20 August 2019

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Sunday, November 10, 2013
Aibak (BNA) With construction of two water dams and canals in Ferroz Nakhcher district of Samangan province, 3000 jiribs of Agricultural land irrigated.
Mohammad Aslam Dana head of agriculture and husbandry of Samangan said BNA, the water dams and canals have been constructed in Safar Ali village of the district within three months.
He said, the dams are useful in increasing agriculture products of farmers.
It should be said that the projects have been funded from developmental budget of agriculture and husbandry ministry.  
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Monday November 4, 2013
Kabul (BNA) World standard day was celebrated yesterday by national administration for norm and standard here in Kabul.
This year the day was celebrated under motto “International Standards”.
In a ceremony held for celebration of the day first message of Mohammad Karim Khalili, second vice president was read out by Dr. Haidar Baseer, head for office of the vice president.
The message said, “Standards as a sector for identification of quality play vital role in contracts of domestic and international businesses, adding coordinated international standards can play key role in addressing technical obstacles of business.
Lack of coordinated standards for similar technology causes technical problems in the trade sector.”
The message also mentioned that at least from the start of establishment of national administration for norm and standard, such rules have been seriously cared of.
The organ has remarkably developed in various sectors as enhancement of capacity, making strategic planning and establishing effective systems for organizing of standards.
Following, Popal Popalzai, head of national administration for norm and standard spoke related to history of standards in Afghanistan and said, “250 standards including four construction standards have been provided in various sections so far, adding besides these standards, equipped labs have been set up in Hairatan, Aqina, Islam Qala, Torghundi, Nimroz and Shirkhan borders.
In the ceremony, Muzamil Shinwari, deputy for Ministry of Commerce, Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, Minister of Economy, Najibullah Ozhan, Ministry of Public Work and Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, head for chamber of commerce and industries also spoke related the role of standards in economy, commerce and life of people.

Sunday, November 03, 2013
Kabul (BNA) With participation of over 150 domestic and foreign companies, the 13rd world exhibition of agricultural products which was held in Badam Bagh of Kabul last week ended.
Minister of agriculture and irrigation Mohammad Asif Rahimi in connection of opening this exhibition said that the aim of the exhibition was to improve the agricultural products in Afghanistan and providing market for them.
He added that encouragement of domestic products, informing farmers about the quality of modern technology which plays the main role in growth of agricultural economy.
According to him, domestic traders, investor and people of Afghanistan can contribute in the growth of economy of the country and with encouragement of domestic industries and productions; they should provide the grounds for the growth and encouragement of farmers, craftsmen and producers.
At the same time, the second vice president who attended at his exhibition said that lack of marketing for domestic agricultural productions is a main problem before increasing of agricultural productions in the country and he relates the maintenance security with increment in agricultural products.
He added that attending to capabilities and vast capacity of agricultural sector in providing employment and reduction of poverty, how much we make efforts in strengthening and growth of this sector, in such scale, the ground is prepared for socio-economic activities and also would annihilate the influence of terrorists’ and their activities.
At the same time, a number of economic experts of the country who were attending in this exhibition, expressing their optimism regarding to the measures taken by the agriculture ministry said that for introduction of domestic agricultural products, this ministry should provide the ground for marketing of agricultural products to foreign countries.
The executive director of chamber of commerce and industries, Qurban Haqjo said in connection that one of the main problems of farmers of the country is lack of standardized spring houses.
If such spring houses be established in the country and the farmers protect their productions in them, this would play its important role in the growth of our economy. On the other hand, through this, poverty would annihilate and employment would be created.
Likewise, a number of farmers who were attended at this exhibition and showed their products, believe that opening such exhibition can play its role in introduction of their products and is important for merchants.
They welcomed this measure adopted by Ministry of Agriculture. One of Kandahar farmers, Mohammad Agha said in the connection their introduction and marketing of domestic products pave the way for introduction of these products abroad, on the other hand, the merchants interesting to export domestic products to overseas. This is beneficial for both either for us or those merchants who purchase our products and then export to abroad.
A horticulturist of Kabul, Mirza Gul said in respect to opening of this exhibition that fortunately, our country has good products that are unparalleled in the world. Because, our products are ripen naturally not artificially and has good taste. So our products have good markets in the world.
At the same time, a number of our countrymen while are happy for opening of this exhibition, say that all things which are exhibited are domestic products and are possessing every kind of praises.
On of girls who had come along with her family members, Nafisa says that our domestic products have now good markets in abroad and mostly exported to India, Pakistan, US and other world countries.
She added that today in our city markets all Chinese, Iranian and other countries’ products are sold that neither have good taste nor don’t ripe naturally, so, if spring houses be established in the country for protection of agriculture products, there is no need for the import of foreign products.
While, the improvement and the increase of agriculture products are at the focus of attention of Afghan government, the Ministry of Agriculture opened the exhibition. The exhibition was opened for the public for three days and over 60000 people watched it.

Sunday November 3, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Based on a recent report issued by World Bank, Afghanistan has gained 24th in world and first in South Asia for providing facilities in distribution of trade license.
Wafiullah Eftikhar, head of AISA in a news conference held yesterday said, “World Bank annually reviews and assesses ten main sectors of investment development in the world, adding this year in its report, investment facilities were assessed in 189 countries of the world and Afghanistan has gained 164th position, but in distribution process of the trading license, the country has gained 24th position in the world.”
Eftikhar further said previously getting of a trade license took a month, while the process has been reduced to three days.