06 December 2019

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Second Vice-president and head of the economic commission, Mohammad Karim Khalili, the economic committee for the council of ministers held session, his office said yesterday.  The presidential press office statement said according to the agenda, the economic committee session first discussed the presentation of the minister of mines over the Ghori cement and coal mines of Karkar and Dodkash, and then the committee members offered some of their viewpoints and presentations over the failure of some contracted companies to successfully carry out their responsibilities in the area implementation of the contract contents.  The committee resolved that proper ways related to the ongoing problems of the contracted companies should be sought and offered to the cabinet for the final decision.  The issue related to the payment of the salaries of those Ariana Air Aviation Company resigned employees and handover of the handling services to the said company in the country’s airports had also been discussed in the committee.  Expressing support for the AAA as a legal national company, the committee members endorsed the company’s resigned workers salaries presentation and resolved that the ministry of finance should step up in implementation of the budget for it.  The committee also asked the AAA Company to carry out services related to the handling affairs within the framework of law and development of the country’s air aviation sector.



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kabul (BNA)  Addressing the economic committee meeting, President Karzai said that the TAPI project and regional cooperation is of utmost importance and emphasized that Afghanistan will render all out cooperation with Turkmenistan towards implementation of the project.  At the meeting minister of mines Waheedullah Shahrani presented a report on his recent visit to Turkmenistan where issues for finalization of the prices of gas for the TAPI project were discussed.  Shahrani said that the Afghan delegation during its visit to Turkmenistan had meetings with that country’s higher authorities and asked for cooperation of that country in different spheres in Afghanistan and they assured of appropriate price its gas.  He stressed that the delegation had informed the Turkmenistan side on the progress of the Afghanistan side progress in its talks with the Pakistani and Indian authorities on transport fees and the deputy minister of petroleum and mines of Pakistan Ejaz Chudari was quoted by some media sources as if Afghanistan has left the TAPI project.  The Pakistani side rejected these allegations and emphasized on the strategic values of this project and said that Afghanistan is willingly supporting this project.  He also called his meeting with the Turkmenistan President Qurban Quli Berdi as very valuable and said that the president of Turkmenistan assured of his country’s cooperation in different spheres and promised sell of gas to Afghanistan in appropriate price for a period of 20 years and agreed on sale of 500 million cubic of gas to Afghanistan.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Farah (BNA) The incomes of Farah Customhouse increased 60 per cent in the year 1390 than last year. 
Mohammad Hashim Speenzada governor of Farah said to BNA, the incomes of customhouse of this province reached more than one Milliard Afghani in the year 1390 and showed 60 per cent increase than 1389. 
According to the officials of Farah customhouse, the reason of increase is collection of passage transit duty and prevention of corruption in related offices. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The India Steel Minister, Beni Prasad Verma, said on Monday that his country was interested in investment in landlocked Afghanistan.
The visiting Indian union minister inked an agreement with Mines Minister Wahidullah   Shahrani on developing Afghanistan’s iron-ore reserves and promoting its steel industry.
We want to step up investment here, Verma said, adding that an agreement signed in October last year offered a good opportunity for India’s increased investment in Afghanistan.
Calling India the second largest iron producer in the world, Shahrani hoped the agreement would pave the way for greater economic cooperation between the two countries.
He promised the India government and private companies would be encouraged to invest in Afghanistan’s steel and sectors.
The accord is in line with the bilateral strategic cooperation agreement inked on October 2011.
Other agreements in areas of coal mine and cement will be concluded in the near future.

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