24 September 2018

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Sunday, December 11, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The UN delegation from its Kabul office arrived in Ghour province to meet the provincial in charges in Cheghcharan city calling the UN projects in Ghour especially in the peace process and reintegration and return to civil service as outstanding. 
The head of the UN delegation said that the UN shall expand its assistance to Ghour province alongside reconstruction of infrastructural projects and in program for peace, stability for the people in that province.

Kabul (BNA) Afghan mines sector will provide 42-45% income until 2014. 
Based on forecasts made by minister of mines, Wahidullah Shahrani, minister of mines told the foreign journalists Afghanistan will get 1.5 billion US dollars from its oil and mines until 2016. 
Shahrani added the mount will reach to 4 billion US dollars in 2024. 
Shahrani also said in four other projects which are to be launched for extraction of gold and copper and their bid is under way, adding Denim and Lithium mines are also under way in near future. 
He asked the foreign investors for their investment in this regard. 
According to ministry of mines, recent agreements which have been signed with China and India are based on technical abilities and interest of Afghanistan. 
He added Pakistani investors can also invest in various sectors in the country, saying Afghanistan’s doors are open for them.

Kabul (BNA) Eight National Solidarity Projects (NSP) executed and came under utilization in Baghlan province today. 
These projects included digging of deep wells, gravelling of seven and half Km road and construction of 330 meter protection walls for prevention of flood damages. 
The projects work was completed from development budget of rural rehabilitation ministry at the cost of Afs 14 million.
Engineer Shafaq Ahmad Ali Yar head of rural rehabilitation and development department of that province said that 1830 families benefited from facilities of these projects. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Kabul (BNA) A sugar factory in northern Baghlan province has resumed production 20 years after it was closed, officials said.
The factory, which was badly damaged during the civil war, was rehabilitated due to untiring efforts by its staff, the factory director said.
Mohammad Karim Waziri told, 10,000 tons of sugar beet had been purchased from farmers to keep the factory running.
He said 10 tons of sugar beet could produce, one tone of sugar.
He added 400 tons of sugar beet was used daily in the factory, with 150 employs.
Waziri said farmers were distributed fertilizer and seeds free of cost to courage them to grow sugar beet.
Workers and residents expressed happiness over the rehabilitation of the factory.
Inzer Gul, a worker, said “I am happy that the factory has once again started functioning.”Glu’s monthly salary is $206 (10,000afs).
Yaqub, a tribal elder, said many people and farmers had found jobs since the factory was made functional, jacking up the price of a tone of sugar beet from id=”mce –marker”4 to $62.

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