24 March 2019

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Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The ministry of power and water has drafted a 20 years Master plan to provide electricity for the country.
According to BNA, the plan drafted at a cost of 1.5 million US dollars provided by the Asian Development Bank and with the partnership of Fishner of Germany.  Elaborating the master plan, minister for power and water Mohammad Ismael Khan said that the plan was drafted in 1355 but was renewed after eight years keeping in mind the necessities and the need of economic development. 
The minister said that with the implementation of the master plan, Afghanistan would become self-sufficient in the field of having electricity within the next 22 years, saying construction of power generating dams on Kunar and Kokcha rivers is part of the plan. 
Afghanistan with having huge water resources can produce 23,000 megawatts power, he added.

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Mines, Wahidullah Shahrani has said that the government alone cannot extract the untapped underground treasures.
He made this remarks in his address to observe Geologists Day here the other day.
He also noted to extract the mineral, it is necessary to ink agreements with countries and private companies to invest in Afghanistan’s mines.
Shahrani also ruled out any mismanagement in inking the agreements, saying every media can have necessary information about any agreements inked with every company in the fields of minerals’ extraction.

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) As Afghanistan gets nearer to the withdraw of international troops in 2014, general public interpret post-2014 security and economic situations of the country from two contrary dimensions and apprehensions on post-2014 security situations of the country emerged at a time after some western media channels and intelligence services of regional countries tried to present a different feature of the country after the foreign forces callback timeline and anticipated new waves of crisis and civil instability. Economists believe that public dilemma on post-2014 security and economic scenario of the country is illogical and urge upon the people not to foresee future aspect of the country from negative angle. Meanwhile, officials of ministry of finance have said that Afghanistan has attained landmark achievements during the previous ten years including economic development process, telecommunication sector, construction, banking services and rest of the socioeconomic field. The officials of ministry of finance have emphasized that the people of Afghanistan should be optimistic on post-2014 economic sustainability of the country because currently the country is moving forward confidently towards development and no fear of economic crisis and political instability exist. Based on the assertion of officials of ministry of finance, in 2014, international forces only terminate its combat mission in Afghanistan and world community is committed to continue supporting Afghanistan financially an morally for longstanding period after the timeframe set for evacuation of international forces from the country while during the Tokyo conference the world had reaffirmed its long term cooperation to Afghanistan and besides that domestic income of Afghans has received tangible growth from $120 to 670. At the meantime, a number of economic analysts and political commentators have expressed hope over achievements of the country an believe that today Afghanistan has obtained great reputation in international sphere and has forged strategic cooperation partnerships with several world countries and allies of Afghanistan are committed to help the country for long term period. Talking on the matter, economic expert Syed Masood said that people shouldn’t be misled by psychological war of western media and expressed hope that Afghanistan will move towards economic progress and political stability after troop’s pullout. He added that future prosperity of Afghanistan links to holding of free, fair and transparent elections and formulation of a national strategic development program which needs to be formulated by national and international experts affiliated with the economy. Commenting on the topic, economic analyst Saifuddin Saiheen told that people shouldn’t be worry about economy of the country after 2014, because international community has assured the Afghan people to stay alongside them for long term period and international investments will increase on mines of country in the future. Afghanistan has attained remarkable growth in various sectors over the previous decade including telecommunication, banking, mines and rest of the social services sectors and these attainments preserve economic progress of the country after 2014 and for better attraction of world support, government of Afghanistan should pursue serious anticorruption measures to seek international trust and expand global cooperation to Afghanistan after 2014, said economic analyst Saifudding Saihoon, adding that international community during the Tokyo summit had linked further commitments on serious combat against administrative corruption in the government institutions. At the same time, secretariat of council of minister also described apprehensions on post-2014 security situations and economic crisis of the country as baseless and have reiterated that assurances exist which highly protect future prosperity of the country after 2014.  Meanwhile, nationals of the country believe that Afghanistan has attained major progress over the previous then years and today the country has great reputation in international politics including an elected and legitimate govt and democratic institutions. Commenting on the topic, local resident Farhad said that currently investments have taken place over different sectors in the country and Afghanistan has forged strategic cooperation agreement with several world nations which approve that Afghanistan won`t be out into isolation in the future. This came after Afghanistan attained major development in all spheres over the previous decade and currently up to 75% of the overall territory of the country is covered by the Afghan armed forces.

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan retains good investment opportunities with huge God gifted natural resources, untapped mines and competent human resources. The country invites foreign and domestic entrepreneurs to invest in various spheres & gain profit and contribute in the rehabilitation and renovation process of the war-devastated of Afghanistan. Afghanistan seriously requires investment of industrialist countries and foreign companies in diver’s fields to get rid of economic crisis and also to accelerate the momentum of economic growth in the country so to create job opportunities to the jobless countrymen to lead the war-shattered economy of the country towards progress. The Afghan government has determinedly endeavored to pave the way for the foreign and domestic investors and has ratified laws for encouraging them to spend their fund in different sectors in the country. Afghanistan holds huge untapped natural resources of gold, copper, iron, petroleum, gas, coal mines etc. Afghanistan with its rich mines and industrial material resources is a country, proper for establishing industrial factories. Currently it`s vital that national traders invest in various fields in Afghanistan and set up plants across the country so to manufacture the required merchandise and other essential materials for the countrymen. The process would also assist the jobless people to find employment opportunities and would strengthen the national industries of the country. So the Afghan government particularly the relevant ministry should adopt necessary measures and implement several projects across the country for industrialists, businessmen and finally the domestic and foreign investors for a stable and self-reliant Afghanistan. The realization of the process besides providing job opportunities for our countrymen would also help them in receiving new skills and our investors ought to work on mechanism and adopt necessary measures for expansion of industries in the war-devastated Afghanistan and provide employment chance to prevent from the brain drain. Looking over to markets and cities we witness the import of foreign goods by the Afghan traders that obviously benefits the foreigners and the country is changed to a consumer market of foreign low quality goods. Afghanistan`s economic growth entails domestic production and industries support and for successful implementation of the process, responsible organs should precisely work on plans to put the process in practice and prepare the ground for consuming of domestic products in the country.