31 March 2020

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“Importing of foreign goods depends on our proposal to CM:” Alekozai

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) While some of the traders are preventing arrival of their goods to the cities, the deputy head of the Chambers of Commerce says that the proposal in respect to taking of money from the vehicles carrying traders’ good on the highways is referred to the Council of Ministers in order to resolve traders problems.
Khan Jan Alekozai says this at a time that some traders avoid entry of their goods into the cities when the CM permitted the municipalities to get taxes from the traders while they are entering goods to the cities.
The officials of the Chambers of Commerce says that different organs in localities are demanding money from them in the name of  taxes and this way the traders are facing losses.
Presently some traders have preserved their goods into the custom houses and avoid their entry into the cities.
Qurban Haqjo head of the Chamber of Commerce says that non-transfer of trade goods to the cities can cause price hikes of goods in the markets and the reason for this is taking of money by the government organs.
The traders are not only liable to pay taxes to the municipalities but they used to pay money to different organs on the highways to the traffic, municipalities, public health and other organs and they are compelled to add the loss to the overall prices of their goods and this way the consumer economy is destroyed.
Khan Jan Alekozai deputy head of Chambers of Commerce adds that for several days traders goods are stopped close to the cities and it indicates that the problems is not resolved and this wastes the traders time and problem for the public.
He added that the Chambers of Commerce forwarded a proposal to the Council of Ministers and stressed that with this proposals they are following up three aims, first that the tax of the trader should be defined, the tax payment should become easier and this should not create the ground for corruption of the government officials.
Now it depends on the Council of Ministers how it solves this problem.

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