27 September 2020

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Thursday, July 04, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The current horrible and harrowing situation, asks Afghan people to do their best to solve the problem by their own.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the political and military situation of Afghanistan is more complicated than the past, the different and variety of speeches, mostly against each other delivered a number of foreign figures, who have their own interests in Afghanistan have further complicated the situation.
They sometimes talk about peace and ending the war in Afghanistan, sometimes about ousting foreign forces from the country and sometimes expressing concern over the existence of foreign intelligence services, predict the future dangerous. Other time, claim that Afghanistan without the existence of foreign forces would be changed in to base for terrorist groups.
In the height of the fears and hopes, how they present the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan?  
The answer is clear, this is every country, every organization and group involved in Afghan problem have their own interests and fight to meet their interests.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which represents the national will of Afghan people insists that Afghan people never deal on the achievements of the last 18 years and observing the constitution in any political move.
Foreign circles should learn from the history that Afghans have never permitted to be dealt on their fate and freedom.
Today the Afghans in addition to natural characteristic that is defending their territory and national identity, have learned a lot during the last two decades events, especially from proxy wars have launch by certain countries, therefore they are consciously defend their interests and never acquiesce to the evil wishes  of the enemies, as their forefathers did.
The situation in Afghanistan, the region and the world teaches our people to use their experiences achieved especially during the last two decades, settle the problem of the country and not beat the drum for others and prefer the national interests of the country. We can hit this target only via building a strong and true national Unity. 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Kabul (BNA)  Narcotic drugs is a horrible phenomenon like terrorism that threatens the life of humanity, therefore for curbing it a world gathering needed to organized against it.
BNA narcotic drugs affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, June 26th is counter narcotic day. The Afghan people consider narcotic drugs as a horrible phenomenon that threats the identity and future of the country.
The world credible organizations and United Nations consider Afghanistan as the greatest narcotics producing country in the world which has given a heinous identity to our country. 
It is a fact that according to the estimation of foreign countries and organizations, Afghanistan is the first among narcotic drugs producing countries, but there are facts that indicate that the problem of narcotics has widespread foreign dimensions in Afghanistan and the problem is not only restricted to  Afghanistan.
More than forty year fighting in Afghanistan has taken many opportunities from the people of this country and provided opportunities for countries and illegal organizations and enemies of this country to illegally meet their interests in further worsening the situation in Afghanistan.
The name of Afghanistan has closely bound to the production and smuggling narcotics, while the benefit of it several billion dollars trade returns to world mafia and regional intelligence networks. 
There are many countries that blame Afghanistan for producing and smuggling narcotics but practically have done nothing for settle the problem. It is a fact that poppy is cultivated in Afghanistan but the materials that used in process of narcotics are trafficked from abroad. What have the foreign countries have done to deter the traffickers from this illegal business?   
Narcotic drugs produced in Afghanistan but its transit roads to the countries of region, Europe and even to America are not under the control of Afghan security forces, what have the countries that the transit roads run through their territory done to deter the smuggling of narcotics that threat the lives of people across the world? 
Narcotics produced in Afghanistan, and smuggled to other countries according to their demands. The countries that consider themselves the victim of narcotic drugs smuggled from Afghanistan, what have done for decreasing the demands for narcotics in their countries?  The relevant countries should answer the above questions.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has done many suitable works inside its territory for decreasing and eliminating narcotic, proposed tilting alternative plants, dissimilated captivation of saffron, restricted the ground for cultivators and traffickers of the phenomenon and built special prisons for have been accused for poppy cultivation and trafficking narcotic drugs. Unfortunately the foreign countries have showed no any interest to honestly fight against drugs the enemy of humanity.  Even the countries that committed to fight narcotics have failed to fulfill their commitments in that regard. It is a reality that narcotic drugs as terrorism are a regional and universal phenomenon; therefore it requires the region and world to fight against it jointly. 
The situation asks the world to become organized against the threat of narcotics, avoid accusation and just chanting slogans and practically and honestly fight for elimination of narcotic drugs that threaten the health of people across the world.

Thursday, June 27, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Although there is much talking about the development of negotiation between America and Taliban but US foreign secretary Mike Pampeo says so far is nothing finalized.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently US secretary of state was in Kabul and visited the leadership of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
The visit of this American senior official from Kabul takes place exactly in a time, when the problem of Afghanistan is accompanied with special developments, the most important of that is an early visit of Afghan president Ashraf Ghani from Pakistan, the start of the new round of talks between Taliban and US and the sessions of NATO defense ministers which be held in Brussels who will discuss the political solution of Afghan problem.
In such a situation the visit of American foreign secretary from Kabul is understandable.
He has said that he has expected the Afghan peace agreement to be signed in less than two and half months. The negotiation with Taliban for finalizing the draft on counterterrorism straggle is very close.
US secretary of state also has said that in negotiation with Taliban four issues this is counter terrorism straggle, the presence of international forces, inter Afghan dialogues and ceasefire, but agreement only on one issue is impossible and so far, nothing is finalized.
He also has said that America has not talked with Taliban in absence of Afghan government and people but tried to draw all Afghans in to negotiation table, in order to build jointly the prospect of their country by their own.
The US foreign minister insisted that the time has reached for Pakistan to practically cooperate with peace process of Afghanistan.
Afghan people and government seriously believe that only inter – Afghan talks can shorten the peace process and only the foreigners can facilitate the process, the issue has been discussed in negotiations between the representatives of US and Taliban.
Afghan government and people welcome and effort than can shorten the process but only desiring is not enough, peace should be persistence and all Afghans enjoy it equally.
Afghan issue has foreign complicated dimensions, passing time it is becoming clearer. Therefore the true and honest cooperation of foreign countries is of great importance. For this reason US foreign minister says, (Pakistan should practically cooperate Afghan peace process.)
The statements indicate that this is not only Afghan people and government that call Pakistan’s insufficient, American and its allies also expressed their concerns about the activities of Pakistan in that regard. The US is not consent with Pakistan’s cooperation in the process. Therefore, it requires Pakistan to change its policies in that regard.
Also there are other countries that have changed Afghanistan in the battle ground for their rivalries which protracted the war in Afghanistan and further complicated peace process in that country.
We hope the efforts of US and other countries to have good consequences and the groups involve in Afghan conflict come together and end the sufferings of their people.    

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The scheduled program of President Ghani’s visit to Pakistan is another step toward establishing an atmosphere of trust between the two countries that can pave the way for regional stability.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes new developments have been forming for political solution of Afghan problem that opens the door of hope for Afghan war hit people.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in an official visit will go to Pakistan very soon and less than six days the seventh round of negotiation between America and Taliban in Doha will start, while a number of Afghan politicians are in Pakistan carrying out political discussions with the authorities of that country.
In addition to the above statements, the statements of Donald Trump US president who says there are good signs for the solution of Afghan problem, or the statement of Mrs. Maleehe Lodhi the permanent representative of Pakistan in United Nations Organization who has said that Taliban soon inter in inter- Afghans dialogues is a change in Pakistan’s position and the insistence of the authorities of that country for restoring peace in Afghanistan. Likewise, the diplomatic endeavors of other countries such as Germany, China, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Russia are the major steps taken for forming a regional and international consensus to fight terrorism and restoring peace in Afghanistan, which opens a door of hope for a peaceful Afghanistan in future.
The complicated situation of Afghanistan has proved that the problem has its roots abroad while stability and security in Afghanistan generally affect regional and international security. Therefore ending the problem seriously needs forming a regional and international gathering and so far Afghan government has taken firm steps in that regard.
The people believe, the visit of their country from Pakistan is a good step toward establishing an atmosphere of trust between the two countries, but Pakistan should know the visit much different from the earlier visits of Afghan leaders made to Pakistan because the current situation is not comparable to the previous years.
Now, the world knows where the source of tension in Afghanistan is located and the Afghan government expressing and showing the realities has succeeded to achieve international support in that regard.
This is a fact that peace is not one way street and insecurity in Afghanistan won’t remain in Afghan territory but affects other countries of the region; therefore it would be good for all countries of the region to fight honestly for restoring peace and stability in to Afghanistan if they really want peace and stability of the region, even the world.  
For ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region should jointly take steps, supporting extremist groups is not in to the interest of anyone because they will never become the friend of anybody, they only pursue their own objectives.
Ending the conflict in Afghanistan and restoring peace and stability in to this country and in to the region will become only possible when there is the same definition from terrorism and extremism and all countries practically fight the evil phenomenon to rescue the humanity as a whole.