21 July 2019

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Monday, February 25, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The Minister of Water and Energy signed a memorandum of understanding with a Pakistani company on the basis of which the Pakistani company in 18 comings months will prepare the detailed design of dam on the Farah River.
Mohammad Ismayel Minister of Water and Energy during the signing ceremony said that this project is most beneficial for the people of Farah and in addition to economic benefits this will facilitate security in the areas as well.
The dam is to be constructed 180 km distance from the Farah center on which a concrete wall with the height of 180 meters will built which will have the capacity for accumulating over one billion cubic meters of water.
The dam will also irrigate around 160,000 hectares of land and will produce over 27 megawatts of power that is enough to meet the needs of the province to an extent.
This will also provide jobs for one million farmers.
According to the officials of the ministry the detailed design of the dam will incur over USD4 million that is to be provided from the development budget of the government and the Pakistani company will carry on the designing process in 18 months.
The contract was signed by Minister of Water and Energy and Nespak Company of Pakistan.
It should be noted that so far the ministry has been able to carry on survey on 111 large dams and construction of building of some of them have been started.
Afghanistan is considered very rich in water resources however due to some reasons the country could utilize only 30% of its water resources.

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired an extraordinary meeting of the council of ministers at the presidential place yesterday. 
To begin with, the council of ministers (CM) discussed over the illegal extraction of mines in the provinces and especially the Chromite mines in Kunarha, considering the importance and sensitivities assigned the ministries of mines and interior affairs to prepare a detailed report over the illegal extraction of chromite mine in Kunraha and refer to the CM ink the subsequent meeting of the CM. 
As per the agenda the reformative draft of the mines law was presented by the justice minister and it was stressed that as per the previous decision and views of the CM dated 30th Dalwa of 1391 the law has been reviewed.
The minister of justice added that corrections in the first part of the draft law in accordance with the instruction of meeting of 30th Dalwa of current year has been incorporated in the law on mines.
However, due to importance of some other instances that was to be inserted into the law based on viewpoints expressed in that meeting the complete text of which as follows:
The law has been prepared in 19 Chapters and 112 articles considering the aims pertaining to the development and positive usage of mineral resources, and regulating of its management in the professional activities, exploration through mineral resources, and self-sufficiency in the country, promotion of investments, and assisting ensuring of peace and security though development of socio-economic activities has been designed in the country.
The CM called the law on mines as very important in the political, socio-economic life of the country and confirmed it in principle.
The CM instructed the ministries of justice and mines that appropriate measures are adopted in the light of the law that illegal usage of mines are prevented. 
The spirit of the law is prepared in such a way that the principles of bidding are observed and the awards for delivering the mines and their exploration are taken as basic standards. 
Unnecessary restrictions are deleted and the final corrected draft of the law considering the views expressed on it is referred to the coming CM meeting.
At the end of the meeting, Minister of Justice presented the additions and deletion of some parts in the regulation and privileges of medical specialists based on the decision of 11/10/1391.
The regulation had been signed in 1422 HQ and was in force, however due to some shortcomings in it some amendments came into being in the regulation and after confirmation by the law committee of the CM is presented to the CM for approval.
The CM extraordinary meeting after bringing about of some changes confirmed the regulation.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili chaired the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers.
At the meeting deputy minister for commerce and industries informed the letter of Tajikistan Prime Minister addressed to Khalili pertaining to certain of transit facilities between the two nations.
He stressed that based on Tajikistan government’s request over creation of transit facilities between the two countries this issue has been addressed appropriately.
The meeting then discussed the proposal of mines ministry for continued functions of the north enterprise for 1392 and 1393.
Discussing this issue Minister of Mines said that the northern coal enterprise which employs 600 labors and indirectly provides job for some others is a promising entity and the produced coal of the enterprise forms an export item.
He proposed that in order to create employment and upgrading the level of its production and the ensure increase in the country’s income, permission is granted for the enterprise to continue its functions for another two years.
The Economic Committee confirmed the proposal of Mines Ministry accordingly.
In another part of the meeting the issue of financial accounts and the liability of some other department to the Ariyan Airlines were taken up.
The Ministry of Finance reported to the meeting that $ 34 million of the company is pending with government organs and that non-payment of the company’s resources has faced this company with financial problems.
The meeting instructed the ministry of Finance to immediately deduct the money of the company from their respective budget and deliver it to the Adriana Airlines account.
Meanwhile the Central Statistic department presented a report covering methods of collection of economic statistics, industrial data, agriculture, animal husbandry, foreign trade and other economic sectors.
The department however requested other departments and government organs to cooperate in providing information about their activities and attributed security as an impediment towards collection of data.
The meeting praised the efforts of the department and considering the importance of collection of data asked the related government organs to coordinate their activities with the department and requested the statistic department to attach keen attention towards removal of problems in collection of precise data.
The meeting also discussed the proposal of the national union of labor in respect to the creation of joint committee composed of related government departments, private sector and the union for addressing the problems and needs of the labor.
The meeting instructed formation of a committee composed of representatives of the ministries of finance, labor and social affairs, martyr and the disabled, chambers of commerce and industries, union of craftsmen led by the ministry of economy to address this issue.

Monday, February 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The minister for commerce and industries Dr. Anwarul Haq Ahadi visited Ankhoi district of Faryab province yesterday.
Accompanied by Faryab governor Mohammad Batash, the minister promised to build an industrial park in Andkhoi district to encourage carpet industry and provide loan to carpet exporters.
He also promised to open Khaja Qichi border and modernize Aqina border.