10 July 2020

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Monday, December 17, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The European Union (EU) would continue to assist Afghanistan some 1.5 billion Euros until 2017, the spokesman for finance ministry Wahid Tawhidi said yesterday.
He also added that the EU had promised funding 60 million Euros to the agriculture and 125 million Euros to Afghanistan and negotiation in this regard is going on. 
The spokesman also said that the EU had provided more than 222 million Euros to Afghanistan.
The finance ministry he said is grateful to the contribution of EU for its new commitment towards Afghanistan.

Saturday December 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president chaired the Economic Committee meeting of the Council of Ministers (CM) yesterday at the presence of chairman and members of the House of People natural resources and environment committee and discussed the mines contracts of the country.
Khalili expressed pleasure over the participation of the House of People’s commission chairman and members and consider the parliament an important part of the government and hoped that creation of the atmosphere of talks among the three state powers, some of the questions and ambiguities on big issues of the country are resolved through these talks.
The chairman and members of the House of People commission discussed issues pertaining to the Ainak copper mine, Hajigak, Petroleum zone of Amu Darya and the law on mines and thereafter Minister of Mines shed light on each of these areas and the participated members discussed them in details.
Considering the important of the Ainak copper mine in the growth of the economy of the country, the participants emphasized on its implementation.
The contract of petroleum of Amu Darya zone was also discussed and in order to ensure transparency of the contract, it was decided that joint meetings are held between the mines ministry and members of the House of People commission.
The meeting also decided that in order to encourage investment, the ministry of justice should accelerate the process of the law on mines and hydrocarbon should be referred to the CM as soon as possible.
The contract on Hajigak mine was also discussed in details and it was emphasized that joint meetings be held between the ministry and the commission of the House of People so that transparency is ensured in this respect.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili and head of that committee chaired the economic committee of the council of ministers. 
Held in presence of the members of the natural resources and environment commission of the house of people, the mines contracts were discussed. 
Khalili thanked the participation of members of the commission of house of people said that parliament is an important part of the government and hoped that with closure of the three state organs some vague questions are resolved through negotiations.
The head and members of the house of people commission informed the meeting about the Ainak cooper mine, Hajigak, the petroleum contract of Amu Zone and the law on mines.
Minister of mines explained issues pertaining to those mines, considering the importuned of Ainak copper mine in development of the country emphasized on its implementation. 
In respect to the petroleum of Amu Zone it was decided that joint meetings should be held between the mines ministry and the natural resource and environment commission of house of people. 
The meeting also decided that the ministry of justice accelerates the process of referring of the new law on mines and hydro-carbon to the council of ministers. 
The Hajigak mine was discussed and it was emphasized that further meetings should be held so that transparency is maintained in the contract of this mine.

Monday December 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT) concluded an agreement with six domestic and foreign companies for upgrading capacities and governance through mobile phones.
Eng. Baryalai Hessam deputy minister of MoCIT for technical affairs said the ministry intends to starts a joint platform or coordination center covering 30 programs through mobile in social services including health, training and rural development, security, finance, transport and municipalities, water and power.
The overall value of these projects is $3.3 mil financed by the World Bank and will be completed in two coming years.
According to him the ministry with completion of these projects in six cities of Afghanistan will be able to upgrade the capacities and management.
Through these projects we can pass over our views on different spheres to other so that those are supported.
In order to upgrade the capacities of the youth, around 1500 of them will be trained under this program through holding of seminars.
These will also be helpful in strengthening of the economy as it is arranged in accordance with the advanced world standards.
The agreements were signed by the deputy minister of MoCIT and the in charge of the six domestic and foreign companies.