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Construction Work of 57,000 Residential Units In NKC To Be Started Next Year

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Sunday February 16, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The hand of marketing and advertisement of New Kabul City Project, Elham Omar Hotaki has said that the construction works of nearly 57,000 residential units would be instigated next year, saying that a contract for this purpose was signed with five private national companies and their American, Arabic, Australian, German partners in 1391.
The establishment of 57,000 residential units including its infrastructures would complete with an amount of $ 6.5 billion. However, Mr. Hotaki said that construction of 57,000 residential units along with its infrastructures that include electricity, road, telecommunication services, commercial areas and parks would be completed within the span of five years. The assessment of the concerned companies that intend to take the responsibility for construction of the residential units would be completed soon and simultaneously with the fall of spring season.
The companies which have signed the contract would pay the money and it’s expected that 13,000 residential units would be put for long term from 15 to 25 years installments to the people and rest would be sold out to the people according to the price set by the contractors.
Establishment of the project would provide job opportunities to nearly 140,000 people. “There is need that 120 same type contracts are signed for establishment of the project and $ 80 million would be invested in it,” Engineer Ghulam Sakhi Hassan Zada, Executive chairman of NKC said. “The NKC would be one of the modern cities of the world and the project would be completed in thirty years.”
The New Kabul City Project lies on areas of Dehsabz district in Kabul Barikab district of northern Parwan province and works on master plan of the city was stated back in 1385 by JICA Japanese Company. NKC lies over 370 acres of land and will provide shelter to there million people.
Meanwhile, Popalzai Pola, chairman of Afghanistan Norms and Standard Authority said that an agreement has been signed between New Kabul City and ANSA on the basis of which the ANSA would provide all codes for establishment of standard roads, bridges and other urban related facilities to the NKC project. Establishment of New Kabul City would lay constructive impacts on the economic development of the country and it will also help thousands of the families to get shelter. Today many families in Kabul city have no shelter and are wondering to get a residential unit.

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