24 June 2019

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Taliban in a series of military operations during the last days have afflicted heavy losses to the highways of the country which caused serious problems to passengers and merchants.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on issue writes Taliban since the commencement of their fighting until today have used sabotaging the economy of the country, destructing infrastructures and weakening the moral of people as a  war techniques. They during their presence in political and military arena of Afghanistan for more than 25 years have considered destructions and losses as a war technique inflected heavy losses in to economy of the country.
What Taliban consider as a war technique is a strategic dream that has been designed by Pakistan during the last seventy years against Afghanistan and now taking the rein of Taliban in its hand, has provided the ground for implementing that evil strategy in practice to achieve its ambitious objectives.
During the most recent developments, Taliban in their attacks have afflicted the most losses in to the highways of the country. The highways in every country are considered as the economic artillery, therefore, Taliban with instruction of aliens who consider economic sabotaging of Afghanistan the priority of their war in Afghanistan in their anti – Afghan campaign mostly target the highways of the country.
As recently, Taliban destroyed some parts of Kabul – Kandahar high way planting mines in Wardak and Ghazni areas and damaged the bridges. They also, destroyed a part of Ghazni – Paktia highway and did the same barbaric practice on high way connect Juzjan and Faryab provinces.
Taliban damaging the highways created problems for passengers and afflicted heavy losses to the merchants of the country. Taliban committing this crime have caused the closure of schools located along the highways, because the schools have faced with serious security threats, therefore the teachers and students dare not to attend the classrooms.
These satanic activities indicate that Taliban have not satisfied with terror, explosions, suicide and arson but pursue economic sabotage as the priority of their destruction and damaging mission in Afghanistan that cannot be justifiable but one can say that they by the instruction and command of the enemies of Afghanistan are seeking not only destroy the infrastructure of the country but want to eliminate the humanity as a whole.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Wednesday October 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) New restrictions of Pakistan on exportation of Afghan fruits prove that Pakistan is still active for sabotaging the economy of Afghanistan and never has come short from its adventurous activities.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the authorities of Afghan commerce and industrial chamber say that Pakistan has prevented the exportation of Afghan apple and grapes exportation to that country since a couple days ago. Beside apple, using different pretexts they also prevent the exportation of some other Afghan agricultural items. They claimed.
This time, is using a pretext that Iran’s apple under the name of Afghan apple exports in to that country, while two months has left for harvesting apple in Iran.
In addition to other fruits, annually more than a thousand tons of apple exports from Afghanistan in to Pakistan.
The new move of Pakistan for preventing the importation of Afghan apple in to that country once again makes the matter clear that Pakistan is seeking in sabotaging Afghan economy and its intelligence and political offices deliberately manage the program and recent political changes in Pakistan  has brought no any changes  in destructive policy of that country over Afghanistan.
The issue that should be focus on is this that Pakistan has always used the transit and commerce as a means of pressure against Afghanistan, while itself requires both the markets and the route of Afghanistan to trade with central Asian countries and persistently has tried to use the matter as one way street in its benefit.
In transit issue Afghanistan and Pakistan need each other, as Afghanistan uses Pakistan markets and its routes for reaching international markets, Pakistan also uses Afghanistan as a transit route for sending its industrial and agricultural goods. If we think deeply on these mutual needs, it becomes clear that the requirements of Pakistan are more serious than Afghanistan’s.
Therefore, in existence of such mutual requirements one side cannot use commercial and transit roads as a monopoly and use them as a political and economic arm.
The persistent adventurous policies of Pakistan on Afghan transit roads made the country to find alternative roads and found.
Turning of Afghanistan to new routes and establishing air corridors have somewhat decreased the dependency of Afghanistan in to Pakistan’s routes and this led to the reduction of business worth billions of dollars between the two countries and instead, Afghanistan increased it trading with Iran, India and Central Asian countries.
Pakistan prevents the exportations of Afghan fruits in to that country in a time that is the season of gathering the products and this clearly show that Pakistan has never been honest in its commitments but uses commerce as a means to achieve its political objectives.
Pakistan has always used the issues of transit, refugees and cultural and economic issues as a means of pressure against Afghanistan and victimized economy for politics but the loser of this game is Pakistan because Afghanistan finding new alternative routes has no any interests in opening its frontiers to Pakistan. The ongoing adventurous policies of Pakistan without doubt harm the traders and exporters of that country. Meanwhile, it would be necessary for Afghan relevant authorities to deal with Pakistan the same in order that country accepts that politics cannot shade on economy. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday, October 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) A new survey indicates that 93% of poppy cultivation takes place in areas under Taliban’s control and the group is main manager of drug trafficking in Afghanistan.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes a new survey conducted by ministry of counter narcotics campaign in cooperation of important international organizations makes it clear that 93% poppy cultivation takes place in areas controlled by Taliban.
The survey indicates that during the current year 200000 hectare s of land have been cultivated poppy in Afghanistan, Helmand with one hundred thousand hectares is in first place and Kandahar with 20000 hectares stands in the second.
Afghanistan has known as the biggest narcotics producing country in the world. However, poppy cultivation with such high percentage in areas under the control of Taliban clearly shows that this notorious group is also the vanguard of management, cultivation and narcotic drugs trafficking. Taliban by carrying suicide attacks, planting mines and setting fire on schools, destroying bridges, looting the mines and cutting the forests have won a heinous identify both for themselves and Afghanistan and by managing and trafficking of narcotics added to their barbaric crimes.
It has been said that narcotic drugs trafficking ensures a part of military expenditure of the group. Their benefit from narcotic drugs trafficking reaches annually to 50 billion dollars and keep their military machine active in this way.
The documents and evidences show that many trading companies in Pakistan and some gulf countries affiliated to the leaders of Taliban are engaged in drug trafficking, looted materials from the mines of Afghanistan and logs have been cut from the forest of our country.
Trafficking of narcotic drugs from Afghanistan without doubt takes place in complicity of foreign intelligence services and international mafia and Taliban are supervising this advantageous transit route from the borders of Afghanistan up to Europe and America.
Regretfully it is always talking about the increase of poppy cultivation and drugs trafficking in Afghanistan and world countries especially Pakistan, Iran and Russia consider themselves as the victims of narcotic drugs smuggled from Afghanistan. But they never see the real sides of this dirty trade and practically have not taken any measure for ending this notorious trade, but contrary, the intelligence services and police of some foreign countries  among them Pakistan provide the ground for drug trafficking from Afghanistan and actively cooperates in that regard for its own benefits.
Many believe that narcotic drugs as terrorism is an imposed phenomenon on Afghans and some countries using narcotic drugs and terrorism as a means for achieving their own interests support Taliban.
Ending the problem of narcotic drugs and its regional and international consequences is only possible when dealt with reality and regional consensus be formed against it.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The current crisis in Afghanistan severely harms the regional security and economy, can be settled only via negotiations
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Zulmay Khalilzad who has recently assigned as a US special envoy in Afghanistan has started his regional tour for finding a political solution for the current crisis of the country.
This Afghan origin American diplomat with rich experiences in Afghan affairs has started his tour to Islamabad. During the tour he will also visit Afghanistan, Qatar, United Arabic Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
The tour of this American diplomat in addition to Afghanistan and Pakistan in to three gulf countries indicates that in addition to Pakistan there are also other players involve in Afghan crisis.  Khalilzad’s efforts take place exactly in a time US and NATO tried their best during the last 17 years to end Pakistan’s support from Taliban, but not succeeded. There are believes that US knew from the beginning that Taliban have good supporters among Gulf countries that use Taliban as a weapon against Iran’s ambitions in the region.
America before the Sheikhs’ of gulf countries who are the close allies of Washington stood silent and not wanted to disturb them and Pakistan knowing the sensitivities of situation used it in to its benefits in extend that Taliban known as the protectors of Pakistan’s national interests, as the group sent its militants to fight alongside Pakistani soldiers with India.
Now US wants to tighten the pressure ring against Pakistan (the major patron of Taliban) with contact to gulf countries. 
There are believes that US during the last 15 years wanted to find a proper address for the solution of Afghan problem, beside Pakistan this address can be also Arab Sheikhs.
US knowing about the realities of the region, held secret talks with Taliban in Qatar several times and used the possibilities Saudi and Emirates’ princes could provide.  Establishing Taliban’s office in Doha, Qatar practically is hosting the representatives of Taliban there.
Now the Americans understand that decreasing the support and assistances of Arab Sheikhs to Pakistan make that country to compromise.
However, some diplomats consider this US diplomacy wrong because other players of Afghan problem such as China, Russia’ Iran and India have been put at margin while today the armed supports of Russia and Iran from Iran and the moral support of China from the group have become very serious and India is very sensitive against Pakistan’s unilateral role in developments in Afghanistan.
We expect that US consider the players of the other side of the line, otherwise the country has driving on one way street, while, the solution of Afghan problem requires an effective regional and international consensus,  the interested countries should not keep outside.