24 October 2020

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Wednesday January 29, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan by joining to Global Press Freedom Coalition has taken substitute step toward supporting of freedom of expression.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, Afghanistan by signing an agreement has officially got membership of Global Press Freedom Coalition the other day.
Global Press Freedom Coalition has been created by initiative of Canada and Britain for supporting media activities and freedom of expression, presently 35 countries including Afghanistan got membership of the coalition.
Sarwar Danesh Second Vice-President during a ceremony held in this regard said, “Signing this documents will add to our responsibilities in defending and supporting freedom of expression and supporting journalists and media as well as gives us hope that we have the support and cooperation of a global coalition.
In Afghanistan these rights are new but in a short time the media has grown to be one of the most trusted institutions and an example to neighboring countries.
Freedom of speech and growth of media is one of basic political achievements of Afghanistan.
Freedom of speech is an opportunity for promotion of democracy in the country which should be used in a proper way. We can change this opportunity in to big opportunity only when we have a national definition for freedom of speech and free activities of media.
Today, dozens of printed, pictorial and aural publications are operating in the country and state patiently pursue their operations and support them.
As one of the significant gains of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the last eighteen years, freedom of expression is deemed as a ‘red line’ and the Government is committed to protect Human Rights values and freedom of expression.
Despite, its constructive role in ongoing gains over the past 18 years, however, war and violence have limited the reach of media to do more to help strengthen democracy in Afghanistan.
In the recent years, the mass media has witnessed a significant growth.
Besides the visual, audio and print media; social media users such as those of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram as well as citizen journalists also operate freely and without any restrictions.
Moreover, in 2018, Afghanistan ranked top on the Global Right to Information Rating with an impressive score of 139 points out of a possible 150, or 93 percent. Indeed, this is a shared achievement of the Afghan government and its international partners, who remain firmly committed to ensuring and protecting the freedoms of press and expression in Afghanistan.
Journalists are still being threatened, attacked and killed simply for doing their job. Sadly last year Afghanistan was the most dangerous country in the world to be a journalist.
Despite these challenges Afghans should be proud of the achievements of their press. Many other countries in the region can learn from the commitment of government and the strength shown to open itself to challenge. The physical and moral courage of Afghan journalists is an example to the world of the importance of the press.
Responsibility in society and the country dependent on durable support of freedom of speech and media that have to be committed to it.

Monday January 27, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Among the social institutions of modern society education plays a vital role as one of the major branches of human activity, a country will progressed only via increasing education fields and opening school gates.
Value education helps in fostering and cherishing democratic qualities like liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, co-operative living, peaceful co-existence, respect to the dignity of individuals, sharing of responsibility, etc. These are essentials for the development of a nation and progress of the society.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, 4 Dalwa (23 January) is coincided to World Education Day, celebrating the day provide opportunities to assess our activities as a citizen, in-charge and an organization against education, what we done and what should we do for progressing education and long-lasting learning and knowledge system in the country.
Regular education system and exist of a standard, efficiency and effective education organized the identity of a society.
Education is a purposeful cognitive activity of people acquires knowledge and skills or improves them. The main purpose of education is the communion of the individuals to the achievements of human civilization, relaying and preservation of its cultural heritage.
Progress and develop of governments is belonged to educated people and having knowledgeable citizens is indicate a progress and development society.
Strengthen education system provide opportunities to the people of a society to growth their talents and abilities, by this way we can change a poor society into an advanced.
Without inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth and adults behind.
Education has valuable mean for the people of Afghanistan the people remembered that Taliban have closed gates of schools for girls during their rule and boys have also studied in specified regulations determined by the group.
Presently, 11 million children and teenagers are studying in school that 40% are girls, the number indicate that people believe on education and future of the country.
Currently, thousands governmental and private school are active and millions students (boy & girl) are studying in governmental and private schools across the country.
Despite of that, 3.7 million students mostly girls deprived from going schools in Afghanistan.
Continue war, Taliban threats, restrictive regulations by Taliban group on schools and students, vicious customs and traditions among people, sexual discrimination, etc… have caused that 3.7 million students deprived from going schools in the country.
The number of students those deprived from going school is painful in Afghanistan.
Beside that problems in educational curriculum, behavior of teacher with student and vice versa, poverty, cultural decline, downfall of social values, etc… are issues that questioned educational system in the country.
While, the quantity of education has increased in Afghanistan, but quality is a challenges that education sector face in the country so far.
Afghanistan people believe that education is a key point for better future, justice and equality in a society, education help inequality. Therefore, education has significant, positive and active role in society. Progressing education and establishing a standard education system not only the duties of an organization or government, but education is a joint identity for all of us and we joined hand for increasing education and learning factors in Afghanistan.
Finally, Education is the golden path through which multitude of values can be transacted with the students; the budding citizens in a country.

Saturday January 25, 2020

Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said, fighters of Taliban group are tired from war, but leaders of the group are enjoying with their wives in Doha.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the sideline of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in an interview with CNBC network said, “The good news is that rank and file of the Taliban are sick and tired of fighting, the people who are sitting in Doha are getting their fifth and fourth wife and are enjoying themselves, they have become investors.”
Undoubtedly, the remarks of President Ghani affirmed the current situation of Taliban fighters and their leaders, the leaders of the group has become the richest men in the countries of the region.
Afghanistan and the people of the country has lost everything and more opportunities during 18-year war, but leaders of Taliban group has changed into richest men in the region.
Today, leaders of Taliban group have the best life, they have luxury and expensive houses in Islamabad and Karachi, villas in Gulf countries with bank accounts and huge amounts of money and their trade companies are active in Pakistan, Dubai, Sharjah and Doha.
Already, Western sources reported that the late leader of Taliban group, Mullah Akhtar Mansour had activated several commercial companies in Islamabad and Lahore, he had managed narcotic drug smugglings in Pakistan and Afghanistan and he had sold the mines of Afghanistan via the companies.
Trade, narcotic drug smugglings and illegal activities are inherited to each leaders and commanders of Taliban group, because of this they are trying to continue war in the country, so their trade and illegal activities do not damaged.
From beginning of Taliban regime until now, leaders of the group talking about enforcing of Islamic sharia and implementing of women veil, leaders of the group have been closes gates of schools for girls during their rule, they have made changes in education curriculum, but today their descendants (boy and girl) are studying in most prestigious education institutions in Turkey, Doha, Lahore and Karachi and they pay high price for their education.
But, leaders of Taliban group have warned from endorsing infidelity in remote areas of Afghanistan, they have imposed the restrictive laws to the people, they are against girl’s education, create obstacle to teaching affairs of children in schools and Madrasas and by destruction bridges and culverts they have prevented economic growth in villages and villagers.
Leaders of Taliban encourage villagers and Madrasa students to carry out suicide attacks, but they never conducts such attacks by their children.
Descendants of Taliban leaders are enjoying from the best and highest standards of living, while they forcing youth and teenagers to war and destroy their houses, villages and farms.
Today, fighters of Taliban group have tired from war, but the leaders of the group afraid if they announce ceasefire their ranks will fall apart and integration would not be possible among the fighters of the group.
This is a fact that there is a significant difference between life of Taliban leaders, commanders and fighters.
Leaders of the group to preserve and increase their wealth are trying to continue war, while fighters of the group at least to survive are dreaming of ending the war.

Wednesday January 22, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Killing four members of a same family in seven PD Kabul city the other day indicate that security situation become more critical by passing every day in the city and increase concerns among people.
BNA security analyst commenting on the issue writes, four members of a family including a woman and her three children brutally have been killed by unknown men in Jangalak region, 7thPD Kabul city the other day.
Happening such criminal cases explicitly indicates that security situation become more hazardous by passing each day in Kabul city, the criminals do whatever they want and police accessibility is limited or impossible to them.
This is not only an incident took place in Kabul city, but residents of the city are witnesses of such brutal and inhuman acts every night and day.
Three days ago, a man was assassinated by armed gunmen in Dasht Barchi region, Kabul city and another youth was killed by armed thieves in the same area as well.
Two weeks ago, ministry of interior after shooting Ali Sina a student of American University of Afghanistan in Dasht Barchi region, Kabul, has prepared and implementing two security plans (One month & three months) in Kabul.
Since two weeks the measures and activities of Afghan national police personnel has been more serious than the past, besides that leadership of the ministry of interior has brought reforms in security precincts and district of Kabul, but recent incidents indicate that the reforms and measures didn’t improve security situation the city.
There are need that security officials act as principally and regularly regarding improving security situation in Kabul, only changes in security structure not enough.
The causes and factors of criminal cases should be investigated, beside police forces other security and judicial organs also have their problems, criminals are released without punishment, people emphasizing on standardize in administrative and professional orders in security and judicial organs.
Currently, murders, human traffickers and those have heavy crimes are living such as guests in prisons, while they must be executed. 
Improving security situation in the country, particular in Kabul city need serious activities and professional performances, slogan words never soothing the injuries of Ali Sina’s family and Abdul Star who lost his four family’s members, only decisiveness against crimes and criminals gives peace mind to the people, only determination and professional performances can improve security situation in Kabul.

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