21 July 2019

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Hostage taking and killing the passengers along the highways are the evil acts that are not justifiable in no way.
BNA criminal affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes armed people affiliated to Taliban on Saturday June 8 stopped a passenger bus traveling from Malustan district toward Ghazni city and without any reason killed a young boy going to Kabul for study and took some others with themselves.
The student who was shot down  and the passengers who were abducted, attributed to the same tribe and targeting them by Taliban indicates that the group in their ongoing  fighting in Afghanistan are following specific objectives, that launching  ethnical and religious fighting can be  one of those objectives.
Taliban on attacking the tribal minorities have a dark and heinous past and mostly used the residential areas as a humane shield that caused heavy casualties among civilians.
Attacking civilian targets is a part of Taliban’s strategy and they are still carrying out this inhumane strategy systematically.
UNAMA in its recent report frankly accused Taliban that the group have targeting civilians during Ramadan once again caused heavy casualties among civilians in Afghanistan.
Attacking on special ethnical or religious group needs to think about cautiously. Sometimes ago, Taliban committed such a crime in Ghazni, earlier to this, they have carried out such crimes in Ghore, Daikandy, Zabul and other places.
Taliban as a religious extremist group has close ties with other extremist groups in Pakistan.
Extremist parties such as Lashkar-I – Taiba, Lashkar- I Jangwy and other religious parties in Pakistan are fighting alongside Taliban. Some years ago Lashker – I – Jangwy claimed the responsibility of the attack on Hussani mourners in shrine of Saint Abas in Kabul. Also, this group has carried out attacks on followers of a specific religion in Afghanistan. Presently Taliban are following this group and these groups have transferred many heinous things from Pakistan in to Afghanistan
Pakistan has a dark, evil and heinous past on attacking religious minorities. While in Afghanistan all religious and ethnical groups in Afghanistan live like brothers.
Targeting a specific religious or ethnical group can lead to instability in political and social system in Afghanistan and only Pakistan can take benefit from such a situation.
In addition, Taliban creating such a horrible situation want to introduce themselves as an affective power in the community and introduce the Afghan government incapable in ensuring the security of Afghan citizens
The way to overcome such adventures, is national unity, political awareness, otherwise, we will be the victim of a conspiracy that destroys the social and political order in the country.

Monday, June 10, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The current debate in lower house of the parliament is not in to benefit of the country and the representatives of people should not be involved in issues that draw the country toward the crisis.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes since April 26 a worse situation has prevailed in lower house of parliament that can draw the country toward a deep crisis.
Parliament is one of the major parts of the democratic governments, while local ethnical and political differences inside the parliament have paralyzed one the bases of the government and the members of the house have not succeeded to settle this problem so far.
The current problem in lower house depends to a voting according to inner duties of the house or referring to the judicial power, then what is this outcry for?
The people addressing their representatives have a reasonable word they say that the situation of the country is sensitive and critical.
This sensitive and horrible situation, not only asks the representatives of the national assembly but the entire Afghan people to aware of every issue.
The enemies is in lurk in everywhere, while the politicians and people’s representatives in nation house worth less the current sensitivities and not work seriously for settling the problem.
Outcries and exhibitions are prevailed in lower house of parliament indicate that differences have deep root in the country and enemy is working, even the elites of the nation have been affected by these conspiracies.
The deputies of the nation should know what is going on in the house is alien to the demands of people.
The people voted in order their deputies remedy their pains and settle their problems not to fight over small issues and lose working opportunities for solving acute problems of the country.
The people say the voted in order the parliament become a place for settling the problems not to establish problem for their deputies.
The people warn that if the situation continues like this, it would be never in to the benefit of people and finally the will lost their trust and confidence to their representative in parliament. 

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a goodwill move released from the prison about 900 prisoners of Taliban.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently after saying Eid prayers declared that about 900 prisoners would be released.  He related the freedom of these prisoners to the decisions of consultancy Loya Jerga (great assembly) held in Kabul on April 29.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan released the prisoners of Taliban in a time that the political process of Afghan problem is speeding up and consultations for political solution of the problem will be made either in Germany or Doha.
Afghan government is trying to form a domestic gathering and considers it as an effect way for ensuring peace and meeting national goals. So far for hitting those goals or objectives has taken specific measures that clearly indicate that the president’s office is serious for ensuring peace.
President Ghani in advisory Loya Jerga as a goodwill move instructed for the release of 179 Taliban’s prisoners and now instructed for the freedom of another 900 Taliban from the prisons.
The above measures taken by the state can increase the atmosphere of trust and strengthen the process of peace negotiations.  
Although the state measures have been following with great optimism, also have its critics.
A number of state critics believe that the liberty of Taliban can boast their battle fronts. Hamid Karzai the former president in the last months of his rule also released a number of Taliban from the state’s prisons, unfortunately the majority of them return back to Taliban’s battle fronts and fought against the state.
The jailed Taliban had been arrested with the cost of Afghan and foreign forces blood, but only for encouraging Taliban to join peace process have been released.
The Afghan authorities understand the concerns of people the government is committed for establishing a lawful community and will not do anything to fill the battle fronts of Taliban once again.
The release of Taliban naturally takes place in a strategic framework; the strategy using the previous experiences has been adopted that limits the number of released Taliban who return back in to Taliban’s battle fields.
On the other hand the freedom of Taliban from the prisons gives lesson humanity to the leadership of the group and teaches them that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is seriously and honestly working for ensuring peace and building an atmosphere of trust   in the country and meets its commitments.

Saturday, June 08, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Zulmai   Khaliizad the special envoy of US foreign ministry for Afghanistan after visiting Germany has said that the coming negotiations among Afghans would be hosted by Qatar.
BNA political affairs commenting on the issue writes, “He had been attended in the second joint session of US and Europe hosted by Germany and discussed the latest developments on peace process with European authorities.
The participants of the session have talked over Oslo session and inter- Afghan dialogues which will be held, in Qatar and will be hosted by Germany.
Zulmai Khalil Zad also has said that in the session would be talked over starting Afghan inter – dialogues which leads in to preparing a political map for ending the war and asked all Afghan sides to play their role in that regard.
Holding a session among Afghans hosting by Germany and Qatar is an important new that would be a good start for ending hostilities in Afghanistan.
Starting inters – Afghans dialogues were an old dream and demand of Afghan government and people which has presented by Afghan authorities and its people several time.
The Afghan people and government understanding the situation consider forming inter Afghan dialogue a concrete cornerstone for permanent peace in the country.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has tried hard for creating an atmosphere of belief and trust had tried hard and belief that enforcing ceasefire can help for creating such an atmosphere.
Besides creating incentives for ceasefire, the Afghan government has launched a series of measures for ending the war, among them freedom of a number of prisoners of Taliban from the prisons of Afghanistan.    
While there are words about holding inter – Afghan talks, without doubt Taliban ignoring inters – Afghan talks will insert to other pretexts. Earlier to this Taliban have visited the representative of US in Jada and ignored meeting with Afghan envoys in United Arabic Republic and were ready to talk only in Doha with foreigners.
The Afghans want to show their intention for peace in Afghanistan.
The corner stone of every peace is ceasefire; the group should honor the demand of people and provide the ground for a ceasefire. 
The other word in this that, Taliban should understand the current situation, in Afghanistan is not the country of previous factional fighting’s among different military sections  and Taliban were called the rescuer of Afghan people, now there are no fictional fighting and there is no an incentive to combat any more.
Taliban should act according to new situation and to do away with criticisms that called them the mercenary solders of other countries specially Pakistanis, involved in war in Afghanistan and the group cannot work independently.  Therefore they should prove that they are independent and dare to meet the Afghans.
Taliban should make act, according to the new situation and prove that they are independent and dare to meet the Afghans.
Holding inter- Afghan dialogues in Berlin, Moscow or Jada is a good word but we Afghans expect and hope that the foreigners that they should have a good definition from Afghan peace process and not interfere in that. 

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