21 November 2018

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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The current crisis in Afghanistan severely harms the regional security and economy, can be settled only via negotiations
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Zulmay Khalilzad who has recently assigned as a US special envoy in Afghanistan has started his regional tour for finding a political solution for the current crisis of the country.
This Afghan origin American diplomat with rich experiences in Afghan affairs has started his tour to Islamabad. During the tour he will also visit Afghanistan, Qatar, United Arabic Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
The tour of this American diplomat in addition to Afghanistan and Pakistan in to three gulf countries indicates that in addition to Pakistan there are also other players involve in Afghan crisis.  Khalilzad’s efforts take place exactly in a time US and NATO tried their best during the last 17 years to end Pakistan’s support from Taliban, but not succeeded. There are believes that US knew from the beginning that Taliban have good supporters among Gulf countries that use Taliban as a weapon against Iran’s ambitions in the region.
America before the Sheikhs’ of gulf countries who are the close allies of Washington stood silent and not wanted to disturb them and Pakistan knowing the sensitivities of situation used it in to its benefits in extend that Taliban known as the protectors of Pakistan’s national interests, as the group sent its militants to fight alongside Pakistani soldiers with India.
Now US wants to tighten the pressure ring against Pakistan (the major patron of Taliban) with contact to gulf countries. 
There are believes that US during the last 15 years wanted to find a proper address for the solution of Afghan problem, beside Pakistan this address can be also Arab Sheikhs.
US knowing about the realities of the region, held secret talks with Taliban in Qatar several times and used the possibilities Saudi and Emirates’ princes could provide.  Establishing Taliban’s office in Doha, Qatar practically is hosting the representatives of Taliban there.
Now the Americans understand that decreasing the support and assistances of Arab Sheikhs to Pakistan make that country to compromise.
However, some diplomats consider this US diplomacy wrong because other players of Afghan problem such as China, Russia’ Iran and India have been put at margin while today the armed supports of Russia and Iran from Iran and the moral support of China from the group have become very serious and India is very sensitive against Pakistan’s unilateral role in developments in Afghanistan.
We expect that US consider the players of the other side of the line, otherwise the country has driving on one way street, while, the solution of Afghan problem requires an effective regional and international consensus,  the interested countries should not keep outside.     

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Cardiac diseases cases are increasing in the country and annually fifty thousand added to the number of people suffering from heart diseases.
BNA medical affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes September 30 is a world day for prevention and campaign against hear diseases.
Although the precise number of people suffering from the disease is not yet known but the statements quoted from the authorities of health ministry indicate that heart diseases have unprecedented growth in the country and annually about fifty thousand people get the diseases while the activities for preventing and curing the diseases are very weak. As the relevant authorities acknowledge half of the fifty thousand affected with cardiac disease lose their lives.
There are many factors that cause the widespread of these fatal diseases in our country. 
At the first place, the immense air – pollution that caused   the wide- spread of heart and respiratory diseases in our country.
The other thing that caused the heart diseases is unsafe food. Most of the foodstuffs in Afghanistan especially oil is not standard. Mostly the taste and commercial benefits are considered in that regard.  Lack of physical movements and the lack of interest majority of our people   to sport, continued war and insecurity, poverty and mental anxieties that have caused heart attacks and widespread of heart diseases in the country.
IN spite of that cardiac diseases as fatal disease increasing in the country the possibilities for curing in the level of country are low and substandard therefore the suffering people from the diseases go to the neighboring and regional countries for treatment and annually a huge quantity of currencies goes out of the country.
The ministry of health that has the responsibility of implementing the state policy and programs on medical and social condition of the citizens, expressed concern over the dissemination of heart diseases while just expressing concern would not be enough.
The people expect the authorities of the relevant organs practically work to prevent the wide spread of the diseases, while initiative and practical measure in that end is very low in the country.
Although heart diseases are dangerous but they are could be prevented and treated. What is caused the wide spread of the diseases in Afghanistan is a lack of program and lack of attention of the relevant authorities in that regard.
Removing this problem requires a massive cooperation; the ministry of health prepares practical programs and seriously monitors the process of medical services, the ministry commerce focus on importing foodstuffs with high quality, the environment department uses its policies in practice, our merchants avoid importing low quality foodstuffs and beside their own benefit consider the benefits of other people and finally the people know the importance of health without doubt most of social and medical problems of our people would be solved.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, October 01, 2018

Kabul (BNA) A delegation from Afghan religious scholars’ council has gone to Pakistan to deliberate about holding a joint session with the religious scholars of the two countries.
BNA religious affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: a seven member delegation of religious scholars of the country headed by Maulawi Aturahman Lodin the deputy head of religious council has gone to Pakistan to talk about holding a joint session of the scholars of the two countries.
Holding mutual session of Afghanistan and Pakistani religious scholars is a part of decisions of Afghan, Pakistani and Indonesian scholars made some months ago in one of Indonesian cities.
Holding Afghan and Pakistani scholars session is of great importance for Afghan people, the so called artificial and diverted jihad of Taliban formed in Pakistani seminaries and still those seminaries in courage and support Taliban for launching a bloody and fratricidal war in Afghanistan. The seminaries are the main source for recruiting militants for the group and this in general the seminaries and spiritual figures in Pakistan who call bloodshed in Afghanistan jihad, support Taliban and not let the flames of war to  be extinguished in war- ravaged Afghanistan,
Afghan religious scholars have constantly tried to find a logical way of solution for the current war in Afghanistan and encourage Taliban who give war a religious nature to end killing Muslims, while the group affected by instructions and guidelines of Pakistan spirituals and religious leaders adopting a political stance have close ties with intelligence service and military circles of that country.
What is important for Afghans is: understanding of Taliban from situation in Afghanistan, they using the presence of foreign forces as a pretext and considering the diverted words of affiliated spiritual figures in Pakistan Jihad destroy their own country.
The current war in Afghanistan that is going on chanting Islamic slogans never has been backed by religious scholars across Islamic world.
The scholars of Islamic world in various sessions in Jada Saudi Arabia, Ankara in Turkey, Jordan, India and Kabul flagrantly have said that one cannot give a religious nature for war in Afghanistan. For this reason the scholars and spiritual figures in Afghanistan and Pakistan deliberate in order Pakistan using religion as a pretext not destroy Afghanistan anymore.
The stand of Islamic world scholars except Pakistani scholars is clear on Afghan issue.
Afghanistan is not a place for war, and bloodshed, suicide attacks and explosions are illegal act but the Pakistani scholars’ stance is against that. They stand against Muslims and use dictated words while there is no any difference in teachings of Holy Quran all over of Islamic world. Therefore Afghan people expect Pakistani scholars as Muslims to act according to Islamic principles and if they incapable of doing good works, at least not do evils. IN addition it is required for Taliban to be realistic and not be used as a means by others. They should say yes to the right voice and stand beside their own people.  

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Election campaign for obtaining for membership in the lower house of Parliament started yesterday. The people insist that the candidates should observe the principles and laws; otherwise they will violate their own commitments.
BNA political analyst commenting on that regard writes based on schedule of elections; the candidates started election campaign last Friday that will continue up to October 18. 
In this campaign more than 2500 nominates among them 400 women contest for 249 seats of parliament.
Holding parliamentary election in current year would different from other elections in the country, security problems are more serious, the economic situation is critical, foreign interferences increased and certain figures and circles sabotaging this national process. The problems could be settled in existence of committed parliament.
The people suggest the candidates for parliamentary elections should precisely consider the problems suffering people, cultural and social traditions and customs, otherwise, they are going on the wrong way. Today, Kabul and other cities of the country are full of photos and propaganda materials that have the image of the cities. One can see outstanding slogans and thoughts. The figures appear on TVs, introducing themselves talk about serving people. While, as now in previous elections, the candidates have talked about a new start in the living condition of people, serving people, honesty and justice, but had no any constructive result.
The people hope that the candidates considering the realities of the community, their capability and talent introduce themselves to people,  because as previous experiences show, just exaggerated talking not solve any problem. Therefore, any world on people’s address should be based on realities of the community.
The second matter is posting posters and propaganda materials: the candidates in that regard should consider city culture and social sensitivities as they are eager to post the posters and propaganda materials, they should not spare any efforts in re- collecting of them in the last day of campaigns.
The other issue in time of election campaign is security. The candidates should not forget that the terrorist groups for determining themselves as a power or eliminating some candidates have made their programs more serious.  Therefore it makes it necessary for the candidates to act in close coordination with security forces. In addition, it would be required for people to assess the necessity of their participation in the meetings conducted by the candidates.
Also, it would be necessary for the candidates to inter in the scene with good moral and avoid using pro – ethnicity and linguistic terms that harms the hearts of people. Also, it would be the moral obligation of the candidates to refrain acts during their campaigns that cause the closure of streets, disrupt the training process in schools and high education institutes or create a gap in working affairs of state run offices.
The candidates are committed people and committed serve people and ensure justice, therefore, they should not use state facilities for their own interests.
The candidates should know that the time for seducing people has past, therefore they should try to get the votes of people through a real and true commitment because they have learned many things from several working terms of national assembly.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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