16 January 2019

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Monday, May 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai met with a number of nationwide industrialists union members. 
At the meeting attended by ministers of commerce and industries, energy and water, Sherbaz Kameenzada chairman of the Afghanistan industrialists union, Muhsen Amiri member of the union, Hamidullah Khadem, wife of the chairman of Herat union and Abdul Jabar Safi, deputy chairman of the union and some other industrialists talked about the activities of the union.
Kameenzada told the audience that around 2,000 plants with 96,000 labor are organized within his led union. He added that plants like marble producing, carpets, plastic pipes, printing industry, fruit juices, plastic wares, PVC doors and window making plants, cartoon making, roads building, food processing, sweet producers, biscuits, non alcoholic drinks, salts, lime stone, furniture and other producers are members of this union which are meeting a part of the people’s needs. 
Sayed Muhsen Amiri said in the near future Afghanistan Industrial Conference will be organized to debate problems faced by the producers in Kabul and around 400 companies will display their products. 
Hamidullah Khadim chairman and Abdul Jabar Safi deputy chairman of the union while sharing the problems of the union members asked government support from the country’s industrialists, including allocation of industrial parks and provision of permanent electricity. 
They said that unless domestic industrialists are supported and encouraged important cannot be reduced. They also proposed that the union representatives be allowed at the CM economic committee and AISA. 
Present Karzai told the union members that Afghanistan’s domestic products must be supported and encouraged. 
He asked them to prepare their problems on written basis and deliver to the minister of commerce and industries so that solution is sought for their problems. 
At the end of the meeting the chairman of the union presented a volume of Holy Kyran and a piece of carpet bearing the insignia of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as gift to President Karzai.

Sunday, May 06, 2012
Trenkot (BNA) 4.5 km road was asphalted in Trenkot city center of Urozgan province and put for public use. 
Amir Mohammad Akhondzada governor of Urozgan province said to BNA, the road funded by Australia at the cost of 2 and half million dollars. 
Governor of Urozgan thanked PRT of Australia for asphalting of this road in that province.
According to him he has planned to launch other projects in Trenkot city. T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, May 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A source of the Ministry of Mines has stated that documents of the TAPI project has been finalized and the documents pertaining to the projects will be signed on May 24 (4 Jauza of current year) by the ministers of petroleum and gas and mines of the member countries. 
The spokesperson of the ministry of mines said that it is expected that the ministers of petroleum and gas and mines of the Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and the representatives of the Asian development Bank following solution of the technical side of the project sign the documents on the May 24 of current year. 
It should be noted that Waheedullah Shahrani Minister of Mines had visited Ashqabad recently where he informed the Turkmenistan authorities about the expectations and proposals of Afghanistan and that the Turkmen side has accepted those proposals. 
Previously the Turkmenistan sources also stated that the contract for sell of gas of that country by a pipeline through Afghanistan, to Pakistan and India will be signed up to the end of May this year. 
The delay of the contract was due to differences in price of the cost for its transmission through Afghanistan. 
The project is the biggest economic project between four south Asian countries that has strong support of the USA and Afghanistan will annually get 700 million cubic meter of gas from this that will meet the need of the country and India is its greatest shareholder which will get 33 billion cubic meter of gas annually.
The project extends at a length of 1600 km from the Daulatabad of Turkmenistan. 
The project will bring in huge economic benefits for the member countries and Afghanistan in addition to the 700 million cubic meters of gas will benefits for the member countries and Afghanistan in addition to the 700 million cubic meter of gas will benefit of employment of 50,000 of its nationals in the project. 
Some of the analysts fear that the project might face security problems but Pakistan has assured that the project will not face any problems.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili chaired the CM economic committee meeting in which a short and long-term plan on the protection of environment, import of animals and meat and drain of currency was discussed. 
The plan incorporates deducting of meat consumption, import of illegal sick animals, control of animal disease, meeting the local needs, launching of awareness to the public, protection of environment, prevention of the spread of diseases from animal to the human and other issues. 
The committee praised the plan in relation to prevention of currency drain and confirmed it in principle and instructed the national environment protection department to apprise the committee on monthly basis on implementation of the plan.  Minister of agriculture and irrigation presented a report on leasing of the slopes around the Qaragha Dam the report on which has been prepared by the assigned commission. 
The committee decided that the Kabul Municipality, the Ministry of Urban Development to prepare the Master Plan of the area and till its preparation the security organs especially the Ministry of Interior should prevent irresponsible usurpation of land in that area and building of homes. 
Meanwhile, a proposal was presented by the Kabul Municipality in relation to the raising of money for supervision of government departments, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, commercial sites which was debated by the committee meeting.  The committee confirmed this proposal. 
The committee considering the importance of maintenance of the transport facilities instructed the Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs that in consultation with the administrative body of the House of People to prioritize approval of highway tax law.