21 November 2018

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) National Security Council In the most recent development has asked the security and defense forces of the country in order to decrease casualties among defense forces of the country start attacks on terrorists’ positions.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes considering the increasing casualties among security and defense forces, the national Security Council has asked the security and defense forces of the country based on precise plan regularly and repeatedly target the positions of terrorists in order to prevent the heavy casualties among Afghan troops.
It would be possible one of the strategies that can decrease casualties among security and defense forces of the country would be that. But it should not be forgotten ton there are other factors that have caused casualties among security and defense forces of the country.
Some people depend, the issue to capability and power of terrorists and while some others say that the comprehensive support of the regional and beyond regional countries from terrorists and covert and overt negotiations with the representatives of terrorist groups   are the major incentives behind the casualties.
In the meantime, some others think that Taliban are connected to sources of power, using the situation they spare no any tyranny against people, but what has lost in this complicated situation is the answer to the questions.
So far no body has thought that why do the terrorist groups have succeeded against the state that enjoys the support and backing of international community. Also,   it is never been thought that whither the military strategy that has being used so far is applicable, or why did so far the sources where Taliban recruit their personnel have not been closed.
It has not also thought that there is a proper ground for dissemination of Taliban’s way of thinking in remote villages and districts and it has never been thought how to prevent the exhibition of power by Taliban?
The events clearly indicate that the people are firmly standing alongside security and defense forces and constantly cried and uncovered the programs launched by Taliban and would attack, unfortunately, ignored which have caused casualties among people and security and defense forces. 
In any case, there are many factors that should be thought about.  However, what is the pride of Afghan people are their hero sons who heroically fight in ranks and files of security and defense forces and foil the conspiracies of the enemies who launch against our country.
What have been mentioned above clearly demonstrate that the devotions and heroism of the true sons for the defense of their beloved homeland increased and they are determined to  heroically  fight and defend  each inch of this sacred soil.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, November 17, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan needs ending war and ensuring persistent peace, but the Afghan people think a peace that considers all democratic values, and achievements in last decades.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan needs ending the war and persistent peace, but the current political situation raises mangy questions to be discussed. When it been said, the peace process has complicated dimensions, it means that the parties involved in Afghan conflict, every one trying to achieve so far their particular objectives through war, now they want to achieve those objectives via peace.
Based on Saadi the great Persian poet words the enemy who has not achieved its goals in hostility wants to achieve them through friendship caused the concern of people. The concerns became serious when Moscow and Washington both wanted to provide the ground for direct negotiations between the state and the oppositions. On the process there are rumors that until restoring peace, the presidential elections should be postponed, is controversial. Because the matter of democracy and peace without democracy is a question needs to be discussed deeply. However, the story of peace in Afghanistan seems more complicated than any other issue. If it not were so, the will and intention of Afghan people were at the focus of attention and they enjoyed peace in their country now.
Unfortunately, the foreign dimensions affecting the process, made the story of peace to be continued. For this reason, the people think that the peace program in Afghanistan is in the hostage of regional and beyond regional players.
In any case, the matter is in rumor stage, but the statement of the state authorities who have said the elections would be held as it has scheduled, seems something covered.
The people have the right to know, where does the peace process go through, is their intension considered in the program. Because they have defend and supported democracy with every drop of their blood, scarified their beloved sons in fight against terrorism, but so far don not know the state and its allies, toward complicated peace process in their country. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The security and defense forces of the country fight against the enemies of Afghanistan who want to turn the country as a safe haven of terrorism and for maintaining the Islamic and national values. Their bravery and devotions are praised by the entire people and are the matter of their pride.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes focusing on war in Afghanistan and the dominance of terrorist groups over remote districts and villages in some province the people constantly ask “Taliban whose presence in the country was zero in the country at the commencement of attacks launched by international coalition forces, how did they not only organized but became the main side of peace negotiations in Afghanistan? “   The answer to the question is clear and simple this is, coalition international forces in fighting against terrorism were deceived by Pakistan’s malty dimension policies and satanic games. 
Now, as the deputy defense minister stated at 8th session of Sheng Sheng              Defense Association the number of terrorists in Afghanistan has reached to more than 50000 who fight within 20 groups and want to turn Afghanistan in to a stronghold and a safe haven for terrorism. 
The firm stance and heroic actions of the patriotic and true sons of our homeland against anti-humane crimes of these evil groups have committed so far have making the history. The sacrifices and devotions of security forces sustained against these dark minded groups have added to the liberation struggle history of the people of this country and will be a lesson for upcoming generations. The countries of the region and the world, except the patrons of terrorism all know that the Afghan youths are fighting at frontline of the battle against terrorism, if they were no at that position, terrorists extended their territory in to other parts of the region and threatened the world as a whole.  Fortunately, the firm stance and bravery of Afghan security and defense forces, forming an ironic barrier against terrorists and prevent them to achieve their illegal objectives in the region.
In brief we can say that not only the Afghan people but the people of the region and entire world are owe to the true sons of this country who fought and fighting against terrorism that threats the world.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA)Is it possible to find a way out from this complicated war and end the problem?
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes efforts for conducting peace negotiations with Taliban and the role of big countries in this game clearly demonstrate that our beloved country because of discord and tension has changed in to the playground for great players and everybody wants to play his role in this heinous game.  
In any case, discussion on peace is extensive, all people want peace, because of this they welcome any move on the direction. However, the statements by the authorities of neighboring countries wither the sapling of this humanistic move in the root.
Afghan people strongly believe that without honest cooperation of Pakistan peace never restore in to Afghanistan and in to the region, because Pakistan has been changed in to a safe haven for all kinds of terrorism and terrorist activities. For this reason it pursues peace process everywhere in the world to damage the process.
With commencement of the second phase of Khalilzad to the region and some other countries an attempt to restore peace in Afghanistan; Pakistan foreign ministry announced that the US expectations from Pakistan are not tolerable.
The spokesperson of Pakistan foreign ministry in his recent has stated that Islamabad has done everything in its capacity in fighting against terrorism and establishing peace in Afghanistan, therefore US should not expect more than that.
The statements explicitly indicate that   Pakistan is seeking something else, according some politicians Pakistan using the dual policy wants to take more privileges from America in this juncture of time.
But some others focusing on rhetoric of Taliban’s representatives in Moscow conference say that it would be difficult for Pakistan to desist supporting terrorists.
According to them, terrorism and terrorists are two major means that Pakistan has used and uses in political deals in the region and beyond the region.
The above mentioned reasons, we come to the conclusion that Pakistan as the main supporter of terrorism and terrorist in the region plays a dual policy and deceives world community and America.
Therefore the way for curbing the crisis requires practical measures that the world community should adopt regarding to restoring peace in Afghanistan and force Pakistan to work honestly for conducting peace negotiations for restoring peace in Afghanistan.

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