25 April 2018

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashrasf Ghani met with Herat provincial council members in Ghazi Amanullah Khan Hal the other day and heard their demands and suggestions, the presidential palace said in a statement.
According to the statement, at the outset, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Herat governor while welcoming the president and his accompanied delegation to that province said, “We are glad that you have visited Herat for 7th time.”
Herat people support the government programs and now they trust in the government’s capabilities more than ever, he said, the statement added.
Afterward, Herat people representative in Wolesi Jirga, Mohammad Salih Saljouqi said, “Your effort on implementation of infrastructural and development programs are appreciable.”
He added TAPI project would help stabilize Afghanistan and the region.
By implementation of big economic projects, Afghanistan could be changed into East Asia gate, he further said, the statement continued.
He stressed that people support government’s constructive economic plans an action proves your firm will, the statement added.
Pointing at practically starting of TAPI project, the president while congratulating it to Herat people said TAPI was a fundamental point to our people and regional countries as well.
He clarified that Herat and other parts of the country are being developed and thanked those who worked a lot in the respect.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nili (BNA) Construction work on Sokhtook electricity dam in Daikundi will be completed within a month.
According to Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), construction work on the dam will soon complete and will generate electricity within a month, DABS says that Sokhtook electricity dam, which located in vicinity of Nili, capital city of Daikundi, constructed with total cost of 55 million funded by DABS.
The dam will generate 700 kilowatts electricity and is to maintain electricity for 2000 families in the city.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Procurement Commission’s “NPC” meeting was held yesterday at presidential palace.
In the session, 10 projects were reviewed and discussed and as a result, seven new projects worth more than 481 million Afghani were approved.
Contract of overtime of 15 km road project inside of Mazar-e-Sharif city, contract of reconstruction project of 30.68 km macadamized road and its canal from Doaabi – Malam area of Khost Fereng district of Baghlan, contract for appointment of partner organization for implementation of Citizen Covenant Project in Jalalabad city, contract for procurement of fuel to directorate of VIP’s security and protection for 1397 fiscal year and contract for procurement of 77 items of equipment to general directorate of transmission and information technology for 1397 fiscal year.
In the session, the country’s President instructed that for addressing improper condition in management of public protection enterprise, a session should be held under his chairmanship and with participation of ministers of finance, economy and national procurement authority as well as public protection enterprise.
Moreover, report of a delegation tasked for reviewing general directorate of prisons and custodies was discussed and the minister of interior was tasked to deliver principal reform plan of the respective directorate to presidential office as well as suggestions of the tasked delegation should be implemented and its report should be shared with Attorney General Office for investigation of violations.

Tuesday February 20, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Residents of western Herat province impatiently are waiting for holding unique celebration (beginning of practical work of TAPI project).
It is supposed that on Friday 23 February 2018 practical work of TAPI project as a biggest regional economic plan would be started in Herat province.
Residents of the western province welcoming from inauguration of TAPI projects and believe that the project has significant role and will change Afghanistan to transit route and energy corridor of middle and south Asia. Meanwhile, religious scholars also asked from women and men to cooperate for ensuring security of the TAPI project.
Gul Ahmad a resident of Herat province said, I am pleasure that situation has changed in our country and today instead of war and explosion we are witnessing the implementation of big economic projects in Afghanistan.
Alauddin another resident of Herat told, I believes that TAPI project is one of the important and rich projects which will provide job opportunities for young generation and will promote economic development of Afghanistan. Residents of Herat province hoping that by inauguration of TAPI project young generation who have abilities in different sectors to be used in the project. 
Basir Ahmad a Herati’s young said, we support TAPI project emphasized that benefits of the mentioned project would be covered all strata of our society. Residents of Herat proud that they are residents of Herat province, because in these days vision of their city has changed. Really the vision of Herat city has changed, new signs, billboards and positive slogans installed in different parts of the city. Paving sidewalks, asphalting roads, coloring and walls designing of Herat city on the occasion of beginning practical work of TAPI project shows that bright days are coming in the city.
Meanwhile, since few months preparations have been taken by local officials and an obligated commission for holding and beginning of several projects, particularly, TAPI, TAP, fiber optic and railway in Herat province, the others mentioned projects would be started in near future.

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