17 February 2019

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Wednesday December 19, 2018

Jalalabad City (BNA) The construction work of three infrastructural projects has started in eastern Nangarhar province yesterday.
The projects include construction of road, culvert and watercourse.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesman of Nangarhar governor told BNA correspondent, implementing of the infrastructural projects will be changed the environmental lives of people in Nangarhar province.
The infrastructural projects will be implemented with a sum of 12.5 million Afghanis financed by municipality of Jalalabad city, Khogyani added.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive of the Government of National Unity, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a meeting of the Executive Committee for the Priorities of the Private Sector, approved the draft on the formation of the working groups of the committee, a statement from his office said Monday.
The draft plan has been codified by the private sector executive committee’s secretariat office in coordination with the World Bank (WB), international organizations and the related government organs, according to the statement.
Addressing the Private Sector Executive Committee meeting, Dr. Abdullah said improvement in investment environment needed coordination and partnership of both local and international partners, the statement added.
The chief executive instructed the ministry of economy to seriously follow the working groups’ activities and the process of their works in order to reach an accomplishment in the next few months, the statement continued.
The chief executive said the members of the working groups were duty bond to seriously follow their works to attend the next meeting with achievements, the statement said.

Tuesday December 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The 174th meeting of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) presided by H.E Mohammad Ashraf Ghani; the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was held the other day at the Presidential Palace.
In this session; 22 procurement contracts were reviewed which resulted in approval of 15 contracts worth over 3 billion Afghanis (40.5 Million USD) which include the following:  The contract for asphalt pavement of second layer of Maidan Shahr to Bamiyan province with 70 Km long road; related to the Ministry of Public Works;  The contract for rehabilitation of the road from Dumanda Mangal to Qalandar in Khost province; the first phase of the second Lot; with 10 Km of gravel pavement; related to the Ministry of Public Works;  The contract for provision of internet service with capacity of 5-STMfor center and Customs and Revenue Department and other office of Ministry of Finance;  The contract for renting of a complex for three months; related to the Ministry of Justice;  The contract for procurement of plane`s fuel; required by Ariana Afghan Airline;  The contract for provision of (Bread) in 7 phases; based on framework agreement; related to the Ministry of Defense;  The contract for the rent of 25 set K9 dogs for the security check in Kabul city; required by military HQ of zone No.101 of Asmayee;  The contract for procurement of 11 types of personal military equipment; required by police forces of Ministry of Interior;  The contract for provision of one type of fuel (Wood); required by military units and components of Military HQ of Spin zar; related to the Ministry of Interior;  Meanwhile; the contract for reconstruction of the road from Gardez to Zormat district of Paktia province; the second phase of first Lot; with 10 Km asphalt pavement; related to the Ministry of Public Works was returned for further review; and Ministries of Public Works, Finance, Economy and NPA directed to comprehensively review the respected projects.  The consultancy contract and analytical studies of the electricity and energy sectors under better investment program and providing energy; related to the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat also returned and the Ministry of Finance directed to discuss with (Asian Development Bank) the donor of this project to segregate the projects. Moreover; the requests for the termination of the contract of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Mohammed Agha district of Logar province including the project for construction of the roadfrom Borag village to Sorkhab with 9 Km long, and the contract for construction of the road with asphalt pavement with 9.5 Km long from Kabul-Gardez road to Zarghoon Shahr of (Ali Khail Mosque of Malakan village) and the contract for construction of the road with asphalt pavement and 7.8 Km long from Sultan Bagh bridge to Kandahari bridge; were reviewed and approved by NPC. The request of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) for the termination of the reconstruction of the road from Du Aabi to Malam of Khost district of Baghlan province was approved by NPC and the decision was made that the respected Ministry to present an alternative plan; after review of the Ministries of Finance and Public Works to NPA. However; the request of Ministry of Public Works for construction of the Behsood bridge road to Abdul Khail and connection road of the Behsood bridge of the Nangarhar province with 12 Km long; was rejected by the NPC and the decision was taken to proceed it through restricted bidding method. In addition; the contract for asphalt of the road from Farkhar to Warsaj district of Takhar province; with 15 Km long was rejected by NPC and Ministries of Public Works, Economy, Finance and NPA assigned to present an alternative plan to NPC. Subsequently; the request for amendment (Time extension and increase in cost) of the contract for provision of the internet service required by NPA approved but the request of Common Used Items` directorate of NPA for amendment in standard bidding documents (Exchange rate from AFN to USD) on demand of Kam Air and Ariana airlines on the air transportation project (Roundtrip) of more than 30,000 Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia in year of 1398 was rejected. In addition; the Ministry of Energy and Water requested the guidance of NPC on the recruitment of a consultancy company to oversee the design and construction of the Pashdaan dam through single source method, but that sufficient information was not available to the members of the NPC regarding the proposed bidders and the respected Ministry directed to make a proper decision in accordance with the law provisions. Consequently; based on the agenda the report on the implementation of the previous NPC instructive decision on the provision of goods and its side services for the repair of the generators related; to the Ministry of defense on the basis of the framework contracts approved by NPC. In this meeting; beside the NPC members, the officials of National Procurement Authority, the national and international observers including the Finance, Budget and National Economy Commissions of the Parliament, Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Caucus (PACC), the Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA), the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) and the Combined Security Transition Command (CSTC-A) of the Resolute Support had also participated.

Saturday, December 15, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chaired an extraordinary meeting to assess the main challenges ahead of the implementation of Afghanistan commitments to the World Trade Organization (WTO), a statement from his office said Friday.
Held at the Spidar Palace, the meeting was attended by the country’s finance minister, minister of justice, acting minister of commerce and industries, head of administrative reforms and civil services commission, deputy ministers of information and culture and economy, according to the statement.
Addressing the participants, Dr. Abdullah pointed to the country’s economy and said Afghanistan’s commitment to the World Trade Organization (WTO) would have direct impact on the country’s agriculture, trade and economy, the statement added.
“Some ministries have not still fulfilled their own responsibilities in this respect, and the related institutions should do the commitments as soon as possible,” said the statement.
He instructed that the ministries’ required posts should be prioritized in coordination with the Independent Administrative Reform and civil services commission in order to apply the country’s commitments to the World Trade Organization, the statement added.
The CE also instructed the (IARCSE) to employ professional staffs needed by the ministries within the next two or three months.
Dr . Abdullah also instructed the ministries of economy and trade to soon provide reports about the developments of work, programs and challenges ahead of the implementation of Afghanistan commitments to the World Trade Organization and share with the next meeting of the Council of Ministers (CMs) in order to seek solution and to approve the final draft by the cabinet.

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