23 July 2019

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Attack on prayers is not justifiable it is just a dispute against Islam and hostility against humanity.
BNA reporter reporting on the issue writes last Friday a suicide terrorist exploding himself among prayers in a mosque killed or wounded a number of worshipers.
Earlier to the incident, the terrorists attacking a gathering of religious scholars in a hotel in Kabul martyred a number of people who were celebrating the Birth Day of great prophet of Islam, while reciting the Holy Quran.
What have happened in Khost district market and Uranus Hotel are not exceptional incidents, earlier the terrorists have also targeted sacred places and the Muslims gatherings and have proved that while they are crying and chanting Islamic slogans overtly, but in reality they are fighting Islam and seeking to create religious and ethnical discord among people who have lived like brothers in long history in order to achieve their evil goals earlier determined by foreigners.
The problem is this that Taliban and IS the two sides of the same coin that always claim the responsibility of such inhumane crimes, come to the scene as Muslims and crying Islamic slogans, but in reality they have been used as a means by foreign intelligence services weakening Islam and practically fighting against Islam and Muslims.
These two terrorist groups and other terrorist groups such as Al – Qaida, Boko- Haram.. ,.  Carrying out such evil actions in the countries where the old enemies of Islam are taking benefit. Regretfully, most of Taliban who have little religious literacy consider Islam via sensations not through wisdom and knowledge mostly commit such heinous crimes.  
If Taliban claim that attacking on prayers in mosque in Khost district have taken the lives of a number of military personnel or attacking Uranus Hotel have killed the enemies of so called Islamic Emirate, in reality they have attacked the religious values and beliefs of people and proved their hostility to Islam and Muslims.
Regarding the attack on prayers in mosque inside the compound a military base, one should acknowledge that there have been a wide security gap and poor management. The relevant authorities do not use the experiences they have already obtained, as just two years ago; in suicide attack on Shaheen battalion many personnel of the battalion lost their lives. The attack and its consequences taught good lessons to the relevant authorities. The people hope, the authorities using these experiences prevent the occurrence of incidents a like and end the concerns of people in that regard.      

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Afghan people and government considering peace process as an inter- Afghan process insist that the process should be considered an Afghan property and respected and foreign countries should only support it.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes United States of America has stepped up its efforts for promoting peace talks among factions involved in Afghan problem.  As Zalmay Khalilzad the envoy of that country for Afghanistan visiting the effected countries on Afghan crisis has visited the representatives of Taliban in Qatar. Khalilzad who seems satisfied from his work and is optimistic about the future recently visited president Ghani in Kabul and informed him about the details of his talks with Taliban and called the results positive. He emphasized that America as a supporter of peace process in Afghanistan respects the laws and the will of the people of that country.
Although so far nothing has been officially said about the details of Khalilzad’s visit with Taliban, but he wants to follow a peaceful diplomacy in that regard. 
According some media reports and informal sources Taliban have showed interest for enforcement of a long term ceasefire.   Without doubt an enforcement of ceasefire provides the ground for settling many problems which is good news for Afghan people.
Although there is optimism regarding to peace process in Afghanistan and can been seen on the feature of Afghan and western diplomats but Taliban using the opportunity accelerating their provocations to extend the areas under their control in order to have upper hand in political talks. While the Afghan people insist on restoring a comprehensive peace that ensures national interests and protects the achievements of the last 17 years. In such a process the major winner would be the people.
The Afghan people and government have consistently emphasized that peace is a need and high human goal but never surrender in to a shameful peace.
We hope peace process in Afghanistan should be considered and respected as inter- Afghan process and the foreign countries only support and strengthen the process only through impartial, honest and moral efforts.  Also it is required Taliban to think about peace and national interests not about expanding the territories under their control. In this way the Afghans reach their old aim that is peace.

Wednesday November 21, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Counter Narcotics Minister says a survey conducted in 1397 shows 20% decrease in poppy cultivation than the previous year.
According BNA report Salamat Azimi the counter narcotics’ minister and General Abdul Jalil  Bakhtiyar the counter narcotic deputy minister of interior holding a news conference with the head of UN office for crimes  claimed that a survey conducted by the ministry of counter narcotics and the other relevant organs shows a remarkable decrease in poppy cultivation during the current year than the previous  year. He called the amendment of counter narcotic law, efforts, widespread coordination among relevant security organs, alternative accommodation programs and public awareness, the reasons behind the decrease. The minister also calling narcotics as an international challenge said for launching a successful campaign against this evil phenomenon, international cooperation has needed.
In this news conference Abdul Jalil Bakhtyar deputy counter narcotic minister of Interior ministry said his office based on national strategy and practical programs for counter narcotics campaign has increased its achievement in national level.  
He added, they have launched 3074 counter narcotic operations during the current year as a result of which 3500 suspects including five well-known international traffickers, seven foreign nationals, 70 women and 11 children have been arrested.
The deputy minister claimed in 1396, 32800 hectares of land had been cultivated poppy but the poppy cultivated area in 1397 was 26300 hectares.
According the minister of counter narcotics added in 1397, 9 % of poppy have been cultivated in east, south and south east part of the country and claimed that 10 provinces across the country were free of poppy.  He added Takhar was free of poppy but at the end of that year restarted poppy cultivation.
Counter narcotics minister said in 1396, more than one thousand metric ton opium produced, the figure was 400 metric- tons in 1397 which also shows a decrease.
According to the minister in 1397, 466 hectares poppy cultivated land destroyed and they also damaged 30 opium processing factories and their 8 storehouses.
According Mr. Bakhtyary in operations launched in Kabul city 1430 suspects to narcotics business arrested and a vehicle and 92 weapons and 20 tons of narcotics confiscated.
He claimed, at the air ports across the country 430 drug traffickers have been arrested and 75kg narcotics and346000 $ in cash   confiscated.
The head of UN office for narcotics related crimes at the news conference said the presented reports clearly indicate that a serious counter narcotics campaign is underway that has lowered the narcotic prices in the market.
He added one of the reasons that decreased poppy cultivation is the low cost of narcotics in the market.
According to him there is almost 94 dollars decrease in the cost of every kg of opium. He ranked Helmand first among poppy cultivating provinces and then named Kandahar, Urozgan and Nangarhar provinces.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday, November 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) National Security Council In the most recent development has asked the security and defense forces of the country in order to decrease casualties among defense forces of the country start attacks on terrorists’ positions.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes considering the increasing casualties among security and defense forces, the national Security Council has asked the security and defense forces of the country based on precise plan regularly and repeatedly target the positions of terrorists in order to prevent the heavy casualties among Afghan troops.
It would be possible one of the strategies that can decrease casualties among security and defense forces of the country would be that. But it should not be forgotten ton there are other factors that have caused casualties among security and defense forces of the country.
Some people depend, the issue to capability and power of terrorists and while some others say that the comprehensive support of the regional and beyond regional countries from terrorists and covert and overt negotiations with the representatives of terrorist groups   are the major incentives behind the casualties.
In the meantime, some others think that Taliban are connected to sources of power, using the situation they spare no any tyranny against people, but what has lost in this complicated situation is the answer to the questions.
So far no body has thought that why do the terrorist groups have succeeded against the state that enjoys the support and backing of international community. Also,   it is never been thought that whither the military strategy that has being used so far is applicable, or why did so far the sources where Taliban recruit their personnel have not been closed.
It has not also thought that there is a proper ground for dissemination of Taliban’s way of thinking in remote villages and districts and it has never been thought how to prevent the exhibition of power by Taliban?
The events clearly indicate that the people are firmly standing alongside security and defense forces and constantly cried and uncovered the programs launched by Taliban and would attack, unfortunately, ignored which have caused casualties among people and security and defense forces. 
In any case, there are many factors that should be thought about.  However, what is the pride of Afghan people are their hero sons who heroically fight in ranks and files of security and defense forces and foil the conspiracies of the enemies who launch against our country.
What have been mentioned above clearly demonstrate that the devotions and heroism of the true sons for the defense of their beloved homeland increased and they are determined to  heroically  fight and defend  each inch of this sacred soil.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General