22 November 2019

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Monday, April 07, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Based on Najibullah Akhtari’ head of currency exchange market in Kabul (Saraye Shahzada) report the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
                                            Buying                                        Selling
One Dollar                          56/80 afgs                                  56/90afgs
One Pound sterling             93/50 afgs                                 93/60afgs
One Euro                            77/70afgs                                   77/80 afgs
One Emirate’s Dirham       15/40 afgs                                   15/45afgs
One Thousand Indian Rupees 920 afgs                                   930 afgs
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees 556 afgs                              557afgs
One Thousand Iranian Riyals   18/60afgs                             18/70 afgs

Monday April 7, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Following the formation of interim administration in 2001, Afghanistan once again became on the eye of international community and the country initiated renovation and rehabilitation of the basic social, economic infrastructures with the financial cooperation of the donor nations particularly the Federal Republic of Germany.
Officials of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) have said that the German financial assistance to Afghanistan have brought visible change on lives of the Afghan people living in the villages and the concerned ministry has applauded the new strategy adopted by the German government regarding investments in Afghanistan. 
“The German government so far has provided 655 million Euro to Afghanistan since 2002 in helping the country undertake rehabilitation and renovation programs particularly in village development sector, “Mohammad Dawoud Naeemi, Head of media department of MRRD said. “The aids could implement major growth on lives of the villages and the financial aids have been allocated in Badakhshan, Takhar, Kunduz, Samangan and Baghlan provinces, the money allocated to cover a number of important sectors such as health, energy, irrigation, good governance and capacity building programs and relief and rescue in emergency situations.” “From the total amount of aids raised by the German government $ 81 million were allocated for the projects covered by National Solidarity Programs and these projects have been very effective in perspectives of international community and the government of Afghanistan,” Naeemi said. “From 40,000 km village road, 23,000 km of it were established from the financial aids of Germany and the World Bank and this has left significant impacts on boosting incomes in the villages.” “Access of people to clean drinking water is raised by 30 percent from 2 percent, the money has been spent in close harmony with all concerns institutions and the accountability has been transparent,” he said. In the meantime, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has said that implementation of the upper projects from German financial cooperation have been very successful in promoting the standard of lives of the villages in various regions of the country.
According to the Abdul Qadir Jailani, a spokesman to the Ministry of Finance (MoF) Germany has been the 3rd largest donor nations to Afghanistan over the last twelve years. “Germany has pledged to provide 430 million euro to Afghanistan until 2017 on the annual basis, 50 percent of the aids would be spend through Afghanistan National Budget, Germany has also formulated new strategy for support of Afghanistan and main focus would be paid on some key sectors including economic development, good governance health, education growth, capacity building of the government servants and access of people to clean drinking water,” MoF spokesman Abdul, Qadir Jailani said. “Germany wants Afghanistan to be the hub of investment.
“Soon Germany companies will invest in Afghanistan in mines, industry sectors and we strongly support Germans to come forward and invest in the country, Jailani added. Meanwhile, the Afghan people have expressed hope that alongside Germany other European and Asian investors will also focus on investing in Afghanistan. “Northern provinces have received tangible growth with the cooperation of German financial aids and people have received major advantages from the assistance, establishment of small capacity dams, construction of health centers are among the major accomplishments achieved from German cooperation” a resident of Balkh province Rahman Qol said. Alongside the United States and Britain, Germany has been the 3rd major donors to Afghanistan. 

Sunday, April 06, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Based on Najibullah Akhtari’ head of currency exchange market in Kabul (Saraye Shahzada) report the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
                                            Buying                                        Selling
One Dollar                          57/30 afgs                                  57/40afgs
One Pound sterling             94/50 afgs                                 94/60afgs
One Euro                            78/30afgs                                   78/40 afgs
One Emirate’s Dirham       15/55 afgs                                   15/60 afgs
One Thousand Indian Rupees 930 afgs                                   940 afgs
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees 561 afgs                              562afgs
One Thousand Iranian Riyals   18/70afgs                             18/80 afgs

Sunday April 6, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan says that work on technical aspects of TAPI project is going on in complete seriousness and it is supposed to be completed till three upcoming years. According to the concerned authorities of this ministry, the study on technical aspects of transmission of TAPI gas pipeline of Turkmenistan via Afghanistan to Pakistan and India would be completed till one year. Head of petroleum portion of Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Jalil Jemrani said that according to recent research, at this project, $ 11 billion would be spent that would be paid by Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, India and Pakistan.
He added that if the situation of the region remained suitable and Turkmenistan and the winner company sign the agreement on its due time, this project would be completed till next three years. Jemrani has asserted that during one year, we would complete all technical studies. All these are related to the situation in the region. How Turkmenistan to be have with Winner Company and how to reach to agreement. This issue is very important. If this agreement to take place among them till the mid of next year, during next three years the project of gas pipe line would implement and gas would be transferred to three countries. The plan of TAPI project is discussed in 2002 among Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, India and Pakistan and in that time, decision was made this project to be implemented till 2017. The authorities of ministry of foreign affairs say that diplomatic efforts are continuing by government with those three countries involved in the project. General President of cooperation of this ministry, Wahidullah Waisi said in the connection that this project through five phases would be implemented till the end of 2017. To date, from five phases, its three phases are completed. In our consideration, the process of the project is promoting well and in 2017, the gas would be transferred. He added that we are optimist in this respect. All diplomatic efforts are continuing with three countries by the government of Afghanistan.
At the same time, a number of witnesses in economic affairs while are optimist about TAPI project implementation for Afghanistan, say that this project is one of important economic projects for government and people of Afghanistan and serious attention should be paid for maintenance of the project security. One of witnesses is economic affairs and lecturer of a private faculty of economy, Ali Rahmani said in the connection that no doubt, implementation of TAPI project is one of great economic projects for the involved countries. With implementation of this project not only has much benefit for Afghanistan but, it plays important role for employment of unemployed. He added that inside Afghanistan, this pipeline begins from Torghundi port and through Herat, Farah, Neemroz and Helmand provinces and Spinboldak port would link to Pakistan. In this itinerary, our countrymen who are living across this pipeline would benefit from its gas and also would provide more facilities for those provinces. Likewise, a number of our countrymen say that the government should get much benefit from this project, because it passes via Afghanistan to India and Pakistan. Those countries which are contributing at this project should make all-out effort so the project is implemented successfully.
A Kabul citizen, Tareq says that Afghanistan is one of the countries that are a linking point between south and central Asian nations. So the letters should cooperate Afghanistan in implementation of TAPI project and those three countries should make efforts this project be implemented as soon as possible. This is in a time that the plant of TAPI project was discussed among Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Turkmenistan in 2002 and at that time decision was made this project to be implemented till 2017. Based on official data of Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, during first ten years, 500 million cubic meter gas and during second and third ten years, one billion cubic meter gas would be transferred via this pipeline.

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