27 January 2020

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Sunday, May 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The spokesperson for Ministry of Commerce and Industries in a news conference yesterday declared that a transit agreement would be soon signed among Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan.
Spokesperson Musafir Quqandi said an agreement named APTA, signed three years ago between Afghanistan and Pakistan would be soon signed under the name of PTA among Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan.
“In a session held in Dushanbe, capital city of Tajikistan between the three countries’ ministries of commerce and industries and transport and aviation, representatives of the three countries have agreed that the agreement will be soon signed in one of these three countries,” Quqandi said.
He added Afghanistan minister of commerce and industries has asked for solution of transit problems, providing visas for traders and addressing problems in private sectors.

Saturday, May 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Based on Najibullah Akhtari’ head of currency exchange market in Kabul (Saraye Shahzada) report the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
                                            Buying                                        Selling
One Dollar                          57/60afgs                                    57/65afgs
One Pound sterling             96/10afgs                                    96/20afgs
One Euro                            78/40 afgs                                  78/50afgs
One Emirate’s Dirham       15/55 afgs                                 15/60 afgs
One Thousand Indian Rupees 950 afgs                                960 afgs
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees 575 afgs                           576afgs
One Thousand Iranian Riyals 17/40afgs                            17/50 afgs

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Based on Najibullah Akhtari’ head of currency exchange market in Kabul (Saraye Shahzada) report the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
                                            Buying                        Selling
One Dollar                          57/45afgs                     57/50afgs
One Pound sterling             95/90afgs                     96afgs
One Euro                            78/70 afgs                   78/80afgs
One Emirate’s Dirham       15/55 afgs                      15/60 afgs
One Thousand Indian Rupees 950 afgs                     960 afgs
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees 575 afgs                576afgs
One Thousand Iranian Riyals 17/40afgs                    17/50 afgs

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Governor of The Afghanistan Bank Noorullah Delawari said that hereafter; they make effort to promote the banking activities through insurance companies.
To expand insurance services in the country, the in-charges of the insurance companies pledged to help The Afghanistan Bank in the connection.
The authorities of The Afghanistan Bank told media that after this, told media that after this, they cover the activities of the banks in Afghanistan by insurance services.
The governor of The Afghanistan Bank, Noorullah Delawari said that with utility from insurance services, they can reduce the losses of banks and customers and bear positive changes.
Delawari said that they can cooperate continuously with insurance companies in a time that base on agreement, these companies to render healthy service with them.
He added that the insurance can reduce the losses of the banks and customers and we pledged it in a time that to be assure the insurance company is existed.
Based on an agreement, the insurance company should play the loss.
Insurance is the services that play the financial loss stems from possible damages.
The loans paid by banks to customers should come under the cover of insurance services, said Delawari.
He added that his law is common in the world level but so far, it hasn’t been implemented in Afghanistan healthily.
Head of insurance affairs of the ministry of finance Mohammad Aref Hamid due to pledging of cooperation in the connection said that 16 varieties of insurance services are offered in the country by insurance companies.
He added that now, from 160 to 170 varieties of insurances in the world, its 16 insurances are implemented in Afghanistan that daily our customers benefited from the privileges of their services.
According to the information of insurance department of the ministry of finance, now, one state-run and three private insurance companies are active in Afghanistan.
The insurance department in-charges of the finance ministry say that non awareness of people about insurance services caused this culture not to expand well.
At the same time, the witnesses in economic affairs way that since long to date, the insurance culture hasn’t implemented in Afghanistan and a number of people have no awareness about rendering such services.
Those institutions work in this field didn’t propagate about their activities till the people to get acquaintance in the connection.
They say that in other parts of the world not only themselves, but all possibilities used by them in their daily life are insured.
They benefit from insurance services either during their life or after death and their families receive these services.
These witnesses want the institutions’ concerned to continue their vast activities in expansion of this culture through propagation so they can attract the attention of majority of people.
One of the youths, Naveed said he knows nothing about insurance. But what is taking place in overseas, I heard some things.
As our relatives are living abroad, they narrate about rendering insurance services.
But, the people of Afghanistan even have no information about existence of such companies in the country.
One of government employees, Ghulam Nabi believes that if insurance services are rendered country-wide, I can say that if the people sustain some losses in their daily dealings, the insurance companies can compensate their losses in some extent.
He asked from these companies to expand their activities in Afghanistan so the people benefit more from it.
This is a time that as a whole, the people of Afghanistan are not acquainted with culture of insurance and we hope in near future, they can benefit from insurance services.