanistan foreign investment is declining in the country.  The propagation made by some countries that Afghanistan will indulge in situation of 199os after withdrawal of international troops, portrayed a horrible picture of the country after 2014. 
Fortunately, the Delhi session can end to the mistrusts and rumours of foreign and domestic sources regarding to the years after 2014.  As, Mr.Salman Khorshid the Indian foreign minister, delivering a speech in the session made it clear that Afghanistan was a good opportunity for investment. He asked the investors of his country to go to Afghanistan invest there and obtain great interests.
Dr. Omer Zakhailwal minister of finance explicitly said in the conference that the predictions that Afghanistan would wetness dark days after the pullout of international, troops from the country by the end of 2014 are baseless.  He said presidential elections would held as it was scheduled without facing any problem, foreign troops have already pulled out from most parts of the country and security situation is greatly improved there, the people are equipping with modern technology and enjoying social and economic welfare and tranquility. He emphatically said that Afghanistan security forces have the capability to ensure security and stability in the country and defend the achievements of the last decade.
Therefore, Afghanistan with its special geo-political location, potentially having economic capabilities can play a significant role in boosting economic growth in the region and can play as a bridge in bringing the nations together, so there is no need to fear about the future. Terrorism can be consider as threat for the economic growth of the region but cannot block commercial and economic links among the nations of the region.    
T. Nemat

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Pul-e-Khomri  (BNA)  the construction work of a bridge started in Pul-e-Khomri capital of Baghlan province yesterday.
The bridge with 21 meter length and 5 meter width will be constructed in Pul-e-Khomri city.
It should be said that with construction of the bridge, the transportation problems of thousands of residents of Pul-e-Khomri city will be tackled.
Fraidoon Shinwari an official of Pul-e-Khomri municipality said BNA correspondent, the bridge will be constructed at the cost of 23 million Afghanis.

Sunday November 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) World Bank in its new evaluation has considered Afghanistan’s economic development as facing with setback.
World Bank in its annual report has said Afghanistan economic development was slowing down comparing to the previous years due to political, security changes and corruption.
The report said economic development of Afghanistan was expected 3.1 % in 2013, while Afghanistan had remarkable economic development in 2012.
Related to the WB’s report, officials for ministry of finance told BNA that Afghanistan’s economy increased by 13.9% in 2012 due to weather condition and improvement of agricultural products, showing 31% increase.
Abdul Qadir Jailani, a spokesman for ministry of finance also admitted that the country’s economic development was slowing down in 2013 due to propaganda of withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan in 2014.
He said such propaganda has put negative impacts on the country’s economy and income of agricultural sector and caused reduction of the country economic development, which was expected by MoF too.

Monday, November 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The officials of commerce and industries ministry said that second oil refinery plant which has capacity of 840 tons oil production started operation funded by an Afghan merchant.
Mozamel Shenwari deputy minister of commerce and industries said BNA; the oil refinery plant has a capacity of refining 840 tons of oil, started operation in Hairatan border city at the cost of 40 million dollars.
He said presently 150 people are working in the plant.
Meanwhile, the in charges of economic ministry called the role of oil refinery plant useful in improvement of commerce in the country.
It should be said that presently Afghanistan requires 3 million tons of oil every year and with establishment of such refinery plants such requirement could be meet.
T. Suraya-Yarzada