18 November 2018

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Education is the right of every children, teenagers and youths in the country, it is required the sides of imposed war in Afghanistan and politicians in the country respect the right and observe it.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently ministry of education announce that 1600 schools due to insecurity and threats of armed opposition groups are close in the level of the country and hundreds  thousand children are deprived from attending school.
According the figures released by ministry of education Kandahar, Zabul, Helmand and Oruzgan are among the provinces where more schools are close.
Farah, Herat and Kunduz are also among the provinces suffering from the closure of schools. In addition in 18 other provinces including Kabul province 142 schools are close due insecurity reasons and threats of armed groups fighting against the spiritual and physical interests of Afghan people.
The authorities of ministry of education have said that the number of schools, closed due insecurity and threats of armed opposition groups have increased this year in comparison to the previous year. They say that armed groups involved in the conflict use schools as trench, sanctuaries and hideouts which cause the destruction of schools and educational facilities.
Ministry of Education reports about the closure of more than 1000 schools, while the relevant authorities of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have always tried to keep the schools and institutes safe for children and youths to attend schools, educational institutes and universities without any concern. Unfortunately, armed groups fighting against Afghan people have never showed any concern regarding to the education of Afghan children and exercised all kinds of criminal acts against educational and medical systems and presenting social services.
Taliban not only today, but while in power had closed the doors of schools for girls  and changed the system of education and curriculum of schools  which were against all educational criteria and showed their animosity against science and technology in one way or another.
On the other hand one of the objectives of Pakistan in Afghanistan is destroying the infrastructure of education system in our country. Pakistan is trying by paralyzing the education system in Afghanistan, prevent the progress and development of our country and use Taliban as a means to achieve its evil and heinous objective.
The Afghan people ask Taliban if they are really Afghans and Muslims should be not used as a means for achieving the goals of foreigners and desist from disturbing the system of education in the country.
Also, our people ask the ethnical elders strengthening education counsels and consistent contacts with armed groups spare no any efforts for reopening the closed schools and help the children of the country  in acquiring knowledge which Islam insists on. 

Abdul Khalil MInawi

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A number of state offices are suffering various kinds of chronic diseases of corruption. For removal of this grave challenge, wide spread reform and good management needed.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently SIGAR releasing a report on reconstruction of Afghanistan talks about misuses that the families and heirs of martyrs are suffering in state run offices.
The report faced to the reaction of political, official and social circles in the country. The spokesman of the president in a press session accepted the existence of some horrible problems in the country but calling them the heritage of previous government claimed that they working to bring serious reforms for settling the problems. 
SIGAR report on misuse, violation of law and vexing the families of military martyrs, during receiving their pension rights is following  earlier reports that  released  on misusing the martyrs rights, selling the weapons and ammunitions, but the recent report was shocking and horrible. If existence of such crimes and violations proved it would be a fatal blow on humane values.
In the country where ethical, religious and social values are a guideline for pursuing a humane and Islamic life, regretfully, there are certain greedy people who are seeking to use the others rights in to their own benefit.
This would be not deserved for us calling ourselves Afghan and Muslim to be witness the looting and plundering the rights of people who have lost their dearest ones in defend of the country.  
If the words that SIGAR has said be true, it would be a bitter blow on mental security and safety of the families of martyrs.
To restore this security and safety to the deserved and righteous people there would be urgent need for relevant organs such as justice and judicial and government organs, pursue and identify the perpetrators of such incredible crimes, bring in the court and punish them according to the law, because, just condemning is not enough. The government as an executive power should response and effectively deals with heinous crimes and introduces its strategy for pursuing the law violators. The state should prove its influence on all organs especially on state run offices and organizations.
The matter that should be focus on is, although recruiting people to positions takes a long time to find the most merit and qualified people for the positions, but due to lack of good management still we have not succeeded to overcome the evil problem. Therefore, for settling the problem, establishing a practical strategy and making a resolute decision are seriously needed. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan emphatically said that he won’t sustain and kind of discriminatory dealing in all sector of life, especially among state’s employees, and let not any organ or individuals to harm nation consensus in the country.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently the racism and ethnicity act of   a staff of Administrative Affairs Department unveiled by media that sparked a grave reaction among various strata of people.   
Particularly reaction of President Ghani was serious. He has said that he severely condemn any kind discriminatory behavior and act, in all aspects especially in state owned institutes and would not let any organ or individuals to harm national unity and consensus among Afghan people, the contain of a letter released by Administrative Affairs Department has seriously depressed him. The president has instructed general attorney office to investigate the matter precisely to determine the identities of this heinous act in the light of law and deal them accordingly. The president insists that the beauty of Afghanistan and its glory and power related to ethnical groups living here and he is pride for being president of this great nation.
The statements of the president are worthy enough to deeply focus on them. Unfortunately, since sometimes ago, certain satanic circles inside and outside the country are trying with promoting schism and discord aiming to harm nation unity in the country. While major objective of president and the other leaders of national unity government are establishing unity and brotherhood among all ethnical groups and all Afghan peoples. It should be acknowledge that certain people are violating this sacred goal and the evil and discriminatory thoughts are rooting in offices, political organizations and civil societies that openly violate the president’s way of thinking. If today an employee of administrative affairs department demonstrates fascism, there are people, misinterpreting the words of a leader or a friend   instead of strengthening national consensus that are ostensibly committed to it, cultivate the seed of mistrust and discrimination among people.  
Our people believe the individuals who in this critical and sensitive situation of the country that is suffering from tremendous problems and their solution deeply related in to national unity, become a means in the hand of the enemies and fuel their motor.
These individuals with such treacherous act and intention are against the Afghan president’s way of thinking and people should know that they responsible for evil acts before the law and in the future, the history will judge and convicts them as traitors.
The people who want to create discord and prejudice among a single nation who have lived brotherly and peacefully for centuries should be punished severely to be a lesson for others.  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The UN General Assembly 72nd session will be hold today, with participation of the leaders and high ranking delegates of 193 countries of the world including President Ashraf Ghani, where the participant will discuss the current situation of the world, cooperation among countries and amendments in United Nations Organization structure.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the 72nd session of UN General Assembly will be hold today with participation of the leaders and high ranking delegates from 193  countries of the world.
The session holds exactly in time where the world suffering a critical situation and racial and religious extremism wide spread across the world and expanding its geographical domain. 
Extremism both in Islamic non – Islamic countries takes the lives of innocent people and leads to the growth of terrorism and racial and religious conflicts in the world.
Regretfully, there are countries that use terrorism and extremism as a means for achieving their illegal ambitious objectives. This situation is conceivable in Middle East, south and East Asian countries, Israel and European countries.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan aiming to attend the session has arrived New York. The sources close to the president have said that Afghan president will be among the leaders who speak in the session. In addition, Mr. Ghani will visit a number of world leaders among them US President Mr. Trump and the leaders of some neighboring countries including Shahid Khaqan Abasi Pakistan prime minister.
In meeting with President Trump will focus on implementation of US programs and the new strategy of that country on Afghanistan South Asian countries where the leaders of the two countries will discuss on equipping Afghan security forces, accelerating anti-terrorism operations, strengthening peace process in Afghanistan and in the region and increasing US pressures on patron countries of terrorism.
Likewise, the visit with Abasi prime minister of Pakistan will be a crucial, clear and constructive meeting.
This the first time Afghan president meets Mr. Abasi Pakistani prime minister after he assigned to the position. The meeting takes place while the tensest relation between the two countries prevailed and mistrust to Pakistan not only among Afghans but among other countries increasing.
The Afghan leader in this meeting will clearly express his view on constrictive peace talks with Pakistan and will once again ask that country to honestly proceed for improving relations between the neighboring countries and it would possible only when Pakistan end supporting terrorist groups that are not only a threat for Afghanistan but the countries of the region and the entire world.
President Ghan in his speech addressing the participants of UN General Assembly session will also point to acute regional and global issues.
It is expected, the participants of 72nd UN General Assembly session to take serious the world concerns regarding terrorism and extremism and stop using those notorious phenomenon as a means for achieving political and economic objectives.
It would be necessary, for the countries to conceive their responsibilities regarding ensuring world order and security and jointly and honestly fight terrorism and extremism to the end and recue the world from the evil of that notorious phenomenon. Otherwise, the world will not enjoy a happy life. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi