02 April 2020

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Thursday, 05 March 2020 08:00

ISIS Loyalists Surrendered to SF in Kunar

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Asadabad (BNA) Thirty ISIS loyalists were surrendered to Security Forces in Kunar yesterday.
Mohammad Haroon Yousofzai Selab 201 army corps spokesman told BNA, the ISIS loyalists were fighting against security forces in outskirt of Manogi, Soki, and Narang districts of Kunar , were surrendered to security and defense forces.
The surrenders also handed over 21 weapons and numerous of ammunition to security troops, he added.
T. Yarzada


Thursday, 05 March 2020 06:48

Process of Cash Assistance Begin in Kunduz

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Kunduz (BNA) Cash distribution process for nearly 1300 families in Kunduz began yesterday.
According to Baryalai Hamnawa BNA local correspondent to BNA, WFP distributes 15,500,000 million Afghanis cash for each 1086 needy families in Kunduz.
The cash will be donated in four periods to the families for the next four months.
During distribution of such assistance, Abdul Jabar Naemi, governor of Kunduz, provincial council members and number of chairmen and state offices were present.
Meanwhile, World Food Organization official in Kunduz told Kunduz governor that they are helping the 3,700 needy in Aliabad, Khanabad and Imam Sahib Districts of the province.
T. Yarzada

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development signs 77 Development projects with development council officials and private companies.
According to BNA report, the projects are being implemented in 18 provinces on the basis of development council’s proposals.
Prof. Mojibulrahman Karimi Minister of rural rehabilitation and development during signing of the projects said, the projects include, construction of canals, retaining walls, irrigational canals, water dams, installation of solar energy devices, and gravelling of rural roads which were implemented in Balkh, Farah, Ghazni, Ghor, Herat, Kabul, Kandahar, Kapisa, Kunar, Khost, Laghman, Nangarhar, Logar, Nooristan, Paktia, {aktika, Samangan and Zabul provinces.
The cost of implementing these development projects is estimated to be 488,000 million Afghanis, by implementing, 191,000 villagers will benefit from these projects.
T. Yarzada


Thursday, March 05, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan on Tuesday lodged a formal protest with Pakistan over Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi's recent remarks with regards to the release of Taliban prisoners following the signing of US Taliban deal. In a statement, the Afghan Foreign Ministry asked Islamabad to refrain from making "irresponsible statements" regarding the "internal affairs of Afghanistan", saying they can lead to creating an environment of distrust and cannot be effective in enhancing the relationship between the two countries.
Pakistani Qureshi had asked President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to refer to the United States for an "explanation" on the prisoner swap clause in the peace deal and urged all stakeholders to show "flexibility" to move forward to intra-Afghan talks in the deal's aftermath.
"Exchange of prisoners is a two-way process and has happened in the past. When we move from war towards peace, it needs to be done to show a positive intent," Qureshi said, as cited in a report by Dawn.
The Afghan Foreign Ministry said in its statement, "The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan strongly condemned the recent remarks made by Pakistan's Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, on the domestic affairs of Afghanistan."
"The Government of Afghanistan believes that relying on policies of good-neighborliness, Pakistan needs to take practical steps towards enhancing bilateral ties in various areas and refrain from making such irresponsible statements regarding the internal affairs of Afghanistan," the statement added.

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Kabul (BNA) There will no peace in Afghanistan without Pakistan ensuring that terrorism doesn't transpire from their premises, the US said on Tuesday.
On being asked if the US has firmly conveyed to Pakistan to stop supporting terror, Morgan Ortagus, Spokesperson of the US State Department said:
"Yes, we have a complicated relationship with Pakistan as evidenced by the fact that US President Donald Trump decided to stop all military aid to them early in his administration."
"I totally concur with your question that there will no peace in Afghanistan, no peace in South East Asia without Pakistan ensuring that terrorism doesn't transpire from their premises or from Afghanistan," she said.
Highlighting India's role in Afghanistan, the official said India has been a crucial partner for us in Afghanistan for 20 years.
"We know that we will be partners for decades to come," she said. Recalling that India helped build the new Parliament building in Afghanistan, Morgan Ortagus, Spokesperson of the US State Department said:
"India has been crucial to the peace and stability of Afghanistan. They are obviously incredibly committed." She further said that as the world's largest democracy, India will play a crucial role in continuing to help this "fledgling democracy" move along. She expressed hope that as a model for how democracy can thrive, India's positive influence will continue in Afghanistan.
"India has been such a vital partner to the United States in so many different areas and I think that is evidenced by the fact that President of the United States, Donald Trump just decided to go to India to meet with (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi and the entire government there," she said recalling his recent visit while adding that the pride and partnership of Indian people and American people was on full display. Representatives of the United States and the Taliban on Saturday signed the long-awaited deal in Qatar's capital city of Doha, calling for a gradual withdrawal of US troops if the Taliban negotiates with the Afghan government and cuts ties with terrorist groups.

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani of Qatar held a telephone conversation with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday evening.
During the phone call, which the Amir made to the Afghan president, they reviewed the bilateral relations and ways to enhance them.
They also discussed the latest developments in Afghanistan, especially with regard to the peace agreement signed in Doha between the US and Taliban.
The Qatar Amir pledged to Afghan government that would spare no efforts in facilitating of the peace talks.
“During my meeting with Taliban, I told them that Afghanistan was no longer a country of the two decades ago, but has changed,” Qatari Amir said, as quoted by a presidential press office statement yesterday. "Afghanistan is a country now that has an elected legitimate government and the Taliban must accept that it represents its people and put forward legitimate demands.
Taliban too have some demands that needed to be discussed during the intra-Afghan talks,” the statement quoted the Qatari Amir as saying.
The Amir affirmed that Qatar would continue to exert efforts that would help in conducting dialogue between the Afghan government and Taliban to reach another peace agreement between the two parties that would lead to achieving security and stability in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, President Ghani praised Qatar's efforts for peace and said would continue talking to him when needed.

Thursday, 05 March 2020 05:42

Taliban Suffered Casualties in Kandahar

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Kandahar (BNA) Security officials in south of country said that they thwarted several attacks of Taliban in Kandahar.
In the attacks, 14 Taliban were killed and number of them have been injured.
Medias office of police forces in south of county stationed in Kandahar with releasing a statement said, Taliban stormed on eight civil and military institutions in Kandahar, and not succeeded in neither of these cases.
Security officials of the province said, 14 Taliban militants were killed and number of others were injured.
Several heavy and light weapons of the militants were also seized by the forces.
Taliban increase their strikes in Afghanistan after signing peace treaty with US.
The group says it will not attack foreign forces after all, and that it is their only war with Afghan troops.
T. Yarzada

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Paroon (BNA) Five armed militants were killed in recent conflicts in Nuristan yesterday.
The militants were suppressed in suburb of Want Waigal district while wanted to stop a convoy of passengers.
Senior military commander in east of country told BNA, five militants were killed in the conflict.
Another report says, police of Nuristan discovered six mines from crowded ways of the province and prevented from a series of blasts.
T. Yarzada

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Mehtarlam (BNA) Dozens of needy and deserved families of Laghman received humanitarian aids.
These families have suffered from war and natural disasters during this year and need humanitarian assistance.
Media’s office of Laghman with releasing a statement said, during this round, nearly 100 families were assisted from international institutions.
The aids include, flour, ghee, bean pea and salt.
T. Yarzada


Thursday, March 05, 2020
Jalalabad (BNA) Fourteen armed oppositions were killed in recent conflicts in Nangarhar last night.
The clashes occurred in parts of Khogyani , Kot and Hasakamina Districts.
Selab army corps Medias office in Nangarhar with releasing a statement said, 14 armed oppositions were killed and number of other have been injured.
Two hideouts of Taliban with several vehicles and motorcycles have been demolished.
Another report says, police of Nangarhar discovered and confiscated seven mines from busy roads of the province and prevented from a series of blasts.
Security officials of the province blamed Taliban for the failed mine planting.
T. Yarzada

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