21 November 2019

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The presence of women in the process of peace and building democracy is the basic principle of a civil life, in general observing the rights of women is observing justice in a community.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes talks between the representative of America and Taliban in Doha Qatar is continuing, but Doha negotiations is following with doubt and suspicion. One of the concerns is nonexistence of women’s representative in the negotiations.
Observing women’s rights and building the ground for women’s participation in all life affairs in Afghan community, beside other achievements of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a great achievement that should not become the victim of political deals. The words behind the curtain in Doha negotiations, nonexistence of the representatives of Afghan government, women and civil society in the  talks is cause serious concerns that Afghanistan should not become the victim of a fearful peace and just fulfill the interests of America and Taliban. 
Some people believe that America in Doha negations is just thinking about its own interests, while Afghan problem requires, all vulnerabilities should be precisely known.  One of those vulnerabilities is not observing women’s rights in future of Afghanistan.
If we look precisely at the developments of previous year in the country women are the main victim of the fighting in the country while they are not directly involved in fighting.  Now, talking about the advance of negotiation between America and Taliban further raised the concerns of Afghan women, because their share in peace negotiations and future of Afghanistan is not clear.
If we look closely at previous events during the rule of Talban, they were anti women and prevented them to attend school and they were irreconcilable to all civilizations and civic life.
Even now if we look precisely in to areas under the rule of Taliban, they are still fighting against women and culture. They prevent the girls from going school and let not them to work in the community openly. While Taliban presently claim that the way of their thinking and activities are different from that of the last twenty years, but it is obvious that they are thinking and acting as before, one cannot see any positive change in their behavior on them.
Afghanistan enjoys having a constitution that ensures the women’s rights in general.  Do Taliban consider the values that expressed in constitution?
Our constitution is emphasizing on building a democratic society in Afghanistan while there would be no democracy without direct participation of women in social activities. Therefore it would be the right of women to ask about their role in peace and in political future of the country.
The women insist that any political agreement should respect recognize the women’ rights determined in religious and civic laws and should not ignore the great role of women   played during the last years.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Kabul (BNA) It is due to the president introduce new figures as commissioner to the electoral commissions very soon. Can these commissioners restore the lost credibility to these commissions?
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes President Ghani will assign new commissioners for electoral commissions. Assigning new figures as new commissioners for electoral commissions exactly will take place in a time, the two commissions have face to unprecedented disbeliefs of people.
Parliamentary elections which took place on October last year, the final results have not yet announced, but according to the constitution the new round of national parliament should  started its work  on march 20th  2019. The president office has insisted that the parliament with new members will start its work.
Therefore it would be difficult in presence of sever problems the new round of national assembly states its work with new figures. The problem is this that there were mismanagement and poor administration in working of previous electoral commissions and that caused to delay the announcement of the final results of parliamentary elections. The former electoral commissioners due to poor management and misusing their authorities have been removed from their jobs and presently are under investigation in general prosecutor’s office. 
Lack of management and poor administration badly introduced the electoral commissions among the people and severely disappointed them and the commissions lost their credibility. But now the electoral commissions that have started their work with new commissioners it would be the priority and the responsibility of new commissioners to restore the lost credibility of the commissions.
Sarwar Danish the second vice president in his recent statements has said that the people who have been introduced as new commissioners to electoral commissions should be loyal to democratic principles, votes of people, implementing laws and ensuring the transparency of the upcoming elections and respect the trust made for them by government, political parties, civic society and the candidates of presidential elections.
Therefore, the priority of new commissioners is building trust to restore people’s belief to the commissions.  It should not be forgotten that democracy has a social value and word as a base for a free society that enjoys all kind of freedoms. Therefore, should not harmed its principles by the aim of achieving personnel goals but use the democratic principles for building national unity and improve working spirit in the society.  

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Herat (BNA) While tension between India and Pakistan has reach to its highest point and the two countries are at brink of a complete war, Pakistan prime minister has invited India for negotiation.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes tension between India and Pakistan has interred in to its most sensitive and dangerous phase. The air forces of the two countries have practically started the war and their ground forces are ready for firing therefore eruption of war is possible in any moment. In case of outbreak of war between the two countries curbing it would be very difficult.
The reason of current tension is a terrorist attack that carried out two weeks ago in Indian control Kashmir that killed 42 Indian military personnel. Jaish Mohammad an extremist group which has its hideouts in Pakistan and supported and equipped by intelligence service of that country claimed the responsibility of the attack. 
India attacked on bases and hideouts of the group inside the territory of Pakistan that further heightened tension between the two countries. Now Oran khan prime minister of Pakistan suggesting cooperation has invited Indian side for negotiation.
What is Omran khan suggested seems very logical, because, it would better every dangerous problem to be settled via negotiations.  However the countries of the region including India, Afghanistan and Iran ask Pakistan to be careful about its dealings and moves, because this is the adventurous dealing of Pakistan that caused tension and problems in the region. Open and secret relations of Pakistan and interring of that country in programs of other countries outside the region has created the most dangerous problems for the countries of the region. Sharing of Pakistan in the most eventfully programs have change that country in to the factor of multiple adventure that would draw the region in to deadly situation. 
Pakistan since long ago is dealing India and Afghanistan with open and clear hostility and now caused many problems for Iran. The neighbors have no any good memories from Pakistan; even China that due to its problems with India has embraced Pakistan has lost its trust to that country and because of Al- Ghors presence in Pakistan territory suffering a lot.
Now, the tension between India and Pakistan has reached in to its highest point, considering its objectives, suggests holding talks with Indians. Many believe it would be better for Pakistan to review its regional strategy and not be used as a means by the countries outside the region. Today cooperation and peaceful coexistence have many partisans; therefore it would be better for Pakistan instead instigating tension and hostility in the region, to cooperate and work for tranquility of the countries of the region, not just in slogan but in practice.    

Wednesday February 27, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The fifth round of negotiation between the representatives of US and Taliban has started in Doha.
There is hope that this round of talks to go ahead with a clear and implacable agenda and the negotiation be started between Afghans as soon as possible.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the fifth round of talks between the representatives of US and Taliban has started in Doha the capital of Qatar.
This round of negation due to the presence of Mullah Abdul Ghani Broder an important member of Taliban would be a little different from the previous ones.
Mullah Abdul Ghani Broder is one of the members of Taliban’s leadership who has been in Pakistani prisons for nine years for his interest for peace and reconciliation between Afghans.
His photos while torturing by Pakistani intelligence service agents widely demonstrate on media. This indicates that he knows better than any other people about the tyrannical and inhumane actions of ISI agents and will not let Pakistan to use the situation for its own benefit anymore.
In spite of this, western media have reported that Taliban will continue the new round of negotiations with the same agenda this is withdrawal of foreign force from Afghanistan. While American side insists that the issue of ensuring peace would be discussed in general and specific matters that require technical discussions would be discussed in direct talks between Taliban and Afghan government.
What have been said is reported by media but the fact is this that talks between the representatives of US and Taliban has taken place behind closed doors, including media no any other agency had not access to it. Therefore nobody knew about the issues discussed and the decisions made in the talks.
The leadership of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan strongly believe that Taliban have no any agenda and say that they only insist on withdrawal of foreign forces and omitting the names of their leaders from UN black list. While for ensuring peace and ending crisis in Afghanistan should pay attention to more acute issues, the most important of which is building trust among the sides involved in conflict.
On the other hand there is no only Taliban fighting against the people and government of Afghanistan, IS and drug traffickers are also the main forces that disturb peace and stability in the country. If we reach an agreement with Taliban what should we do with these illegal and terrorist groups? While Afghan president insists that Afghan government only agree to ensuring honorable and persistent peace and stability in the country. A peace that cannot meet the desires and demands of people is not the way of settling the problems. So the peace required in this situation in only possible through holding direct talks between Afghans. Therefore the Afghans ask the involved Afghans in the conflict spare nothing for achieving this humane goal.
If Taliban are really Afghans and think according to national interests, instead preferring holding talks with foreigners, reject them and hold direct talks with their own compatriots, ensuring peace in the country end the suffering of people forever.