26 May 2019

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Wednesday June 26, 2013
Kabul (BNA): President Hamid Karzai in a message instructed the Ministers of Economy, Finance, and Public Works to speed up reconstruction of Salangs pass.
At the meeting held at the Presidential Palace, Hamid Karzai after receiving information about issue from Public Works Minister about rehabilitation activities going on, onSalang highway advised the Minister of Finance to find financial sources for urgent rehabilitation of the Highway.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Kabul (BNA) the third Fuel Reservoir was inaugurated in Kabul yesterday.
BNA reported, In a function was held for this purpose in the Kabul International Airport, Mohammad Faheem Hashimi head of Hashimi group said that the reservoir has been constructed at the cost of 12 million dollars according to international standard and can hold more than 50 metric tons of plane fuel.
Also in the function, Dr. Anwarulhaq Ahadi Minister of Commerce and Industry talking on the issue said competition plays a major role in the growth of trade and the commerce ministry besides creating necessary facilities for private sectors always controlled the market in order to prevent corruption on distribution and selling fuel.
Also, Dr. Daud Ali Najafi Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation said, we hope the building of such fuel Reservoirs will reduce the cost of plane fuel.
At  the end of the function Qurban Haqjo head of Chambers and Commerce of Afghanistan also  said investment more than 12 million dollars in this storage indicates that the national marchlands of the country are ready for huge investment in various sectors in the country.  

Monday, June 24, 2013
Aibak (BNA) The construction work of 2 roads at the cost of more than 27 million Afghanis began by public work ministry in Samangan province.
Engineer Zia Homayoon acting head of public work Dept. of Samangan said BNA, the construction of the road which connects Aibak to Dara-e-Soff Paen district starts from Ghulam Ali Jan pass and ends in Balkul area of the district , with nearly 20 km length will be constructed  at cost 23 million Afghanis.
Zea Homayoon added the second road with 3 km lengths will be constructed in the Tarabelagh area, of Dara-e-Soff Bala district and started from Tara Belagh pass and ended in Johi area of the district.
According to him the construction of the roads cost 4 million Afghanis and with completion work of the roads, this region will be linked to Yakawalang district of Bamyan.
The roads will facilitate the transportation of hundreds tons of coal and also brings facilities in transportation for people. T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Pul-e-Alam (BNA) gardening tools assisted to vanguard farmers and ordinary gardeners in Logar province.
The Ministry of Agricultures and Irrigation assisted agricultural tools to vanguard farmers in Mohammadagha district of Logar province.
Engineer Mohammad Homayoon Omar head of agriculture and irrigation dept of Logar said BNA, the national  agriculture and livestock project of agriculture and irrigation ministry disseminated agricultural tools for 17 farmers of Mohammadagha district.
This dept assisted farmers in construction of garden, prevention of disease and pests, improvement of irrigation system, providing markets for the products and training of farmers, and so far such programs of services have been carried in 22 provinces of the country.
According to the source, the project started activity in last year in center and Mohammadagha district providing more than 800 jiribs for orchard.  
Abdul Rahman one of the farmers expressing thanks to the authorities of the project, requested such project to be constructed in the other districts of the province.