23 July 2019

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Counter Polio International Day celebrates in the country while polio cases have increased than the previous year.
BNA medical affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes in 65th World Medical Assembly in 2012 polio virus  announced as the most threatening virus among people especially under five year children. The participants of the assembly asked Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan where polio positive cases to prepare national program for elimination of this fatal disease.
The ministry of public health with cooperation of relevant international agencies prepared and effective working program and implemented in practice that have caused tangible results.
According the findings of ministry of public health ministry there were eighty cases of polio in 2011 in Afghanistan. The figure reduced to 38 in 2013. Likewise, the positive cases of polio in 2016 were 13, in 2017, 14 and 2018 cases.
Presenting the above figures one can judge that counter polio campaign with correct management of  public health ministry in the right track, however still there are challenges in that regard. Removing the challenges for reducing the mortality rate among children is one of the priorities of ministry of public health ministry but for complete eradication of this fatal disease, the participation and cooperation people, ministry of education, ministry of Haj and Islamic affairs is severely needed, in this way the ministry of public health with it international colleagues can eliminate the disease forever. 
Using the experiences of the countries of the region in counter polio campaign has been proved to be successful, therefore should be considered in the future too.
The leadership of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, ministry of public health and the international colleagues of the ministry are determined to make war – torn Afghanistan avoid of polio but there are certain problem that make counter polio campaign problematic for Afghanistan, such as the existence of long borders with Pakistan, insecurities, lack of vaccinating the children who are not accessible, migrations and displacements are the main factors  poses problems for achieving that humane goal. However if the Imams of mosques, the teachers of schools, the media and people join hand in struggle against this deadly disease the figure of positive cased the disease will be very small or even zero very soon.

Abdul Khalil Minawi

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Investigating the complaints and implementing the law on warlords and wrong doers increases the trust of people to democracy.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes one of the basic principles of democracy is elections. Discussion on elections and realizing democracy in the country requires long and sufficient time, but all agree that the infant democracy in the country getting to maturity. However discussion on holding elections is difficult but contrary to it all agree that holding elections without facing problems even in the most developed countries of the world would not be available but what makes this challenging and difficult process in Afghanistan trustworthy to people is the investigations of complaints have sent to the address of election commissions by people, monitors, candidates and relevant organs of elections.
In spite of security threats the people with great zeal and enthusiasm attended the polling centers, waited for a long time, endured irregularities but voted for their favorite candidates in this way they demonstrated their strong will for ensuring national interest and empowering of the lower house of parliament.
Therefore, considering the problems the people sustained during the voting if they report about shortages, fraud, violations and buying and selling of the ballots and illegally filling the ballot boxes should be honestly investigated.
Because, the people voted in the elections, reported their eyewitnesses about irregularities, fraud to elections commissions to be verified. Therefore if the relevant organs honestly and transparently investigate the complaints, the organs will emerge as public trustworthy sources, otherwise the gap between the people and those organs become wider and they will lose their trust among the people. 
Honesty in obtaining public trust guarantees the future of democracy in the country otherwise people’s trust to democracy will harm.  

Abdul Khalil Minawi

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The massive participation of people with high zeal in parliamentary elections indicates that democracy is rooting in the country.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes holding parliamentary election in complicate political and security situation in Afghanistan represent the fact that the people of this country are demanding democracy and social justice in the country.
There is no doubt that the main owners of democratic system in humane communities are people.
The massive participation of people in parliamentary election across the country demonstrates the fact that the people man, woman, young and old of this country believe in democracy and never want to return to the dark pasts.
The people with their massive and high zeal participation declared to the enemies that the dark thinking time has passed the youths and olds of this country want taking firm steps go forward with building a genuine democracy in the country, although they will face severe and complicated problems to achieve their objectives.
Therefore the enemies of Afghanistan and their foreign patrons should know that the Afghan people have chosen their way, threat, intimidation, violence and imposed wars cannot become and obstacle against the will and demands of people.
The political wisdom and wisely reasoning suggest that the best way for achieving political objectives is participation of oppositions in the election and in peace process. The people who consider themselves Afghans and are in opposite front should desist, killing of people, destruction and looting their properties, otherwise the people say no to them once as they said in parliamentary elections. Learning from the previous experience the opposition should make no mournful the parents of our homeland.  

Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday, October 22, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Afghan people contrary to the enemies’ estimation with their massive attendance in polling stations smashed the enemies of the country.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes: In spite of certain problems, the Afghan people with their massive attendance in election stations voted for their favorite candidates.
Long queues of voters in front of voting stations indicate the fact that the Afghans believing the principles of democracy want to insure a democratic situation in their country.
With electing eligible people avoid of all kinds of ethnical, religious, linguistic and political discriminations showed their well attention in this national process.
The people know well that with going to the polling stations and electing eligible man or woman to parliament lower house cause to establish positive change in process of legislation and monitoring the activities of the government.
In any way Afghanistan is in difficult situation, in such a situation holding election avoids of problems and shortages would not be available.
The people should know that the election was of extreme importance for Afghanistan. The enemies using all opportunities tried poisoning the minds of people and disturb the process of the elections prevent realizing democracy in the country, but the people with their massive participation and voting for their favorite candidates they stabbed in the hearts of the enemies and smashed them with their evil goals and intentions.
Therefore, the citizens of our country with their massive participation in process of election and voting to their favorite candidates, foiling the conspiracies of the enemies and their patrons severely   humiliated them   once again.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General