23 May 2019

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Taliban launched a widespread attack from seven directions on Ghazni city. At the beginning made some progress and succeeded to topple some security posts and inter in to some sections of the city. But the Afghan security forces prevent the invaders to capture the other parts of the city.  Presently the attack of the group has ceased and heavy conflict is going on between state forces and Taliban .the ways for Taliban have been closed to flee.
The widespread attack by Taliban on Ghazni city is a repetition of a failed experience they experienced once again. During the recent months, Taliban tried hard to capture the control of the capitals of some provinces.  To achieve this purpose, they attacked Kunduz and Farha cities and increased military pressures on Pul- i- Khumry city and on Shindand district Herat province. They succeeded to inter in to some sections of Kundus and Farha citied but they failed to realize their dreams for dominance on those cities. Attacking the cities they sustained heavy casualties.
Attack on Ghazni city comes exactly in time, the local authorities of the province have warned against security vulnerability and possible Taliban’s attack on the city. Meanwhile, Taliban increased pressure on eighteen districts of that province.
Now a question arises, why the concerns not taken seriously and not taken preventive measures for increasing threats of Taliban against Ghazni city?
Although the threats against Ghazni city were serious but little works have been done for defending and foiling the enemy’s plans.
The above facts clearly indicate that there was a wide military vacancy in security situation of the city, which asks the senior relevant authorities in Kabul to investigate the issue seriously and adopt effective and practical measures for filling the security gap there.
There are believes that Taliban have become more courageous because of new developments. During the recent months, Afghan government several times appealed Taliban and tried to draw the group to the negotiation table.
Mr. Trump’s administration that paid no serious attention to Taliban at the past, but presently the representatives of US government have met Taliban in Doha and addition the countries which are involved in regional rivalries try to use Taliban as a means for achieving their objectives in the region.
In such a situation, Taliban consider themselves as a champion of the ground, seeking to share in regional intelligence games and to find a place in regional dealings. To achieve this goal they have increase their attacks, but what will be the consequences of these barbaric attacks?
Attacking Kuduz and Farha cities Taliban gained nothing but caused heavy casualties and destruction.
Taliban who trying to obtain the power and finding a place in political dealings, if they achieve their aims and or share in power on who will they govern? They will govern on devastated cities or on the graves of their compatriots.
It would be better the ones who think according Islamic principles and humanity for reaching the power should follow reasonable ways without creating violence, this honoring the constitution and respecting the will of people.
At the end we draw the attention of security authorities that Taliban have tried to take the control of cities. They repeated this experience in Kuduz, and also attacked Farha city achieved nothing but shameful failure and defeat. But certainly they have caused some losses to security forces.  Learning from the previous experiences, the authorities of security forces should adopt preventive measures for curbing the plots of the enemies and listen to the concerns expressed by the representatives of people and local authorities and to prevent further bloodshed in the country.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  The recent decree of Afghan president that bans all state’s military and civilian organs and their staffs from intervening in elections affairs , insists on ensuring the process of the election can also guarantees the transparency of the process.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Dr. Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan issuing a decree instructed all state’s military and civilian organs and officials to avoid any intervention in election affairs. In addition, according to the decree all security and defense forces of the country are obliged to ensure the security of polling stations and the voters and to prevent irresponsible armed people that can harm the working process of elections.
The decree released in a time there is outcry that there are certain circles inside the state who are architecting the process of parliamentary and presidential elections. In addition, a number of politicians and critics of the state consider the elections commission as a depended organ and bring their activities under question and warn against its consequences.
However, the recent decree can guarantee the transparency and fairness of the elections and ends all concerns in that regard.
The president releasing the decree gives this message to people that not only the presidential office not interfere in elections affairs, but not tolerate the interferences of others in programs and working process of the elections. Anyone who wants to disturb and harm the process would be responsible against the law.
The decree not only guarantees the transparency of the elections, but also removes the concerns regarding to the interferences in works of elections commissions and provides the ground for elections commissions to manage and carry out their duties more independently and further restores their trust and confidence.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA General Director

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Election is a national process, therefore should think about it as a national process and prefer public interests to personal benefits.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed for holding a transparent and extensive election and follows and supports it as a national process.
During the recent days, a number of political parties within a framework of a political coalition has commenced a series of efforts to bring some changes in the system of elections and establish a new working mechanism for electoral commissions.
The Afghan government that is committed in building a democratic system in the country and believes in consultation on good governance has did its best to settle the current differences among political parties via negotiation in order to safeguard  the credibility of election and to provide the ground for holding a just and transparent national – wide  elections.
For this reason, the state held five sessions with political parties and elections commissions in order to remove the differences and to reach a consensus on this national process.
However, what the political parties present for holding a country- wide election due strong reasons and logic is not practical.
Since, election is a national process, Afghan government in order to save the process from any harm, conducted five times negotiation with participation of election commissions and political parties. The negotiation releasing a five article statement was ended.
The state honors the views and will of political figures for holding a transparent and national- wide elections. In the second article of the statement has emphasized on observing the independence of election commissions, not changing the date for holding parliamentary election, persistent monitoring political parties and figures from the process of election. Biometric issue has considered as a long time process, the election commission can decide about it.  Changing the system of election as an acute national issue is the duty of national assembly it should be discussed assessed in a mass gathering.
What have been said indicates that the Afghan government is seeking to support the nascent democracy In the country and accepts this that political parties and movements have an effective role in building a democratic society, but in a war torn country like Afghanistan all people should join hand for settling the crisis.
The process of election as a national process should be supported. Supporting the process by individuals, groups or government officials would be not enough; it needs the overall support of politicians and people as a whole. What the people want is holding a transparent election for realizing that everybody is responsible including government, political parties, election commissions and different public strata.

Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday, August 06, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  Parliament as a legislative organ has great effect on realizing the people’s will, therefore is a need the people who want to become a member of it should honor the law and be familiar with great national interests and affairs.
BNA political affairs commenting on the issue writes recently the special commission for electoral complaints has omitted the name of 25 people from the final list of candidates for national assembly seats.
The commission at the outset of its work assessed and discussed more than 130 cases of complaints about likely candidates, who were accused of involving in war crimes, extortion of land, having irresponsible armed men etc.
Finally, the commission omitted the names of 25 people from the final list. However, this is not the final decision. The people whose names omitted from the list can ask their cases to be reviewed. The electoral commission for hearing complaints will decide about the issue at the end of this week.
The move has its supporters and oppositions.  The people, whose names have been omitted from the list, consider the move as an organized, architected and political program against themselves.
A number of political elites and civil society activists also say that some of the people whose names omitted from the list are the victims of policies whose oppositions follow inside and outside the state. Likewise, the elites have declared that the list announced by the commission is not completed and insist that there were many people whose name should be removed from the list, but the commission has not done so.
The electoral commissions have heavy responsibilities and obligation against the people to carry out.  The Afghans during the previous years have sustained horrible pains and agonies; unfortunately, a number of lawyers in the parliament not only did not put ointment on their wounds but made them more serious. 
The people hope and wish the two commissions to make their best to pave the way for people to go to the parliament who believe and think about national interest and be able to settle the most critical problems. While during the previous rounds of parliament, there were people who preferred their own interests to public interests. Therefore, the parliament as a whole failed to meet the expectations of the people.
If the problems repeated in the future, the people will blame the electoral commissions for not succeeding to recognize the true and well- wishing figures.
The work of electoral commissions would be praised only when they prove that they have carry out their duties with honesty and transparently.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General