17 November 2019

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Monday April 9 2012 Kabul BNA

Campaign against harmful insect started in Samangan at a time that tens of thousand of trees have been attacked by this worm. Gulabuddeen Ghiasi director of plant protection of the agriculture and animal husbandry department in the province said that on the basis of the plan of the department they have started two types of campaign – technical and chemical one against harmful insect in Hazrate Sultan and center of Samangan. He added that the first phase covers technical campaign that has already taken place and the farmers have been acquainted how to collect the seeds of the Morpet dar from the branches of the trees.

According to him those farmers having accomplished the technical campaign in their orchards have got better results and now their trees were saved from the attack of this worm but those who failed to do this their trees are attacked and sustained losses .

According to Ghiasi the second phase is chemical campaign that has been started with the cooperation of farmers in Hazrate Sultan district, adding that this campaign will continue for a month and around 100,000 trees will be spread. Khan Shireen member of the plant protection department of ministry of agriculture and irrigation who is in Samangan for assessment of the official of the department have already recognized orchards that have been attacked by this agricultural creature. He said that this very dangerous agricultural creature and is fed by the tree leafs if not destroy the tree leafs if not stroked .A twin of this creature lies from 150 to 250 eggs an year. Dad Mohammad an orchard owner in Dawlatabad village of Hazrate Sultan who was busy spraying the trees with chemical said that the creature is being found for the past one week and they could destroy the leafs of the trees .

He added that last year they were in a few trees while it’s have spread to all the trees of the orchard.

Monday April 9 2012 Kabul BNA

The US agency for international development (USAID) has donated six vehicles worth 350,000 US dollars to the municipality of Lashkar Gah ,Lashkar Gah,s mayor Mohammad Fazal Safi said. Four of the vehicles, he added were donated by USDID and tow others by HABITAT OF United Nations. He also said that the municipality would use the facilities in keeping the city of Lashkar Gah clean beautiful.

Monday April 9 2012 Kabul BNA

A dam construction with 1.7 million us dollars of Japan government in Behsoud district of Nangarhar province was inaugurated the other day.

Speaking on the occasion, deputy to Nangarhar governor Mohammad Hanif Gardiwal while thanking Japan for its contribution in the rebuilding process of Afghanistan said the dam would benefit the locals of Behsoud district.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Kabul (BNA) Plenary session of the council of ministers economic committee was held with Second Vice President, Mohammad Karim Khalili in chair, his office said yesterday.  A statement issued to The Kabul Times by the presidential press office said that the issues on the proposal of the independent oversight administration on implementation of anti-corruption strategy related to an increase of the city and adjacent taxies privileges and producing number-plate for the transportation vehicles moving inside the country had been discussed in the meeting.  The issue related to the implementation of the strategy on anti-corruption had been discussed and a committee headed by the minister of economy and consisted of the representatives from the ministry of interior, AISA, chamber of commerce and high oversight administration on implementation of counter-corruption strategy to precisely revise the proposal and offer a comprehensive plan to the committee.  A comprehensive discussion had also been presented by the member representatives over the proposal of the presidential advisor to establish an independent office for the Afghanistan’s railway.  The attendants lauded the effort to establish such an office as too helpful in the landlocked country.