18 March 2019

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‘Public Utility Projects Should Be Protected’

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Since few days to date, Kabul and few other cities have been in darkness. The reason behind this darkness is explosion of a pylon in the itinerary of transmission of electricity from Uzbekistan to Kabul by Taliban grouping in area close to Puli-e-Khumri city. A number of Kabul residents urged the government to solve the power problem that has been destroyed by Taliban. While talking to The Kabul Times reporter a number of Kabul citizens told that the Taliban want to have electricity in areas under their control, but the government has cut off the power on them which caused Taliban to destroy power pylons for the second time. Khan Gul and Shakila two Kabul resident in this connection said that our demand from government is to take this issue seriously and in those areas where the power pylons are exist should maintain its security to not face the people continuously with lack of electricity. Today, the Kabul citizens are struggling with many problems and lack of electricity is a huge challenge they are facing, however the government has more attention to the welfare of the citizens, but the Taliban are not letting them to live in a peaceful environment. The spokespersons of Taliban told media that they exert pressure on government through such actions and with doing so, they maintain the electricity in the area under their control. But Brishna Shirkat as well as public opinion accuse Taliban that they destroy those institutions which are built and funded from public treasury of Muslim people and all people utilize from it. The public opinion believes that this action of Taliban like their other actions from among them explosions, suicide attacks and murdering of innocent civilians are in contradiction with all Islamic and human principles and no one has the right to damage public utility institutions that are built with enormous expenditure of public and Muslim treasury. At the same time, its believed that with cutting of electricity, Taliban want to display their power and bring under question the capability of government security institutions. Cutting of electricity not only faces people with some problems but with doing so, they disturb the activities of productive projects of government as well. Taliban know well that capital is the manifestation of power of government and quarters for hundreds small and large institutions which are belong to the government of Afghanistan as well as the source of decision-making and its execution by government. With resorting to such actions, Taliban wanted to say to public opinion and people in abroad that the government of Afghanistan has no necessary capability to maintain the security of uplift institutions in the country. Attack on above mentioned institutions and their destroying by corrupt groupings (Taliban and even those criminal groupings who resort to organized crimes) place the government and those institutions which provide employment for public in a difficult position. Because, from one side such acts harm the authority of government, security and defense institutions before public opinion and on the other, rebuilding of damaged institutions requires enormous fund. This also requires new programs planning and long time. So, it is necessitates that simultaneously two works should be done. First, government, security and defense institutions should take in their hand serious measure for protection of these institutions and permit no group from among them Taliban and other criminal groups for reaching to their heinous goals to resort to destruction of these institutions. The government should defend from its strength and lesson should be taught to all criminal groupings so that they never dare and resort to such actions. Second, the Brishna Shirkat should refrain from giving any privilege as transaction fee to them. Some criminal groups also attack on such establishment for giving extortion. Previously, such actions have been taken place that they targeted antenna or offices of road asphalting or transportation companies and prepared the ground for transaction and giving extortion for themselves. It is possible that this time they decided to target Brishna Shirkat. So, the security of public utility institutions should be ensured and prevent from their destroying through any possible way. Because, many hardships were sustained and much money had been spent so the institutions are erected. On the other, the criminal groupings should not be permitted any more that with cutting of electricity the vital activities in the cities be stopped and show that the government is weak and has no strength to maintain the security of public utility projects. Kohistani

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