13 November 2018

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Sunday December 24, 2017 Kabul (BNA) Russia’s special representative to Afghanistan claimed that ISIS terrorist group has 10,000 fighters in Afghanistan, he warned that US may be underestimating about the threat of the terrorist group in the country. BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, Zamir Kabulov special representative of Russian president for Afghanistan told to an official news agency of Russia that, ISIS militants has over 10,000 fighters in Afghanistan, many of whom fled from Iraq and Syria. Russia was among the countries that already warned about treatment of ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan, but warning of the country disregard, while ISIS group strengthen its presence in Afghanistan, Kabulov further added. The numbers of ISIS militants those had more experiences in Syria and Iraq war are increasing in Afghanistan, Kabulov added, he also expressed his concerns regarding presence of ISIS fighters in north of Afghanistan and the regions that has border with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Mr. Kabulov in his interview emphasized that, specifically the aims of the ISIS terrorist group is that to expand its influence outside Afghanistan, which severely threat Central Asia and southern parts of Russia. Meanwhile, previously American military officials in Afghanistan told that about 3000 ISIS loyalists existence in Afghanistan. Recently, Russia expressed his cooperation with US to fight against terrorism and counter-narcotic drugs in Afghanistan, which the decision welcomed by National Unity Government as well. Some Afghan political experts believe that, there is no doubt that ISIS terrorist group rise up in Afghanistan and some ex-Taliban militants gravitate to the group and also inside disputes of Taliban cause that ISIS terrorist group recruiting Taliban fighters increasingly. Pakistan’ intelligence service and some Arab countries had active role in establishing of ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan. Iran and Russia are aware about the ISIS’s programs and its foreign supporters in the region than other countries and strengthening of the terrorist group rendering lash on their regional interests, the political experts say. The experts went on saying that Iran and Russia heightening IS terrorist group in Afghanistan to find foothold in the region, particularly Russia by using ISIS name trying to expand its presence and influence in Middle Asia. The experts also mentioned that ISIS terrorist group is a game and an intelligence’s project which would provide proxy war for other countries in Afghanistan. How to rescue our people and country from the games and intelligence’s projects? Accurateness and secret policy need to overcome the challenges, the political experts concluded. Alef Aansari

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Silk Road is not only a commercial route buy but as a crossroad of cultures has played a great role in reconciliation of civilizations and cultures.
BNA financial and social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently an international scientific a researching seminar under the title of Afghanistan and Silk Route, with the initiative of Ministry of Information and Culture held in
Kabul and followed for two days in Jalalabad city Nangarhar province.  Professor Rasool Bawary Minister of Information and Culture introducing Silk Route as an important route which connected the four great ancient imperials of China, Greek, Koshanian and Room said currently endeavors are underway due to the requirements of the time, the Silk Route to be revived.
If we look precisely at geography and the course of Silk Route, Afghanistan in ancient time and today has and had a basic and significant role in construction and using this important trade route. There many archaeological monuments in Afghanistan prove that this country since long time has a special location along Silk Road and linking of various civilizations and cultures.
In the present situation where rivalries have taken the place of cooperation in the region and in the world, Afghanistan could be a proper place and factor for settling the regional problems and rehabilitation of this ancient commercial road.
Silk Road from historical point of view in present and past has not been only a trade road but also as a conjuncture of various cultures and civilizations has played an effective role in reconciliation of those cultures and civilizations.
Presently that hatred, pessimism and mistrust prevailed in relations of the region; it would much useful to use Silk Road, Lupus Lazily Road and other developmental projects as a means for settling the problems and bringing the nations close to each other.
Holding such seminars can be assess effective in describing the status of Afghanistan in implementing such significant projects  and attracts the world attention to the role of Afghanistan in rehabilitation of such important  ancient commercial roads.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director Genera

Monday, December 18, 2017
Kabul (BNA) For going out from current critical situation, from which our people and country suffering holding a political gathering is urgently needed, to discuss inner differences and overcome the threatening problems and all politicians and critics of the state join hand to defend national interests and preserve national values.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes there are rumors about breakout of difference among a number of high ranking officials of government. Although official authorities consider the existence of such differences as an ordinary matter, but a number of figures, media and certain circles are fanning the differences and further enlarge the gap. While the official authorities, consider such differences as common matter, but a number of figures, media and certain circles fan and further enlarge the differences. Therefore, to overcome this critical problem, it would be necessary for all patriotic politicians to join hand to neutralize the conspiracies of our enemies and satanic circles.
The government as an organ for executing the law and considers the enforcement of law as its main obligation and demonstrate the will of people. Therefore, the people who share the government and consider themselves committed to preserve national values and achievements of the last 15 years should know their obligations and commitments not work against them.
Afghanistan is in a very sensitive and complicated situation. Many conspiracies and plan have been launched by foreign intelligence and the enemies of our country. In order to fight successfully and neutralize these hideous conspiracies building a strong and true national unity is a must, because national unity is the only means, through which we can settle all problems. While escalating the differences and enlargement of the differences further strengthen the stance of the enemies.
At this juncture of time, it is required all politicians including the figures who share the government and those who criticize the government using their influence and capability rid our society from the current problems and show their wisdom and talent to the enemies of the country.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The recent move of Kabul garrison for collecting illegal arms and reviewing the process of distribution of license for carrying weapon, and stopping vehicle with black glasses is a good move for implement the law and ensuring public interests. Therefore it should be backed.
BNA military affairs commenting on the issue writes recently Kabul Garrison as  coordinator of military and security affairs in the capital has started the work of collecting illegal weapons, stopping the vehicles with black glasses and a new process for distribution of weapon for deserved people.
If we look precisely at the horrible security situation in the capital beside terroristic incidents, other criminal incidents are the factors of insecurity in city which have caused the concerns of Kabul citizens.
Today, the factor of   most of the crimes including abduction, robbery and other inhuman criminal acts   that happen in the capital is using black glasses vehicles and the existence of illegal weapons which is a serious threat for the security and safety of the citizens of the city which caused severe criticism addressing the relevant authorities of the government.
Without doubt, the anxieties and demands of people have made the state to take effective measures for collecting illegal weapons and stopping the vehicles with black glasses and assigned Kabul Garrison to fulfill the program in practice,
The Afghan people have tasted the bitter flavor of illegalities, tyrannies and seriously believe that any move toward ensuring public interests and protecting the people based on law should be honestly supported and honored.
Unfortunately, this beneficial act of Kabul Garrison has faced the opposition of certain people, among them a number of parliament members have opposed inquiring their bodyguards and checking their vehicles by security personnel that would be far away from the expectation of people from their representatives.
We have painful stories from breaching the law by influence and powerful persons in our community. As some times ago, the personnel of a security post in Pul-I – Charkhy area, Kabul city were beaten by the bodyguard of powerful person just for the security persons wanted to check the vehicle which this gentleman driving in.
We have also heard the story of carrying the in charge of Taliban intelligence service in a police vehicle from Baghalan to Kabul.
Therefore these clear facts and evidences show that carrying weapon by undeserved people and black glasses vehicles are behind many crimes that place in the country. This critical situation asks a high authority of government, including members of the cabinet and parliament and people as a whole to join hands for implementing the program launched by Kabul Garrison and support the process and appreciate the work and devotion of security personnel who implement the program and honestly support them.     
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General