25 February 2020

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Four Industrial Parks To Be Established In Provinces

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Sunday, January 27, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Currently, dozens of investors are willing to invest in Afghanistan, but some challenges on way of their activities mainly lack of facilities and land were the main factors which have hampered ways to support them and with consideration of the upper requirement, Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA) has announced that the concerned organ intends to established at least four industrial parks in the provinces including Herat, Balkh, Kabul and to Facilitate the investors. 
Commenting on the construction of the industrial parks, (AISA) chairman Eftekhar said that nearly 3,000 acres land have been considered for this purpose in Kamri are of Kabul province and after completion of its legal procedures, the site will handed over to the investors adding that (AISA) also has undertaken a number of special measures to provide such type of assistance to the investors in provinces of Balkh, Nangarhar and Herat.
In the preliminary step, AISA will ensure allotment of land to those factory owners who already pursue activities in rented sites.
At the meantime, ministry of commerce and industries has also unveiled a number of plans for further support of investors in the country.
Wahidullah Ghazikhail spokesman to the ministry of commerce and industry said that the proposed draft has been approved by the CM and in the near future it will be implemented adding that government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan is seriously working on a strategic plan to further accelerate efforts for expansion of domestic products to prevent overwhelming rate of foreign merchandizes in the country and Govt. is committed to provide all sorts of accommodations to the investors interested to invest in Afghanistan as previously minister of commerce and industry had announced the era as decade of industrial development and emphasized that Afghanistan extremely requires to focus on enhancement of industry in the country.
Ghazikhail expressed satisfaction over willingness of the national investors that intend to invest money in the country and said that government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan in close cooperation with the Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA) to overcome the challenges on way of the investments in the country. 
The move undertaken by the ministry of commerce and industry and AISA has been warmly welcomed by business community and the investors have emphasized on implementation of the planning forged by the Govt. in the near future to lay the foundation of national productions’
Talking on the measure, Sherbaz Kaminzada chairman of Afghanistan industrialist union said that establishment of industrial parks in the country further expedite economic activities in the country and it will lay constructive impacts on poverty alleviation process and self-reliance of the country alongside boosting establishment of dozens of fresh production companies.
Minister of commerce and industry has undertaken investment supporting programs at a time after business community have always complained about several technical issues which have affected investment and that include lack of power, land and rest ware houses.  An industrialist Hamidullah said that if the Govt. provide adequate facilities to the investors, it will double economic progress of the country and people could easily find jobs without migrating towards foreign countries. 
This came after lasting years of war and instability had left devastative impacts on economic development of the country and almost basic infrastructures and production factories were totally destroyed or partially damaged.

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