24 February 2020

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January 5, 2020
Kabul (BNA) People of Afghanistan concerned about recent incidents in the region, they emphasized that increasing tensions would not broaden countries’ proxy wars in their country.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ overseas forces, has been killed in a targeted US air strike at Baghdad airport on Friday.
Soleimani had active role in implementing Iran’s plans in Arabic countries such as Iraq, Syria, Yamen, Lebanon, Philistine and other countries in the region, the US considered Soleimani as a pesky for its politics and programs, because of that US imposed sanctions on Iranian Revolutionary Guards that led by Soeimani and finally US targeted the Iranian’s leader in Iraq soil and opens new session of tensions between US and Iran.
Relations between US and Iran was full of problems and tensions, unfortunately tensions between US and Iran had/has inauspicious results for countries in the region.
Iraq, Syria, Yamen, Lebanon and Philistine has changed into a proxy wars of US and its allies with Iran. Recently, war spreads in Iraq after a top military leaders of Iran targeted by US air strike in the country and made situation more critical in the region.
After the incident, Iran warned that will attack on Americans and its national interests in the region and will take revenge of Soleimani. Undoubtedly, tensions between US and Iran would increase crisis in the countries of the region.
Recent incident in Iraq concerned people and government of Afghanistan and the reasons of the concern is clear. Foreign countries should know that Afghanistan soil will not be used against other nations and no one would be allowed to undermine Afghanistan national interest and turn the country into their proxy battlefield.
Afghanistan presidential palace by releasing a statement issued that, “We call on the Islamic Republic of Iran, our big neighbor, with whom we have extensive common language, religious, historic and cultural values and we call on the U.S., who is Afghanistan's strategic and fundamental partner, to prevent conflict escalations and we hope that both sides solve their differences through negotiations.”
That is a rational saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right” Iran and US can’t solve their crisis by reaction. By killing top figures or leaders of terrorist groups the world couldn’t put end point on challenges and problems in the region and the world so far, there were no positive results after killing Al-Baghdadi, Osama, Mullah Omar, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor and… in the region and the world.
The figures and leaders of terrorist groups were recruited to implement programs, intelligence projects and national interests of others, there were no any changes on programs and intelligence projects after their killing.
Therefore, it is better that the countries think to change and refine themselves and tolerate each other and respect each other’s rights, so the world order is not disturbed.

Saturday January 4, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in a report said that 7.1 million Afghans those affected by recent conflict and natural disasters need $733 million in 2020 in Afghanistan.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, OCHA in its recent report released last week said, 9.4 million people are now estimated to be in humanitarian need in 2020, up from 6.3 million in 2019. Of those in need, we plan on reaching 7.1 million with assistance in 2020 and require $733 million to do so.
The report stated that, Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places on earth to live, with people facing daily risks from Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks and a continued escalation of air strikes. Fear, violence, repeated displacement and escalating debt have gradually eroded the population’s coping capacity and crippled the economy, threatening development gains and leaving people in extreme poverty.
The UNOCHA report include, Afghanistan remains one of the most complex and dangerous countries on earth to be a humanitarian with 123 aid workers killed, injured or kidnapped in the first ten months of 2019. Despite these security risks, the humanitarian community has demonstrated its commitment to stay and deliver, reaching more than 90 per cent of districts with some level of assistance in 2019.
UNOCHA report discussed about challenges and needs of Afghanistan people and clearly stated that war is the main reason behind all challenges and problems in Afghanistan.
Political figures and people of Afghanistan carefully think and know that Afghanistan has changed into a proxy war of country, while Afghans are involving in the war, lost their national interests and destroying their country by passing every day.
War is the cause of Afghanistan’s misery, the hideous phenomenon has changed Afghanistan to a neediest country in the world and has taken most opportunities from our people and by passing each day needy people increasing in the country.
If we assess the situation and specify our position based on national interests, undoubtedly the cost used in war will be used in progressing and developing of the country, there will no more need that UN or country/countries call for help in Afghanistan.
Certainly, Afghans must find ways for solving their problems, they should not wait for foreign aids and not made tools themselves for achieving foreigner’s interests and destroying their countries.
On the other side, UN is the most prestigious organization in the world and has executive competencies, so why do not address on cause of war and reduction of violence in the country?
It is clear for UN that observes situation of Afghanistan in the last four decades obvious that who are the cause and responsible of war in Afghanistan and who changed Afghanistan into a battlefields.
Hoping that UN besides assist with Afghanistan blame and reprimand the countries and organizations that changed Afghanistan into proxy wars and battlefields.
People of Afghanistan alongside foreign aids emphasized on solving their problems via an international consensus, war in Afghanistan has more external factors and if to be addressed, there is no need for foreign assists.

Saturday January 4, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The year of 2019 was full of fears and hopes for people of Afghanistan, but now Afghans hoping for ensuring peace started the year of 2020.
BNA analyst commenting of the issue writes, the year of 2019 was ended by hopes, challenges and problems, but the people of Afghanistan despite of past challenges started 2020 year full of expectations, particular ensuring peace in the country in this year. 
People of Afghanistan were witnesses of thousands difficulties, armed oppositions were active and hundreds terrorist and destructive activities took place in various parts of the country in 2019.
While, expectations of a peace agreement between the US and the Taliban were high after the two sides agreed in principle to its framework, but violence and war continued in 2019, Taliban group such as last years by launching terrorist and destructive activities imposed war on people of Afghanistan.
At the beginning of 2019, people expectations for reaching a peace agreement between Taliban and US were high, several round of negotiation passed, numerous conferences held inside and outside Afghanistan regarding peace and solving crisis in the country, most countries hosted from Taliban delegation, government representatives and political circles and hopes for ensuring a comprehensive peace strengthened in 2019.
But, in 2019 Taliban group by rejecting ceasefire carried out hundreds terrorist and destructive activities, increased their violence and expanded their attacks aiming to achieve their political concessions from Afghanistan government and international community.
Despites of that 2019 was without achievements for Taliban group, the group didn’t achieved to their goals during peace negotiations in Doha, they lost most parts of under their influence and Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have captured several districts and most areas controlled by the group.
Taliban also didn’t gained any achievements from constantly sessions held in Doha, Beijing and Moscow, but their efforts explicated that the group are not independent. 
On the contrary, in 2019 people and government of Afghanistan had numerous successful and achievements, big economic projects implemented, presidential election held, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces bravely suppressed armed oppositions, returning refugees continued from abroad the country, Afghanistan represented well at international meetings and fighting against corruptions continued successfully.
Despites of all challenges people of Afghanistan hopes that a comprehensive peace which national interests, national and democratic values are respected, ensure in the country in 2020. Afghans people hoping for reaching a dignity and durable peace in 2020. Afghans hoping that there were no any sound of bullet, explosion and suicide in 2020 in Afghanistan.
Therefore, people of Afghanistan believed that their country, which has suffered through decades of conflict in which tens of thousands have been killed, would finally see peace this year.

Wednesday January 1, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Ceasefire is the first step to end disputes and violence, but despite of progressing in peace negotiations between Taliban and America, Taliban group have fear from ceasefire.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, peace negotiations between Taliban and US has made progress and both sides expressed their pleasure regarding the result of the negotiations, ceasefire is an important step of peace negotiations that now most political figures and medias talking about it.
Some media reported that Taliban group had agreed to a temporary ceasefire, some others reported Taliban agreeing to ceasefire in cities, while some others talking about possible truce among Taliban and American troops, but Suhail Shaheen Taliban spokesperson in a tweet rejected ceasefire said; “In the past few days, some media have been releasing untrue reports about a ceasefire… The fact is that, the Taliban group has no ceasefire plans.”
Ceasefire is an essential step for stoppage of war, by accepting truce violence, war, civilians, military personnel and Taliban fighter’s casualties will be reduced, declaration of a ceasefire has mutual benefits and high national value, ceasefire is a precondition of government and knows the introduction of any political move in the country.
But, stance of Taliban group as an armed opposite group of Afghanistan government is frangible, unstable and changeable on ceasefire that clearly explicit that the group is not integrated and independent.
Some people asked that why Taliban group is opposite of truce and what are the consequences of truce for Taliban?
Now, declaration ceasefire has become a quiz for Taliban group, from one side by presenting views and stance the group must ensure its position in the political future of Afghanistan and the other side presence of extreme and violent figures among the group that are opposed of peace negotiations with US have made problems to the leaders and countries supporting the Taliban group.
Taliban leaders stationed in Pakistan have fear if they give order to enforce ceasefire and their order didn’t implements as they want, it will show that the group is not an integrated group and they never claim that Taliban group is a unit and one voice group.
Since peace negotiation has started between Taliban and US, numerous members of Taliban group have joined to Deash or organized branches.
Other than that Taliban dependence on Pakistan, while political delegation of the group have presence in Doha, but didn’t executive competence and apparently for taking order travel to Pakistan, so it is Pakistan to control and determine the way of Taliban group.
Ceasefire will be accepted if the situation is in Pakistan’s favor, otherwise there is no any peace deal or truce, so currently Taliban fighters are in difficult situation, if they don’t declare ceasefire the group will be accommodated among organized terrorist groups such as Deash and Al-Qaeda and will be suppressed as the groups.
But, if Taliban group declare a ceasefire and do not implement it, so there is no longer speak about unity and similar comments among the group, therefore, conciliation and peace will be meaningless with leaders of Taliban group those are sleep in Quetta and Karachi cities of Pakistani or political delegation of the group in Qatar.


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