15 December 2018

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Holding election timely is responding to public and international community opinions and no other way can legalize the political system of the country.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes holding the parliamentary elections of the country has been planned in July of the current year. The Independent Commission of Elections is set up July 7th for holding parliamentary elections in the country, but recently the commission is talking about suspending the process.
Wasema Badghisy the operative deputy of election commission in one of her interviews has talked about three month delay in the process.
Although, three month delay in holding the elections has not yet formally confirmed by the commission, but the statements of that high ranking official of the commission regarding to delay of the elections have caused concern among people, politicians and civil society activists.
In the critical situation of Afghanistan, delay in this national program can increase the distrust of people to the state and identifies the government as an incapable government.
In addition, any suspension and delay of the program could be an achievement for political critics of the state and will make their criticism more serious.
The political experts and the activists of civil society insist that the politician and the authorities of state should not accept their plans and views to the people. The independent commission of elections should manage its activities in a better way and becomes ready for timely holding the elections.
It is require for independent commission of elections to finalize the constituencies of elections and the list of voters and present its technical and logistical problem to the state.
It should be mention that holding elections is the demand of Afghan people and international community and realizing it, is the commitment of the authorities for promoting the process of democracy in the country.  No any other option replaces it and satisfies the people.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Taliban boycotting Indonesia Peace Conference which will be held during the current month to discuss the war situation in Afghanistan proved that they fare from facing religious scholars.
BNA analyst of religious affairs commenting on the issue writes it is due to the religious scholars from all over Islamic world come together in Indonesia during the current month to discuss war situation in Afghanistan, which is used an incentive of so called Jihad by Taliban.
The conference is held by the proposal of Indonesian president.
The Indonesian President visited Pakistan and Afghanistan last month. Indonesia as the largest Islamic country is trying as an impartial mediator provide the ground for peace talks among sections involved in Afghan dispute that has caused huge casualties in destructions in the country. The conference aiming to provide reach the ground for an agreement among involved groups and supporting peace negotiations among them.
Taliban as one of the involved groups in war against Afghan people and government has named this barbaric dispute Jihad and continues the crime with chanting Islamic slogan and Islamic incentive. The group has not become ready so far to negotiate with Afghan government. 
Sometimes ago,   President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul Process session which was held with participation of 25 countries and three international organization in Kabul, presented a series of proposal to Taliban and encourage them to peace talks. But instead responding positively to Islamic principle based proposal, carrying a suicide on Qbilby area Kabul city, insisted on their extremist stance once again.
However, the conference initiated by Indonesia is different from all other proposals and programs have made so far, Indonesia as the biggest Islamic country, trying to proceed for settling the Afghan dispute and find a way for ending the dispute in the light of Islamic ideology and teachings.
Indonesia has invited the religious scholars and elites from across Islamic world to assess Afghan problem according Islamic instructions, in reality the conference is a gathering of religious scholars, but Taliban boycott it.
The group recently issuing an announcement has said that Indonesia conference trying to draw a horrible picture from Jihad in Afghanistan, it is an illegal act …….. And Islamic scholars attending the conference should not be used as a means.
A number of Islamic scholar and political experts say that Taliban have made an unforgiveable mistake because the conference does not impose anything to any but provides an opportunity for scholars to express their views on Afghan dispute according Islam and Islamic teachings.
The Indonesia conference is also a good opportunity for Taliban to offer their reasons to other religious scholars for so called their Jihad and their demands on that regard.  
It is a clear fact that Taliban use the faith and sharia as a means while chanting Islamic slogans, act according to instruction of others. They deny negotiations and discussions the matters with Islamic scholars but instead, they are appealing and crying for negotiation with America, they are seeking political power from America not from Afghan people.
Taliban boycotting the Indonesia conference once again proved that the y have no will of their own and nothing to tell because they are not independent, therefore they fear to face true religious scholars.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The recent incident in Kabul once again proved that there are certain groups in level of the region who are seeking to establish ethnical and religious discrimination among Afghan people.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently a terrorist tried to reach himself in to a gathering launched by sympathizers of Abdul Ali Mazi on the occasion of 23rd anniversary of his martyrdom. Also, the brave police personnel prevented him to reach his main target, but succeeded to carry a suicide attack near the site of the gathering, as a result of which three police and six civilians martyred.
IS claimed the responsibility of this criminal act. The group also earlier claimed the responsibility of the attacks on Imam Zaman Mosque and Taibat Cultural Center run by our Shia compatriots.  Taliban always deny involvement in such incidents. However Afghan people make no any distinction between IS and Taliban, they are terrorist groups both of them linked and by a foreign intelligence service and receive instruction from a single source. This is mentionable that Afghans make   no any difference between Taliban and IS, because IS came out from Taliban in Afghanistan. As Mullah Hebatullah the leader of Taliban, some months ago while visiting Helmand which took place clandestinely instructed his followers to act coordinately with IS because, there is no any difference between the procedures, both groups follow. What increase the concerns of Afghan people is accelerating terrorist attacks on sacred sites, political meetings and on people’s gatherings organized and launch mostly by the followers of Shia religion. The aim of such attacks is to create discord among Afghan ethnic groups and the followers of various religious sects. This heinous goal follows by the intelligence services of the region to disrupt Afghan community. The above facts clearly indicate that tremendous conspiracies against Afghan people are under way. Therefore the situation requires a political conscientious  from every Afghan to say no to all kinds of decimations including religious, ethnical and linguistic prejudices and building a real and strong national unity foil the conspiracies of the enemies of this country and provide the ground for ensuring peace and tranquility of our innocent and long suffering people. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) International news agencies among them AFP have reported that IS terrorist group has asked the Muslims all over the world to migrate in to Afghanistan. 
Reporting the story, BNA reporter write IS terrorist group issuing a video message has asked its affiliates if they cannot stay in Syria and Iraq, migrate to Afghanistan.
IS in this 25 minute video message has determined Juwzjon province in the north and Nangarhar in the east for its sympathizers to migrate.
In this video message, a member of IS from Uzbekistan addressing IS supporters insisted that anywhere across the world they live should migrate in to Khurasan.
An Uzbek militant, reads the group message in Uzbek, Pashto and Persian languages with footnotes in Arabic.
Also, IS in this video message, displays the beheading of prisoners and the training of children recruited by the group.
This video message has released in a time, the increasing number of the presence of this terrorist group has reported in north and east of Afghanistan.
A number of countries among them Russia and central Asian countries say that IS militants after their defeat in Syria and Iraq have come to Afghanistan.
They have also claimed that unidentified helicopters were carrying IS militants to the north of Afghanistan, the claim that has denied by Afghan authorities.
Although Afghan authorities consider the presence of IS in the country very limited and call the concerns regarding to matter propaganda by a number of countries using the name of IS achieve their regional goals. However, Afghan political elites say that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its international allies should take the threats serious.
A number of international political elites believe that releasing the video, IS tries to change the rumors about transforming IS militants from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan in to a reality.
However, Jaweed Kohistani a knowledgeable person in security affairs says that Arabic countries and US in complacence with Pakistan transport IS militants from Karachi in to Afghanistan.
It should be said that a great number of IS militants are mainly the citizens of Uzbekistan and other central Asian countries  are carrying terrorist activities under the command of the son of killed Juma Namangani the then leader of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. 
Last week, is a result of two explosions in a hideout of IS terrorists in Juwzjan province 26 members lost their lives. 11 of them were Uzbekistan’s national, the other were from Tajikistan and other central Asian countries.
Sometimes ago, Afghan security forces captured a number of foreign nationals from Logar and Nangarhar provinces who were coming from Pakistan to join IS militants in Afghanistan.
Afghan politicians say all above facts indicate that so called Islamic state  is seeking to influence in Afghanistan, therefore, Afghan relevant authorities should take serious the migration of IS personnel from  Syria and Iraq in to Afghanistan.