23 September 2019

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Monday, January 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Reconstruction work of Poza Ishan investigative farm has been started by Afghan ministry of agriculture and irrigation. 
According to Shah Mohammad director of the farm, the project costing 1.8 million Afs funded by Afghan ministry of agriculture and irrigation. 
He said the project which included pavement and construction of a road in the farm. 
According to the farm’s director, the farm’s 150 acres land was previously paved by Afghan ministry of agriculture and irrigation and it is determined that the rest 268 acres land of the farm would be paved by financial assistance of France in 1391. 
He added construction work of the farm’s enclosed wall with total length of 2000m would be started in the offing and with completion of the project; further investigative experiences would be facilitated in agriculture sector. 
The farm was constructed by Afghan ministry of agriculture and irrigation in 1347 in 468 acres land in Baghlan province.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Mazar-e-Sharif (BNA) The second training center for agricultural services for women was opened in Balkh province. 
Munera Qazizada in charge of the center said the 20% cost of the center is assisted by USAID and the remaining provided by the women of this center. 
She added that at the center those women who are familiar with agricultural activities and have skill in preparing jams, bee-keeping, handicrafts, tailoring and marketing them. 
They will also train other vulnerable women in its training courses.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kandahar (BNA) 200 farmers received training in the sector of saffron cultivation launched by provincial directorate of agriculture and irrigation in Kandahar province. 
According to Eng. Ahmad Shah Roshan, director of agriculture and irrigation for Kaandahar, the directorate of agriculture and irrigation launched one month training for 200 farmers in the sector of saffron cultivation in Kandahar province. 
The source said after the farmers received the professional training, they were distributed particular appliances for saffron cultivation. 
From the 200 trained farmers, 15 of them have been tasked for further professional training to Herat province so that they could exchange views with Herat farmers related to cultivation of saffron. 
The source added the course aimed at finding a good alternative for poppy cultivation.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has assisted USD 75, 4 million for strengthening and equipping the power system and the hydro-power system and the hydro-power plant of Gerishk district of Helmand province. 
Dr. Omar Zakhailwal Minister of Finance while the head of the Kabul Breshna Muassessa Samadi was present signed the contract with Rout Einker Director of the Asian section of the ADB. 
Zakhailwal said that this aid will be utilized for strengthening, equipping of the hydro-power plant of Gerishk district and for reconstruction of 30 km transmission line and installation of the power meters in the district consumers. 
With this he added that job opportunity will be provided for hundreds of countrymen. 
Finance ministry spokesperson Aziz Shams noted that the project will be financed through USD 43m aid of the ADB that it’s USD 20m by British government aid as well as USD 12.4 by Danish government assistance. 
He added that ADB in the past 10 years has assisted USD420m in power generation area and it is providing USD300m annually for infrastructural projects to Afghanistan.