Contract Costing Over USD 3 Million Signed

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Sunday, January 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A contract costing at USD 3 million was signed in Kabul by the Ministry of Energy and Water and Al-Hashim Afghan and TMB company of Iran. 
On the basis of this contract electricity power will be provided for 3,000 families in Tarakhail area of Deh Sabz district. 
Acting minister of power and water Mohammad Ismail said that is it a pleasure for him that power energy will be provided for a big segment of people in Tarakhail area of Deh Sabz. 
He added that the project costs USD 3 million and 366,000 which will be provided by the finance ministry. 
He added that the project covers transmission line, provision of double circuit of 20 KW from the substation to Tarakhail village and building of distribution unit in the village along with installation of fifteen transformers with different capacities. 
He noted that Afghanistan possesses 46 billion sqm of surface water and annually 20 billion of it is used inside Afghanistan and he pointed out that the media should not carry on incorrect data that may disrupt public minds.

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