18 November 2018

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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with officials and members of the country’s transportation union at Gul Khana palace on Sunday.
In the meeting attended also by minister of transport Mohammad Hamid Tuhmasi and officials of relevant organs, head of transportation union Tela Mohammad Atmanzai shred problems and suggestions of the union in connection with highways, borders, taxes, balances and motor’s documents with the country’s President.
After hearing the union’s problems and suggestions, the country’s President asked all transporters to create a union for addressing problems and creating facilities, stressing that an active and responsive system should be also created to provide facilitations to the people.
President Ghani instructed deputy of presidential office’s administrative affairs to create a technical committee for assessment of problems of transportation’s officials and share its results with presidential office.
“Anybody who gets guilty and is accused of corruption within transportation problems should be sacked and introduced to judicial organs,” President Ghani stressed.
The country’s President instructed ministry of transport and relevant organs to prepare a clear plan for solution of problems in this regard and share with presidential office.
President Ghani assured transporters that the government would provide investment and partnership opportunities for transportation companies in highways and domestic transport, asking them to invest in this field.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Kabul (BNA) National Procurement Commission (NPC) has approved procurement of biometric devices for collecting voters’ information and 18other contracts worth more than 3.37 billion Afghani.
The contracts that were approved in the NPC meeting held yesterday include procurement of biometric devices collecting voters’ information on election day, deployment of a consultative and monitoring  company for CASA-1000, basic renovation of Darul Aman palace, construction and renovation of Archi and Shahrwan canal of Kunduz, construction of roads and graveling of logistic part area of Maidan Shahr, cleaning of 2.5 km Kabul River, construction of 1.7 km road of Khushal Khan Mena, renovation of the 300 bed police hospital’s first part and affairs of security protection of MoI’s new headquarter.
In the meeting, report regarding implementation of the commission’s previous decisions in connection with design and construction of Machalgho dam was delivered and implementing plan of gabion project and instruction in connection with providing necessary budget for it, the rest work of roads inside Taloqan city and construction project of Yangi Qala- Chahaab road and construction project of Chaghcharan-Garandiwal road were also approved.
Meanwhile, report in connection with ratification project of directorate of consulate affairs for foreign affairs ministry was delivered to the meeting.  It was decided that the project was extendable and the ministry of foreign affairs should run the affairs through Asan Khedmat services and the ministry of finance was instructed to provide necessary budget in this regard, stressing on evaluation of the project’s effectiveness.
In the meeting, construction project of Shabashak road in Samangan’s Dara-e-Souf district and demand for modification of contract in connection with deployment of a legal organization for running legal affairs of Qaisar- Laman ring road project were also approved.
Meanwhile, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani instructed Kabul municipality to conduct procurement process of construction project of Erfani road in 13th PD of Kabul city through bidding as soon as possible.
The meeting was attended by national and international observers including financial and budget as well as national economy commissions of national assembly, representative of SIGAR and RS CSTC-A.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Maidan-Shaher (BNA) A large irrigational canal was put into exploitation in Maidan-Wardak province.
The canal has a length of 3800 meters has been constructed in Behsood District and has the ability to irrigate 230 Jeribs of agricultural land.
The canal has been constructed approximately 20300,000 Afghani from rural rehabilitation and development ministry.
Khalid Rahmani head of rural rehabilitation and development of Maidan-Wardak province told BNA, construction of this great canal provided grounds for irrigation of agricultural lands.
However, farmers of Behsood District, Maidan-Wrdak province welcomed the construction of this canal, called it a boom in their work and their value.
T. Yarzada

Monday October 1, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Construction work of a water dam has been started by Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (DoRRD) in northern Baghlan province.
Awal Khan Ahmadzai head of rural rehabilitation and development department in Baghlan told BNA correspondent, the dam will be built at the length of 20 meter and width of 14 meter with capacity of 830 cubic meter water in Zamankhail village, Pul-e-Khumri city the provincial capital of the province.

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