10 July 2020

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Wednesday December 5, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The new head of the British international development organization, considers Afghanistan as a country that by using of initiatives in collection of taxes.
This organization has committed 19 million Sterling Pounds till 2015 for the tax collection project of Afghanistan.
The Minister of Finance of Afghanistan and head of the British organization declared the new phase of the British support for the tax project collection of Afghanistan.
The project support growing improvement in tax collection in Afghanistan and this has basic impacts on the fundamental services.
The project is administered by the Tax department of Finance Ministry of Afghanistan and this department is striving hard that the tax collection process gets an advanced method and aims at improving overall tax collection system in the country.
The new phase of support to the tax department of the Ministry of Finance is creation of regional offices in the provinces, strengthening of is administrative and technical capacities and the process of tax collection in accordance with percentage of domestic GNP covering from 11 to 15% till the year 2016.
The head of the British organization said that I am pleased to renew the British commitment towards Afghanistan in meeting with the finance minister of Afghanistan Dr. Zakhailwal.
He added that we promise at the Tokyo conference that the present development assistance to Afghanistan will be continued up to July 2017 and will cover Pounds 178 million.
He noted that Afghanistan has achieved marked progress in recent years but much work remains to be done.
For his reason we provided our support to the project.
Our cooperation with the finance ministry of Afghanistan is moving successfully so that financial income from the sum of USD250 million in 2004 raise to USD 2 billion in 2012.
This aid of the British government will enable Afghanistan to achieve one of the five bilateral accountability indicators of the Tokyo conference.
Dr. Omar Zakhailwal thanked for the British assistance and said British are the fourth greatest donor of Afghanistan.
Zakhailwal added that we count on the support of the British government and other international partners in achieving our financial reforms.
The head of the British organization during his stay in Kabul met with some government officials and visited Helmand observed the work of a health clinic supported by the British government.
She also met some Afghan women.

Monday, December 03, 2012
Bazarak (BNA) The construction work of a square-road at the length of one and half kilo meters and a square has been completed and came under utilization in Panjshir province yesterday. 
This road connect Rokha district with center of Panjshir province.
The construction work of the road has been completed by municipality. 
Mohammad Yosoof an official of municipality said to BNA, the square-road have been completed by USAID at the cost of $ 50,000 and completed within one year. 
Keramuddin Karim governor of Panjshir expressed pleasure for assistances of USAid and requested further cooperation of America in different fields. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, December 03, 2012
Cheghcheran (BNA) Two large bridges were inaugurated in the vicinities of Doulena district of Ghoor province. 
Engineer Taj Mohammad Zelal head of the rural rehabilitation and development department of Ghoor said to BNA, these projects have been completed from national extensional program of the rural rehabilitation and development ministry in Qala-e-Naqshi village of that district. 
Abdul Wali Habibi in charge of  extensional national program of rural rehabilitation and development department of Ghoor said, the mentioned bridges each has 10 meter length and 7 meter wide and have been constructed  with cooperation of people at the cost of more than 6400,000 Afghanis. 
Meanwhile, the chairmen of development councils of Doulena district  of Ghor province called construction of such utility projects useful in ensuring of peace and bringing of security in the country and requested  further implementation of construction projects in that province. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The commission of the assigned ministers confirmed the proposal for the exploration and division of production of petroleum of Afghan-Tajik zone.
The commission after thorough discussions and studies confirmed the proposal of the consortium including the companies of the Kuwait Energy Pilk, Tappo Turkey Dragon Oil company, and their Afghan shareholders Ghazanfar Group for exploration and division of the petroleum zone for two blocks and authorized the assigned commission representing the ministers to start talks with the consortium for preparing the contract.
After placing it to the bidding and expression of willingness of the 20 world companies and also specifying of 8 eligible companies fir exploration of this zone the commission selected the above companies considering their offers along with their proposals.
The process has been carried with the presence of the representatives of those companies and the assigned commission members. 
After economic assessment of the offers of the above companies were confirmed.
The Minister of Mines welcomed the trust shown by the world investors in Afghanistan and believes that holding of contracts will be beneficial for continued economic growth of Afghanistan.