05 July 2020

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Sunday October 7, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Repots are quoting minister of mines as saying that soon oil extraction process will be started from Amu River zone.
Minister of mines Wahidullah Shahrani told that the first phases of oil extraction will be started from the Amu River zone within the next 20 days.
While responding to the questions of senators in the senate regarding problems of the local people minister of mines said that nearly $ 400 to 600 million have been invested in Amu River oil zone and more that 250 million barrels of oil has been estimated in this area adding that Afghanistan extremely requires to fulfill production of energy of its oil so that reliance of the country into foreign markets are also decreased.
Minister of mines also pinned towards privileges of the Amu River oil zone and said that Afghanistan would have 15% shares on extracted oil and it was finalized in the view of current oil prices in the global markets adding that Afghanistan will also gain 70% of the benefits on share of Chinese company who has signed the contract to extract the oil.
Shahrani also talked about Dare-e-Soof coal mines and said that over the previous year Afghanistan produced up to $ 1.5 million tons of coal in Samangan province and received an amount of $ 42 million from coal export to neighboring Pakistan.
Minister of mines also explained challenges on way of mines extraction in the country and said that corruption, lack of technical and professional cadres alongside insecurity problems overwhelmingly affects mines extraction process in the country adding that the Chinese company won the bidding of the project for 25 years as Afghanistan is counted as one of the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources.
Meanwhile, economic analysts in the country believe that over the previous decade millions of dollars have been invested in mines sector in Afghanistan while practical extraction have not been started yet and these analysts emphasize on Afghan officials to ask concerned companies to pursue transparency in  extraction process.
A local resident Umid described insecurity as main challenge on way of oil extraction process in the country and urged on Afghan stakeholders to expedite efforts for restoration of durable peace and security of investors in the country.
It’s said that china is the biggest investor in the country and over the previous decade Chinese investors invested millions of dollars on Ainak Copper Mine Project and Hajigag steel mine.

Sunday, October 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Fazel Hadi Muslimyar chairman of the senate met yesterday with the delegation of the finance and budget commission of the House of People with participation of Dr. Stanikzai and Leyaqat Babkerkhail visited Ainak Copper Mine as well as the security unit safeguarding the mine.
The delegation praised the services of the officers and soldiers. 
The delegation also had meeting with the in charges of Logar province and in charges of mines ministry and noted down their problems.
The delegation stressed that work on the mine has been started since 2009 and it was planned that by the end of the year 2013 extraction of the mine should start but so far less progress has been made in this respect.
The delegation also met with the Chinese MCC technicians. 
The technicians attributed delay in the mines work due to the stoppage of work of archaeologists, non-completion of the process of expropriation of the land that is needed for building the road that should link with the main road, and non-completion of the demining process.

Saturday, October 06, 2012
Faizabad (BNA) the construction work for new building of education dept of Badakhshan province started.  These new foundations will be constructed in the yard of education dept with the assistance of German country.  In the inaugural ceremony of these foundations, Shamsulrahman deputy governor of Badakhshan during appreciation from assistances of German said, this building will be constructed in the area of half jirib of land with the assistances of German at the cost of $ 260,000.  Mir Abdul Rahman education head of Badakhshan said to BNA, these foundations will be constructed in 2 stories from budget of German GTZ and will have 12 administrative rooms, conference hall and other necessary facilities.  According to him the construction of this building will be completed within one year.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, October 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Officials in Samangan province have reported 193 million Afghanis in the revenue of Darai Souf coal mine over the past six months of the year against the same period last year, press officer of Samangan province, Mohammad Sediq Azizi said.
According to the officials, the coal revenue of Darai Souf in the first six months of the year has reached 721 million Afghanis which indicates 193 million Afghanis against the same period last year.
Last year it was registered 528 million Afghanis in the first six months.
The governor of Darai Souf district, Fazal Rahman Khurami Jasour said that some 500 trucks are busy in transporting coal from Samangan to several provinces including capital Kabul and even Pakistan.
Discovered in the year of 1345, the Darai coal, according to survey conducted by the ex-Soviet Union, it contains more than 150 million tones.