19 October 2020

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Afghanistan To Launch Satellite Into Space To Further Develop Communication Coverage, MoCIT

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Reports are quoting officials of ministry of communication and information technology as saying that Afghanistan intends to launch its first ever satellite into space to further develop mobile and internet coverage in the country.
Commenting on the topic, minister of communication and information technology Amierzai Sangeen said that the satellite is expected to be launched into space by a foreign company and added that launching of satellite will need $nearly 250 million and the planning has been approved by the cabinet and added that three international companies same as supreme sate and two other had offered their recommendations to the government of Afghanistan for launching the satellite.
Minister of communication announced polarization of the satellite about 50 degree on east and government of Afghanistan maintains the rights to decide on frequency and position of the satellite and added that launching of the satellite will boost communication coverage in the country alongside radio and television frequencies and it will also support fiber optics services in remote regions and districts.
Meanwhile, economic analysts in the country have described the move as vital decision to further boost radio TV, internet and communication services.  At the meantime, nationals of the country have warmly welcomed launching of the satellite and believe that the project will seek solutions to the internet problems.
Commenting on the topic, local resident Maryam expressed satisfaction over the growth which Afghanistan attained in communication sector during the last ten years.
It’s important to mention that currently six private communication companies are facilitating the people in communication sector people get advantage from the opportunity and despite these facilities, services of the communication companies also followed some challenges and it’s hoped that launching of the satellite help to overcome on communication services.
Previously, government of Afghanistan announced that it will support relations of the country with the world and will help transmission of radio and television centers.
This came after Afghanistan attained remarkable growth in communication sector during the previous decade and currently 60 TV stations and 160 radios are pursuing their media and entertainment activities in the country.

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