25 June 2018

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Tuesday May 1, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Launching big economic projects by China and India in Afghanistan have significant role in political area and achieving peace and security in Afghanistan. BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, launching and implementing big economic projects by China and India in Afghanistan proves that the countries wanted to bring Afghanistan at the top level of economic convergence in the region. China and India as two friend countries in Afghanistan, instead of political competitions and proxy war such as some other countries in the region open the doors of joint cooperation with Afghanistan. However, National Unity Government since its establishment is focusing on economic policy and regional joint cooperation. Therefore, Afghanistan government pay further attention on region countries and frequently demanded them to invest in Afghanistan and use available opportunities. National Unity Government have more economic achievements in Afghanistan since its establishment. Because of that, leadership of NUG wanted to use all available capacities and change Afghanistan from a proxy battlefield to a big square of economic competitions. Due to political corrosive competitions by some region countries, Afghanistan has passed long period of crisis, exactly during the period Afghanistan has lost opportunities of economic cooperation in the region. So, India and China by putting differences has started launching of big economic projects in Afghanistan. Leaders of National Unity Government believed that by launching regional big economic projects by China, India and other countries war will be ended in Afghanistan (intelligence region war). T/M.A.Ansari

Monday, April 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the state since the beginning of the process of registration the names of the voters for districts’ councils and parliamentary elections constantly trying to provide a proper ground for a free and sound competition campaign.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in meeting celebrating the 26th anniversary of victory of Mujahidin pointing to the issue said that the state would not interfere in upcoming elections and asked the parliament members to do the same and let the ground to open for free competitions.
According to the persistent the day of the elections is the day for assessment and the people will judge and make decision to whom to vote.
This is the people after precise judgment and assessment using their previous experiences will vote and say no to all ethnical linguistic, religious and other forms of discriminations because as the previous experiences demonstrate discrimination has been the source of our weakness and our foreign enemies using this evil means have intervened in our domestic affairs which have caused heavy casualties and destructions in the country so far.
Now it depends to the people how to use their votes for the future of their homeland and their own cause and destiny.
There is no doubt that the people expected too much from their elected representatives unfortunately they did not fulfilled the smallest percentage of the expectations, therefore they want a change in people’s house and this is possible only when the people take active part in the process of registrations and vote to the person who is capable of representing the will of people in the parliament.
Therefore, the people should use the opportunity, go to the registration centers and wisely use their votes in order to bring a positive change in parliament.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Unbelieving and non-participation in the election in way or another can be considered as disbelieve in to democracy.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes Afghanistan at the mid of political and social crisis, since the start of a movement toward building a democratic system in the country has hardly tried to realize this patriotic aim in practice.
For this reason, the people have been seen several parliamentary and presidential elections.
There is no doubt that there were certain problems and some questions have risen on the way the election held, but what was the most important was that the people eagerly participated in the elections to elect their representatives and the leader of their country. However it should not be expected the country that is suffering an imposed war and passing through a big crisis the elections to be held like the countries where the situation is safe and secure. Comparing The Afghan elections with other countries that are enjoying a secure and safe atmosphere, one should deeply focus his or her attention in to current situation of Afghanistan.
In any case, elections is a national cause for establishing a democratic system, the people should know that their votes can lead to positive changes in the community, the people should understand that involving in ethnical, language, religious and politics matters  have no proper consequences for the public well.
Therefore it would be an urgent need for people to go with high spirit to the registrations and polling centers and show their will for building a democratic system in the country and vote to figures who can honestly represent the will of the people.
It is for people to put aside all ethnical, linguistic, religious and political affiliations and differences, use their voting cards. 
In this way, one can expect great changes in the community in to public benefit and knows the importance of participation in the elections.         
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Kabul (BNA) “Terrorists cannot abduct concept of freedom from us.”   Afghan people say.
The recent suicide attacks in Kabul and Baghlan province that martyred many people and injured some others faced a sever reaction in national and international arena.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes recently the notorious terrorists attacking   registration centers in Kabul and Pul- I - Khumry    once again made an unforgivable crime.
These attacks provoked serious reactions in the country in abroad.  All people without exception condemning the crimes denounced them.  A number of politicians called the inhumane acts as war crime and insisted on trial and punishment of the crimes.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calling such actions as the sign of weakness of terrorists said that terrorists did not believe in to national and Islamic values.
The supreme council of Afghan religious scholars considering those barbaric actions against all Islamic standards insisted that the Almighty God will punish the perpetrators of those satanic actions.
Sarwar Danish Second Vice President insisted that attack on civilians cannot create any barrier on the way our people’s political and cultural development.
Dr. Abdullah the executive chief of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calling it inhumane action that could not be defined in any culture.
The national security advisor of the president insisted on punishment of the incidents and other terrorist incidents.
US embassy in Kabul releasing a statement calling the attack as a cowardly act insisted on continuation of his country’s cooperation to Afghanistan.
US deputy secretary of state said that the recent incident in Kabul refreshed the US commitment for complete elimination of IS and as before US is committed to remove IS completely from Afghanistan.
Iranian foreign ministry has said that the incident showed that the terrorists do not believe to any faith and religion and Iran as before supports the Afghan people in their campaign against terrorism.
India also condemning the attack insisted that Afghan government and people need further international support in war against terrorism.
Human Rights Commission considering the attack as a war crime has said the culture of immunity should not continue anymore the perpetrators this heinous crime should be punished according to the law.
Iqbal Safi the head of inner security commission of the House of Representatives calling the increasing number of terrorist events a weakness of management of security organs insisted for taking effective measure for curbing terrorist activities in registration centers of the voters’ name.
The members of the Senate calling such acts unsustainable denounced terrorist groups insisted on recognition of the perpetrators of the attack and decided to summon the interior minister to answer the questions of senators in that regard.
Likewise, a number of local residents who were in the scene addressing the terrorists said that their message to terrorists is clear, that is the Afghan people never surrender you and the activities of terrorists cannot take the concept of free living from the people.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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