01 June 2020

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LACK of industrial parks avoiding investments` growth, AISA

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Thursday, April 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA)                                                                                                                                               Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA) has demanded ministry of irrigation and agriculture to allot adequate lands to the concerned agency to expand establishment of industrial parks in the country and attract investments for economic growth of the country. Officials of Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA) asked the ministry of irrigation and agriculture to honor all its commitment sought to the agency. In a news briefing, (AISA) chairman Wafiullah Eftekhari told that for attraction of national and international investments industrial parks and townships should be expanded in the country and reiterated his demand from the ministry of irrigation and agriculture to ensure allotment of more lands for construction of industrial parks in the country. (AISA) has requested ministry of irrigation and agriculture to allot at least 30 acres land to the concerned agency for establishment of industrial parks in Kamri area of capital Kabul as during the previous ten years national investors confronted major challenges on way of their business because of none existence of industrial parks, said AISA chairman Wafiullah Eftekhari, adding that some national investors have expressed willingness to invest inside the country on condition that the govt provides them adequate facilities including industrial parks. Investors believe that government of Afghanistan not provided satisfactory facilities to them over the previous ten years to invest in the country. But ministry of irrigation and agriculture has announced that working process over construction of several industrial parks have been started in dome provinces. Talking on the matter, Majidullah Qarar a spokesman to the ministry of irrigation and agriculture told media that the concerned ministry has undertaken special measures to ensure allotment of lands for establishment of industrial townships in the country and the decisions undertaken by the ministry in this sphere has been proved productive. Meanwhile, a number of economic analyst have accused the government of Afghanistan of negligence to attract international investments and provide adequate resources to the national investors and business community to transfer their wealth from foreign countries and take part in the development process of the country by investing in different sectors and the issue has left negative impacts on attraction of international investments. At the same time, national of the country believe that if the government provides standard facilities to the business community and investors, soon tangible change will be witnessed in economic progress of the country. Local resident Musa said that expansion of international investments in the country lays landmark impacts on economic prosperity of the country and asked the govt to ensure establishment of industrial parks in the country to attract national inventors.

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