19 April 2019

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Saturday, June 02, 2018
Kabul (BNA) The number of registers for participation in the elections reaches almost five millions this indicates that the elections as a democratic value getting its validity among the people.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the process of registering the name of voters is over four and half million people and the figure increasing by passing each day.
This demonstrates that the people consider elections as the only way out of the problems and can lead the country in to the right direction.
In spite of that the elections as a national and democratic process enjoys the support of people, politicians and authorities of state, however, there are certain concerns about security situation, different viewpoints among politicians even the authorities of the state, political and ethnical tensions, the changing demands of political parties and organizations over the mechanism used in the process of elections and the gap of technical and administrative inside the electoral commissions are the matters the severely affect the process of elections in the country.
The constructive overcoming the problems depends to effective work of members of electoral commissions, this is how to response to the critics of state, establishing an effective mechanism that can attract the trust of people and to encourage public participation in this national process.  
There is no doubt that the electoral commissions have their own specific problems but what is of significant importance is public commitment for holding such a national program.
The hope and expect of people from the members of electoral commissions, political parties and the critics of the state is this that for establishing an efficient and coordinated mechanism they should not forget negotiation and consultations. Just criticism or evading criticisms cannot settle the problems.
The two sides should accept that the elections as a national process affect the destiny of people therefore it should be pursued as a national goal, and if emerges problems should be settled through holding negotiations and consultations.
The electoral commissions know about the importance and sensitivities of the elections and naturally, listen to useful advices and suggestions and the critics and political parties also comprehend the current problem and sensitivities and as good and helpful colleagues for the state and electoral commissions take effective part in solving the problems.
In the countries involved in disputes like Afghanistan, holding elections and going to the polls is of great importance.
Improving security, insuring stability and generalizing democratic values depend on holding a transparent, free and fair election. Certainly the members of the electoral commissions and the critics of the commissions both acknowledge to that fact.
Therefore, for overcoming the relevant problems there would be an urgent need for coordination of all relevant organs otherwise the consequences of the elections will not meet the public interests and indulge the country in political crisis once again. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Any decision by Pakistan on changing the legal situation of tribal areas will not be acceptable of the residents of the two sides of Durand Line, but it wound not be acceptable for Afghan people either.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Pakistan parliament in a hurried and selfish attempt decided the tribal areas administration be delivered to Pashtun- Khaw state.
The areas under the name of free tribal areas since a long time were governed by Pakistan federal government.
The recent Pakistani government decision is against the deal of 1921 which was signed by the then Afghan government and British India.
The areas that governed by Pakistan is a part of Afghan territory which during the reign of A. Rahman Khan the then king of Afghanistan according to shameful Durand deal delivered to British India.
Afghanistan after acquiring its independence in 1919 until now has   never officially recognized Durand Line and will never recognize it.
Durand is a constant territorial problem between Afghanistan and Pakistan that can be settled only through referring to historical facts.
Therefore, the Pakistani parliament decision for integrating the areas in to Khyber Pushton-Khaw   state considered as a unilateral move would never be acceptable for Afghan people and the residents of the two sides of Durand Line.
Pakistani government takes such a hurried   move exactly in time; military rule prevailed in tribal areas and terrorists from various nationalities use the area as their stronghold and practically faced to horror and suffocation. Pakistani military and militia in cooperation of intelligence services circles have detained the most committed and active figures of tribal areas and nobody knows about whereabouts of many of them up to now.
Pakistan government creating a terror and horror atmosphere in tribal areas wants to give a new legal identity to the area.
While bringing any changes in the area is depend on will and intention of the residents of the two sides of Durand Line who have close racial, ethnical and family relations, in addition the decision has made without and consultation of Afghan government that has problem with Pakistan due to Durand Line.
The Afghan people and state stance on tribal areas since the establishment of Pakistan up to now is clear that is it defends the rights of the people of the area who are deprived from all their primitive rights
This is only the residents of the two sides of Durand Line who can decide about their destiny and any unilateral decision cannot conceal the historical facts over the Durand Line.  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Registration the names of candidates for parliament and districts’ councils started yesterday, and this way another phase of election’s process opened.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes based on schedule of Independent Commission of Elections the registration the names of candidates for parliament and districts’ councils started across the country. Every eligible citizen of the country who wishes to contest for acquiring a seat in parliament of the country can take part in the process.
The process of registration the names of the candidates for national assembly and the districts’ councils starts in a time, the people severely criticize the activities of representatives in both houses of the parliament.
The question raised is: do the honorable candidates have learnt anything from the past?  And the candidates what kinds of programs have prepared and present them to people?
The people say in the critical situation of the country the ongoing members of parliament had to work for settling the problems of the country, unfortunately they failed to do so.
Regretfully, some members of parliament were armed with harmful opinions such as ethnical, religious, linguistic and other prejudices which were disastrous for our nation unity which is an urgent need for building our country. The people hope, the upcoming members of parliament say no to all kinds of discriminations and spare no any efforts for establishing a strong national unity that certainly pave the way for peace and security and guarantees the prosperity of the country.
Elections is national process, and only presence of educated, committed and patriotic people can ensure the credibility and transparency of the process and can bring people in to parliament who deserved to represent the people.
It would be the responsibility of independent commission of elections by preparing effective and practical programs ensure a transparent election, provide the ground for educated, patriotic people free of all discriminations go to the parliament and honestly serve the people and the country.    
Abdul Khalil Minwi
BNA Director General

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The problem of narcotic drugs is an acute and complicated problem in Afghanistan that not only dependent to this country, it deeply outside the borders Afghanistan, to settle the problem it should be assessed in an international gathering.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the most recent report on situation of poppy cultivation and drug trafficking in Afghanistan indicates that annually, 900 tons  narcotic drugs has produced  in 2017in the country that shows 11% increase than the previous year.
The report which has been prepared  in close cooperation of counter narcotic campaign ministry and united  nations’  relevant organ made it clear that the price of narcotic drugs smuggled from Afghanistan reaches six billion dollars a great part of which goes to the pockets of international mafias and just 400$ of that huge figure inters Afghan economy.
If we precisely at the background of drug trafficking in Afghanistan, this notorious phenomenon during the last 40 years when the country became the target of foreign invasions which led to the crisis continuing up to now, developed.
Today narcotic drugs are the main source of funding terrorists.
As the United Nations acknowledges a huge percentage of incomes from narcotics goes to international mafias, regional and beyond regional intelligence services, leaders of terrorist groups and other criminal bands that are managing and fueling war in Afghanistan. While the losses Afghanistan sustains is much more than any other countries.
As confirmed documents and experienced show, in reality it is foreign intelligence services, international mafias and criminal band that benefit the most from narcotic drugs trafficking. This open fact indicates that as terrorism, narcotic drugs are a foreign imposed phenomenon on Afghanistan.
In UN report and other similar reports from other global organizations addressing Afghanistan have made much criticism. Although the reports echo a part of bitter facts in Afghan society, but unfortunately they have not considered the foreign reasons and not showed the way of settling the problem. The Afghan people expect UN and other international organizations to consider their pains and agonies sustain from narcotics.
There are certain circles as mentioned above across the world that are involved in drugs business and take benefit from their illegal business and provide chemical materials used in processing  the drugs.
The world shows concern about narcotic drugs trafficking in Afghanistan but not talk about transit roads of drugs that reach international markets and not work for the closure of the transit roads and why the countries complaint from narcotic drugs do not plan and prepare practical programs for decreasing demands for narcotics in their own countries.
There are many reasons that proof that the problem of narcotics in Afghanistan is a regional, beyond regional even international problem that should focus on in an international session and addressed as terrorism.

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