24 May 2019

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The drought brought the products of wheat on arid lands to naught, which is not good news for economy of rural areas residents.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently the authorities of ministry of agriculture and irrigation announced that the arid wheat crops in the country reached to naught and the general wheat crops reduced almost one million tons this year in comparison to previous year.
Wheat constitutes almost half of the agricultural products of the country and arid wheat cultivations are more than watered wheat cultivations. Coming to naught the products of this vital crop is not good news for the economy of the country, especially for economy of rural areas residents.
Regretfully, during the current year in addition of horrible terrorist incidents, insecure situation, worsening economic condition, Afghanistan also experienced bad weather and draught. Now the country is facing unprecedented draught. Although the consequences of draught are much more harmful than the activities of terrorists, but this problem has disappeared among political complexities and made little attention to it. Recently the ministry of agriculture and irrigation talking about coming to naught the products of arid wheat in the country expressed concern. The reduction of arid wheat crops will make Afghanistan to return to foreign markets and once again, we have to spend a huge amount of hard currency for purchasing wheat that will impact badly on already fragile economy of the country.
The problem of draught that suffocating our people is not emerged immediately, the signs of it appeared several months ago, but paid little attention. This made the situation worse.
The problem is this that for settling the problems such as draught not made any fundamental work. Just holding press conferences or expressing concern by relevant authorities is not enough; a precise action program is needed for the solution of this critical problem. The world situation suggest that not only Afghanistan but the entire world suffering from climate changes. Every country has sought a way of solution for the problem not mourned but we cried and worked less. Although the people talk about the reduction of the level of underground waters and draught is prevailed in our country we annually lose millions cubic meters of water in vain.  This is due to the bad management. Therefore instead of expressing regret it would be better to improve the management of the waters flowing in the country and prevent wasting them in vain any more.
The ministry of agriculture and irrigation to campaign the problem expressed good words; we hope the words not remain on the paper but to put in practice.
Earlier the farmers of the country have used improve seeds by with low quality that gave no good result, in addition the improve seeds provided by the ministry of agriculture for the farmers was not enough. We hope the ministry with a precise and practical plan comes out to fight the problem successfully and find a proper solution for it.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, October 15, 2018

Kabul (BNA) There are signs that the visit of Zalmai Khalilzad the special envoy of US foreign secretariat to some countries of the region aiming to facilitate peace negotiation between Afghan government and Taliban has some successes.
The most important aim of the visit is to satisfy Taliban to inter negotiation with Afghan government via mediation of those countries.
Khalilzad visited Pakistan, United Arabic Emirates and Qatar; the countries have influence on Taliban.
The three first countries when Taliban ruled in Afghanistan officially recognized their so called Islamic Emirate and Qatar presently hosting their unofficial political office in Doha.
Khalilzad arrived Qatar in a time, the official representatives of Taliban are there. He is due to with them there. Khalilzad is considered an effective figure in Afghanistan problem. In addition that he is of Afghan origin has precise recognition with Afghan political circles especially the former mujahidin, in the same time with some Pakistani circles and also he has relation with some political figures in America. 
Khalilzad before visiting Qatar had visited with high ranking officials of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  As it been said, the role of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar is very important for consenting Taliban for negation with Afghan government.  
Mahmood Quraishi foreign minister of Pakistan earlier has said that his country would not spare any effort for establishing peace in Afghanistan.
In the meantime, Pakistani authorities at the commencement of Afghan peace process negotiations calling the role of Saudi Arabia effective said that Saudi Arabia can draw Taliban to negotiation table with Afghan government.
The experts of political affairs in connection of negotiation with Talban have different views.
Some believe that Khalilzad is driving on one way street, in his efforts, only the one side players has considered, while there are other players who are also involved in Afghan problem, Russia, Iran and China the main rivals of US and Saudi Arabia are on the scene and India has also vital interests in Afghanistan that should not be ignored.
Ahamad Saaidi a political affairs analyst says negotiation with Taliban would be without any result, he claims that since Afghan problem is a regional and beyond regional problem, until the Afghan forces, regional countries Pakistan and Iran and beyond regional countries such as America, Russia and china not reach in an understanding, no any negotiations give a positive result.
Some say Afghanistan is the playground of those countries without their agreement no efforts would give a positive result.
However, Jawid Kohistani is optimistic to peace talks, says that Khalilzad’s efforts would not be without result. International and public opinions in America and in international arena have exerted pressure for ending the war in Afghanistan therefore we are optimistic for the efforts to bring good results.
Kohistani considering Khalilzad the best option for following the process says that since Khalilzad were earlier an Afghan citizen and knows Afghanistan better and honestly work on that end provides the ground for talks with Taliban and establishing a broad-based government in Afghanistan.
A number of political experts insist that the issue depends on Afghans. The developments indicate that foreign countries including America, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arabic Emirates, Pakistan and China are working in Afghanistan for ensuring their own interests and this is our people who sustain heavy casualties and losses in proxy war launched in their country. Therefore it would be better for Taliban considering their national interests sever their way from aliens. In this case there would be no need for the aliens’ efforts. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Taliban in a series of military operations during the last days have afflicted heavy losses to the highways of the country which caused serious problems to passengers and merchants.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on issue writes Taliban since the commencement of their fighting until today have used sabotaging the economy of the country, destructing infrastructures and weakening the moral of people as a  war techniques. They during their presence in political and military arena of Afghanistan for more than 25 years have considered destructions and losses as a war technique inflected heavy losses in to economy of the country.
What Taliban consider as a war technique is a strategic dream that has been designed by Pakistan during the last seventy years against Afghanistan and now taking the rein of Taliban in its hand, has provided the ground for implementing that evil strategy in practice to achieve its ambitious objectives.
During the most recent developments, Taliban in their attacks have afflicted the most losses in to the highways of the country. The highways in every country are considered as the economic artillery, therefore, Taliban with instruction of aliens who consider economic sabotaging of Afghanistan the priority of their war in Afghanistan in their anti – Afghan campaign mostly target the highways of the country.
As recently, Taliban destroyed some parts of Kabul – Kandahar high way planting mines in Wardak and Ghazni areas and damaged the bridges. They also, destroyed a part of Ghazni – Paktia highway and did the same barbaric practice on high way connect Juzjan and Faryab provinces.
Taliban damaging the highways created problems for passengers and afflicted heavy losses to the merchants of the country. Taliban committing this crime have caused the closure of schools located along the highways, because the schools have faced with serious security threats, therefore the teachers and students dare not to attend the classrooms.
These satanic activities indicate that Taliban have not satisfied with terror, explosions, suicide and arson but pursue economic sabotage as the priority of their destruction and damaging mission in Afghanistan that cannot be justifiable but one can say that they by the instruction and command of the enemies of Afghanistan are seeking not only destroy the infrastructure of the country but want to eliminate the humanity as a whole.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Wednesday October 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) New restrictions of Pakistan on exportation of Afghan fruits prove that Pakistan is still active for sabotaging the economy of Afghanistan and never has come short from its adventurous activities.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the authorities of Afghan commerce and industrial chamber say that Pakistan has prevented the exportation of Afghan apple and grapes exportation to that country since a couple days ago. Beside apple, using different pretexts they also prevent the exportation of some other Afghan agricultural items. They claimed.
This time, is using a pretext that Iran’s apple under the name of Afghan apple exports in to that country, while two months has left for harvesting apple in Iran.
In addition to other fruits, annually more than a thousand tons of apple exports from Afghanistan in to Pakistan.
The new move of Pakistan for preventing the importation of Afghan apple in to that country once again makes the matter clear that Pakistan is seeking in sabotaging Afghan economy and its intelligence and political offices deliberately manage the program and recent political changes in Pakistan  has brought no any changes  in destructive policy of that country over Afghanistan.
The issue that should be focus on is this that Pakistan has always used the transit and commerce as a means of pressure against Afghanistan, while itself requires both the markets and the route of Afghanistan to trade with central Asian countries and persistently has tried to use the matter as one way street in its benefit.
In transit issue Afghanistan and Pakistan need each other, as Afghanistan uses Pakistan markets and its routes for reaching international markets, Pakistan also uses Afghanistan as a transit route for sending its industrial and agricultural goods. If we think deeply on these mutual needs, it becomes clear that the requirements of Pakistan are more serious than Afghanistan’s.
Therefore, in existence of such mutual requirements one side cannot use commercial and transit roads as a monopoly and use them as a political and economic arm.
The persistent adventurous policies of Pakistan on Afghan transit roads made the country to find alternative roads and found.
Turning of Afghanistan to new routes and establishing air corridors have somewhat decreased the dependency of Afghanistan in to Pakistan’s routes and this led to the reduction of business worth billions of dollars between the two countries and instead, Afghanistan increased it trading with Iran, India and Central Asian countries.
Pakistan prevents the exportations of Afghan fruits in to that country in a time that is the season of gathering the products and this clearly show that Pakistan has never been honest in its commitments but uses commerce as a means to achieve its political objectives.
Pakistan has always used the issues of transit, refugees and cultural and economic issues as a means of pressure against Afghanistan and victimized economy for politics but the loser of this game is Pakistan because Afghanistan finding new alternative routes has no any interests in opening its frontiers to Pakistan. The ongoing adventurous policies of Pakistan without doubt harm the traders and exporters of that country. Meanwhile, it would be necessary for Afghan relevant authorities to deal with Pakistan the same in order that country accepts that politics cannot shade on economy. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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