15 November 2018

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The weather, pollution in cities of the country particularly in Kabul city increased that can have horrible consequences.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes with reaching the cold season and cooling the weather using fuels for heating the houses have tremendously increased. 
Using various kinds of fuels, most of them are not according standards, has increased pollution in cities and severely harmed the environment. The environment situation is so grave that, the Kabul and other cities citizens can observe the pollution with naked eyes.
Weather pollution and the problem of environment in Kabul the capital and other cities of the country will have disastrous and fatal consequences.
Today a great number of our citizens are suffering from respiratory, cardiac and other diseases which are mostly emanated from poor environment.
The authorities of Environment Department call using low quality fuels, non – standard streets, lack of green areas the main reason of pollution in the cities of the country. Using coal in a wrong way in houses, bathroom and other places is the most server challenge against clean and pure air.
In Afghanistan the coal is not used as it required, while in other countries used after purification it for harmful materials.
Using old tires, plastics and brunt mobile- oil in brick kilns, bathrooms, even in houses has further complicated the problem.
Although the authorities of governmental agencies including security, medical and environment have failed in curbing this fatal problem, the people also have not properly informed about the benefits of pure environment and the consequences of a polluted environment.   The governmental relevant organs, media, civil society activists, the clergies and medical staff can play an important and vital role in informing the people and fighting against environment pollution that threats the lives of our citizens.
Air pollution and damaging environment is an acute medical and social problem that should be settled urgently through designing practical and effective programs and plans. AS the experience show, releasing statements and ceremonial services cannot solve this grave problem.       
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, December 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The continuation of such a situation, without doubt decreases the trust and confidence of people to security and intelligence organs.
BNA security affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes slaughtering all the members of a family in Panjsad Family residential area has caused concerns of the residents of the capital.
Four armed men in military uniform at night time invaded in to a house and brutally slaughtered all members of a family including women and children while they were asleep.  
What have happened in Panjsad Family are among dozens criminal acts that occur daily in the capital.
We have been witness of many criminal acts during the recent days and months in Kabul from killing and abducting traders to physical violence and robbery. All these inhuman and barbaric acts indicate that the capital is experiencing a terrible security situation.
In spite of that security authorities claim that the Panjsad Family incident is the result of personal and family disputes but this kind of reasoning cannot acquit them from their responsibilities and not justifiable.
We accept that teen members of a family became the victim of a family dispute, but it would be questionable how the invaders accessed to automatic weapon and used military uniform and how they interned the house and after several hours of killing and looting leave the scene?
The relatives of the victims claim that in the first moments of the incident at 1: 00 am they informed police but they reached the scene after three hours. Although the security authorities deny the claim but there reasoning is not justifiable.
The recent incident and other similar incidents occurred during the recent days and months indicate that beside terrorist incidents like suicide attacks and explosions criminal incidents are the major part of concerns the residents of the capital suffering from.
The presence of armed individuals, police call them irresponsible armed people in tangible in the city.
Some people claim that most of police personnel have been appointed due to their links to higher authorities not according to criteria set up for employments.
The existence of such a wide gap in security organs and incapability of intelligence and security personnel indicate that there is a poor management in security affairs in Kabul. If as the interior minister promised, firm steps be taken for reforming the situation, the residents of Kabul who are suffering from insecurity will enjoy living in a peaceful and safe atmosphere very soon, otherwise, their miseries will continue as before.    
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considering the US president’s decision regarding to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel concerning and the stance of the Afghan people in that regard constructive and reasonable.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mr. Trump US president against the expectation of all peace loving people across the world especially Islamic world recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist regime and promised to move its embassy from Tel- Aviv  to in to that holy city forgetting that Jerusalem is undividable part of Palestinians’ territory.
This US president hurt the hearts of millions Muslims across the world and reduced global trust and belief to America earlier existed.
Afghan president and executive chief of the country expressing concern over, Mr. Trump’s decision insisted that the decision has hurt the hearts of millions of Muslims across the world.
These credible Afghan organs have also said that the status of Jerusalem should be determined according to international laws, UN resolutions and the demands of millions of Muslims.
The Afghan president and executive chief also pointed out that for realizing a fair peace in Middle East and Islamic world an international gathering is needed.
Likewise, Afghan national wide scholars’ council calling Mr. Trump’s decision irresponsible and tyrannical insisted on retreating of the decision, otherwise it will have horrible consequences.
In addition, huge massed of our people took the streets in Kabul and other provinces expressed their abhorrence against the decision. The protesters, political, civil society activists, various classes of people and the media of the country supporting the stance of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan regarding Jerusalem issue asked the US to know its responsibilities regarding to such important issues and act with high responsibility.
America should know that Muslims across the globe among the Afghans considering Jerusalem as their Islamic identity will defend Jerusalem and suppressed Palestinians rights as their Islamic obligation. Afghanistan will never recognize Zionist regime.
On the other hand, this hasty decision by US president will provoke extremist groups, using the situation in to their benefit provide the ground once again for anti- Islamic activities.
It would be better for Mr. Trump to think wisely, make decision wisely and retreating from his recent controversial decision would be considered a wise act.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday December 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghan religious scholars’ council asks the US president to retreat from his decision over recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently US president has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel against the expectation the people all over the world, and promised to move US embassy from Tel-Aviv    to Jerusalem. Mr. Trump by this decision has endorsed the resolution of US congress released in 1995 on recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist regime, but since then no any presidents of America implemented it in practice. This move of president of US faced with severe reaction of worldwide even the closest alliances of America including UK prime minister opposed it.
Al though Mr. Trump unilaterally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to the interest of that country but insisted that he would follow the process of peace talks between Palestinians and Israelites and his vice president would be dispatched in to the region. However Mahmoud Abas the head of Palestinian Authority has said that America would be more a mediator for peace. Among the world reaction against the move of Mr. Trump, the Afghan Scholars Council issuing a declaration called this move of Mr. Trump tyrannical and irresponsible which inured the hearts of more than one and half billion Muslims across the world. Afghan Scholars Council warned that if Mr. Trump does not retreat from his contentious decision it would have evil consequences and would led to many fatal and disastrous problems.
According political elites, Mr. Trump with this decision has severely hurt the authority and dignity of US among the countries of the world especially among Islamic countries and lost its credibility in the world. Meanwhile the move will increase tension between US and its rivals around the world because they will use the situation against US. These politicians say, the extremist circle in Islamic and non- Islamic communities will try presenting the issue provides the ground for demonstrations the control of which will be difficult. In addition, the move will badly hurt the process of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelites and causes pessimism among Islamic countries that have recognized Israel state.
Therefore it would better for Mr. Trump to retreat from this irresponsible move which will have fatal consequences and not further play with Muslims’ emotions anymore and accept Jerusalem as the first holy place where the Muslims made their prayers toward it.  Jerusalem is undividable of Palestinians territory, unfortunately now is under the occupation of Zionist regime of Israel.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General