25 September 2018

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Sunday September 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Saturday that it is working on the biometric system and has been dealing with a German company, the remarks came a day after that Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said an agreement had been reached on the use of a biometric system in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
“The issue which is being worked on is the use of a biometric system on October 20 (Election Day). Our assessments have been completed by up to 70 percent, but there are still questions in this regard. We hope that we can find answers for them,” said Hafizullah Hashemi, the IEC spokesman. He said they will announce a final decision after consultations with political parties. Hashemi said the IEC had agreed with a German company to provide the biometric system for elections. He said the company is a well-established company with many years of experience in supplying biometric systems around the world. He said the biometric units would be installed at more than 5,000 polling centers across the country on Election Day. Parliamentary elections have been scheduled for October 20.

Sunday September 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a program held by women empowerment program ‘Promote’ for capacity building of women teachers said women were half part of society and if women were empowered, society would be empowered too. Expressing happiness over starting the program, the country’s chief executive added education was principal and significant base of a society. “Enhancement of women’s capacity will cause that they offer knowledgeable students to our society and well-educated individuals can create a sound society,” Dr. Abdullah said.  Pointing to part of women in political, economic and social sections, the country’s chief executive stressed that by starting the program nearly 100,000 women teachers would receive necessary teacher training studies that could result in enhancement of teaching capacity of women teachers. Chief Executive by praising USAID for launching the program for Afghan women said national unity government was committed to cooperation with USAID to make it success. In the program, acting minister of education, Merwais Balkhi said that his ministry was facing with lack of professional and experienced teachers and one of goals of the ministry was to empower teachers. He added that currently nearly 3.7 million children mostly girls were deprived of education across the country, saying that empowerment of women teachers and absorption of new teachers would pave the way for more children to go to school.

Sunday September 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the youths of the Kabul zone asked them to prevent those willing to victimize national interests by their personal benefits, BNA reported.
The youth of the capital zone shared their three years of grouping work and efforts with the President in a gathering attended by the country’s First Lady. The youths three-day work focused on urban management, lack of water crisis, people and good governance, drugs, citizenship rights, security, migration, environment and urban economic growth. The President thanked them for their effort and hard grouping efforts to have created a national discussion for sharing your opinion as responsible citizens. “You have my support and all of your constructive discussions would be collected and published in six books,” said the President.
The President asked to think countrywide as he believed the country was in a dire need of peace and that there was a need to reach consensus. “The youth shouldn’t have short-term vision, but a long 50-year term opinion to could change a generation. I am like a bridge to transfer power and authority to you.” President Ghani called water management one of the key issues and there was a need for national discussion and added that an inclusive measure to help reduce drought in next six months in the country would be practiced. Touching on the country’s geographical location, the President went on as saying that the enemy wanted to turn Afghanistan into the international terrorism and mar the national consensus and bring Afghanistan availability under question. He made clear that time for ending the 40 year-crisis has now reached and those planning to question the elections would question the future of the young generation and the youth shouldn’t allow this minority. According to him, Afghanistan was at the focal point of the international issues and that the youth should think at Afghanistan, region and world level as their future linked to the world concept. During the meeting, the President spoke about agriculture, migration, economic, controlling Afghanistan population, poverty reduction and the government plan in this field as well as the youth role in the aforesaid grounds.

Sunday September 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Up to 45 anti-government militias were killed and 34 others were wounded during routine duties of Afghan security forces within the last 24 hours across the country.
Afghan security forces were launched 18 clearing operations, Special Forces conducted 116 special operations, while Afghan air forces carried out 7 air strikes and 90 flights for supporting Afghan National Army in different parts of the country.
Ministry of national defense press office by releasing a statement issued that the operations launched in insecure areas of Nangarhar, Ghazni, Pakti, Khost, Kandahar, Zabul, Urozgan, Badghis, Herat, Faryab, Baghlan, Sar-e-Pul and Helmand provinces.
Afghan National Defense and Security Forces as the nation’s defense forces are ready to give sacrifice to bring lasting peace and security to the people and are determined to eradicate terror groups in Afghanistan.

Sunday, 23 September 2018 05:33

Road Accident Took the Lives of 15 Passengers

Sunday September 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) As many as 15 commuters lost their lives and 30 others were wounded following road accident in Herat-Kandahar highway the other day.
The incident took place in relevant areas of Bakwah district, Farah province, Herat-Kandahar highway when a passenger bus smashed with a truck.
Nasir Mehri spokesman of Farah governor told BNA correspondent, 15 passengers have died and 30 others were injured following the event.
Three women and two children were among the victims of the incident.
High speed of drivers and carelessness are the main reason behind the traffic incident.
Injured of the incident have been shifted to Kandahar hospital.
The health conditions of 16 injured called critical by doctors in the hospital.

Saturday September 22, 2018

Qala-e-Naw City (BNA) About 120,000 families have been forced to leave their regions due to drought in northwestern Badghis province.
According to BNA report, UNOCHA (United National Office Coordination Humanitarian Affairs) by releasing a report issued that, “Drought have been affected about 2.2 million people across Afghanistan.”
During the current year, 250,000 families left their houses in west of Afghanistan that among them 120,000 families were forced to leave their houses in Badghis province, OCHA added in the report.
UNOCHA have been provided water drinking to 190,000 families in Herat and Badghis provinces and first aid will be distributed to them as well.
Nearly 15 million people relying on farming, livestock or agriculture-related labor opportunities in the 20 provinces most affected by the drought in Afghanistan, UNOCHA added.

Saturday, 22 September 2018 09:52

23 Anti-Government Militias Kill in Jawzjan

Saturday September 22, 2018

Shaberghan City (BNA) As many as 23 armed oppositions were killed during air attack in northern Jawzjan province last night.
The air attack carried out by Afghan security forces in vicinity of Qush Tepa district of the province, as a result 23 insurgents were killed and 15 others were wounded, Abdul Hafiz Khashi security director of Jawzjan told BNA reporter.
Some heavy and light weapons belonged to the terrorists have been destroyed during the air attack, Khashi added.
It has been said, the air attack launched when a security post has fallen to Taliban in Qush Tepa district.

Saturday, 22 September 2018 09:51

Taliban and ISIS Fighters Fought Once Again

Saturday September 22, 2018

Asadabad City (BNA) Recently clashes have been erupting between Islamic State for Syria and Iraq (ISIS) and Taliban terrorist groups in eastern Kunar province.
The clashes took place between the two terrorist groups in vicinity of Chapa Dara district of the province, in which several ISIS and Taliban members were killed.
A senior commander of Afghan National Army in the east of the country told BNA reporter, during the clashes 16 ISIS loyalists and Taliban militants have been killed and several others were wounded.
During the last years, deadly incidents occurred between the ISIS and Taliban terrorist groups in various parts of the country, in which hundreds terrorists from both sides have been killed and wounded.

Saturday, 22 September 2018 09:50

Targeting ISIS Loyal Continuing in E. Afghanistan

Saturday September 22, 2018

Jalalabad City (BNA) Up to 16 supporters of ISIS terrorist group killed during latest attacks carried out by Afghan Special Forces in vicinity of eastern Nangarhar province last night.
The terrorists have been targeted and killed in various parts of Koz Kunar, Cheen, and Naziyan districts of the province.
Senior commander of Afghan National Army in the east of the country told BNA correspondent, air and ground raids carried out by Afghan Special Forces in different parts of the mentioned districts, in which 16 ISIS adherents were killed and their several hideouts along with some military equipment have been destroyed too.
According to another report, Afghan security forces by discovering and confiscating four round of different type of mines succeeded to prevent from a series of blast in Nangarhar province.
Also during this period, a weapon storage belonging terrorist group have been seized by Afghan security troops in relevant areas of Jalalabad city the provincial capital of the province.
Several heavy and light weapons have been seized from the storage.
Local officials in the province claimed that ISIS members used the weapon storage in their terrorist and destructive activities.

Saturday, 22 September 2018 09:48

Road Side Explosion Leaves 7 Children Dead

Saturday September 22, 2018

Maimana City (BNA) At least seven children lost their lives following roadside bomb explosion in northern Faryab province.
Director of counter criminal cases in Sharen Tagab district told BNA reporter, the blast was happened in Koh Sayad region, Sharen Tagab district of the province, in which 7 children have died and five others were wounded.
The mine placed by Taliban militants close to a security shell in the mentioned region that exploded when children were involved on playing.
The health conditions of two injured are not satisfactory.
Taliban insurgents usually plant roadside bombs to target Afghan security forces and civilians in different part of the country.

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