22 September 2019

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Tuesday, September 03, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan has a legal system of government elected by the people at framework of republican system.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes: recently in a number of Pakistani media and some news websites that have specific views published stories that indicate at Doha negotiation between America and Taliban changing the system of government even restoring Islamic Republic have been discussed.
Although the agenda of Doha talks is clear and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is aware about the progress of the negotiations, but certain circles inside and outside the country are trying to provide a ground for returning back Emerita system of Taliban.   
There would be no need for to discuss on negotiations between America and Taliban because discussions between hostile sections is always been a way for settling the problems, therefore, Doha session between America and Taliban cannot be an extreme development, the two sides of the conflict to provide the ground for settling the problem interred negotiations according to Khalilzad to decrease violence.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has great experiences on holding talks with political and armed oppositions and decreasing of violence. Therefore, welcomes Doha session aiming reduction of problems.
America can hold negation with Taliban considering the as political and military group, as Afghan government conducted talks with Islamic Party and finally satisfied the group to avoid violence and carry out political activities.
Agreement or deal with parties and involved groups in conflict organizes the activities of the groups and pave the way for their emergence in to community.
Agreement and dealing with such groups cannot lead in to changing the system or surrendering a state to such groups, because the states have their own legitimacy and identify, never ignored.
A democratic government has been formed in Afghanistan on people’s will. The constitution of the country organizes the political, social and economic activities.
Therefore changing the system of the country if there be a need should be done in framework of the constitution and other relevant laws.
It is a clear fact that Afghanistan of today is much different from the past and will   never return to its last dark periods.
The constitution and safeguarding the republican system of the country as the president of the country says should be observed and honored. Because they are a part of the major achievements of our people during the last 18 years, and our people are determine for safeguarding them.

Monday, September 02, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Peace is a process requires confidence building and one cannot obtain privileges just by creating adventurous incidents.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Taliban once again on Saturday night attacked on Kunduz from several directions which caused heavy casualties and destructions.
Taliban attack on Kunduz exactly took place in a time; there are rumors that America and Taliban have reached an agreement and the Taliban representatives are talking zealously about signing an agreement with Americans.
Although there are words about agreement between the two sides, during the recent months in Doha, but Taliban contrary to that have increased their terrorist attacks in order to use them as a propaganda achievement and on the other hand show that they have upper hand on battle field. 
But Taliban’s attack on Kunduz City and then increasing pressure on Pul-e-Khumri the capital of Baghlan province are against all Doha session, where the leadership of Taliban are deliberating with American envoy.  But can one justify peace in escalating terrorist attacks?
It was expected, Taliban during peace negotiations observing political ethic and avoid violence.
One of the principals of negotiation is establishing and improving the atmosphere of trust and establishing such a ground is possible via holding a ceasefire and denying violence.
Taliban carrying suicide attacks and attacking Kunduz and Pul-e-Khumri cities proved that they follow no any criteria and principle in that regard and not believe that violence and killing people will never lead to peace and tranquility of people.
The group is chosen violence and cruelty for reaching their strategic objectives and trying to strengthen their position in negotiation table with Americans and then in intra – Afghan negotiations.
Taliban targeting residential areas and civilians have clearly demonstrated their hostility to the people and their will for continuation of this destructive conflict.
The recent movements of Taliban not provide them any success but lost credibility among people and proved that they the real defenders of barbarity and cruelty.
The bravery and the feeling of state forces in fighting against terrorists and in defending Kuduz and Pul-e- Khumri cities is appreciable.  Taliban should have learnt many things from the statements of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan who says, “Protecting the lives and properties of the people of the country is the priority of the state and seriously committed to it.”

Sunday, September 1, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Passing through the current situation which is very difficult, regardless to their political, ethnical dependencies ask Afghans to unity and brotherhood.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the new developments in political field of Afghanistan which is accompanied with negotiations between America and Taliban are accompanied both with optimism and concerns in Afghan community, and contradictory talking of high ranking officials of certain countries and organizations have added to the concerns.
The authorities present the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan that the time of remaining those forces becomes the headline in media and at the time, IS, is introduced as a horrible world problem. Once, the solution of the problem depends to Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran and India and sometimes words heard addressing Afghanistan which is very humiliating for Afghan people.
The stance and activities of certain countries indicate that Afghanistan is involved in a political and intelligence play. Unfortunately   Afghan people are again the victim of that satanic political and intelligence play.
With new developments it became very clear that   the countries of the region and beyond the region are interfering to ensure their own interests and what has forgot ton is the interest of Afghanistan.
Some people believe that the Doha session and other similar sessions have ended in to settling of US and Pakistan differences and the two countries became closer, while Taliban have been used as a means in the process.
Today many countries have achieved their great objectives via Afghan problem.
The previous hostilities forgotten and new friendships established, new interests created but the victim of all these conspiracies were Afghans who have sustained heavy casualties and destructions.
The problem is this that we are suffering from inner problems and having differences in views. If we deeply pay attention to the problem, the differences among Afghans provided the ground for foreigners especially to our enemies to interfere in our domestic affairs and in this way accelerated the problems in Afghanistan.
The history indicates that negotiations and understanding in abroad had no any profit because the foreigners are seeking their own interests and we had got nowhere. The example of is the establishment government at Rawalpindi that have no any result but destruction of Kabul.
So it would be better the Afghans put aside all discriminations including ethnical and political affiliations and join hands for ensuring peace and building their country. This is the only way for rescuing the country from current horrible problems and building the country. 

Saturday August 31, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to international deals; therefore supporting humane rights is at the headline of its activities.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Amnesty   International recently published its report on Afghanistan under the title of (Defenders of Defend less).
The Amnesty International in its new report has mostly focusing on threat, violence, and disturbance and even on killing of human rights defenders in Afghanistan has said that the Afghan authorities have been failed in investigating, of per suiting cases of violence against the defenders of human rights and the defenders human rights in Afghanistan are facing with fear, threat and violence. The defenders are attacking both by the state, armed oppositions and other armed groups.
This international organ pointing to the incident of attack on Afghan Human Rights Commission in 2015 in east of the country in which two people were killed says, so far the government has not detained anybody in that regard.
Also, International Amnesty International has said that in last few years tens of attacks and threats against the activists of human rights have been recorded, no one of which has not precisely per suited by the state. 
The report has been published in a time, the Islamic State of Afghanistan as legal and legitimate source on protecting human rights of its citizens has made persistence efforts and the state considers its obligation to protect the rights of its citizens and relevant organs against any violation of law.
Afghanistan is in special situation. Afghan people in defense of human values give victims every day, while the terrorist groups never respect the laws and human values.
When terrorists targeting human defenders or organs relevant to them, it is not incapability of the sate but showing the incapability of terrorist groups indicates that they fear from the judgment of the courts and justice organs, so create obstacles on the way of their activities.
The armed opposition groups persistently violate human rights and the rights of the citizens and not observe the principle of Fighting and for attracting the attention of media, people and other countries regularly violate international deals and human rights.
Islamic State of Afghanistan persistently delivers endeavors to punish the human rights abusers as they deserved but unfortunately the neighboring country is a safe places for the violators of law and so the criminals and terrorist have a opportunity to flee in to that country.
Just during the current year, the terrorist group attacking a wedding party committed the most heinous crime in Kabul that claimed the lives of many innocent people.
The question is this, it is clear, the terrorist groups spare no any crime against humanity in our country but the international organization are quiet against such evil crimes. Why the financial and arm sources of them not banned and their supporters not punished.  The people especial the experts believe considering responsible the country that is clearly involve in the incidents and supports the human rights violators would be a good action and deed.
The state that is committed to all international deals and fights in frontline of fighting against terrorism severely needs the assistances of world community. 

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