18 March 2018

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Normalization of relation between Kabul and Islamabad directly the stability and economic growth of the region and this would be only possible the militarists of Pakistan desist from their adventurous policy and like Afghans be ready for building trust and cooperation in the region.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan and Pakistan are passing through a very tense situation in their relations, while the reasons behind the current problems and challenges in relation of the two countries are obvious. The Pakistani authorities are not ready for settling the problems and challenges and like Afghan leadership spare no any efforts for restoring peace and stability in the region.
With the efforts and initiative of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has always left the doors of negotiation and understanding open to Pakistan and Afghan government in present and past, has done everything in practice to provide the ground for normalizing the relations between the two countries.
The recent meetings between Afghan and Pakistani authorities which lately held in Kabul was one of the initiatives made by Afghanistan, this clearly indicates that there is a commitment, reason, incentives and programs for settling the problems that threat not only the region but the world as a whole.  Unfortunately, due Pakistan’s regional adventurous policy reach no any result.
Even though the critics of Afghan government and Afghan politicians earlier have said that the negotiation with Pakistan is vain and for diverting Pakistan from its adventurous policies other options needed to be applied, but Afghanistan as before insists on settling the problems between Afghanistan and Pakistan through peaceful means.
Establishing extremist and terrorist groups such as Taliban and IS, using the refugees as a means of pressure against Afghanistan, creating barriers on transit roads, establishing coalitions for isolating Afghanistan in international arena are among Pakistan efforts for achieving its evil objectives in Afghanistan and in the region.
Pakistan uses terrorist groups like IS, Taliban, Haqan’s terrorist network and other terrorist groups against Afghan people and government systematically. Although Pakistan denies supporting the terrorist groups, but the leaders of Taliban and Haqan’s terrorist network are free in Pakistani cities while this is impossible without the support of Pakistani militarists and its intelligence service.
Afghan political elites say that Afghan problem is not a political problem but it is an invasion and intelligence war launched by Pakistani militarists and its intelligence service again Afghanistan.
Pakistan is not only create problems in Afghanistan but due to its adventurous policies has isolated in the region and until Pakistan not desist from its adventurous and dangerous policies and support of terrorist groups there would be no way for normalizing its relation with Kabul, Delhi or other countries of the region. 
Afghan people addressing Pakistani people send the message that there are opportunities for normalizing relation between the two countries. They have no way but to follow peaceful coexistence policy. Therefore if Pakistan wants to find its lost prestige, comes out from the isolation and becomes a member of the regional community should adopt a policy to meet the above demands of time and situation.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, February 12, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Straggle against the current challenges and problems which reached in to a critical phase needs adopting urgent national measures, one of the measures could be the distribution of electronic identity cards, needs to be started as soon as possible.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes overcoming the current problems that have already drawn the country in to a critical situation, needs adopting urgent and practical measures to lead the country toward peace and stability. 
If we look at the depth of the problems, they have no social and legal aspects, but deeply rooted in asking political privileges and badly affected by political games.
Asking for political or ethnical privileges on distribution of electronic identity cards raise in time, the country suffering a critical situation and any ethnical and political discrimination are not in to the interests of our people and county.
In infant   democratic communities where people practicing a democratic process, raising any prejudice issues such as ethnical, linguistic and political will not be the benefit of people and the country.
In such communities, the focus should be made on recognition of social various strata and referring to law is the key for achieving this noble goal.
Today Afghanistan is suffering from enormous problems like, the activities of terrorist and extremist groups, money laundry, drug trafficking, organized crimes …   are the key problems that Afghans are facing. Afghan security forces have repeatedly arrested terrorists and drug traffickers who were not Afghans, they interred the country with artificial documents and conducting and leading terrorist attacks have killed Afghan innocent people and damaged their homeland. Some of these criminals have come to Afghanistan having artificial Afghan identity cards while in the same time they carried their won Pakistani identity cards.
Today, there are markets in Peshawar where have changed in to printing and distributing Afghan identity cards. For settling this problem, the program of distributing electronic identity cards should be considered and implemented as a national process. In this way we not only settle the problem of identity but the terrorists and their patrons cannot prepare artificial Afghan identity cards anymore.
In addition, the process will settle many political problems including holding elections.
Seeing these facts strongly ask for distribution of electronic identity cards, the political and technical barriers should not prevent the process, the relevant authorities should honestly respond to the demands of the people.
Identify card is a national document, therefore, should be looked and supported as a national process.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, February 10, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Taliban terrorist group who do not believe to human live, Islamic teachings, civic society and international values, they should be compelled to right way by force in battle fronts.
BNA studying the situation, commenting on the issue writes Taliban during the last 17 years, where the Afghans were experiencing a new life, emerged as the most horrible and destructive element in our community.
The group in earlier 1370s was established as a project within the frame of Pakistani intelligence serviced and with participation of some other countries. Since then they were assigned to work for implementing the evil objectives of that country.  During the rule of this barbaric group, some other countries severely harmed. Finally the international community understanding the fatal threat of this terrorist group, with deadly strikes of international community with US leadership their so called Islamic Emirates despotic regime collapses and fled the country.  Unfortunately, with opportunities and programs provided by Pakistani intelligence service reorganized and restarted their criminal acts.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan because of its commitments, to include all political movement in the state, remove all causes of destructive war in the country and provide the ground for welfare and prosperity of our homeland, tried its best to bring Taliban to normal and peaceful life and remove the caused that cause the continuation of war in the country.
The leadership of Afghanistan for bringing Taliban to negotiation table and encourage them to peace has done a lot, but so far has not led to any result.
Diplomatic sources, activated to bring out Taliban from isolation and dependency to foreign countries, agreed for establishment of informal of the group in Doha Qatar.
In addition, indirect visits and other activities were carries out for strengthen peace process and inter Afghan dialogues.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan provided enormous opportunities for Taliban to use, unfortunately due to the influence of Pakistani intelligence service, dependence of the group to foreign countries and the interests of leaders of the group have kept away from the process of inter – Afghan dialogues.  Instead the group as the Afghan sources say Taliban have passed the red line and i instead of  acquiescing to the national and people interests have been continuing  the killing of our innocent people and destruction our homeland.
Some believe consider the proposals and the programs of peace process of the state for restoring peace and stability to the country as sign of its weakness, whereas, the Afghan government because of its great achievement in the battle fronts considers Taliban a weak force that have no way but launching suicide attacks want to cover and conceal their weakness in the battle fields.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Supporting security and defense forces is a moral responsibility; everybody should comprehend and be ready for its accomplishment.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan is suffering an intelligence war that has mostly originated abroad.
As the official authorities of the country say, more than 20 terrorist groups are operating in Afghanistan. The groups that have launch a proxy war in the country to fulfill the objectives and programs of regional intelligence services. If we look at the depth of foreign conspiracies against Afghan people, the major aim of them are isolating Afghanistan in the international arena, destruction of the country and change it in to the power center of terrorist groups.
Unfortunately, in addition to Pakistan there are certain countries that use Pakistan as a corridor for achieving their objectives in Afghanistan.
Al though the programs and conspiracies against Afghan people are dangerous, however our security and defense forces have firmly stood against them.
Afghan forces in the most critical situation have proved that they have heroically defended the independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and public interests of people. 
If today our people enjoy a partial security, it is the result of the devotions of the brave sons of this country sacrificing their lives have defended the national values of the country, if today we are witnessing somewhat social, political and economic developments in the life of our people, the situation and opportunities have been provided for establishing an active government in political, social and cultural fields.
Our devoted security and defense forces have proven again and again that they are committed to defend the country and reading to the cost of their lives a peaceful atmosphere for their compatriots.
Therefore our security and defense forces are applaud able   and should be supported and honored.
Supporting these heroic forces cannot be done by writing or expressing some words, this is a moral obligation of every citizen to honestly fulfill.
First of all it is the obligation of government to pay their salaries and other privileges on time and provide a good and standard life for them and seriously take care of the families of martyrs and disabled meet their urgent needs.
Also, our compatriots determining the needs of the families of martyrs can reach them better than the state via donation of blood, taking care of orphans and other means that considered urgent and important.
It is the obligation of security and defense authorities to provide adequate ammunitions, weapons, accommodations the forces occasionally complaint of their shortage. In this way they can meet their moral obligations against our devoted security and defense force.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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