20 February 2019

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Saturday April 21, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Summary trial and killing civilians without and legal justification is hostility against humanity and religion, the culprits of which win nothing but the hatred of God and people.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes IS once again committed heinous crimes in the country, the crimes which are against all Islamic values and forbidden by all human laws.
A couple of days ago armed people affiliated group to IS beheaded a 13 year old child in Darzaab district, Jawzjan province.
IS accused the child to spying to a member of local police who was his brother in law.
Away from Jawzjan armed men affiliated to Taliban fired on passengers of a vehicle divining from Ghor to Daykundi in suburb of Firoozkoh city. In this summary trial Taliban martyred three people, injured two and abducted three others.
What had happened in Darzaab district, Jawzjan province or in Bara khana area Firoozkoh city Ghor capital is not the first crime that terrorist groups committed in Afghanistan and would not be their last crime?
One of the methods of terrorist groups in Afghanistan concentrate on is creating a horrible and awful situation among rural residents whose residence areas are under Taliban’s rule or affected by activities of terrorist groups.
Taliban and IS by summary trial and killing the people accusing them as spies or so called insuring justice among the residents in reality trying to silence and any protest voice and prevent any upraise against their tyrannical rule.
The aim of this venous act is not nothing but creating hatred among various religious followers and various ethnic groups.
Afghan people make no any distinction between Taliban and IS because they both assigned to killing Afghan innocent people and put fire on their properties. These two notorious groups to carry out terrorist attacks even beyond Afghan borders, the leadership of the groups and their foreign patrons believe only through terror and creating horror can bring the people under control.
The groups to keep the people in darkness, follow sabotaging the process of development as their strategy, put the schools on fire, destroy power lines, killing teachers, engineers, doctors, damaging dams and channels want to provide the ground for foreign countries intelligence services to implement their programs in the region.
However when they face a menace wearing female custom flee from the scene of the battle. As the head of vice and promotion of virtue department of Taliban wearing a female custom arrested in Haska Mina district, Nangarhar province.
Therefore, how the people who do not have courage to face Afghan security forces, wear female custom can talk about implementing Sharia law.
These merciless groups don not believe Islam, friendship, brotherhood and justice, behead a 11 year old boy and firing on passengers is a clear proof of our claimed above.  The recent crimes committed by terrorist groups indicate that the safety of compatriots is under serious threat, but unfortunately the authorities of the state just condemn and assign investigation teams to investigate the incident or chant taking revenge slogans, forget the incident very soon.
The people expect the authorities of security and defense organs not forget the martyrdom of 11 year old Rahim Dad and other martyrs because just condemnation is not enough, they should punish such murderers according to the law as they are deserved.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Attacking on civilians and justification of such attacks is an open violation from international laws and human moral which is not tolerable in any circumstance.
BNA social problems analyst commenting on the issue writes the Muslim people of Syria are going through horrible days and passing each day sustain heavy casualties and destructions. The major and basic problem of Syrians closely linked to authoritarianism in that country which has provided the ground for foreign interferences. Some countries for fulfilling their ambitious and evil goals using the existence authoritative regime there as pretext killing the innocent and defend less people of that country.
The occurrence awful events and incidents need long discussions, but the recent attacks by three countries this is America, Britain and France against the Syrian government needs to be discussed urgently.
Recently the three countries using punishment Asad’s regime as pretext for using chemical weapons against his own people, firing at least 100 missiles and carrying air attacks on their targets in Syria took the lives of many Syrians and damaged their country. A part from the rule of an authoritarian regime in Syria, that country like Afghanistan is the battle field of a proxy war between world superpowers. Today Syria like Afghanistan has changed in to battle field of Russia; Syria like Afghanistan is witnessing a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and also Syria like Afghanistan has turned in to a battle field of terrorist and extremist groups fighting for implementing the aliens’ objectives.
In this immoral and barbaric fighting this is the governments that fulfill their interests, while the Syrians like Afghans have the largest number of refugees in the world. The two countries have many identical problems. The problems in which IS, Al Qaeda, extremism and terrorism are involved.  However, the only difference is under the pretext of existence of chemical weapons in Syria and an authoritarian regime there, the people of that country become the target of bombing. However, there is no word, about the existence of chemical weapons in Afghanistan but in pretext of campaign against terrorism they kill Afghans.
Unfortunately, the involved countries in regional disputes, which talking about human rights, just for achieving their interests violate the humanity borders creating horror, take the lives many innocent people.
The message of humanity for those countries is to know the precise definition of humanity and human rights and not use the territories of poor counters as battle field for their rivalries.    
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, April 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Destruction of public utility projects by merciless Taliban aiming to show that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is unable in implementing and security of big economic projects and can do nothing.
BNA economical analyst commenting on the issue writes Taliban sometimes ago, destructing three pillars transmitting importing electricity in Kaylagai area Baghlan province caused certain problems to the residents of neighboring provinces.
Within the two last months, Taliban several times destroyed pillars transmitting electricity in Baghlan province. Taliban called the reason for their criminal act, not supplying power in to the areas under their control in Kunduz and Baghlan provinces. The claim that is not acceptable because the state has committed to extend electricity lines to all areas of the country without any exception. The leadership of the government strongly believe that the control of Taliban over some areas would be temporary and soon would be liberated from Taliban control but relations between government and people will be sustainable and forever. 
This indicate that Taliban destroying the electricity pillars following certain objectives the goals that are a part of some intelligence services of the countries of the region .
Within recent months Islamic Republic of Afghanistan successfully signed agreements to implement big economic projects such as TAPI in practice.
The commencement of TAPI work that carry Turkmenistan gas through Afghan soil to the south, establishing air corridors  to India and Kazakhstan, extending transit relations with central Asian countries, the Afghan commitments for safeguarding big economic projects such as KASA 1000 are all the examples of Afghanistan’s success which are not in favor of certain countries of the region.
TAPI project which in which Pakistan a great share and benefits, due regional rivalries has no much interest in implementing the project but instead in behest of other countries probably Russia and China encourage to share in Iran gas transmission pipeline named Peace Pipeline aiming to fail the investments of World Bank, Asian Bank and some Arabic countries who are in favor of implementing TAPI project.
Failing the great economic projects go through Afghanistan is one of the objectives of certain countries of the region that want to fail the projects in pretext of insecurity of Afghanistan or at least change the course of them.
Therefore for achieving their evil goals, they used Taliban as a means and encouraged them to destroy the electricity lines in Baghlan province. Taliban had no way but to use not supplying the areas under their control with electricity as pretext for their evil act of destruction of power lines.
Taliban as the time proved, are the servants of the foreigners and work for implementing their objectives, sometime they bow America and Saudi Arabia and other time with instruction of Pakistan go to Moscow and know nothing about patriotism and Islam. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Starting registration the voters’ names is a good beginning for holding parliamentary elections in the country which can provide the ground for doing more important works located on the way of Elections Commission.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the independent commission of elections according to schedule set up earlier started registration of the voters’ names which continues until June 14. 
Registration the names of the voters is a step forward holding parliamentary elections and district councils.
Starting the process indicates that the state is committed for holding the elections and according to the plan implements its commitments in practice.
However, starting registration the names of the voter has its problems, challenges and questions.
The process started in time, while the problem of distributing the electronic identity card has not settled and the independent commission of elections compelled to refer to the old and classic method and as past use paper identity cards for registering the names of the voters. While the problem of electronic identity card has removed in the countries of the region and the identity cards heightened the credibility and validity of elections in those countries.
The independent commission of elections aiming to all citizens’ use their voting right has asked Census Department to distribute at least 10 m paper identity cards.
While, paper identity cards have their own specific problems, this is they can be print in private press inside or outside the country and forgery of such identity cards is very easy. So such a situation can bring the transparency of election under question.
In addition to the problem of paper identity cards, security, logistic and recruiting the relevant personnel etc. are the main factors can bring the acceptability of elections under question.
Certainly the members of election commission will say that signing agreements with security organs they have settled the problem of security, but such agreements cannot meet the concerns of people.
The other problem is the claims presented by the critics of the government. They accuse certain circles and figures inside the government that they are architecting holding the elections process according their will, even they accuse president Ghani visiting the provinces in reality he has already started his election campaign.
The aim of repeating such words is this that the authorities of independent commission of elections should not repeat the previous mistakes, illegalities and violations because they will be never acceptable to the people.
Elections in a democratic system makes the base of the system, we through holding a transparent and comprehensive election can win the trust and cooperation of people. Otherwise, the elections commissions should not expect to win the trust and confidence of people.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General