22 February 2019

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Sunday, April 01, 2012
Kandahar (BNA) The incomes of Kandahar customhouse increased 50 percent. 
Head of Kandahar customhouse said although a large number of people have not paid their taxes on time, the incomes of that province increased 50 percent in 1390 than the last year which one milliard Afghani was collected. 
Azeem Khan Ahmadzai head of Kandahar customhouse said to BNA, the Kandahar customhouse collected one milliard two hundred fifty five million and six hundred and twenty thousand Afghanis in 1390 which showed 50 per cent increase than the last year. 
He called improvements in security, good governance, prevention from corruption in that province the reason of increasing the incomes of that province. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Panjshir (BNA) the construction work of a road was commenced in Shatal district of Panjshir province yesterday.  With construction of this road, the transportation problem of residents of Shatal district will be solved.  Najibullah Ozhen Minister of Public Work said to BNA, this road has been constructed with the assistance of World Bank at the cost of Afs 80,800,000.  The Minister of Public Work went to Panjshir for inauguration of this road and he promise to people of this province that he will try for asphalting of roads and solving of transportation problems in this province.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by second Vice-President Mohammad Karim Khalili the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers (CM) discussed economic issues. 
The meeting assigned a committee comprising of representatives of finance, economy, mines, rehabilitation and rural development and agriculture and irrigation led by Hedayaet Arsala senior minister to review the authorities of the ministries in the economic programs and present its report to the coming committee meeting. 
Meanwhile payment of custom duties and distribution of traffic documents to over 2300 vehicles lying at the ports of the country. 
On the basis of finance ministry report and the chambers of commerce these vehicles before the resolution of the CM over non-distribution of traffic document to vehicles produced ten year back, have been imported by the traders and due to reason were remaining at the Karachi port and were brought to the country’s custom houses. 
The meeting reiterated that considering the problems of pollution and environmental difficulties before the government of Afghanistan import of old vehicles should be avoided and the transport vehicle should have the required standards.

Monday, March 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Local officials in Samangan province say that the revenue of coal mine has increased to 400 million Afghanis in the year of 1390. 
Mohammad Sediq Sediqi the spokesman for the governor of Samangan province said that the revenue of coal mine in Darai Suf district in the year of 1389 had reached to 591 million Afghanis, while in 1390 it reached to some 1 billion Afghanis which indicates 409 million rise or 60 percent increase in compare to last year. 
The revenue of coal mine would further increase if the roads in Darai Suf Bala and Darai Suf Payan are asphalted Ahmad Akli Hasani the governor of Darai Suf Bala said there are coal mines in the district and more than 400 tracks are involved in transporting the coal to different provinces including Balkh, Kabul, Baghlan and even to Pakistan. 
The continued drought has prompted many people to get job in the coal mine field in the area, adding the number of the coal mine workers were 1500 people last year while there are 2500 workers at the moment. 
The price of each tone of coal by the government is 1500 Afghanis while in bazaar it is sold to 2000 Afghanis. 
Discovered in the year of 1343 the Darai Suf coal mine, according to survey carried out by ex-USSR estimated to have more than 150 million tons of coal.

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