21 April 2019

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Utilizing From Several Irrigation Canals

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Several irrigation canals put in to utilization in Engil and Guzara districts of Herat province yesterday.
At least five irrigation canals with the cost of about thirty million dollars have been built and in Herat and put to utilization by Naseer Ahamad Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation and Mohammad Asif Rahimi the governor of the province.
TKhoshbashan water dam which has been built by Coordination with Climate Project and a canal constructed by Organizing Water Project will provide the ground for irrigation of tens of hectares of land and prevent wasting of water.
Herat governor asked the people to help in safeguarding of the projects and ensuring security which requires for constructing such public utility projects.
The minister of agriculture and irrigation assured that for development of agriculture sector, more programs and plans would be designed.
Simultaneous to the inauguration of the canals, for the first time the export of grape of Herat to foreign countries started.
Governor of Herat in his meeting with minister of agriculture and irrigation asked the minister to assist the families harmed by drought.
It has been said that more than twelve thousand families in Herat have sustained heavy losses, because of the drought.     

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