07 August 2020

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Kabul (BNAS) The Council of Ministers in its yesterday’s meeting discussed marketing, promotion and export of saffron product that is consider a positive alternative for cultivation of poppy and instructed the ministry of commerce and industries under take appropriate measures in this respect. 
The council of Ministers also instructed the ministry of agriculture and irrigation to undertake program for technical training of farmers with the very aim of improving saffron breeds and further promotion of this product in other provinces of the country.
It should be stated that production and extension of the saffron product in the past ten years has witnessed considerable development compared to other agricultural products.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president chaired the meeting of the economic committee of council of Ministers. 
Initially the minister of economy presented the report of the assigned commission on proposal of the ministry of commerce and industries for prevention of the weakening of the carpet industry and promotion of this industry. 
The assigned commission has proposed that the government of Afghanistan should strongly support the carpet industry as a key export item and traditional industry for creation of employment of residents of the country.
Based on the proposal of this commission procurement of raw materials, designs and other requirements of this industry, allocation of development budget and adequate resources for completion of the industrial part of Jalalabad and Andkhoi, accessibility of property of the union for carpet export in Kabul, holding of carpet export in Kabul, holding of  carpet exhibitions in Kabul, creation of carpet weaving part in Kamari of Kabul are instance that can ensure progress of carpet industry and promotion of this traditional industry in the country. 
Creation of the caustic soda hydrochloride, encouraging the entrepreneurs for investment in carpet industry, waiving off of custom duties of carpet machineries, levying of ore taxes on imported carpets and marketing of Afghan carpets are other proposals of the commission for promotion of this industry in the country. 
The committee while confirming the proposals of the commission instructed the ministry of commerce, agriculture and irrigation, transport and civil aviation and Kabul Municipality led by economy ministry undertake measures for implementation of the proposals.
The committee also discussed the draft of the economic policy of Afghanistan presented by minister of economic and suggested that this policy is important for sustainable economic development.
The committee members expressed a series of their proposals for further enrichment of the policy and advised them to refer their views to the economy ministry.
In another part of the meeting discussed the existing agreement between ministry of energy and water and the Breshna Company and ministry of finance and voiced a series of their views for further coordination and cooperation among these organs.
The affiliation of Afghanistan to the World Trade Organization was discussed and the participants expressed their views on the effectiveness of this affiliation.
The meeting advised the ministry of commerce and industry to continue the process of affiliation of Afghanistan to the ATO.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  The ministry of water and power inked an agreement with the Poyab Company of Iran yesterday under which the Iranian firm would compete the design of Shahtoot dam in Kabul within 18 km south of Kabul, its designing costs 1.6 million US dollars funded by the ministry for water and power. 
Speaking on the occasion, the minister for water and power, Mohammad Ismael Khan said with the construction of Shahtoot dam, more than 2 million Kabul residents would have potable water, besides paving ground for irrigation of 4000 hectares land in Charasiab and Khairabad areas. 
The construction of the dam with all expenditure would cost 305 million US dollars, the minister said.

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The commerce and Industries chamber of Afghanistan says Iran has imposed restrictions on export of 50 items of commercial goods to Afghanistan.
Mr. Khan Jan Alokuzai the deputy president of Afghan Chamber of Commerce told BNA that we import the major part of foodstuff and fuel from Iran annually and that country has ceased the exportation of 50 items of commercial goods which include flour, oil, sugar, petroleum and raw materials for the factories that caused concern of both the merchants and consumers of those goods.
He said that the move would have negative impact on business between the two countries.
Waheedullah Ghazikhail the spokesperson of ministry of commerce says since most of the required goods of the country are imported from Middle Asian countries, therefore, stopping the exportation of the goods by Iran will not create any problem in Afghan markets.
Khalil Menawi BNA Director