21 November 2019

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The process of reporting and responding of state organs authorities to the based on the president’s verdict started. Based on the verdict all state administrations are obliged to report about their activities to the people.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes based on the verdict of president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,   based on the second article of Access to Information Law all ministries and independent organs are obliged to report about their achievements and future programs to the people   via a press conference and reflect them through mass media.
The second article of the right of access to information law ensures the right of people to information and obtaining confidence from transparency and accountability of all state organs performances.
The aim of issuing the verdict and starting the process of reporting and responding of the state authorities from their activities is awareness of people from the performances of state authorities.  Reporting is a basic right of people, where they come to know about the activities of state administrations and is a characteristic of democratic system where the people become aware from the activities of their government.
In reporting sessions, the administrations find an opportunity to aware the people from their important and major performances and in same time the people know about the problems and challenge the state is facing.   This kind of sessions also provide the ground for exchanging experiences and strengthen the idea that the government is working for tranquility of people and their  access to all possibilities and facilities.
Without doubt reporting sessions will discuss the main achievements, challenges and problems, but they should not ignore the simple and small problems and challenges. It would be required; the relevant authorities explain the reasons of the shortages and problems and show the practical way for their solutions.
In any case, conducting reporting sessions and informing the people from state organs activities is a positive and important step toward building a good government, while still administrative corruption, misusing from job related authorities, ethnical tendencies and using force are still exist in the government, but coordination of government with people have brought the people and the government close together and the people have become more confident  to the performances of state authorities and their transparency.     

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The European Union foreign ministers member countries have considered the achievements of the last eighteen years in Afghanistan   not returnable emphasized on its maintaining. 
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the EU foreign ministers in their last session in Luxembourg City discussing over their role and cooperation in process of peace in Afghanistan supported the process, insisted on preserving the achievements of the last eighteen year.
The statements have been expressed in a time that Afghan peace process has entered in to new developments.   The developments are more tangible in foreign dimension of Afghan problem.  One of the developments is the talks between US and Taliban’s representatives. It has been said that the two sides are getting closer and there is a possibility to reach an agreement. But the absence of Afghan government in the negotiations and the reports on reaching agreement between the two sides has caused certain concerns inside Afghanistan. The concerns are that there should be no any secret deal and the achievements of the last eighteen years among them civil activities, women’s rights, freedom of speech and democratic values such as national army and police should be seriously regard in any agreement, and right of people for determining their destiny should not be taken from them.
The concerns   became more serious after that Taliban in Ghazni and other places imposed certain limitation on women teachers and girl students and Abas Stankzay a senior member of the group said that in case of Taliban’s victory they would dismantle Afghan army and other security organs of the country and the constitution cancels because it was approved as a result of Americans’ support.
Afghan authorities have said that Taliban are seeking to revive their tyrannical and non-Islamic rule and impose on people.
Afghanistan during the last eighteen years has achieved tangible achievements which are vital to our people and a need for stability of the region.
The achievements are the result of joint sacrifices of Afghan people and world community as a whole therefore they would be not ready to lose them in vain.
While EU accepts peace with leadership and ownership of Afghans, insists on maintaining political, economic and social achievements of the last eighteen years.
Earlier to EU, NATO, India, America and a number of other countries have said that protecting the achievements of the last eighteen years is a base for any possible peace agreement in Afghanistan.
This clearly shows that the progressive world would not be ready to convey humane values to barbarism and ignorance but tries to encourage barbaric and ignorant people to take the road of humanity that is the need of the current world.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Any agreement can be put in practice only when there is strong guarantor for implementing it.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes while peace negotiation between US and Taliban advancing well, finally Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will also join the process. However, our people due to distrusts to Taliban’s words and action not believe and trust this group.
There had been mistrust to Taliban since long time ago, because this group has not considered responsible against any international standards and treaty.
Taliban when dominated over Kabul in 1996, against all internationally accepted criteria and not observing the safety of diplomats residing inside the headquarters of UN in Kabul interred the headquarters and assassinated Dr. Najibullah the former president of the country.  In Balkh they killed all staff of Iranian consulate staff that had diplomatic safety.
When they ruled over the destiny of people, the cared no to any treaty or resolution of United Nations Organization and this caused, Afghanistan became isolated in international arena.
Now, the people are talking about negotiation and making peace with Taliban, due to their heinous deeds, the people express concern that how this group will perform their obligations just signing a peace agreement.
The concerned further increased when the involved countries in Afghanistan problem, are just moving toward achieving their own interests, while Afghan people representing the whole world have given numerous sacrifices in war against terrorism. Therefore, the end of peace should not be treated as a political game in the country.
Although, peace process negotiations between US and Taliban is developing but the Afghan people have no trust on them too much.
From Afghan people view point, the process is ambiguous and same cases are questionable. Afghan people strongly believe that Taliban are mostly affected by Pakistan policy and deeds. While Pakistan in performing its commitments and obligations against the countries of the region is mistrusted country.
The Afghan people have seen tripartite negotiation among Afghanistan, turkey and Pakistan, among Afghanistan, England and Pakistan and among Afghanistan, China and Pakistan, unfortunately not affected too much in political and security situation of the country, because there were no any guarantors for executing Pakistan’s promises.
Peace for Afghan people has high value. Afghan government welcomes any step taken for restoring peace in the country.  For guarantying any possible peace agreement there should be a valid guarantor, for this reason the Afghan president office considers EU guarantee effective from the implementation of any agreement.    

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The establishment of a High Reconciliation Council is an important and good move for uniting and organizing peace activities in the country that can strengthen peace negotiations among Afghans. 
BNA analyst of social affairs commenting on the issue writes the first session of high reconciliation council recently held in president’s office.
The aim of the establishment of high reconciliation council where the prominent political figures have its membership is to follow and insure peace process in the country.
Close sources to president have said that the high reconciliation council has been established after two months persistent efforts that can be an example of forming a consensus among Afghans, for strengthening peace negotiations.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the first session of the council said, “The leadership of the government, political and Jihadi leaders and the representatives of other sections of the society, with unity and consensus alongside with their nation came together to push forward the process of peace.”
The people say that the establishment of high reconciliation council can organize and coordinate the Afghans stance in the process of peace negotiations, while earlier the process was unorganized and non- coordinated and that provide the ground  for foreigners to criticize the non – existence of consensus among Afghan relevant authorities.
The presence of political, jihadi leaders and social personalities and the representatives of people in high reconciliation council give this message that  peace and peace negotiation in Afghanistan have been changed in to a national issue that asks the people to defend the national values in a complete and strong unity.
The council exactly established in a time that the inner and foreign efforts for settling Afghan problem have become more serious and conceptions for political solution of Afghan problem is getting momentum by passing each day.
But regretfully some parties and certain foreign countries are trying to obtain  their own interests in process, while the Afghan people and authorities of Afghan government strongly believe that Afghan national interests is a basic issue that should be focused on. 
The high reconciliation council can improve the process of peace among Afghans and better organize it and give the message that Afghans representing their national will and protecting their national values and the achievements of the last eighteen years are standing on one line and exercise the same view.