24 October 2017

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Sunday August 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) To mark Afghanistan’s 98th Independence Anniversary, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani after laying wreath at Independence Minaret left for Herat on Saturday, his office said in a statement.
The president after visiting Herat industrial parts attended inauguration ceremony of a cotton factory, according to the statement. During the inauguration ceremony, Haidar Hamid, a representative of Herat Cotton Textile thanked the president for the attention on economy and industry and briefed him about the factory, the statement added. He said daily we were producing six ton cotton and we could compete with regional countries’ productions in this regard. Afterward, representing Herat industrialists, farmers, people and traders, Mohammad Asef Rahim, Herat provincial governor thanked the president for his firm will on development programs in the province. To draw investment on Herat’s industrial parks, he asked the president to deploy a special unit to ensure security of the cotton factory. 
Congratulating Afghanistan’s 98th Independence Anniversary to the people of Afghanistan particularly Herat, the president said economic and political independence were related to each other and if King Amanullah Khan got the independence with sword, but we begin our economic independence with establishing industrial factories. Pointing at Majid Zabuli’s works in the field of economy, the president said Zabuli made a plan in which two Muslim traders should have been among each 20 traders, calling it as a precious move. Thanking Herat traders and industrialists for their investments in different fields, the president added now it is the government’s turn to practice all its commitments. At the end, the president visited different sections of the factory, called Afghan White Gold Cotton Industry. 

Sunday August 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and his delegation on Friday held talks with Kazakhstan traders and investors in the Kazakh capital, Astana, on expanding trade relations between the two countries.
A statement from the CE office said the meeting conferred on trade, transit trade, agriculture and imports and exports between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. The meeting was also attended by a number of Afghanistan Cabinet minister, members of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Afghan traders based in Kazakhstan. Ayan Yerenov, Chairman of the Board of Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan, told the Afghan delegation that the bilateral trade volume between the two countries reached $50 million, which he said was not enough and needed efforts to be enhanced.
He said Kazakh traders were ready for joint investment with Afghan counterparts in areas of transit trade, liquefied gas, mining, industry and logistics. He said Kazakh traders desired increased imports and exports between the two countries. Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce delegation head Atiqullah Nasrat on the occasion said Afghanistan and Kazakhstan were strong market for industrial production, but said Afghan exports to the country had declined by 50 percent. He said the Afghanistan-Kazakhstan chamber of commerce was established in nearly 2016, but problems still plagued the body and governments of the two countries should resolve them. He suggested the two countries should issue long-period visas to traders, reduce customs duty and allow banks of the two countries to open branch in order to speed up money transactions.
Afghan trade minister Humayoun Rasa said Kabul would soon introduce a commerce attaché at the Afghan consulate in Astana. For his part, CE Abdullah said the Afghan delegation had arrived in Astana to participate in the ongoing international expo and to hold detail talks with Kazakh traders and investors. The CE said inter-government economic commission of the two countries would hold a meeting today to discuss long term visas to traders besides discussing imports and exports. He said the Afghan government was ready to ensure security of Kazakh investors and provide them facilities and concessions. Dr. Abdullah said the absence of a transit trade agreement between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan had eclipsed the bilateral trade and hoped the agreement would be singed during President Ghani’s upcoming visit to Astana.  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and his delegation on Friday met with Afghan traders and investors in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana during which both sides discussed variety of issues, his office said in a statement.
In the meeting, Kazakhstan based Afghan traders briefed the CE over their progress and life condition in the host country, according to the statement.
The Afghan traders said that lack of Afghan banks’ branches, long –term visa, work residence and lack of warehouses were among their main problems in Kazakhstan, the statement added.
They suggested the CE to meet Kazakh officials and find solution to their problems, the statement continued.
Furthermore, they pointed out that many Afghan traders are living in Almaty and asked for transferring Afghanistan’s economic attaché from Astana to Almaty, the statement added.
After hearing the participants’ problems, the CE said the problems would be solved through related ministries.
The CE added he would also talk with Kazakh Prime Minister and share the Afghan traders’ problems with him and after mutual conversations, both sides would reach an agreement.
The Afghan and Kazakh companies’ problems would be seriously assessed, so to find an appropriate solutions, the CE added.
On intergovernmental commission meeting, Dr. Abdullah said further steps have been taken to bolster relations between the two countries.

Thursday August 17, 2017

Taleqan City (BNA) Contract of Wolf (Gorg) water canal has been signed between Takhar’ governor and in-charge of JTZ organization the other day.
Dr. Fazlullah Mujadadi governor of Takhar told BNA local correspondent, the water canal to be construct at the cost of USD 1,340,000 funded by JTZ-Germany organization in Bangi district of Takhar province.
By construction of the canal 2750 acres of land will be irrigated and work opportunities to be provided for hundreds local citizens during the implementation of the project, Mujadadi added.

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