22 January 2019

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Wednesday February 21, 2018

Kabul (BNA) When proposed to search peace in battlefields, reactions highlighting among different strata in our society, some people are agree and some of them are not.
BNA political analyst commenting of the issue writes, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan several times in his speeches expressed that war imposed on Afghans. Mustn’t search roots of war in Afghanistan, because, there are some countries using terrorist groups such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Haqqani Network, Lashkar-e-Taiba, ISIS and etc… for reaching to their political and military goals in Afghanistan’s soul.
What should we do with these countries? The answer of the question has related to past, we must learned from the past. Mr. Ghani in dozens national, regional and international sessions called that people of Afghanistan want peace and peace is urgent need for Afghans. Regional countries and international community must help people of Afghanistan to achieve their everlasting wish (peace).
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani two years ago in the sideline of Shanghai Cooperation Summit, while meeting with Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India called that for solving challenges in Afghanistan regional solutions must search. Meanwhile, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with NATO civilian representative expressed that war not our choice, those instead of peace want war in Afghanistan, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) will suppress them in the battlefields.
Afghanistan people need peace, but terrorists and their regional and international supporters imposed war on Afghans. There is only a way for ending Afghanistan’s war, it’s that we search peace in battlefields, so terrorist groups has selected war for solutions Afghans’ problems.
How the terrorist groups choice reconciliation? While they don’t know about democracy, civil society and benefits of peace, how can we put open the negotiation door for them? While every day the terrorist groups by carrying terrorist activities shedding bloods of innocent civilians.
Finally, suppressing terrorist groups is the best way, now Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) has proved that they can annihilate armed oppositions and their supports in the battlegrounds.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Ignoring the women rights is not only violating the rights of a huge section of society in the community, but it could be considered a serious violation against humanity.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently conference under the title of Women, Peace, Achievements and Challenges was held by the ministry of foreign affairs. In the conference the role of women in the current events and developments in the country were discussed.
Mrs. Habiba Surabi the deputy of high peace council talking in the conference made it clear that although women constitute 12 members of the council, unfortunately they are not involved in decision makings but after adopting  the decisions the result declare for them.
It is not only the high peace council that talks about the poor role of women. There are many authoritative figures in institutions and departments who do not believe so much on women’s role in the community.
It should not be forgotten that in Afghan society, the first victims of war are women; beside they are living in the environment with severe restrictions and prejudices and deprived of education, while the constitution of the country has ratified the equality of gender, unfortunately this equality approved by constitution is not tangible in Afghan society.
The Afghan women and defenders of women’s rights in the country and the authorities and other dignitaries should know that just giving a symbolic part for women is not enough.
There are many organizations, organs and individuals who always talk about the observance of women’s rights and consider themselves as the patrons of women. They demonstrate their so called patronage by releasing reports, conducting research on women status in the society or increasing or decreasing of violations against women. But the women are not only suffering from physical abuses they are agonizing from various violations; they should be focused seriously and practically. The straggle against violation against women should not be used as a means for ensuring one’s own benefits or his or hers affiliates.  
Today, the women are the main victims of the fighting and insecurities, the widows who have lost their husbands in the imposed war, have bear the responsibility of raising, feeding and educating  their orphan children in very bad economic situation.  Due to old and inhumane traditions, the girls are deprive from going school in remote areas of the country and due to security reasons the girls’ schools are closed. In the family life, the parents mostly prefer the boys to the girls. They let their male children attend school but they prefer their daughters stay home. These are the most serious violations that the women sustain.
The Afghan people expect the state and the organs responsible for protection of the women’s rights should not use the matter as a means for their own objectives, but work honestly for ensuring women’s rights in the community.
The women in social, security, political and cultural lives have many demands that should meet honestly and practically in order to find their right place in the society.     
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, February 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) People say: can change the figures be impressive in improvement of security situation in the capital?
Recently the ministry of interior introduced new figures as commanders of police zones in the capital. Bringing the changes the authorities of the ministry hope, the security situation would improve in Kabul.
BNA security affairs commenting on the issue write during the recent months Kabul was the scene a series of terrorist attacks which claimed the lives many citizens of the city and cause heavy destructions. In the meantime, the occurrence of criminal incidents, have increased public concerns and mistrust to relevant security organs.
The happening of such terrorist incidents such as suicide, explosion, murder, robbery, looting, bribery etc. caused the people to severely criticize the relevant authorities and to insist on preparing precise and practical plan and program to prevent the occurrence of such awful crimes in the future.
Wais Barmakk Minister of Interior Affairs in a session with police authorities of Kabul city in November of last year, openly criticizing the security situation in the capital warned the relevant authorities if they did not succeed in improvement of the security situation within 10 days they would   be ousted from their jobs.  Unfortunately, after the warning many dangerous and shocking incidents occurred in Kabul but still the minister has not succeeded to implement his warning and oust incompetent authorities. The problem was that a number of police authorities were affiliated to the high ranking officials and their appointments were based according recommendations.
Some sources and a number of politicians say that the only way for settling the problem would be appointment of competent and capable people to the relevant positions through free rivalry and competitions. The authorities of interior ministry following this method, through a transparent process, introduce new people to police office and zones that would be effective in ensuring security in the capital.
The program of the appointments new figures in police apparatus comes in time, the new draft of security policy of Kabul city has presented to the president of the country.
There is no doubt that launching free competition for appointments is firm step toward merit running admiration, but in many cases, the competition examinations have not proper results. The people say, for ensuring security in the capital, other big cities and across the country, it is required the ministry of interior should come along with a precise strategy to keep the honest and experienced cadres in their posts a strategy which will have good consequences because just changing the position of personnel would be not enough and effective.  

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The higher educational institutes are in tragic situation requires to be improved qualitatively and quantitatively with great responsibility and high skill management.
BNA educational affairs commenting on the issues writes the higher educational institutes are in very bad condition. Although, the number of the institutes have improved tremendously and succeeded to attracts many youths who have failed to attend state run institutes, but the private higher educational institutes are suffering certain and serious problems.
The problems in private institutes are so serious that the authorities of higher education minister acknowledge it. As Dr. Najibullah  Khwaja Omery minister of higher education, while recently  distributing the certificates of a private institute to its graduates openly acknowledged that the quality of teaching in private higher educational institutes is not satisfactory and insisted to improvement of teaching in those institutes.
The people advise the relevant authorities for determining the status of higher educational institutes to think with greater responsibility in order to change this tragic situation.
According to the constitution study is the right of every citizen of the country. Regretfully, due to lack of capacity, a great number of students have been deprived from continuing their studies in state run higher educational institutes. For settle this problem, imitating foreign countries especially western countries; made their focus on establishing of private higher educational institutes while the situation is much different here from those foreign countries.
The growth and improvement of higher educational institutes is good thing, but needs proper management and running.
The student, who does not succeed in examination for interring state run institutes, easily inters private institutes, studies medicine, pharmacy, economy and law there.  Attending the classes for some years there he or she without acquiring sufficient knowledge to meet the needs of the community receive a certificate and expect to accept in the community as an academic person.
The low capacity and quality of teaching and learning in both private and state sectors of higher educational institutes is the reason that the graduates of the institutes’ certificates are not credible in foreign countries when they refer for employment in relevant organs there. This indicates that the quality of education in the institutes is not improved enough to meet the requirement of our present community.
Therefore,   it would be the obligation of higher education ministry to take effective measure for removing the shortages via preparing an impressive programs and asks the advices  of professional and academic people for the reforming the overall situation in higher educational institutes and not hurry in distributing certificates. The graduates should pass an examination under the supervision of an authoritative mix delegation. Systematic supervision should be made from system of teaching and activities in the institutes and in issuing the license for the activities of the private institutes should paid serious attention.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi