17 November 2018

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Tuesday September 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) 16 years has passed since September 11 incident in America which has considered as an unprecedented terrorist attacks in modern history of the world, but still terrorism takes the lives of many innocent people across the world.
The terrorist attacks targeting the twin towers of International Trade Center and the headquarters of US defense ministry killed more than three thousand people and injured thousands people of various nationalities, faith and religions.
The attacks are considered the unprecedented terrorist attacks, the world history has seen. What has happened in September 11, 2001 was not only a terrorist attack, but terrorists and extremists exercised their power to the world big military and economic countries of the world. US called the attacks declaring war against humanity and urgently try to establish an international coalition aiming to eradicate terrorism this notorious phenomenon.
Al- Qaeda under the leadership of Osama bin Laden whose hideout was in Afghanistan claimed the responsibility of those catastrophic attacks. The consequences of the attacks force US to send its troops to Afghanistan to fight terrorism. It is the longest and the most expensive war, US are experiencing, but still is no signs of its ending. The presence of thousands troops from various countries of world in Afghanistan after September 11 indicates that the international community is resolute to rid the humanity from the evil of terrorism and extremism forever. Unfortunately, after 16 years, the countries involved in war against terrorism and extremism have not succeeded to end those evil and satanic phenomenon, but other terrorist and extremist groups emerged.  Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al- Shabab in Somalia, IS in Iraq and Syria and Lashkar-i-Janwee in Pakistan are the new terrorist groups have emerged after September 11.
In addition, after September 11, 2001 London, Tokyo, Delhi, Madrid, Russia, Italy, Paris and Egypt were the scenes of terrorist incidents which prove that terrorism knows no boundary and aiming to destroy both the spiritual and physical properties of mankind. Likewise, Taliban in Afghanistan who were the main target of international coalition in war against terrorism not only defeated, but become more powerful that potentially remained as serious threat in Afghanistan and other countries in the region. There are terrorist challenges in the world that the civilized and powerful countries of the world so far have failed to eliminate them.
The reason of the failure is, from the beginning there was no single definition from terrorism and the countries dealt with it according to their interests. Sponsor countries of terrorism in disguise of friends carrying dual games kept the international coalition busy and carried out their evil activities in hidden to achieve their heinous objectives in the region.
Lack of a precise strategy and program in war against terrorism could be another reason that US and its western allies failed to overcome and defeat terrorism. Terrorists and extremists are the enemies of the humanity, there should make no distinction among them. As after September 11, many cities across the world were the targets of terrorist attacks. The facts indicate that terrorists as the enemies of humanity act in unity but the countries in war against terrorism follow their own interests that make the war against that notorious phenomenon harder and longer. Therefore, it would an urgent need of world community to consider terrorism as a grave enemy of mankind and resolutely fight against it in order to sate the humanity from the evil of terrorism that threats the world as a whole.

Sunday September 10, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Martyr Week as national movement for honoring the bravery and devotion of heroic people who have lost their lives for the cause of independence of the rights of people should be consider as a day for remembering the martyrs and assisting the families. 
For achieving these humanistic and national objectives public mobilization is needed.
BNA social affairs analyst writes September 9 is the anniversary day of the martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Massoud   the National Hero and the start of Martyr Day.
Registering this day in national calendar of Afghanistan indicates that the Afghan people give great value to blood of martyrs and the true defenders of our homeland, and remembering and mourning the week of martyrs not only renew the ideals and commitments of martyrs who lost their lives for the cause of the homeland but at the same time provide the ground for patriotic people remembering the families of the martyrs, offer them aids, deserved.
Ahmad Shah Massoud the national hero as an example of bravery, liberalism and freedom loving man who spare no any efforts for strengthening national unity the major source for safeguarding the independence and progress of the country. Like Massoud hundreds of other people have bravely fought for this sacred goal and defended the national values. Losing their dear lives they made their names and ideals to be remembered for ever. Sixteen years has passed, since the martyrdom of this great man of our modern history who heroically fought for independence of the country and freedom of our people. Now it is the time to remember him and other martyrs as they are deserved and avoid all kinds of extremism and ethnical, linguistic and religious discriminations and defend the common cause that is independence and freedom of our country with building strong national unity because is a master key for settling all problems and opening the door for progress of the country and tranquility of suffering people.
National days such as celebrating Independence Day, martyr week and other national and religious days belong to all people, should be respect and honor without implying and extremism and avoid disturbing the public and not provide the ground for mistrust and fueling the enemies’ machines. The best ways for remembering and honoring such Grand National events would be meeting and condoling the families of martyrs and injured, offering them spiritual and financial aids and donation of blood to hospitals. If anyone who acts accordingly without doubt not only pleases the families of martyrs and injured but also would please the souls of martyrs. Therefore, it would be better to bring out the historical, national and religious days from their ceremonial forms and them in to helping the deserved families and strengthening national unity events.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The security and defense forces of the country enjoy having high moral and capability, the enemies of the country should know that they are encountering with high moral and coordinated force.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the enemies of Afghanistan and Muslims across the world that carry out their destructive activities and programs by terrorist groups such as Taliban, IS, Al – Qaeda and Al – Shabal against Afghan people and Islamic world, had prepared extensive destructive programs and plans to carry out during the Eyid days, fortunately all their heinous programs and plots foiled by Afghan security forces.
Without doubt attacking the mosques and creating discord among Muslims was one of the plans and conspiracies on the enemies wanted to put in practice during Eyed festivals but successfully foiled by high moral and duty bound Afghan forces.
It would be worth of that the security and defense forces be applauded, because they once again proved that they are committed in defense of national and Islamic values.
Ensuring security and preventing the activities of terrorists and the enemies of the country had put a heavy weight of Afghan security forces, fortunately they successfully they overcome the threats and foiled the enemies plans and programs.
The security and defense forces as mentioned earlier performed their patriotic and military duties. Now it would be the responsibility of relevant authorities of the government to pay serious attention for meeting the problems and requirements of those patriotic and high moral forces,
Supporting security forces just by word would be not sufficient. The security and defense forces of the country with limited opportunities, shortage of weapon and ammunitions have done many humanistic and historical works; in the meantime they are suffering from acute financial problem.  Therefore, it would be the duty of relevant authorities to spare no any effort for settling the problems of security forces and protection of their lives.  For their engorgement justice should be observed, because they mostly complain that justice is ignored in that regard and ethnical and geographical affiliations are prevailed.
Therefore, if we expect the security and defense forced by shedding their blood defend our lives and properties, it would be necessary, their family and personal problems be settled applying complete justice, in this way the achievements of security and defense forced would be greater than ever before.

Monday September 4, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Eid Qurban  (Sacrifice festive) is an example of obeying the All Mighty God’s orders by His devoted slaves who  his scarifying  his beloved one implemented the order in practice,
BNA social and religious affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the main and major philosophy of Eid Qurban is devotion, self-sacrifice and obeying the orders of All Mighty God and denying doing all evil actions. The Muslims all over the world as Prophet Abraham’s tradition slaughter an animal according to Sharia to win the consent of God. However the question is this if the All Mighty God instructed Prophet Ibrahim to scarify his son, instructed the followers Mohammad (PBUH) to avoid doing evil things carrying out sedition, fratricide and not causes creating discrimination among their Muslim brothers.
However, why certain under the name of Islam contrary to the clear instructions of All Mighty God kill innocent Muslims? Why they just for gathering wealth and self – interests are seeking using various pretexts to establish discrimination and differences among Muslims? Do they know All Mighty God considers peace and reconciliation the way salvation and seriously forbidden killing man?  If they know then why carrying out explosions and suicide attacks kill their Muslim brothers?  Contrary the orders of God they are doing all efforts to create dissension and discrimination among Muslims.  Based on these clear facts and reasons, most of the inhabitants of this country consider them as the Satan’s pupils and followers. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan perceiving all Islamic values for ending the crisis and killing people has declared national reconciliation in order to bring peace and ensure security with help of All Mighty God to this long suffering nation. Our people honor and respect who are trying to end war and damn the people who are fueling the war and creating discord and differences among Muslims.
Abdul Khalil Minawi