23 February 2019

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Pakistani authorities have committed to US foreign ministry envoy that they will cooperate peace process in Afghanistan and strengthen this process.
BNA commenting in the process writes Zulmay Khalilzad US special envoy for Afghanistan has started the new phase of his tour in to the countries of the region. He after talking with Afghan authorities on Thursday in Kabul arrive
d Islamabad the capital of Pakistan and held talks with Omeran Khan the prime minister and Shah Mahmood Quraishi the foreign minister of that country.
Quraishi ensured Khalilzad once again ensured that Pakistan will closely cooperate, US in settling Afghan problem and strengthening peace talks.
Khalilzad’s visit to the region is accompanied with new political developments. Earlier to him Omer Daweedzai the special envoy of the country’s had a visit to Pakistan to attend a regional gathering. In his return he pointed out that there have been great changes in politicians and spirituals leaders of Pakistan. They are ready for cooperation with Afghan government in strengthening peace process with Afghan government.  As Maulana Fazlul Rahman the serious supporter of Taliban in Pakistan, changing his position said that Afghan war was not jihad and Mullah Abdul Manan Nayazy  a leader of breakaway section of Taliban supported holding direct talks with Afghan government.
All these facts indicate that peace process in Afghanistan is accompanied with positive developments but should not too encourage for the process.
There is no doubt that the main player in Afghan dispute is Pakistan and this country can help and cooperate in process of peace in Afghanistan. Although, Pakistan has expressed its support for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan, but not cooperated honestly so far, to achieved US and Afghanistan satisfaction in that regard.
While Afghanistan has still remained a security challenged for the region but the continuation of this problem is not only a problem for Afghanistan but is a problem and more expensive for other countries of the region and unfortunately passing each day, a new player enters Afghan problem.
Among them, Pakistan is seeking to take more privileges from America.
Pakistan using Afghan problem as a means, wants to receive assistance and in regional issues such as Kashmir issue and not be an isolated country anymore.
If Pakistan achieves its regional objective in the region, it supports peace process in Afghanistan. While Afghan people insist that Afghan people insist that Afghan problem should not be used as a means for dealing.
The foreigners including America, Pakistan, Russia or Iran should accelerate peace process in Afghanistan, the other issues are depending to Afghans to settle according to their own interests and will.
However the countries of the region and international countries are strongly believer that military victory in Afghanistan is impossible, just can achieve peace in the country through political agreement that integrate Taliban to political system of the country.  But all parts believe that the process of peace should be continued under the leadership of Afghans, because Afghans directly take benefit from peace in Afghanistan, other countries should work as facilitators of the process.
It would be better the foreigners to hold for settling Afghan people and avoid all political games and competition in the issue. 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) “Taliban should negotiate with Afghan government.”  A Pakistani well- known spiritual man says
A Pakistani an outstanding spiritual man has asked Taliban to enter talks with Afghan government; he considers no Taliban’s war jihad anymore.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes Maulana Fazul lrahman the leader of Islamic Society party of Pakistan considering the war of Taliban against Afghan government no jihad anymore asks them to inter peace talks with Afghan government.
Maulana Fazululraham the most outstanding spiritual figure of Pakistan earlier supporting Taliban and called their fighting in Afghanistan Jihad.
Maulana who has several seminaries of his own in Pakistan and has made great efforts in dissemination of jihadi views, even his seminaries were the main sources for recruiting for Taliban.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan made its best to draw the attention of Pakistani spirituals to peace process in Afghanistan, but not succeeded. Now, the recent statements of Maulana who have asked Taliban to enter peace negotiations with Afghan government have caused new hopes.
Maulana Fazlulrahan an interview with Voice of America raising such a demand says that in such a critical situation there is no need for raising the question that whether Taliban fighting is jihad or not?  We have called the defense of Taliban legal. This defense is jihad or not leaves it to the future. We want the situation progress positively, we support peace.
He asks talked alongside talks with America; also attend on negotiation table with Afghan government. He insists that if Taliban conduct negotiation with America they should also consider the inner sections of the problem, therefore it would better to negotiate with Afghan government.
Afghan political elites considering changing the position of this Pakistani well – known spiritual a good hope that makes Taliban  to desist from their hardline policy because Pakistani spirituals have such a great influence on Taliban as the military and intelligence services of that country have.
The statements have expressed in a time, Afghan and Pakistani authorities have agreed for holing a meeting of the religious scholars of the two countries aiming to achieve a single understanding from the current situation of the region.

Tuesday January 15, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Although the political efforts have been accelerated for peace negotiations, but   the process requires more time so should not expect early results.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes in recent days political efforts for accelerating peace process in Afghanistan have increased.
Hamdullah Muhib the national security advisor of presidency visited India, China, Saudi Arabia and United Arabic Emirates. US Secretary of state went to Qatar, and the foreign minister of India and the Enteral Asian countries foreign ministers visited each other in Samarkand City Uzbekistan, Zalmay Khalilzad US special envoy for Afghanistan came to the region and Mullah Brother the moderate member of Taliban and pro – peace negotiation figure detained by Pakistan intelligence service for several years, after release joined Taliban’s negotiators delegation in Qatar.
All above activities indicate the acceleration of political efforts for the solution of Afghan problem. In all these efforts the Afghan problem raised and discussed.  The involved countries all made their efforts to achieve their own interests in the process.
The discussions on war and peace in Afghanistan were accompanied with hope, but what is the most important is lack of precise awareness of people from the details of talks. Therefore, it is required the state authorities knowing their responsibilities against nation and share these good and bitter facts and realities with people in order to prevent psychological sufferings among the people.
The hard stance of Taliban and coming new foreign players in to Afghan issue has made the way of peace difficult.
What is seems more outstanding in process of peace negotiations is the competition of foreign countries who want to drive each other to the margin and the establishment of divergent groups of Taliban has caused  further differences among them.
Differences among Taliban, provided the ground, the group to be used as a means in proxy war launched by certain foreign countries and caused the prolongation of peace negotiation process in the country.
Many believe that peace efforts as a massive process requires the unity of Taliban, therefore without their unity and without coordination of Afghans’ efforts for keeping away their country from the competition of the countries of the region one should not expect early peace in the country
Therefore, it is required for Taliban to think about the national interests and concentrate their efforts for saving Afghanistan from the competition of the countries of the region even the world.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Kabul (BNA) High Peace Council sources say that a joint session of Afghan and Pakistani religious scholars would be held very soon
BNA religious affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently M. Omer Dawodzai the head of secretariat of high peace council and the envoy of the president for regional gatherings visited Pakistan to attract regional cooperation for the victory of peace process in Afghanistan and bringing Taliban to negotiation table.
The visit took place at highs of efforts for political solution of Afghan problem and Pakistan’s new commitments at that end. Close sources to peace high council have considered the results of Dawodzai’s trip to Islamabad and his meetings with political, religious and ethnical leaders of that country full of achievements.
One of the achievements is the agreement of Afghanistan and Pakistan on holding the joint session of the religious scholars of the two countries in near future.
Agreement on holding the joint session of religious scholars of the two countries could be a concrete step toward the solution of Afghan problem, because the current fighting has been imposed on Afghan people from the address of religion. This is, there were the seminaries and spiritual circles in Pakistan who called the fighting jihad while all other centers, organizations, religious and political parties and religious figures not considering the fighting Jihad but fratricide and called suicide attacks utterly illegal from Islamic point of view. Among these credible sources there were only Pakistani religious scholars who called the current war in Afghanistan against all Islamic values and standards jihad.
Although the religious scholars in Afghanistan, Indonesia and other places have called again and again Pakistani religious scholars reassess Afghan problem at light of religious instructions and reach a final decision for settling the problem of Afghan Muslim   people and to end their sufferings. Unfortunately, the answer of Pakistani scholars was negative. However the last agreement can be considered a good start.
The current war has been imposed on Afghan people from the address of religion. Most of the Taliban who are fighting against Afghan government have trained and came from Pakistani seminaries and have received Jihad incentive from there. Spiritual figures and religious parties are all strong supporters of Taliban and remained as financial and recruiting sources for them so far. 
Religious circles in mosques, seminaries and religious gatherings openly supporting Taliban still call the barbaric fighting in Afghanistan Jihad.
As the Afghan people sustain most of the suffering from this so called jihad welcome any move for peace.  How much it be better for settling Afghan problem to reach a single view and act as real Muslim and put aside all other differences, egoisms and self – interests,
Our people welcome the recent agreement and consider it useful for bringing together and friendship   the people of the two countries. We have not encouraged too much from the agreement, we expect Pakistan to take practical steps in that end.

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