15 December 2018

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Defense Ministry of Afghanistan says, IS in this country is a Pakistan project that has design and supported by intelligence service of that country.
BNA reporter reporting on the issue writes, whereas a number of western countries media and Russian sources talk about transforming IS terrorist group from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan but Afghan defense ministry says IS agents do not have any relation with IS in Iraq and Syria, but behind this notorious group is Pakistani intelligence service.
The national defense ministry denying the presence of Algeria and French IS personnel in Juzjan province says that terrorists in that province are under complete patronage of Pakistani intelligence service ISI
However Mohammad Radmansh the deputy spokesman says that the terrorists in Juzjan province have no any relation with IS in Iraq and Syria but this Pakistan that propagates to show them the most powerful terrorist group in that province.
The deputy spokesman of national defense ministry insists that IS in Juzjan and other parts of the country having been isolated because the people are not with them.
A representative of Juzjan people in parliament has recently said that Abdul Aziz Yaldash  son of Taher Yaldash the leader of Uzbekistan Islamic Movement has the leadership of IS in that province.
A number of Afghan politicians claim that there is no IS in Afghanistan at all and people who operate under the name of IS in the country are former Taliban due to some reasons separated from the group and based the new plan of ISI have raised the black banner of IS instead of the white flag of Taliban and they follow the same program.
According to the politicians IS has been design to divide Taliban in two groups aiming the group in political negotiations with Afghan government and other regional dealings exercise no independence , sabotage inter- Afghan dialogues and Taliban should be deprived from a common goal and single leadership.
Sometimes ago a member of ISI who had been arrested in Afghanistan acknowledge that that organization in its new techniques acts in a way to perform terrorist programs by Taliban and IS accepts the responsibility.
The group that operates under the name of IS in Afghanistan are mostly lead by Pakistani nationals.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The terrorist attack on Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul was in series of terrorist attacks aiming to introduce Afghanistan as a dangerous place for foreigners.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Kabul was the scene of another terrorist incidence.
This time, the terrorists attacking Intercontinental Hotel demonstrated the ugliest and barbaric feature from themselves. The hotel is a standard hotel welcomes the guests from foreign countries and is a proper place for holding gatherings, political parties and social organization sessions. However, the regional intelligence services, especial Pakistani intelligence service ISI which is seeking to introduce Afghanistan for world community as an insecure place, trying to target the places in the country where the foreign guests live. This inhumane program has been planned since a long time and using terrorist groups as a means implemented in practice.
Taliban and IS terrorist groups were earlier behind most of terrorist attacks targeting diplomatic areas, embassies and the residential places of foreign nationals, hotels …etc.   Terrorist attack on Zanbaq Square cause heavy damages to several embassies and diplomatic places located in the area. Attack on Iraq embassy, US and India consulates in Herat, several attacks on Kabul Serena Hotel, attack on Intercontinental Hotel several years ago, attack on Qargha resort were among the most barbaric attacks were carried out aiming to close foreign embassies and prevent foreigners to visit Afghanistan. In this way foreign intelligence services want to isolate Afghanistan, otherwise, attack on a hotel where some foreign unarmed guests were living is not justifiable.
It is a clear fact that intelligence services of the region are seeking isolate Afghanistan and for implementing this evil goal use Taliban and IS terrorist groups as a means.
On the other hand, in the country where more than 22 terrorist groups operate gives the most casualties and undertakes heavy damages, needs the urgent aids and cooperation of international community, therefore it expects the international community to perform its duties and obligations at that end.
The Afghan authorities talk about the existence of 22 terrorist groups in the country, the majority of these terrorist groups have their sanctuaries and hideout in Pakistan, therefore the country that recruits, trains and equips terrorists is clear. However, the recent attack on Intercontinental Hotel demonstrated a wide security gape in the country and the people a satisfactory response from security and intelligence service personnel not just words as vain.
The attack carried out just 24 hours before the UN Security Council discussed the situation of Afghanistan and expressed concern over the continuation of terrorist activities in the country. But just expressing concern is not enough. In order to prevent such barbaric incidents, it would be a great need, the Security Council should act more courageously and disclose the country that supports terrorism and by imposing sanctions against it and formally punish it.   The Afghans should not only applauded for the sacrifices give in straggle against terrorism because they expect adopting practical and effective measures against terrorists and their supporting countries. 
Abudul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kabul (BNA) UN General Secretary describing the security situation of Afghanistan fragile considered it a security threat to the region and beyond the region.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the UN Security Council extraordinary session held recently with participation of foreign ministers and 15 senior representatives of the council.
The aim the session with participation of high ranking authorities and the present members of the council held after a high ranking delegation of UN Security Council visited Afghanistan and after preparing a new report on Afghanistan’s security situation returned New York.
The UN Security Council’s session with participation of foreign ministers of member countries clearly indicates that the international community is following Afghan issue with great concern.
UN Secretary General in the session describing the situation in Afghanistan fragile called the activities of terrorist groups a serious threat to the region and beyond the region. He pointed out that the continuation of terrorists operations severely damaged the economy of that country.
He added, for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan, the cooperation of Central Asian and other countries of the region is an urgent need. Therefore, those countries should spare no any effort for the purpose, because a peaceful and secure Afghanistan would be to the benefit of those countries.
Afghan politicians believe holding UN Security Council’s session with participation high ranking delegations of 15 members   the council indicates that the international community is following the security situation in Afghanistan with great concern. The concern clearly demonstrated in UN General Secretary’s speech.
Meanwhile a number of Security Council’s members considering the presence of IS and other terrorist groups in north of Afghanistan as major threat insisted on their defeat and crackdown.
The statements delivered in the session indicate that UN Security Council all member countries including UN General Secretary and the current chief of Security Council consider IS presence a menace and the other terrorist groups as a threat to the region.  Therefore, knowing this bitter fact, all countries of region without any exception fight against this notorious phenomenon and not only rescue Afghans but the international community from the evil of terrorism forever.
It would be advisable for the countries of the region to take the threat serious and putting aside all differences fight honestly against IS and other terrorist groups the enemies of humanity and eliminate the danger forever.  
The Afghans have given the most victims in war against terrorism. Therefore, they should put aside all differences and jointly fight against their common enemy and recue their country from the evil of IS and other terrorist groups.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Pakistani clergies finally called suicide attacks illegal of against Islamic law or Sharia.
BNA social analyst commenting on the issue writes more than 1800 the most well-known Pakistani religious scholars issuing a verdict called suicide attacks against Islamic Sharia.
Calling suicide attacks illegal by Pakistani religious scholars come in time while suicide attacks and Taliban’s fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan were pursuit with different views those clergies.
The people who are fighting against Afghanistan under the name of so call Taliban and IS are mostly the students of Pakistani seminaries and the followers of religious parties and movements that encouraging war in Afghanistan calling it Jihad.  The so called Jihadist considers the presence of international forces in Afghanistan dependency of the country in infidel circles. While Pakistan since its establishment has been a close ally of US and UK enjoyed the generous aids of those two countries and other western countries called the barbaric war Jihad and according to Sharia.
Within the frame of this politically motivated Fatwa the religious scholars of Pakistan encourage their mercenaries for launching the most heinous attacks including suicide attacks which so far cost the lives of thousands of innocent people and heavy destruction of our homeland.
While earlier, the religious scholars from across Islamic world have considered suicide attacks Islamic teachings and laws and holding huge gathering calling suicide attacks illegal and against Islamic law condemned it warned that the fate of the people who carry out suicide attack will be permanent torture and hell.
Political experts believe that Pakistani religious scholar and clergy men consider suicide attacks in Afghanistan legal but illegal Afghanistan. The reason is this that the majority of Pakistani seminaries and all political and religious movements in that country are affiliated to the army and intelligence service of that country who interpret  Islamic laws according to their own will and propagate and preach accordingly.
In any case, considering illegal the suicide attacks by Pakistani religious scholars and clergymen is and obvious acknowledgment to a crime Taliban committed in Afghanistan with direct aids of Pakistan. We hope Pakistani scholars keep firm their last verdict and considering their own interests not breach it otherwise they would be liars cursed by Almighty God.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General