Agreement For Designing Shahtoot Dam Inked

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  The ministry of water and power inked an agreement with the Poyab Company of Iran yesterday under which the Iranian firm would compete the design of Shahtoot dam in Kabul within 18 km south of Kabul, its designing costs 1.6 million US dollars funded by the ministry for water and power. 
Speaking on the occasion, the minister for water and power, Mohammad Ismael Khan said with the construction of Shahtoot dam, more than 2 million Kabul residents would have potable water, besides paving ground for irrigation of 4000 hectares land in Charasiab and Khairabad areas. 
The construction of the dam with all expenditure would cost 305 million US dollars, the minister said.

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