23 July 2019

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In a country where for dozens of years’ war continuing talking about human rights would be difficult.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan is for tens of years in flame of imposed war and its people are suffering from the pains and hardships have caused this imposed war.
However, it should not be forgotten that the Afghan community in close cooperation of international community is moving toward a democratic and new society. Considering this important point, has established independent commissions under the name of Human Rights Independent Commission in order to provide the ground for punishment of those violate human rights.
Unfortunately, so far such an opportunity has not provided, but the number of terrorists has increased, new terrorist groups created, using religion as means fight against religion, using the sacred terms of man and freedom fight against man and freedom.
The majority of Afghan people believe those who produce terrorist groups and use them for achieving their political and military objectives in the region and in the world, in reality are main violators of human rights in the world.
There is a general belief that no terrorist group can follow its anti – human rights objectives even for a month without the assistance of foreign countries intelligence services.
In any case, Afghanistan is passing through a difficult political and military phase; the people are talking seriously about war and peace all over the country.
Discussions on human rights issues and protecting the humane values were the pivotal of peace talks with armed oppositions during the last 17 years. The consequences of the talks should not ensure the immunity of war criminals and should not harm democracy and the rule of people. These are concerns that the people present. The people’s will and demands should be observed and look at human rights issues through the eyes of people  who have given sacrifices for years and tortured for years under various names.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Any peace agreement becomes effective when the two sides respect the interest of each other and take firm steps toward ensuring public interests.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Zalmay Khalilzad the US special for Afghanistan has so far several times visited Taliban representatives and he is optimistic about the negotiations and talking about reaching some agreements. One of the agreements is releasing of Taliban’s prisoners.
Some media especially Pakistani media reported that Taliban in their talks with US foreign ministry envoy have presented a list of ten thousand of their prisoners who are behind bars in Afghan state run prisons.  Probably the two sides in their last negotiations have reach agreement on releasing the prisoners.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has said nothing in that regard so far, but persistently insisted that peace negotiation is ownership of Afghans and the achievements of Afghan people would not deal in these negotiations.
Afghan people and government while welcome any move that restore peace and stability in to the country,   but insist that in such negotiations, the release of prisoners who have caused violence, killed and destructed should not be the main issue, there are many other issues that should be given priority.
On the other hand Taliban in any session or move for peace only think about their own interests, while for reaching peace agreement, the two sides should be committed to peace and the interests of each other and honestly take effective steps in the regard.
Peace in not one way street that only the state passes, release the prisoners or gives other privileges. On peace street there is a need both the government and oppositions move parallel in order the interests of both sides ensured.
The war stricken countries experiences who were involved in war for many years then reached understanding demonstrate that they have first agreed on generals and then agreed on every article of the issue.
In such agreements, freedom of prisoners had been a part of the agreement.    
But in Afghanistan such a thing has not seen. In the past thousands of Taliban have been released from prisons but never been effective for peace and mad the battle fields of Taliban warmer. Today we are witnessing the result of it.
It should not forget that Afghan people want peace but the peace that the authorities of the state insist on. This is a honorable, extensive and across Afghanistan peace that ensures national values, not negotiations aiming just the release of a number of prisoners.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Police and other security forces are the enforcing law personnel who make their best efforts for security and tranquility of the people. Therefore, firing and killing these public serving people considers as invasion to public interests and national treason. The people who commit such crimes and national treason should be dealt seriously.
BNA security affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes ministry of interior has started the detaining   of irresponsible people since yesterday that by weapon and force have breached many enforced laws in the country. 
The spokesperson ministry of interior gives a definition from armed irresponsible persons as follow:  the people who by point of gun are exhorting the property of people and breach the laws are irresponsible people.
This definition confirms what have done by Tamim Shansab or have said addressing to Tamim Wardak .
The exhorter, besides not cooperating police in enforcing law, but firing on police, with his armed men fought against security forces for 24 hours killing a policeman injured six others.
He who had earlier managed a security company, have committed violations and misused power. He had dared to commit such heavy crimes because of his family affiliation to a former high ranking military police officer.
The recent incident has put the military authorities; enforce law agencies and judicial organization in a great test. Considering the definition made by ministry of interior from irresponsible armed people, how will they   deal with this armed and powerful man?
The security forces have earlier detained rogue and powerful men from other parts of the country but the program was not extensive. The presence of armed irresponsible people is more tangible in Kabul than any other parts of the country. The example of which was the brutal and inhumane dealing of an irresponsible armed man in Haji Yaquob Square. There are also other people exploiting ethnical and language affiliations usurp people’s properties.
We hope ministry of interior and other security organs with in an extensive way without any exception to do away the evil of irresponsible people. Nothing should deter the ministry from detaining and punishing the rogue irresponsible people in order to meet the demands of people in that regard.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Kabul (BNA) BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the last four decades insecurities have caused huge and severe problems for Afghan community.  One of the problems is the existence of huge quantities of weapons among the people. There are almost illegal arms in every house that can create many problems in the community.
Today, armed people have divided in to many big and small groups and operate under different names have changed in to serious social problem and commit many kinds of crimes. They commit such evil crimes under the name of ethnicity, nationality and religion.
The existence of such figures and groups in every part of Afghanistan even Kabul and other big cities indicate that the heinous acts that they have committed so far are not uncovered for anybody.  Such evil and open acts badly discredit the credibility of security organs.
The state in order to rescue the people from the evil of those who are involved in attacking both spiritual and physical life of people, started the program of legal persecuting and arresting such people, a program strongly supported by the people.
The national Security Council and Interior Ministry have chosen the way of fighting these criminals who have named in official literature irresponsible people.
Unfortunately, there are certain circles and groups who give the process ethnicity and religion trend which is an open oppression against the people who oppressed by such evil people.
The securities forces that have the grand responsibility protection of national and humanistic values are going to war against evils enjoy the support of people in this sacred war.
But there is an issue in which the security and defense forces authorities should focus on:  the so called irresponsible people are harassing people in every part of the country. Therefore the program should be extensive and practical to be used honesty across the country without any exception and this way the state relevant authorities meet the demands of the people.