13 August 2020

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Afghanistan Has Achieved One of The Millennium’s Goals

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Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The World Bank calling the economic growth of Afghanistan considerable says, the growth rate of gross income in the country was 8.11 % in 2012.
BNA economic analyst writes: 
The recent report of World Bank can be a good hope for the economic growth of Afghanistan in coming years.
The World Bank talks about economic growth in Afghanistan while the country is heading toward development which can be effective in economic growth in the future and political stability of the country. Within the next two years, the NATO led. International forces will be pulling out from Afghanistan and all security responsibilities will be handed over to Afghan security forces and presidential elections will be held.
Without doubt withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, will close some financial sources, for this reason the international community insists, Afghanistan should be economically self- reliance. Considering this, the Afghan authorities are making all endeavors to bring political and economic stability in to the country after 2014. As during the recent years, the Afghan government has been trying to encourage local and foreign investment in the country and to use the existing opportunities for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry sectors which form the major part of the economy of the society; to provide the ground for extraction of mines.  The state in achieving these objectives is somewhat successful.
At the meantime, during the last ten years, the achievements of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in construction of high ways were great which were proved to be effective in economic development of the country.  These achievements, provided the ground for rapid economic growth in the country, according to the World Bank it was 8.11% in 2012.
The World Bank considers this economic growth originated from widespread of activities on agriculture and extraction of mines sectors. Also, this prestigious international bank talks about 4.6 % reductions in inflexion level and calls the Afghan currency exchange rate stable.
Also, the report of World Bank indicates that Afghanistan has already achieved one of the objectives of the millennium that is supplying drinking water.   
This report released in a time, the Afghan authorities talk about 26% rise in investment level in the country in 1391. These have been made in mining, agriculture, industries and presenting medical services.  The important point is that during this period, the fleeing level of capital to outside the country was very low. Also, the authorities of finance ministry claim that the economic growth rate in 1391 was 11. 5 % and general income in last financial year was 84 billion Afghanis. Beside, the efforts made by Afghan relevant organs, international community also assisted in numerous fields and the continuation of the aids has been set up in Tokyo conference and other international sessions and will continue according to the commitments made by the two sides.
What have been mentioned above provide an opportunity for every individual Afghans to realize their hopes and dreams in practice and to put the country on right track of economic development.
T. Nemat

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