10 August 2020

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Monday, January 07, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Khan Jan Alkozai the deputy to chamber of commerce and industries has said that 3,000 trucks loaded the goods of Afghan traders which had been stranded in Pakistan would begin moving towards Afghanistan from today Monday.
He also said that the decision was taken yesterday in a meeting of Afghan and Pakistan officials on Jadi 14 there in Islamabad.
Pakistani Primer has welcomed the decision as turning point in the trade and transport relations between the two nations.

Sunday January 6, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The minister of agriculture and livestock Mohammad Asif Rahimi has said that 80 percent of development plans of the ministry have been implemented in Kabul province.
Addressing at a conference here yesterday, the minister said that dozens of development projects has been completed so far this year in Kabul and 300 more projects will be implemented next year in Afghan calendar.
The projects implemented so far this year, he said, includes agriculture, animal husbandry, infrastructure and general services.
With implementation of more than 300 other projects enduring net solar year at districts and village level the agriculture field will be promoted in rural areas.
He also stated that distribution of improved seeds, planting saffron, vegetable, soybean, fighting diseases, providing loans to farmers, cleaning irrigation canals and reforestation are the projects and will be implemented at a cost of 15.4 million US dollars funded by the ministry of agriculture.

Sunday January 6, 2013
JALALABAD (BNA) The minister of finance Omar Zakhilwal began the construction work of railway station and new building of custom house in Hisar Shahi area on Jalalabad-Torkham highway yesterday.
Later the finance minister, addressing a press conference in Jalalabad city, he said that the custom department will be constructed in 1000 acres land and the railway station connecting Hisar Shahi to Peshawar will be built in 500 acres land.
He did not provide information about the fund allocated for the projects, but added both the projects are essential for economic development.
Zakhilwal meantime did not rule out the existence of corruption in custom house, saying installation of new equipment’s in custom offices in Torkham and Jalalabad will reduce corruption.
He also visited various offices of custom house.

Saturday January 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) According to media, during recent six months, the government of Afghanistan did to promote the level of national economy.
During very days of last month, the ministries of mines and economy reported that at the length of 36,000 km, circular railway to be built in the country that with completion of this project, all ports and zones of the country would be connected with each other.
The practical work of this project would start at the beginning of year 2013.
India, China and the USA would assist us to promote this project.
Likewise, the experts needed for processing the project would be trained during one year.
A large crude oil refinery unit would be built in Amu River zone costing $700 million.
With completion of the same, our crude oil would not be transferred to abroad for refinery.
Previously, our neighbors helped us in the respect.
The Afghanistan Investment Support Administration (AISA) takes practical steps and our country would become self-sufficient in providing petroleum expended in side of the country.
In Dec 29 and 30 of 2012, AISA encouraged Afghan-American Co. to build this unit in northern part of Afghanistan especially in related areas of Fariab and Sheberghan provinces.
With the start of this project, over 1400 to 1500 unemployed youth would access to employment.
Additionally, a number of engineers and experts in the fields of petroleum, gas and construction would be employed and another 20000 unemployed youth would also employed indirectly in this field.
With completion of this large refinery unit, daily, over 60000 barrels crude oil are extracted refined and distributed to the market.
Previously, annually, over four billion dollars were paid to others, hereafter; this sum adds to national budget and is spent in affairs related to national economy.
Beside this, with implementation of this project, the meddling of powerful and corrupted people is prevented and ordinary people would access to employment and in such a way, this would have its own positive impact in maintenance of security, promotion of villages economy and government policy.
The economic experts believe that our friends invest in our country that this would borne positive impacts.
How much access to employment be increased, war is prevented, our national economy grows and investment has its own benefit to both sides.