20 January 2020

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jouzjan (BNAS) six projects were put for public use in Jouzjan province yesterday, these projects consists of construction of new building for school, construction of new building for teacher training foundation of Sheberghan, construction of a park in Jouzjan university, construction of a medical basic center in the Khwaja do Koh district, created of a potable water resource and construction of Radio-TV studios in this province and equipments of its with modern publication.  Mohammad Alam Sai, governor of Jouzjan province said to BNA, Turkish funded $ one million for completion of these projects.  In the inaugural ceremony of these projects, Turkish ambassador in Kabul was present.  According to him the construction of a large learning complex for technical institution of Jourzjan province will be started by them soon.  Turkish ambassador in Kabul said that Turkish will continue their assistance for construction of Afghanistan as well. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Afghanistan and Pakistan joint commercial rooms started its activity today. 
According to BNA, a function was held for this purpose in the Afghanistan commercial and industrial rooms, Mohammad Qurban Haqjo head of the delegation of Afghanistan’s commercial and industrial rooms said this department will play basic role in solving problems of commercials between the two countries. 
The national trader has no problem between themselves, if there exists any problem in commercial field, they will solve problems with state authorities with consultative of private sector. 
Mozmel Shinwari deputy minister of commerce ministry said that this ministry support the establishment of joint commercial ties of Afghanistan and Pakistan and this department can to play basic role in solving of existing problem of traders of the two countries. 
Faiz Rasool commercial attaché of Pakistan in Kabul said their embassy is ready to solve problems of Afghan traders in Pakistan and we support from creation of this department. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In efforts to support the development gas projects in Shuburghan, an agreement was inked between the Ministry for Mines and the US Secretary here yesterday. 
Minister for mines Wahidullah Shahrani and Thomas Nights the deputy secretary of state inked the agreement on behalf of their governments. 
Under the agreement, the US would provide 97 million US dollars for the rehabilitation of two gas wells and digging two more wells in Jangal Kalan area at the cost of 37 million US dollars and establishing a plant to refine sulfur at a cost of 60 million US dollars for the construction of thermo-power plant. 
The fund will be provided by USAID. 
It is expected that the project will be completed by April 2015 and the implementation of this project would have positive impacts in providing job opportunities and wining the people trust for having permanent electricity.

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Kazai held meeting with the ambassadors of US and Britain and demand clarification about the reports over the alleged lack of transparency in inking contract between the government of Afghanistan and China national petroleum company for extraction of oil from Amu
Darya zone.
In the meeting while the minister for mines, Wahidullah Shahrani was also present, both the ambassadors acknowledged the fairness and transparency over the contract, saying all the process of the agreement have been done under the supervision of their experts.

Both the diplomats also noted that the agreement between the government of Afghanistan and the national petroleum company of China has been done in accordance with the constitution of Afghanistan and the international norms and we defend the transparency of process in this sector.
It has merit to mention that the agreement for the oil extraction of Amu Darya was inked in Jadi last year in bidding under the supervision of credible international law bodies and the approval of the cabinet of Afghanistan and it is expected the project will soon begin production.
Furthermore, the president in the meeting expressed his firm determination in fighting corruption and asked the support of US and Britain in this regard.