08 August 2020

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by senior president advisor, Hedayat Amin Arsala, the Council of Ministers (CM) held meeting at the presidential palace yesterday discussing different agendas related to the ministry of urban development in some provinces of the country.
The committee heard that report of the ministry on implementation of the city master plan in the cities of Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Nangarhar as well as Kunduz city and obligated a temporal council for the city development consisted of the ministries of economy, agriculture, irrigation, public works, transport and civil aviation, energy and water, ministry of interior, administration for local organs, chamber of commerce and industries, administration for water supply and canalization with the presence of advisor for the presidential office and the ministry of urban development in chair.
The ministry of agriculture, irrigation and stocks’ presentation had been discussed by the committee in renting a building and establishments of Guzargah dairy forms for the Kabul dairy union to provide work and strengthen the economic infrastructure of the stocks owners in Kabul, Logar, and Maidan-Wardak provinces and development of their dairy industries to beef up the level of their products and instructed for providing more details about the Kabul dairy union legal tip.
The commission also discussed the report provided by the deputy minister of economy on the problem of the air companies and instructed for seeking a legal framework and discuss in the next CM session for final decision.
The issues of the Mahmaoud Sattar Steel Melting plant in southern Kandahar province had also been discussed at the CM session and resolved to be meet by the organs concerned at the ministry of finance.

Tuesday October 9, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The joint meeting of the Afghan and Pakistan traders was held in Kabul yesterday.
The aim of this meeting is to seek ways for overcoming the problems of traders’ further expansion of trade and economic relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
At the start of the meeting Khanjan Alekozai deputy chairman of the chambers of commerce and industries of Afghanistan and deputy head of joint chambers of Afghanistan and Pakistan said that the balance of trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan reaches one and half billion US dollars, the major portion of which is import of Pakistan goods to Afghanistan and Afghanistan’s exports makes around USD 200 million.
Then Zabeer Motiwal head of the delegation and chairman of the chambers of commerce of Pakistan talked of the trade facilities for foreign investments in Afghanistan and added that the Pakistan traders and investors are prepared to jointly and individually invest in Afghanistan.
He added that the present problems in trade sphere can be resolved by the government authorities.
Muzamel Shinwari deputy minister for trade of the commerce and industries said that the ministry of commerce and industries supports the activities of joint chambers of commerce of Afghanistan and Pakistan and is prepared to solve the problems of the traders with the government authorities of the two countries.
At the end of the meeting the 35-member Pakistan delegation were divided in several parts and discussed with the Afghan traders about trade in carpets spheres, pharmaceutical, fresh and dry fruits, precious and semi-precious stones, construction materials, food and marble stone.

Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan’s ministry of telecommunication and information technology has always struggled to persuade private telecommunication companies to offer appropriate services to the people mainly the internet services which is considered as one of the vital needs of the human community to establish contacts in various parts of the world in easy way and day-night endeavors of ministry of telecommunication and information technology proved result oriented and currently several telecommunication companies facilitating the nation even in remote regions countrywide.
With consideration of the people need to the high speed internet, ministry of telecommunication and information technology provided license to a number of private telecommunication companies to offer 3G services so that the people in the country get access to better internet services.
With regard to access of people to internet services, The Kabul Times correspondent has discussed the topic with the deputy of ATRA which as follows.
Currently, more than two million people are utilizing internet services countrywide which constitute up to 7% of the total population and the figure increased after the ministry of telecommunication provided license to the Etisalat company to trigger 3G services and the company succeeded to start internet services in various provinces of Kabul, Mazar e Sharif, Nangarhar and Herat while another private company MTN also achieved 3G license in recent days and it would facilitate up to 60% of the overall population countrywide to get benefit of internet and ministry of telecommunication and information technology is also working on a number of projects to further expand telecommunication services in the country, said deputy of ATRA Khair Muhammad Faizi.
Khair Muhammad Faizi also underlined efforts of the ministry of telecommunication and information technology to expand fiber optic services in the country alongside introduction of 3G services and said currently areas in the southwest and east of the country are getting advantage of the service adding that expansion of the project would help internet transfer system infrastructure alongside boosting of various social sectors same as educational institutions, agriculture, trade and business community and added that ministry of telecommunication and information technology has always strived to facilitate the people in communication sector and currently up to 85% of the people has access to these services and efforts are underway to transfer these services to those regions where still the masses remained deprived of the communication facility. 
He also pinned towards financial resources collected from this sector into Govt. budget and said that according to the bilateral agreement signed the private companies are obliged to pay their taxes according to the activities and overall $ 160 million raised to Govt. budget and this amount would raise to $ 250 million after start of 3G services.
Deputy of ARTA also described challenges on way of telecommunication sector in the country and said that lack of electricity in remote regions has highly affected our services and transferring diesel generators and technical equipments in those areas are quite tough task.
Meanwhile, local residents in capital Kabul express hope over the start of 3G services and say that these services would enable the people to get access to the internet because it facilitate the people to visit various informative and news websites.

Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Joint Afghan-German trade meeting discussing water supply researches, technology consultation, IT services, engineering, air-transportation, consultation on environmental energy etc held in Kabul on Sunday.
During a press conference attended by a number of representatives from German investors and traders, Director for Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), Qurban Haqju called Afghanistan a proper opportunity for investment adding both private sector and the government are trying to fill the blank would comes from the international community’s leaving Afghanistan by 2014.
He welcomed the entire international companies interested to invest in Afghanistan and said they are jointly working for a bright Afghanistan future People in Europe are depicting negative picture of post 2014 by which the international forces leave the country, he said adding arrival of German investors and traders representatives had provided a proper ground for exchanges of view and addressing economic problems as well as creating a suitable mechanism in Afghanistan after the foreign forces mission ends in Afghanistan, fully removed the ambiguity on a possible abnormal economic status in the country. 
Chief of German delegation, Rudolf Griddle also said his led delegation’s tour was a mission to obtain required information about Afghanistan and indentify investment opportunity in cooperation with the Afghan business companies.  
Afghanistan in cooperation with the international community, had obtained good opportunity over the last eleven years, helping them make a wise decision for their own future, he said.

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