13 December 2018

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NPC Approves 21 Projects worth Over 4.9 Billion Afghanis

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Wednesday October 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Procurement Commission (NPC) held session the other day, during which 21 procurement cases worth over 4.9 billion Afghanis were signed, BNA reported. The approved contracts are as follow:
- Approving Kabul-Logar (Tanke Tel-e-Logar to Chehel-Dokhtaran) road construction project lengths 7 km, related to the ministry of public works.
- Mazar-e-Sharif ring road project’s contract length 17.4 km, related to the ministry of public works.
- Project contract of a road construction from Khoshi to Mohammad Agha districts, Logar province, related to the ministry of public works.
- Procurement contract of two types of fuels (Diesel and Petrol) to maintenance department to Salangs, related to the ministry of public works.
- Contract on procurement and transferring project of 10000 metric tons of wheat seed confirmed by the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock.
- A project related to the presidential general protection department.
- Contract on providing and procurement of 9 items of toilet needed for the ministry of defense.
- Contract for the connection of VCN and TDF sites via NSS12 satellite, related to the ministry of telecommunications and information technology.
- Procurement contract of 15 items of equipment for the workshop of the ministry of interior.
- Procurement contract of 13 items of grains needed for general directorate of prisons and detention centers, related to the interior ministry.
- Contract cancellation of a procurement project of 4 types of meats needed for VIP protection unit of the presidential palace, the meeting also approved contract on basically repairing of Jabal-u-Saraj palace, Parwan province, Takht-e-Istalif and the project to construct Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan Mausoleum.
NPC also approved the request for modification in certain contracts, including construction of a wall around Balkh customs department, changes in the deposits for the non-consultative BPHS and EPHS health services by the ministry of public health and construction of hydropower system by the ministry of energy and water in Poza Lich of Ghor province. The President tasked the ministry of water and energy to assess and sign the contact of five megawatt solar power to address Ghor people problems. The meeting also approved the modification of technical cooperation agreement with the UNESCO for the preservation and making of documentaries on Mes-e-Aynak historical site and construction of the 4th Lot of road from Shorabak to Spin Boldak district of Kandahar province lengths 23.92 km. at the same time, the ministry of public works’ request on a project to construct Hejrat Kali-Jalalabad road lengths 12.5 km was approved during the meeting. The meeting was attended by national, international and national assembly financial and budget commissions’ observers as well as US SIGAR and SISTIKA representatives.

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