22 July 2019

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The persistent tension and crisis in Afghanistan and in the region is a part of Pakistan intelligence services strategy and Taliban have been used for killing Afghans and destruction of their homeland.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Qandahar police office was the scene of a terrorist attack. The attack which started with a suicide attack and assault of several armed people 12 people lost their lives and 90 injured. The majority of victims and injured were civilians. Taliban have claimed the responsibility of the attack.
The president’s office publishing a newsletter condemning the attack has said that the Taliban’s intention is continuing war and slaughtering civilians.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has said, ( the Afghan government in compliance with decisions of Peace Grand Assembly said, ( Afghan government in compliance of peace grand assembly decisions carries out peace program, but Taliban committing this barbaric attack clearly showed that their intention is continuing war, violence and killing civilians.
A day after this terrorist attack the national security department declared that it has strong documents that indicate that the terrorist attack was designed in a terrorist center located in Chaman Pakistan area and managed and lead from there.
National security department has said that the terrorist attack was designed and lead by a man named Mullah Agha from Pakistan and the details of its findings would make public very soon.
There are precise and credible documents that prove the Pakistani intelligence services, army, politicians and religious parties. The Afghans not complain about what have been done by Pakistan but complain Taliban who consider themselves Afghans and protectors of Afghans’ interests obeying Pakistan command kill their own people and destroy their own homeland.
Unfortunately, Taliban have claimed the responsibility of all terrorist attacks. This indicates that they are just putting in practice what been instructed by Pakistan.
Therefore, the statements of national security department are completely correct that says, (Taliban are fighting for the interests of others and their activities are leading from abroad.)
Taliban in seven rounds of negotiations with America have showed their priority withdrawal American forces from Afghanistan while themselves kill their own people and destroy their own homeland for fulfilling the interests of foreigner.
The people say that in addition to that Taliban have caused the presence of foreign terrorists in the country, blaming the presence of foreign troops, kill their own people and destroy their own homeland. The people ask Taliban knowing these clear facts change their inhumane behavior and desist killing people and destroying the homeland.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  National casualties is a complicated and permanent problem in Afghanistan and it can be solved only when the involved parties for protecting the lives of the citizens of the country be committed and cease fire  can be the first step for curbing this heinous phenomenon.
BNA social affairs commenting on the issue writes the authorities of Afghan Human Rights Independent Commission have express concern over the casualties among military and civilian people. The executive head of the commission has said to the media, from the beginning of the current Afghan year until now 596 civilians have been killed and 1892 civilians injured. About 75$ of them were children.
He says that Taliban are responsible for the casualties and injuries. 
If we precisely look at the incidents occurred during the last 18 years, casualties among civilians always been a questionable issue, but so far not settle as required. The problem is this that armed terrorist groups use settled areas as a human shield. Also in all terrorist incidents in Afghanistan the level of slaughtered civilians is very high and concern able.     
There is no doubt that the state forces also have role in casualties among civilians, but we deeply consider the issue, it is terrorists groups who have provided the ground for civilians casualties. They use schools, public places and houses as human shield.
Fighting also has its principles that should be observed. The state forces after every incident among civilians, have precisely reviewed their action but terrorist groups have never changed their actions in that regard. The kill the people and blame the security forces for the killing.
The state forces are carrying military operation in close coordination among three forces and do their best to prevent the casualties among civilians and destruction of their properties.
It is required for all involved groups not think the cities as forest not attack everywhere and not commit suicide in places where civilians are living.
To prevent casualties and destructions among civilians it would be better to prepare a guideline to prevent casualties and destructions among civilians. If Taliban are really honest in their claims, and not targeting the civilians, should say yes to the proposal, this is preparing a guideline. This would be the first step toward ending violence and preventing human casualties in the country. 

Monday July 15, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Commerce, economy and transit are the bases for welfare and tranquility of countries, should be kept safe from conspiracies and political rivalries.
BNA financial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Civil Aviation Department of Afghanistan says that the closure of Pakistan airspace to transit   flights of Afghanistan during the last four and half months, in addition caused serious problems for the people of our country, have caused 25 m dollars for this department.
Pakistan late last year (Afghan calendar) after India air forces in retaliation of 40 Indian troops were killed by Jaish Mohammad in Bala Koot area Pakistani Kashmir, targeted the hideout of the group, closed all its eastern areas to all airlines flights among them Afghan airlines.
This take place in time, most of Afghan airline flights carried out to India and two Indian aviation companies had regular flights to Afghanistan. Because of Pakistan decision the flights of the two Indian aviation companies to Afghanistan stopped, and Afghan aviation companies had to choose in alternative way cost allot and increase the time of flight from two hours in five hours.
Due to high cultural and political ties between Afghanistan and India, Afghan citizens go to India for various purposes, therefore the closure of Pakistan airspace have caused many problems for our people.
On the other hand due to the closure of Pakistani airspace to airlines flights, many aviation companies used Afghan airspace for their flights had to change the way of their flight which caused the decrease of incomes of Afghan national aviation department.
The authorities of Afghan Civil Aviation Department say that due to the closure of Pakistan airspace, the department has sustained 27m dollars.
Pakistan has always used trade and transit issues as a weapon against Afghanistan and used trade and transit as a political means. Increasing pressure on Afghanistan, Pakistan wants to make Afghanistan to follow it on commerce and transit issues.
Pakistan fears from warm and close relation between India and Afghanistan and not hidden its fear and repeatedly asked for reduction of relation between Kabul and New Delhi as prerequisite for its cooperation with Afghanistan.
Many believe that the continuation of Pakistan’s wrong policies will make the countries of the region to coordinate their activities against Pakistan.  This will lead to further isolation of Pakistan and defeat of that country in commercial rivalries in the region.
Therefore it would be better for Pakistan to have a reasonable definition from commerce and politics and not ties the two issues in to each other. 

Sunday July 14, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The current horrible and harrowing situation, asks Afghan people to do their best to solve the problem by their own.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the political and military situation of Afghanistan is more complicated than the past, the different and variety of speeches, mostly against each other delivered a number of foreign figures, who have their own interests in Afghanistan have further complicated the situation.
They sometimes talk about peace and ending the war in Afghanistan, sometimes about ousting foreign forces from the country and sometimes expressing concern over the existence of foreign intelligence services, predict the future dangerous. Other time, claim that Afghanistan without the existence of foreign forces would be changed in to base for terrorist groups.
In the height of the fears and hopes, how they present the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan?  
The answer is clear, this is every country, every organization and group involved in Afghan problem have their own interests and fight to meet their interests.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which represents the national will of Afghan people insists that Afghan people never deal on the achievements of the last 18 years and observing the constitution in any political move.
Foreign circles should learn from the history that Afghans have never permitted to be dealt on their fate and freedom.
Today the Afghans in addition to natural characteristic that is defending their territory and national identity, have learned a lot during the last two decades events, especially from proxy wars have launch by certain countries, therefore they are consciously defend their interests and never acquiesce to the evil wishes  of the enemies, as their forefathers did.
The situation in Afghanistan, the region and the world teaches our people to use their experiences achieved especially during the last two decades, settle the problem of the country and not beat the drum for others and prefer the national interests of the country. We can hit this target only via building a strong and true national Unity. 

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