21 August 2017

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance participated at the 2nd annual meeting of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) board of governors in Juju Island-South Korea, a statement from the ministry said yesterday.
Minister Hakimi briefed the president of AIIB, Jin Liqun, members and guests on the investments opportunities in Afghanistan, Priority infrastructure projects, funding projects, building railway, Kandahar Airport, Transit way (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan), establishing land ports and sustainable energy sources, Shatoot Storage Dam in Kabul and the Shal - Shagi Dam in Kunar, the Hisar I Shahi Solar Park in Nangarhar and some other national important projects, the statement added.
It is worth mentioning that, Afghanistan achieved AIIB membership on 23 March 2017.

Saturday June 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The honey production is on the rise in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan as the local officials are saying that the production of honey will further boost if the government provide them with necessary support.
Officials in the honey production association in Nangarhar are saying that enough honey will be produced for the export to the other provinces and outside the country if they receive the required modern equipment and other support from the government. The head of the association Riaz Mohammad Rodwal said the honey production has increased in this province as compared to the previous years, mainly due to the betterment of the weather condition, greenery of the province due to the plantation of trees and flowers, increase in number of farms and honey process firms.
He said the honey production will further rise and will be exported to other provinces and outside the country if they receive modern equipment and other support from the government. Rodwal further added that increase in honey production will also pave the way for the migration of the workers from other areas of the country provided that the necessary support is provided to the association and honey production workers, including support in the field of the greenery by plantation of trees, flowers, farms, and other facilities. According to the provincial government officials, currently there are around 400 honey production farms active in this province, producing honey and exporting to the other parts of the country.

Wednesday June 14, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahimzai, PR director and spokesperson of Ministry of Finance shared the recent achievements of his ministry with media during a press conference in Government Media & Information Center (GMIC).
During this press conference, Abdulrahimzai said: “Ministry of Finance received $189mln incentive fund via Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) for reforms in its five key sections (income resources, organizational reforms, tax management, aid effectiveness and provincial budgeting) on June 12. This fund would be spent in development projects via National budget considering the priorities.” He added the mentioned funds, includes US $900 million that the World Bank donated to the ministry of finance within three years (2016-2018) from in return to bring reforms and $550mln of that amount is received until now. Abdulrahimzai provided information about Afghanistan’s membership in Afghanistan Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), revenue collection this year, development budget expenditures, recent achievements of Minister of Finance during his trip to China and Saudi Arabia, the first successful review of IMF’s three year program and some other important subjects. He also gave information about Minister’s trip to Korea, Azerbaijan and Georgia for boosting business affairs, the Azure way, regional cooperation and Asan Khedmat administration. At the end, questions were answered.

Tuesday June 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) National Procurement Commission (NPC) at its 104th session, chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, approved 11 contracts and procurement-related themes with value of 3.5 billion Afghanis, a presidential statement said yesterday.
NPC during its session discussed 26 contracts and other procurement themes out of which 11 contracts were approved by the commission. The major approved contracts included shipment of “138 thousand” metric tons of wheat from India; hiring of consultation company for planning and designing of administrative complex master plan in Darulaman area of Kabul; amending the planning, proposing and designing contract of Kabul city; and procuring smart systems for Customs Offices of Ministry of Finance, the statement added. In addition, NPC conditionally approved the first lot of Bangi-Ishkashm road construction contract from 41 to 51 KM in Takhar province as well as construction project of 20 KM road from Mehtarlam Baba to Badpakh district of Laghman province.
NPC proposed the cancelation of two types of boarding contract related to dormitories and central cadre hospitals of Ministry of Higher Education due to lack of implementing contract terms and not on time delivery of meal with the low quality by the contracting company, in this regard NPC decided to take actions such as fining, making the company to pay compensation and reviewing of depriving the contracting company from bidding, the presidential statement said. NPC also restituted the contract related to irrigating, rehabilitating and developing consultative services project of Ministry of Energy and Water for delivering of detailed program by UN-FAO. The meeting was attended by Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, Ministers of Finance, Economy and Justice; senior advisor to the president for infrastructure affairs, NPA officials, and transparency observers from SIGAR, Anti-Corruption Parliamentary Caucus, and CSTC-A of Resolute Support mission, the statement concluded.

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