19 July 2018

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Tuesday June 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Peace is the demand of Afghan people, therefore no any group and circle cannot monopolize it.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes observing ceasefire by Taliban during Eid days and the massive presence of them in cities among them Kabul indicate that peace process has its sympathizers among Taliban and ensuring peace and stability in the country is the demand of the majority members of the group.
The members of Taliban who came to the cities and met their families, relatives and friends unanimously talked about peace and called restoration of stability in to county as an urgent need. The presence of Taliban in cities and warm welcoming of the citizens and security forces clearly demonstrated that the ongoing war in Afghanistan is not a civil war but it is the Afghans who have become the victims of evil political games of foreigners. Conducting interviews they implicitly talked about the objectives and programs of hostile countries to create discord among Afghan people and keep the war in flame as before, while Afghans learning from the bitter experiences just think and act for ensuring peace and ending this bloody war in their country. The Afghan government considering the desires and demands of people decided to extend the ceasefire. The move warmly welcomed by all peace loving Afghan people and supported by United Nations and other credible world organizations.
Unfortunately, a man named Zabihullah Mujahid and introduces himself as the spokesman of Taliban lives in Karachi issuing a statement has said to the media that their so called Jihad is continuing against Afghan government the ceasefire has ended at the end of third day of Eid.
The statement is contrary to words of Taliban who came to the cities and expressed their pains and agonies from war and their will and desires for restoration of peace and stability in to the country. The people who expressed their hatred against war, terror and suicide were Taliban who fought for the interests of the leadership of the group, their sons were killed and their homes and farmlands destroyed while the Taliban leaders like Zabihullah Mujahid ignoring all their sacrifices insist on continuation of war live in luxury with their families and enjoy all facilities in big cities of Pakistan or Gulf countries at the cost of rural Afghan Taliban. The situation indicates that there are gross differences among low, meddle ranks of Taliban and their leadership. This discrimination will soon separate the way of rural Taliban from their leaders.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday June 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The massive presence of Taliban among their families and people during Eid days indicates that the demand for peace is increasing by passing each day, even Taliban want to live among their people.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the three day ceasefire between the state forces and Taliban provided the ground for hundreds of Taliban to cease violence and fighting and join their families and people and at least be away from armed clashes and explosions during Eid days.
The presence of Taliban in the cities living freely there, on one hand proved that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to encourage armed oppositions to enjoy a peaceful life, on the other hand the presence of Taliban during Eid days in big cities is a clear indicative that how much they are exhausted from war and how much they are eager to live among their people and relatives.
Likewise, the warm welcoming of Taliban by security forces and people made it clear that the two sides are serious in ensuring peace in the country and peace is the demand of every citizens of this war suffering nation.
The warm welcoming of Taliban by people especially the residents of the capital gave a message for Taliban that we ignore the previous pains and agonies caused by suicide attacks, explosions and other criminal acts because Almighty God calls peace good and favorable and responding to this holy call, is responding to the heartbeats of thousands of widows, orphans and disabled people and finally listening to the war exhausted citizens of this country. 
Coming to the cities, Taliban found that how much the life is pleasant among the people and the rule of law and how much delightful is working in a democratic society.
The massive presence of Taliban among the people and their desire for living free of violence prove that Taliban like other citizens of the country are exhausted from fighting. We hope, the leadership of the group, to understand the desires and wisely work for realizing them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Ceasefire is not one Way Street, all parties who have the same definition from national values and knowledge about Islamic principles should observe it.
BNA daily affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes from 27th of Ramadan until the 5th day of Eid-Alfitr, the state forces of the country based on the instruction of President Ghani will observe a ceasefire with armed oppositions.
Taliban announcing that they would observe ceasefire during Eid days, responded to it.
The announcement of truce especially by Taliban heightened the expectations among people, but unfortunately the incidents occurred during the recent days, changed the hopes and expectations in to disappointment and further increased panic and anxieties of war suffering people of the country.
Recently the staff of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development a civilian and public utility organ targeted by a suicide bomber which killed 13 and injured 31 people.
According to another report in a blast in a residential house one person lost his life and three others injured.  Security sources say, while the terrorists were making improvise explosives devices the incident happened.
In Ghazni a roadside bomb explosion claimed the lives of seven our fellow countrymen, while three invaders targeting the education department and medicine faculty in Jalalabad city Nangarhar province.  Fighting in Kohistanat district Faryab province and Muqer district Ghazni province continue as before.
Likewise, 7 police lost their lives in terrorists’ attack in suburb of Shubrghan city. In Kunduz, Farha and Herat provinces soldiers have become the victims of terrorists’ attacks.
The above incidents indicate that the security situation is fragile and one should not trust to armed oppositions.
Our war stricken people say that the state for restoration of peace and stability spare no any effort and uses every option but the alien intelligence services using all means and opportunities to further deteriorate the situation in the country. If Taliban talking of ceasefire, other terrorist groups carrying attacks our innocent people and destroy our homeland. Terrorists having close ties with foreign intelligence services, sometimes become Talib, other time become IS or Haqani’s network.
The Afghan people make no distinction between terrorist and extremist groups, but there are certain circles among Taliban who think about peace and ending violence in the country and there are groups who are seeking their interests in war and mostly work for realizing the evil objectives of foreigners.
Considering on going facts, one should assess and deeply focus on activities all involved groups and make decision. Ceasefire is not one way street, it is not only the responsibility of state, but it is the responsibility of all patriotic Afghan people to join hands for restoring peace and prosperity for their homeland.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, June 11, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chengdu city of China is the host of 18th session of Shanghai Economic Organization where the member countries assess their programs and cooperation on counter terrorism and extremism campaign and their economic relaxations.
BNA economic affairs commenting on the issue writes the 18th session of Shanghai member countries in Chengdu city of China held with participation of member countries.
The session has being held in time, where terrorism, extremism and other organized crimes threaten the security and economic growth in the region and the world as a whole.
Although the primary aim of the organization since its establishment until today has been anti extremism, terrorism and separatism not yet curbed but widely remained as a threat.
Confidence building, insuring common interests, mutual respect and providing the ground for a true development of civilization constitute the main slogan of Shanghai Economic Cooperation Organization’s member countries.
Now, a question rises that how much the organization has succeeded to achieve its strategic objectives?
Shanghai Economic Cooperation has occupied the largest geographical area, has the most world population and four atomic powers are in this region which indicate the effectiveness of the organization, if follows practically its strategic objectives in framework of a precise mechanism.
Especially the presence of three economic and military powers of the world (Russia, India and China) gives the organization a strong identity.
However, the existence of challenges in the region and the world, even different viewpoints among Shanghai member countries ask the organization for more constructive wok and efforts.
Although, Afghanistan is not a permanent member of this organization but participate in its current session as a monitoring member. The member countries of Shanghai Economic Cooperation Organization attach much importance to Afghanistan because this country fights terrorism and extremism in first battle fronts and so far successfully prevented the widespread of those notorious phenomena to the other countries.
Afghan people expect Shanghai’s member countries to force Pakistan to end its support from terrorist groups and honestly help Afghanistan in its struggle against terrorism and extremism which not only threat Afghanistan and the region but the entire world.
It should not be forgotten the future of Shanghai economic cooperation closely links to the constructive cooperation of its member states. 
Abdul Khlail Minawi
BNA Director General

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