23 April 2019

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kabul (BNA) National Security Advisor says that making peace with Taliban not mean ending the threats of international terrorism and settling the problem of international threat required strong commitment of world community.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Humdullah Muhib advisor of national security participated in a special session of UN Security Council held over Afghan problem and informed the members of the council about the current situation of Afghanistan and the region.
He said that making peace with Taliban will not mean the end of international terrorism. in spite of that Afghan defense forces continue their struggle against terrorism, but fighting against this horrible phenomenon is not only the responsibility of Afghanistan it needs the efforts of international community using all means fight against terrorism and end its existence forever.
The Afghan national security advisor’s statements should be focused on from various directions.
First, the activities of terrorism in Afghanistan are not limited only to Taliban. In Addition of Taliban other terrorist groups such as Al Qaida, IS, narcotic drugs’ mafia and other criminal groups also carrying out terrorist activities. They have not only faced Afghanistan to danger but in the same time threat the security of the region and other countries.
These terrorist activities and disputes are a part of foreign intelligence services efforts, foreign countries particularly Pakistan use Taliban within a project to achieve its ambitious and evil goals. They for continuing their activities and proxy war in battle fields in Afghanistan are seeking many alternatives, one of the alternatives is stationing IS in our country.
Other terrorist organizations also not sitting still, recently US for arresting or recognition of the son of Asama bin Laden who is trying to revive his father’s stance determined one million dollars reward.
This clearly indicates that Al Qaida is not yet eradicated, but it is still a great threat against peace and security of the world. There is no any doubt the activities of IS and international narcotic drugs mafia will continue, drug traffickers would not be ready to desist from this profitable business. They for their presence and carrying their activities in Afghanistan will resist.
With the emergence of IS the militants of other countries who fought alongside of Taliban against Afghan people easily slid to side of IS and now they have their hide outs in north of the country and established their bases in Pakistan and run their activities from there and their works and activities are separated from Taliban.
The above evidences clearly prove that Taliban is not only a terrorist group that disturb peace and security in Afghanistan, beside Taliban there are also other terrorist groups who are fighting for improving and dissemination of their activities in Afghanistan.
What is the most important is this that there are certain countries among them Taliban who are trying to introduce Afghan problem as an inner problem while everybody knows that it has rooted abroad.
It would be better the countries of the region and beyond the region not be encouraged from the progress of current negotiations between America and Taliban and think for political solution of the problem that threats not only Afghanistan but the entire region.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says that the government tries hard the people of Afghanistan access to a real peace and they want a honorable and sustainable peace.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes President Ghani talking on a ceremony held for March 8 the women’s international day focused on peace process and political developments in the country. He made it clear that now peace process is the word of the entire world community, but the government tries its best the Afghan people access in to a real peace. Afghan community, the region and the world are all talking about peace. But it should not be forgotten that we have provide such a situation peace process to develop to this phase, we are responsible to consider the demand of people which is an honorable and persistent peace. 
The statements expressed in a time, for two weeks negotiation between the representatives of America and Taliban continuing in Doha the capital of Qatar. Earlier they have carried out four rounds of talks. What is important is that the Doha talks are very secret, until now no word leaked out. While the Afghan people, political activities and senior government officials want Doha Talks get out from this situation. The talks are continuing for fourteen days but political activities and the government high ranking officials have talked less about it. 
The US representatives only have said that they try to compel the other side of negotiations to enter negotiations with Afghan government. However Taliban side talks more clear, they say they want withdrawal foreign forces from Afghanistan.
The official news says that America in existence of Taliban in political field of Afghanistan, that country is no a thread to that country anymore, they cut their links with terrorist groups, while making commitment and guarantee is the job and responsibly of the state. Therefore such issues should be discussed with the government of Afghanistan not Taliban.
The people say that the current situation of negotiation in Doha indicate that political activities even high ranking government officials do not know about Doha negotiations. But finally the result of the negotiations will become obvious; does it not trap the Afghan People?
The people also want the Afghan government to inter with a more serious stance in to Doha developments and end to suspicions that says that the state is driven out to the margin of the talks. The state carrying its responsibility should inform the people from what is going on in Doha negotiations.
The other issue is that Taliban is not an ideological power, they are also a part of a big intelligence project that presently links the interests of many countries in to own self, the fact that the United Sates should not ignore.    

Monday, March 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA)  President Ghani in a meeting with Farah residents insisting on people’s unity pointed out that in unity we have been able to perform great and important works, but due to disunity we have sustained huge losses and nation paid the cost.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan visited Farah province the province was recently the scene of heavy floods and insecurities during the last month.
If we precisely look at the depth of Farah province problems, they have their own reasons. Farah is one of the biggest provinces where different ethnic groups and nationalities live. Meanwhile this province is enjoying of having a good natural condition and the state has prepared effective and practical plans and program for building the province. Some of these basic and fundamental plans and programs return to previous years and governments unfortunately have not put in practice due to interventions of foreigners.
The foreigners especially in delaying the works of basic and fundamental project used the disunity and differences among people as a means to achieve their satanic goals and created barriers for implementing big projects especially constructing roads and water dams.
The enemies of Afghanistan misusing the disunity and differences among Afghan people have succeeded to hit the target and achieve their goals.
Today Afghanistan among six neighboring countries and the countries of the region is the least development country and economically lives in very bad situation.
Afghan people with having different ideas, perceptions and outlooks in centuries have lived in peace and security like brothers.  Unfortunately during the last years, the enemies of this country, cultivating the seed of difference and establishing distrust among ethnical and religious groups somewhat reached their evil goals. This is a fact that without unity and integrity a favorable social life is impossible. 
In the current situation where the Afghan people involved in bitter conspiracies and intelligence services games and enemies of the country disrupt the life of people through dissemination of ethnical discriminations and distrust among people. Therefore it would be the best to recognize national unity as a need for the survival of our great nation and spare no any efforts for ensuring a true national unity and avoid any sensitive words that harm our national unity because this is national unity that provide the ground for progress of the country and tranquility of our people.  

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Kabul (BNA) March 9 was coincident with the fifth death anniversary of late Marshal Fahim the man who had great sense for tranquility, progress and ensuring national unity in the country.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes five years ago exactly in this day, Marshal Fahim died due to a sickness. Marshal played a great and effective role in last three decades developments of the country.  After the collapse of tyrannical régime, the Afghan Marshal honestly worked hard for establishing a strong central government and spared no any efforts for building a modern state with democratic values.
Marshal was against all ethnical and language discriminations and considered the settlement of problems and tranquility of people in ensuring national unity and close cooperation among all ethnical groups of the country. He persistently insisted on ensuring peace in the country which was the great hope of all Afghans.  Now we are remembering the death anniversary of that great man of politics and resistance, it would be better to make his concepts and objective as a guide for ensuring peace and building a strong and practical national unity which is the key for all our success.
Just remembering the death of great patriotic men, cannot lead us to put in practice their high objectives but commitment for realizing those goals in practice is required. Studying and remembering the lives of outstanding political figures such as Marshal Fahim the founder of the new political phase of Afghanistan is of great importance. Therefore it would be better to use their views and concepts as a guide in solving the problems and building the country.  

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