26 April 2018

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Afghanistan Introduces Exports Official Mark

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Sunday September 22, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan introduced the official mark of its export and commercial standard.
Previously, the commercial goods have no exporting mark, so in international markets vast forgeries were taken place on exporting goods of Afghanistan.
The authorities of ministry of commerce say that now, over 80 percent Afghan hand-made carpet are exported in the name of Pakistan.
In exhibition of Afghan fresh fruits held in Babur Garden of Kabul, the mark of standard of this country also introduced.
Deputy commerce minister, Muzammel Shinwari said the standard mark of export of Afghanistan attract the trust of regional and world markets.
He added that we introduce this mark to world markets.
It is discussed in exhibitions and bilateral sessions that when the exports items have this mark, it would attract the trust of world markets.
Shinwari continued that efforts would be made to prevent from the export of low quality of commodities in the name of Afghanistan.
In regional markets, the Afghan products have good fame, but so far, were not exported in certain commercial standard.
Now, the government of Afghanistan considers exporting commercial goods with developed standards and good quality to world markets.
Head of export promotion administration of Afghanistan Ms. Najla Habibyar said that having exporting mark is necessary and says that in first quarter of current year, the export of horticulture of Afghanistan shows an increase of 60 percent.
She added that the export mark of Afghanistan is introduced by eight merchants work in Europe through an exhibition.
The in-charges concerned say that in export mark of Afghanistan three colors are used such as our flag.
Green color indicator of being of Afghanistan as an agriculture country, the red color indicator of having medical herbs and black color represents from having rich national resources.
According to them, those government and private organs work in for expansion of commerce in Afghanistan can use this mark in their productions and export their products in world markets.
Through this, they can promote their marketing activities in overseas.
A number of economic experts say that having export mark is important for export items of Afghanistan and added that the ministry of commerce and those private institutions are involved in this field should adopt such measure.
They believe that as of 13 years to date, despite the export of Afghan commodities have good markets in the world, the most part of Afghan exporting items were offered and exported to world markets with the mark of other countries especially Pakistan that is in contradiction with international commercial norms and such work should not be done.
A number of exporters of Afghan products say in the connection that with having tens product items Afghanistan has good fame in the region.
The export items of Afghanistan that are include of carpets, varieties of dried and fresh fruits and vegetables have good quality that were exported for long time sans any mark.
Now that we have mark, we can export our products in a good manner to world markets.
This is in a time that there are more hopefulness’s so this mark to help Afghan merchants and they offer their products more to world markets with using this mark.

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