10 August 2020

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Monday, November 26, 2012
Qalai Now (BNA) The minister for water and power Mohammad Ismael Khan laid the foundation stone of the power sub-station in Badghis provincial capital Qalai Now yesterday. 
At a cost of 14.8 million US dollars, the project will be implemented by Iranian company Samir. 
The project, according to officials will be implemented in three phases which include line transmission from Iran and Turkmenistan to Qalai-Now at the length of 52 km with 110 KW capacity and distributing power to residents. 
The essential project, according to Ismael Khan will be completed with 20 months.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Samangan (BNA) The Afghan Telecom Company inked an agreement with ZTE Company worth 32 million US dollars.
In the agreement which inked in the presence of minister for communication and information technology Amirzai Sangin, equipment’s GSM and 3G will be provided.
Speaking on the occasion, minister Sangin said that more than 85 percent of the country’s populations have access to communication services and 1.8 billion US dollars have been invested in communication fields.
With providing these equipments, the minister hoped that more areas will be covered by communication services.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Samangan (BNA) The ministry of counter-narcotics distributed agricultural machinery worth more than 1 million US dollars to the farmers in Samangan province yesterday.
In a ceremony held in Aybak city yesterday and attended by government officials, Shuaib Qadir the director of counter-narcotics said since poppy has not been cultivated in Samangan over the past five years the ministry for counter-narcotics has contributed 30 tractors to encourage the farmers of Samangan.
In his speech the Samangan governor, Khairullah Anosh noted that the ministry of counter-narcotics has contributed 4.7 million US dollars to Samangan in recognition of being poppy free, over the past five years.

Tuesday November 20, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Officials with the Da-Afghanistan Bank, the country central bank have blamed smuggling U.S. dollars outside Afghanistan for tumbling the Afghanistan national currency, Afghani against foreign currencies.
The president of Da-Afghanistan Bank, Noorullah Dillawari, while accepting the fall of Afghani against foreign currencies particularly US dollars, said yesterday that trafficking dollars abroad and interference of some money changers have led to reduction of Afghani’s value.
However, he stated that the central bank would not allow Afghani to further drop down, saying the central bank would sell dollars to bazaar in efforts to keep the Afghani value stable.
Meanwhile, the head of money changers association, Najibullah Akhtari said that the central bank had supplied 160 million U.S. dollars to bazaar and out of these; 63 million U.S. dollars were sold yesterday.
He also added that Afghani had experienced fluctuation over the past three weeks and its value from 52 Afghanis against one U.S. dollars has sold to 56 Afghanis against one U.S. dollars over the past three weeks.
On the other hand, a Kabul University professor, Saifudin Saihoon said that high demand for US dollars had caused dipping in Afghani’s value.