18 February 2020

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Swedish Committee Pledges To Provide $ 180m Financial Aids To Afghanistan in Coming Four Years

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Tuesday February 18, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Swedish Committee has pledged to provide an amount of $ 180 million financial assistance to Afghanistan in the coming four years to support the country cover several important sectors including health services, quality education opportunities to the Afghan pupils and women, rural and rehabilitations and local governance expansion.
Based on the four years plan, the Swedish committee is committed to provide an amount of $ 45 million financial cooperation to Afghanistan per annum. The financial expenditures will also cover some other important life spheres such as relief and rescue of vulnerable families and person with disabilities.
The head of Swedish committee confirmed that his institution intends to ensure implementation of some other important projects in the country, saying that alongside the upper amount, Sweden will also provide 130 million dollars aids to the Afghan government as per Tokyo commitments in the next ten years.
Addressing the four years plan announcement ceremony here in Kabul, Minister of Economy Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal said, “In coming years we have to cope with series of challenges, the government of Afghanistan by evaluating the ground realities has formulated its economic policy on the basis of the facts of the Afghan society in order to pave the way for economically prosperous Afghanistan and Council of Minister CM has already endorsed the economic policy, the main objective of the policy is to work on poverty alleviation programs, food safety, employment opportunities.”
“Insecurity and instability have been two major issues behind the job recessions,” Arghandiwal said. “Thousands of students are graduated from the universities and higher education institutions on the annual basis, but some of them are joining the government armed insurgents because of deprivation and unemployment, despite billions of dollars financial cooperation of international community raised to Afghanistan over the past ten years, effective strategies weren’t made regarding employment opportunities, Afghanistan also failed to gain tangible growth in power generation while the country has the capacity to produce up to 23,000 megawatt electricity from its water resources.” The Minister of Economy said that Afghanistan has major potentials in natural resources including solar energy production, saying that the country needs to focus on the security in order to pave the way for investments and mines extractions. The mine extractions would lay constructive impacts on boosting up the nation incomes and develop Afghanistan’s agriculture and industrial growth in longstanding period. This comes at a time that Afghanistan these days confronts major issues in energy sector and even capital Kabul faces long hour’s power load shedding which disrupt the country’s development.

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